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make me choose | @allthenightstocome asked: favorite romantic relationship + vikings ► ragnar and lagertha

↳   “ Who knows, Ragnar, what the gods have in store for us. But this, I can never imagine. If you have gone to Heaven, then we will never meet again. And yet, I think Odin will ride like the wind, and rescue you, and take you to Valhalla, where you belong, my own sweet Ragnar. And there, there we shall meet again, and fight and drink and love one another. For I have never stopped loving you. Not for one moment. You and I were born to be together.

Haikyuu!! Fiction Recommendation Master Post

I have been meaning to make this post since a while now. Let’s share some love shall we? I recommend these fictions based on my personal judgment. If you see your work up here that’s cause I loved it to the moon and back! I welcome suggestions too! ^-^ 

♥ - ultimate fav

★ - they do the do

(★) - implied sexual activities 

ロ - unfinished 

■ - finished

✿ - multi chapters

KageHina (Kageyama x Hinata) 

Summary:  Kageyama balanced his cheek on his fist, leaning an elbow on the counter and smiling, “Do your parents know where you are, sweetie?”
“I— what?! Why would they— I’m twenty-three!”
Kageyama gasped sarcastically, “Are you! Well, I’ll be! I’m still gonna need to see some ID, though.”
“Amazing.” The boy laughed, “You really know how to sass someone who’s holding a gun to your face, huh?“

Summary: There he was.The redhead clicked the notification and waited impatiently for the page to load.“hello again, sunshine! working on any new pieces lately? i’d love to see your progress if you want to share! hope today was great for you!” Hinata grinned from ear to ear as he typed his reply, “i started a new piece just for you, blueberry! here’s what i’ve got so far! :)”

 Summary: A smutty, drunken one-shot for ‘Anonymous asked a question’ 

Summary:  Hinata pines.

Summary:  Oh. He’d never seen anyone give him that expression before. Not with so much raw sincerity. And for a moment, Kageyama had to look away, swallowing awkwardly, thinking that maybe he had just looked into the sun itself. 

Note: Part of a series. The continuation: Facing the Sun

Summary: It’s too dark to go over the mountain, he’d said. You might get hurt, he’d said. What will we do if you can’t play in the practice match on Monday, he’d said. Kageyama had said a lot of things and in the end, he’d coaxed Hinata into staying the night because yeah, everything was true, and yeah, maybe he would be better off spending the night at Kageyama’s, but then they’re changing for bed and Hinata is in nothing but boxers and a shirt and Kageyama is cupping his jaw in both hands and kissing like he might fall of the face of the earth if he doesn’t and Hinata thinks that maybe, Kageyama had some ulterior motives.

Note: Part 3 of Theirs series. First part: Blush 

Summary: 'Kageyama doesn’t know why Hinata’s face rubs him the wrong way—it just does. So one day, in an attempt to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes Hinata’s Shouyou’s fucking face so fucking annoying, he begins to catalogue all the things that really tick him off.This proves to be startlingly revelatory.’–A thought-provoking study and critical analysis of Hinata Shouyou’s stupid face, by Kageyama Tobio.

Summary:  Hinata finds that he likes standing close to Kageyama on buses and trains. It doesn’t mean anything–probably. Maybe.

Summary: When Hinata Shouyou is 13 years old, his village is raided by pirates. Most everything Hinata knows is destroyed in the attack, lost to the flames, but he and his sister are pulled from the wreckage by a boy with eyes the color of a storm. Their lives are saved, but irrevocably altered - their home is lost forever, and there is something strange about the pirates, something blurry and shadowed and wrong. A darkness is rising out of the depths of the ocean. The sea itself is stirring, and nothing can stop it when it wakes.

Summary: Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you. In which Hinata’s lack of cooking skills are a danger to him and others. Luckily (or not), Kageyama is willing to teach him, for the sake of avoiding any burned down apartments.

Summary:  Once a year, all the villages that follow the way of the sun offer up one of their own to be taken to the sun god’s divine temple. Kageyama Tobio, an orphan and loner, never wanted to be chosen—and until the sun god appeared, no one ever wanted to choose him, either. All Tobio wants is to find a place he fits in. What he actually gets is another story entirely.

Summary: The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees. Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more. Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed. AKA Tarzan au

Note: The art is gorgeous for this fic! Part of a series. The continuation: Wild 

Summary:  It was the boots that caught his attention. They looked new and expensive sticking up from the tall grass, visible from the small trail Shoyo was walking on. He cautiously trudged closer, almost against his will.
What Shoyo didn’t notice, however, was the creature watching him; blue eyes following the oblivious human like a prey. AKA creature!Kageyama au

Summary: This was how Shouyou, prince of the kingdom on the hill, ended up sitting on the wooden floor in front of the fire, roasting all the different kinds of meats in the crackling flames to eat. When he was done, he flopped over backwards, sprawling over the floor. Kageyama was watching him again. Shouyou rolled lazily onto his stomach and rested his head on his arm, smiling at him. “That was good,” he said. The food had been delicious. Watching Kageyama eat had been more so; the way his throat worked to swallow as he drank down the creamy, white milk, his white teeth as they sank into the succulent, tender meat, the little groans and sighs of pleasure he made as he tasted it. It had all made Shouyou so very, very hungry for more.

Note:  Part of a series. The continuation: Homecoming

Summary:  Life as a scrap hunter isn’t very eventful. Shoyo travels across the massive wasteland of an electronics dump in Area 5C every day, searching for machines, gadgets and batteries to sell. Stood in his yellow overall, one boot on a broken toaster, his voltage-tracker suddenly goes frantic in his hand. It’s detected something. Something big.

Summary: When lowly acolyte Hinata is tasked with bringing his temple’s monthly tax payment to the Centurion’s Villa, he hardly expects to have an encounter with Kageyama, the lavishly wealthy landowner and decorated army general himself. But Kageyama turns out to be far more interested in Hinata than the money, believing him to be a gift sent from the gods themselves. Before Hinata realizes what’s happening, he finds himself agreeing to stay at the villa, where Kageyama can spoil him to his heart’s content.To Hinata’s surprise, he soon finds himself growing attached to the brutally blunt yet strangely sweet Kageyama; but he is worried he won’t be able to hold the attention of a man who has everything, even as Kageyama starts to become everything to him.

Note: There are NSFW art included in the story

KuroTsuki (Kuroo x Tsukishima)

Summary: “I see you like it Between the Sheets.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Your drink. It’s good stuff but I’m more of a Blowjob kinda guy.”

Summary: Kei types up an unapologetic flyer titled: Are You Missing Your Underwear? It explains his cat’s thievery and gives his address. He prints a few out and half-heartedly puts them up on his street and at the local store on his way to university. Basically, Kei’s cat is trying to hook him up with the neighborhood hottie.

Summary:  Kuroo and Tsukki lie in bed together being cute.

Summary:  Kuroo needs to come clean, for once in his life, and Tsukishima should probably just start trying to be a better person. It’s hard, though, when things are just so easy like this.

Summary:  Tsukishima has never held a boy’s hand before. Kuroo is desperate to learn every line in his palm. This relationship, they begin to realize, might not end in pain after all.

Summary:  Getting up in the middle of the night to pee really shouldn’t have been such a huge commitment.

Summary:  Maybe it was destiny that Kuroo Tetsurou was meant to fall in love with Tsukishima Kei despite the fact that he was a ghoul, humanity’s natural enemy and Kei was one-hundred percent human.

IwaOi (Iwaizumi x Oikawa)

Summary: "Iwaizumi-san is definitely a top.” “I’d say Oikawa. He seems to like being in charge.” Matsukawa laughed at this, surveying the club members. “It’s a shame that we’ll never be able to find out who’s right.” Unfortunately, they do find out.

Summary:  He always got strangely sentimental, the closer he got to his heat. Which is precisely why today, he should not have shown up to the practice match. He knew better. Had always done better.

Summary: “You’re so cruel to me,” Oikawa whined down the line, and Iwaizumi snorted at that. “All I try to do is be nice, and here you are, saying all I want to do is talk shit on Ushiwaka! Which, you know, I do, but that’s beside the point. Do you like Ushiwaka, Iwa-chan?” “Of course I don’t, what are you -,” “Because I could just get him to fuck me instead.” (Oikawa had slipped into a bad habit of teasing him like this, and he’d had enough of it. It was time for Iwaizumi to shut Oikawa up, and to shut him up good.)

Summary:  “The skirt seems like a fantastic idea in Oikawa’s head.” Oikawa tries a new method of seduction on Iwaizumi, and it proves effective, though not as he expected it would be.

Summary: Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, “Last time was supposed to be a one time thing,” he said, voice low, lacking some conviction.Oikawa’s lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi’s, “One time thing, Two time thing, what’s it matter as long as it’s not a Relationship thing?”

Summary:  In which Oikawa is a demon whose job is contracting humans for their souls, and his next victim is Iwaizumi. Somehow, what is supposed to be a quick case turns into a two year long affair – and then some.

Summary: In which Oikawa Tooru is a prince and Iwaizumi Hajime is his knight. “I want…I want…” Oikawa opened his eyes and for once Iwaizumi wished he couldn’t read them so well. ‘You. I want you,’ they said. Iwaizumi couldn’t let Oikawa say it for real, he couldn’t. It would destroy him. So he crashed his lips against Oikawa’s, silencing him, consoling him. “I know,” he whispered once they finally parted. He didn’t need to say that it didn’t matter what Oikawa wanted – what either of them wanted. They both knew already.

Summary: ‘A gift for you.’ Matsukawa’s voice echoed in his mind as he recalled the way his high school friend had slyly passed him a folded shopping bag under the table while they were in the middle of lunch. Matsukawa had insisted he look at it only when he got home, and feeling foolishly happy about the spur of the moment gift, he agreed. He wished, in hindsight, that he had looked instead. And that he had throttled Matsukawa for even thinking it was an appropriate gift.

Summary:  Oikawa might be a jealous person, but even that is nothing compared to the intrinsic possessiveness that all dragons have.

Summary:  for the “the new handyman’s hot so i’m gonna keep breaking stuff” au. Iwaizumi is the Handsome Handyman, and Oikawa is… Oikawa?

Summary:  There were things they always came back to. Some of those things were each other.
Or, Oikawa gets hit by an early heat, Iwaizumi carries him home. Something changes for the both of them.

Summary:  Despite common belief, making sure you don’t have to work a single day in your life is hard work. Luckily, Oikawa has mastered the skill.
But when his new target is the awfully… practical businessman Iwaizumi Hajime, Oikawa’s skills are put to the test, since Iwaizumi refuses to spend money on him. Yet, the two can’t ignore their mutual attraction, but with such different expectations for the relationship, there’s bound to be trouble.

Summary: This shower will be quick, Oikawa decides, reaching up for his luffa. He then goes to reach for his body wash. His eyes widen when he narrows in on the two objects in his hands. The luffa is white, and the body wash brand says Old Spice, something musky and masculine. Oikawa has never owned Old Spice in his entire life, and his luffa is definitely not white, looking like it came from some cheap dollar store.~AU where Oikawa accidentally stumbles into the wrong apartment.

You Can't Spell Elementarily Without "ily"

Alfred has never liked English.

 It wasn’t exciting, it was tedious, and it could be utterly ridiculous. (Some authors choose certain names because they like them, not because they are trying to insert some secret meaning!) But what he hated most of all was how unstraightforward it all was. There was no one “right” answer, and a lot of things depended on personal opinion. Alfred hated that. He was a math and science guy, and he liked things to be clear-cut and concise

The only reason he was taking LitAnalysis301 was because he needed the credits to graduate. Alfred wished he got his credits out of the way last year, but instead he spent his freshman year of college exploring fields and majors. If only he’d hadn’t been so stupid. 

And of course it didn’t help that he took the class at eight am. Damn it for being the only time left

Alfred was doodling as the professor entered the room. At least the professor’s cute. Professor Arthur Kirkland was a man of a small stature, with sandy blond hair and really thick eyebrows, large enough to be the cause of a nickname. He had piercing emerald eyes that stared right through you, and he was British, making many swoon with his accent. 

(If he were being honest, it made Alfred swoon a bit as well.) 

Professor Kirkland cleared his throat.
“I hope you all did the reading last night, because you will all be writing an essay on your findings. Due in 3 days. Futhermore, turn to page 367 in your textbooks….”

Alfred complied, trying not to get too distracted. The class wasn’t too difficult, being as mostly freshmen took it, however, Professor Kirkland was so enchanting that Alfred often found himself captivated in his mannerisms and the musicality of his voice rather than what he was saying. It didn’t help that it seemed like Professor Kirkland gazed at him more than the other students either.

 However, Alfred felt guilty. He was loathe to admit it, but he had a crush on his english professor. A guy wayyy older than him. He was gross. 

Alfred couldn’t help it! Kirkland was way too cute for his own good: the way his eyebrows scrunched up when he was grading, his snarkiness, his passion, the way his eyes lit up when he was teaching something he was excited about, his sorry attempts at jokes, the way he tried to lighten the mood when he could tell everyone was having a bad morning, his gruffiness, his laughter, his rare smile that made Alfred’s heart melt. 

 Alfred knew he shouldn’t, but he found every excuse to spend time with the man one-on-one. He would take longer than necessary getting his materials packed up, he would stay after class to ask about things that he actually had no trouble with, and he would attend all the events Kirkland suggested, (would also attend) even if they weren’t required. 

 He just tried his damn best to impress him. Alfred would answer questions in class, lead discussions, try to show how much of a leader and a good person he was, do all his homework, and spend all-nighters writing perfect essays. 

And for what? It seemed like it was for nothing. Kirkland never really noticed Alfred, barely even saying “well done” on his near perfect essays. Near perfect! By Kirkland standards! A feat practically impossible to achieve! 

So against his better judgements, (and his best friend Kiku’s very cautious warnings and ill-advisement) Alfred bought roses (Kirkland’s favorite, he did his research) and marched up to Kirkland one day after class. 

“Uh, Professor Kirkland?” Alfred blushed slightly, nervously shuffling his feet. 

“Yes Jones?” 

 He knows my name! Holy fuck- calm down Jones, you can do this. Alfred took a deep breath and shoved the roses at the Brit’s face. “I really like you!” Smooth, Jones.

The professor blushed, accepting the roses and setting them down. “Jones-” 

“Please, it’s Alfred.” 

Alfred  then, listen I’m touched, but-” 

Alfred interrupted him. “Yes I know I’m disgusting, I’m 20 and you’re probably almost double my age and I shouldn’t have a crush on you but I do because you’re amazing and funny and I hate English and Literature but I like you, and-”

 “Alfred please, listen to me.” Alfred raised his head, ashamed.
Kirkland put his hand on Alfred’s cheek. “I’m not disgusted by you, I mean sure it’s a little unconventional, but I’m in no place to talk, seeing as I, uh, rather fancy you too-” he was cut off by Alfred’s lips crashing into his, which he promptly responded to. After they broke away from each other, Alfred was grinning ear to ear, and Arthur had a light blush on him as well. However, his expression still became more serious 

 “Alfred, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think we can see each other. And let me finish!” Arthur said, seeing that Alfred’s mouth had started to open. “It’s not that I don’t like you, and the age difference isn’t a problem, I’m only 24. Yes, I know, surprising. But I’m your teacher. You’re my student. It wouldn’t be right.” 

Alfred wanted to say many things. He wanted to say that who cared. He wanted to say that they could be careful. He wanted to say that if they just weren’t caught that they could work. But Alfred knew deep in his heart that Arthur was right. They couldn’t. He sighed. “You’re right.”

I’m so sorry-” 

“But what if I wasn’t your student! After this class. I wouldn’t be your student. We could date then, couldn’t we? 

“I suppose we could…” 

 “We can! I’ll wait for you.” 

Arthur smiled. Alfred grinned back. 

“Now I know why you seemed to always stare at me.” 

 Arthur blushed. “I-I-I- hoped you wouldn’t notice! I was that obvious?” Alfred chuckled, nodding. “I couldn’t help it! You’re too captivating.” Arthur smacked his chest. “You see I wanted to give you full marks on your papers, but I have a reputation to uphold.

 Alfred shook his head. “Understandable.” 

“I noticed, you know.” 

Alfred raised an eyebrow. “Noticed what?” 

 “How you tried your best to spend time with me.“ It was Alfred’s turn to blush. 

 “It was cute.” Arthur gave him a peck on the cheek.

 Eventually they exchanged numbers, both heading their separate ways. In class, nothing changed. But in reality, they texted and called and hung out as friends, but nothing more. Not until Alfred was done with that that class, where upon the first day he could, he kissed Arthur hard on the lips, who responded by putting his arms around Alfred. 

 “Shall we make up for all the time we missed?” Alfred smiled, gazing into Arthur’s eyes, still as beautiful as ever. 

 “Of course love. I’m tired of waiting.”




George Orwell quotes

  • “Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” 
  • “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
  • “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”
  • “In the face of pain there are no heroes.”
  • “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”
  • “I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”
  • “Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn’t matter; only feelings matter. If they could make me stop loving you-that would be the real betrayal.”
  • “If you can feel that staying human is worth while, even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.”
  • “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”
  • “We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.”
  • “It is curious how people take it for granted that they have a right to preach at you and pray over you as soon as your income falls below a certain level.”
  • “All men are enemies. All animals are comrades”
  • “If there really is such a thing as turning in one’s grave, Shakespeare must get a lot of exercise.”
  • “I hate purity, I hate goodness! I don’t want virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones.”
  • “Windmill or no windmill,life would go on as it had always gone on–that is, badly.”
  • “Four legs good, two legs better! All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.”
  • “Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever.”
  • “Power is not a means; it is an end.”
  • “The stars are a free show; it don’t cost anything to use your eyes.”
  • “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”
  • “Progress is not an illusion; it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.”
  • “To an ordinary human being, love means nothing if it does not mean loving some people more than others”
  • “Perhaps a man really dies when his brain stops, when he loses the power to take in a new idea.”
  • “Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”
  • “So long as human beings stay human, death and life are the same thing.”
  • “How could you make appeal to the future when not a trace of you, not even an anonymous word scribbled on a piece of paper, could physically survive?”
  • “Good novel are written by people who are not frightened.”
  • “I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.”
  • “Beauty is meaningless until it is shared.”

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Aiden x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Morning! Can I request a reader x aiden from teen wolf story please? Aiden and Reader get into an argument and aiden raises his arms in frustration and the reader instinctively flinches. Aiden is heartbroken because he thinks the reader is now scared of him and all he wants is for her to trust him and make her feel safe? Thank you love ❤

(AN: I’ll be doing this one in Aiden’s perspective just because I think that would better fit the request)

(Y/N) and I have been dating for quite awhile. Not too long, but awhile. We knew some secrets about each other, but not all. She often argued with me over whether or not I should help out Scott and the others. She thought it was too dangerous, even though I was werewolf and could very well protect myself. I mean, have you seen me?

Anyways, tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to go help Scott and Stiles with a few things, and she didn’t want me to leave, fearing I wouldn’t come home later. It was a completely irrational fear, but she didn’t get that.

“What if something happens to you? What if I don’t see you again?!” She looked frantic as she asked me for the twentieth time.

“I’ll be fine! You don’t know half the shit I went through before I joined Scott. If anything happens, it won’t do much to me!”

“But what about last week? You came home a bloody mess after telling me that same thing! I don’t wanna wake up to blood trails in the house and you bleeding out on the couch!” She shouted back. Her eyes looked panicked and she couldn’t hold her hands still as she expressed her concern for me.

I know she only worried because someone in her family had gone out to do a simple mundane task and they ended up getting murdered. She doesn’t want that to happen to me, but she needs to learn to relax.

“(Y/N) I’ll be fine!”

“But what if you’re not!”

“How many times do I have to say it?! Nothing’s gonna happen to me and I’ll come home just fine! Just trust me!” I raised my hands as I let out a grunt of frustration and my eyes widened.

I made a mistake.

The moment my hands had reached up, (Y/N) flinched. Her whole body flinched away from me and her eyes slammed shut as she closed in on herself.

She was bracing herself to be hit.

It was at that moment my heart broke. There were things in her past that she didn’t tell me. Dark times she didn’t want to relive, and I just about made her.

“(Y/N)?” She slightly flinched with the sound of my voice breaking the silence before she opened her eyes. They weren’t wide. If anything, they were calm as if nothing had happened and she only looked as if she was sleepy. But she didn’t answer me.

“(Y/N), talk to me babygirl,” I muttered. I decided to keep my distance because I didn’t want to scare her any more than I already did.

“You can go with Scott and Stiles if you want…” She whispered. At that, I knew she gave up and that she wanted to be left alone. She went to turn away and walk to our room when I spoke again.

“I don’t think I will.” She turned to me with her brows pulled together in confusion.


“I don’t want to go with them anymore. I’d rather stay here with my girlfriend and reassure her that I’d never hurt her and she has no reason to flinch away from me.” I gently said as I slowly walked to her, “She needs to know that she can trust me, no matter what her past says and that I’ll always lover her.”

She had a few tears race down her cheeks and I reached up to wipe them away before placing a kiss on her forehead. I pulled her body to mine. She slightly shook with each breath she took, trying to calm down.

“I don’t ever want you to be scared of me, okay? I’m here to keep you safe and to protect you and to love you. Okay, babydoll?” I mumbled into her hair. I felt her nod against my chest.

“I love you…” She muttered, sounding muffled because I was holding her so close.

“I love you too,” I pulled her away and placed a soft kiss on her lips before smirking and picking her up bridal style, “Where to mi’lady? A marathon of Friends in the bedroom? A good burger from that sketchy restaurant down the street?”

“Neither,” She giggled. God, I loved her giggle. It left a warm feeling in my chest every time I heard it.

“Then what shall we do?” I asked as I nuzzled her cheek, making her laugh again.

“Can we take a bath?” She sweetly asked, a light blush flooding her cheeks as I smirked.

“Well of course. Anything for you,” I said as I carried her to the bathroom.

I can only hope I never do what I did tonight again and I hope she ends up telling me her past so I can better understand. But I also want her to know she never has anything to worry about with me. And hopefully, with time, she will.

When we were young

-A/N: I had a long time that I didn’t write something and FINISH IT. Sorry for the late requests I hadn’t post. But I feel like I needed to get rid of the dust and write something. That might be the reason for the awful name of this. I hope you don’t think the one-shot is also awful. Requests are open. Also the tag squad (send PM) 

Request:  Hi again! I saw that you’re accepting requests Could you do one where Chris is taking home to meet his family for the first time, then once you get there Mr. or Mrs. Evans doesn’t seem to like you that much. You and Chris don’t understand why until later on that night when you find out that they dated one of your parents back when they were young and were still holding a grudge about that past? I hope that’s okay.

Warnings: None, past relationship, mother in law? hahaha


(Based on When we were young, by Adele)

Chris reached my thigh while he was driving. I sighed.

“Both hands in the wheel. Do you want your mom to hate me even more because I caused an accident while you were driving?” I sighed. I was talking very serious.

“I’ve told you she doesn’t hate you. She just… is figuring a way to love you” I smiled.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to put you in an awkward position. But I just feel like she’s given up on me.” I felt a nod in my throat. I was about to cry. I promise, this wasn’t sabotage or anything like that. Since the moment I met my mother in law, she had built a wall between us, which I try to climb.

“I know you don’t. I just don’t get why you can’t get along. I know you both, I sincerely thought it’d be different”

“So did I” I sighed again. This was my favorite weather. But also, the one that made me blue. The rain started to hit the windows. “I’m willing to try, Chris. Help me, enlighten me, please… I don’t want to push her, I just want you to accept me.”

“You’re so sweet” he laughed. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or he was serious.

“No, listen. I feel so pathetic. This is like I’m 15 years old and I’m pointing at her for not liking me. Am I too immature for telling you?”

“Well…” he began, then he laughed “you’re just sweet, as long as you don’t get obsessed with that”


“Wow, why can’t you get along if you’ve got the same voice when you say my name?”


We arrived to his parents’ house. I had baked her favorite dessert. Chris’s advice. He had taught me a little bit about how to treat her. Everything was checked in my mind, I had planned how everything was going to be through the evening.

“Hey, mom” I smiled.

“Hello, love” I gave them their space, he hugged her and then kissed the top of her head.

“Y/N brought your favorite dessert” Chris grabbed my waist and introduced me into the talk.

“Oh, I see… hello, y/n. I’ll put this on the kitchen. Do you want coco?”

“I’d love some” I murmured. She didn’t even say thank you.


“Mom, is my yearbook here?” Chris asked. Lisa nodded while she left her cup of coco on the table.

“Let me hand it to you” she stood and Chris denied with his head.

“Why don’t you talk with your adorable daughter in law while I look for it?”

“Delightful” she murmured. She stood up anyway.

“Do you like me?” I closed my eyes… shit, that wasn’t my question. She looked at me “I mean, did you like the pie? I meant the pie… not me” I tried to fix it. She sighed.

“It was good. Almost perfect, like you” the thing about the Evans was that it was really hard to detect their sarcasm.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, you’re my son’s fiancée and… I tolerate you.” She smiled at me, but there wasn’t anything hypocrite on that smile. She was telling the truth.

“Why? Why don’t you let me in, Lisa?” she shrugged.

“You wouldn’t understand, dear. I think Chris might need help, excuse me”


It wasn’t like I planned. Obviously. Maybe I should ignore the fact that our relationship was going to be passive-aggressive forever. But I wanted to know why. I felt Chris’s arms around my waist. He held me closer. He covered my body with his.

“Thank you for trying, baby” he kissed my shoulder.

“I think I need to quit too, for the best” he kissed my neck and then my cheek. His hands were covering my abdomen when I smiled.

“Maybe… but when you said that she had given up on you, I was glad you hadn’t given up on her, if you feel like it’s time to give it a break, I support you.” I rolled in the bed to be on top of him. I felt his breath against my lips. My arms were next to each side of his head. I kissed him.

“Everybody deserves a second chance… or thirty” I smiled against his lips.

“What are you up to?”

“Well… no offense, but everything had happened when you were around, so maybe if I… ask her out, just the two of us, I could try again, after that, I’ll give up.”

“I love your diabolical mind” I felt his hands traveling through my bare back “And I’m about to love you even more…” he moved to be on top of me. I laughed when I felt his amused lips against my neck.


“Hey, Lisa!” I waved. She stopped and I felt a little kick in my stomach and in my ego.

“Hello, dear. Where’s Chris?” she immediately asked. I shrugged.

“He couldn’t make it. So… it’s just us” I smiled “Shall we?” We began our way to the Red Sox Stadium.


We had been quiet, until the second inning, where I asked her if she wanted a hot dog. She nodded.

“How do you like it?” I inquired. She didn’t pay attention. “Lisa, how would you like me?” I meant it this time.

“Ketchup only” I handed her the hot dog and paid for it.

“I asked you something” she bit her hot dog and looked at me.

“You have his eyes” she smoothly spoke.

“Excuse me?” she smiled and reached my face. It took me by surprise.

“Your eyes… are like your dad’s.”

“I don’t understand, Lisa”

“You might need to buy me a beer if you want me to say it” she smiled. Kindly.

“But I can’t join you, alright?”


And in the fifth inning, she began talking. “We need to go home” I nodded.



Chris had told me not to push her that she usually thinks a lot the words she wants to free from her mouth. I looked at her while she poured two glasses of wine. She handed mine, and when she sat, she smiled again. She was really pretty when she did that.

“Well, you remind me of your dad, y/n. You’ve got those big, curious… expressive eyes. Has anyone told you that?” I nodded.

“So… you know my dad?” she stood up and grabbed a book, in-between pages, she reached a picture and gave it to me.

“I do. I met him long time ago. We were in the same grade, shared classes and friends. I can’t believe I’m going to say this. I promised to myself I wouldn’t do it, but… your dad was such a special man, he was funny and interesting, he was spontaneous, outrageous, he was very smart and a total leader, that’s why I couldn’t avoid falling in love with him. You remind me a lot of him. You’ve got those same features. You’re the girl I’ve chosen myself for Chris. But…” she stop talking. I was speechless. Holy shit.

“I guess it was just like a movie… when we were young.” She was in silence as she sadly smiled “We made mistakes that tore us apart and he hurt me as much as I hurt him. When we split up, I remember being by myself, wishing him for the best. Then you came to my life, proving that you had been the best. I felt really bad, but I wasn’t honest when I wished him that. And seeing you, everybody loving you… the way you talked and some of your moves are very y/d/n. I guess I had punished myself…. And you as well for something that happened long, long time ago”


“I’m so sorry” she grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes. I was already in tears. “It wasn’t your fault. I see you’re a good girl that loves my Chris very, very much” I cleaned my tears. And stood up. I went to the car and took the small package I had carried for days. I made my way back her house and saw her cleaning her tears.

“I don’t have anything to forgive you for. This is for you” she started to open the gift and discover the inside.

“Oh, my God” her shaking hands held the romper.

“I just wanted that your grandchild arrived to a place where he or she knows that grandma and mommy are family” she hugged me and looked at my cup of wine.

“I was hoping you weren’t one of those girls that doesn’t like to drink around older people. But this…”

“I know… Chris is going to kill me for telling you”

“He’s not going to do anything to my daughter in law or my grandbaby” she hugged me and caressed my hair. I sighed.

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“Stalker” (Jonathan Crane x reader x Jason Todd) Jonathan Crane’s ending

Hello my little wings!

There it is! the last ending of the “Stalker” series!

Once again, thank you to everyone who liked, comented, reblogged! You gave me the support i needed to continuate this!

I enjoyed writting for a villain for a change! i am also working in a Riddler story! so if you got any prompts for heroes or villains message me any time!

An anon sugested if there could be smut in this fic so I’LL DO 2 CHAPTERS MORE (one for each ending) WITH SMUT. They’ll be posted the next weekend.

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Part1 Part2   Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending (here)

“Well birdie…looks like you are about to lose hahahahaha!!! This gives me so many memories! Ahh! To bad the big bad bat won’t come! ☹ But anyway…im sure you came for your little princess??? Ohhh you did hahahahaha!! The little robin is alone again!! Poor youuu! Too bad she doesn’t love you anyway!! Hahahahahaha” The joker laughed, over the blodies body of Red hood.

“ Fuck …you” Jason said.

“Good night!” The joker prepared for the last strike.


Jason fired his gun, hitting the joker in the middle of his forehead.

The joker let escape a mad laugh before falling on the ground. A sick smile in his cold face as a little trail of blood escaped from the hole.

Jason kicked his body away and broke the door, seeing your sleeping face. He immediately calmed down, but his anger incremented as he saw The scarecrow sitting next to you.

“You fucker…” Jason seethed as Crane waked up.

“You…we thought I killed you….To bad, you’ll die soon.” Crane grabbed a knife and attacked Jason. Jason shoot him once. Crane attacked him, injuring his good arm making the gun fall on the ground. Todd kicked him on his knees making him fall, he kicked the knife away and hit cranes face repeatedly making him bleed trough his nose.

“that’s for (y/N)! that’s for all the civilians you killed! , This is for the children you experimented on, this is for my family and THIS IS FOR (y/n) AGAIN!!!!” After a extra strong punch Crane’s head hit the ground violently.     Jason spited blood on the ground before running to you and disconnecting the blood transfuses and the machines.

“Who? Who are you?!” Your struggled against him as if he was hurting you. “JON! JON HELP ME! PLEASE!” Jason pulled away from you, looking angrily at the Scarecrow, who wiped blood from his smirking lips.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO THEM!?” Jason hit Jonathan over and over again, much to your horror”

“cough, (y/n) is no longer yours…. she’s mine, like it was supposed to…cough” Crane spited blood and smirked at Todd, the blood on his teeth making him look crazy. Jason snarled and as he was ready to pull the last blow-

A chair hit his head knocking him out. Jon smiled as he saw the body of the vigilante hit the ground.

You had choose him..

In the end, you choose HIM!


Jon ran to your weak form and hug you, smiling openly and twirling you around. You hugged back and finally, finally said the words…

“I love you, Jon” You smiled and he kissed you hard.

We love you too, (y/n)” He kissed you sweetly and you hugged his neck

In the middle of your reunion he heard the alien and the archer approaching.

“My love, we shall take our leave…they’ll separate us if we’re caught!” He carried you in his arms out of the facility, dressing you two as civilians. You mingled in the crowd and successfully make it to Bludhaven. Where you and Him changed clothes and got new identities to successfully get out of the country.

You brushed the hair out of your face as Jon sat next to you on the plane, he held your hand and kissed it sweetly.

“Ready my love?” He smiled.

“Ready” You kissed him as the plane’s engines roared.

As the plane started moving you looked out of the windows, the feeling of forgetting something important deep in your heart. You shake it of at the feeling of Jon’s hand holding yours.

You smiled at him as the captain welcomed you abroad and said the name of your destination.



It’s been a 5 years since you two moved to Sweden, he worked in the University of Stockholm as the major teacher in psychiatry and you were one of the most influential psychologist of Europe.

You smiled as the little one holding your hand demanded attention.

“mommy mommy! Let’s go see daddy!!!” The young boy smiled as he dragged you to the College. “Pweeeaseee!”

“Fiine, jay but stop pushing me, ok?” You said as you adjusted his scarf, it was a cold morning in Stockholm as you carried your son Jason back to his father’s work. Jon didn’t agree at first with the name but you liked it a lot, somehow…

Somehow that name make you feel at home.

“DADDY!!!!!” Jay screamed when he saw his dad in the entrance waiting for them. Jon smiled at him and opened his arms so the little 5 year old could hug him.

“Hey, little crow! How is my big boy doing?” Jon smiled at him.

“GREAT!!” Jay smiled toothily as you kissed Jon.

“I told you to not call him that, darling” You smiled at Jon as he and your son looked at you puppy eyed. “ C’mon Jay, we must let daddy to his work.”

“But moooom……” “But (y/n)……..)” They used the puppyes on you, knowing you couldn’t resist.

“Fiiine, but just for lunch!” You rolled your eyes as they went on, his dad explaining how interesting fear was while your young child drank all the information. Jon looked at you and smiled as he held your hand between his bigger one, you smiled back and he looked at your son again.

You looked outside to see a student wearing a red hood and somehow that bought you a nostalgic feeling and also a feeling of missing something. Hot tears fell from your eyes and you didn’t know why. Jon looked at you, worried and hugged you.

“What’s wrong, (y/n)?” He made you look at him as Jay wiped your tears, kissing your cheek with a loud “MUACK!”

“Don’t cry, mommy! Daddy is here!!!” Jay smiled toothily at you and you smiled at you, the white treack in his (h/c) hair reminded you of someone, but you couldn’t remember. Jon kissed you forehead as his hand played with the golden ring in your hand.

“Shall we go home, Mrs. Crane?”

“Yes, Mr. Crane” You smiled as all three of you made your way home, playing with jay on your way out.

“Higher mommy higher!!!” Jay loved the greater heights, a memory of a great height in a secret roof with someone invaded you. But his blurry face was replaced with Jon’s and you smiled at you husband.

The missing piece could wait.

The end.


“Jason, its been 5 years! Face it (y/n) is dead! “ Tim shouted at his brother, whose hair was messy, the white treack messier than usual, his face covered in a 2 weeks bear.

“I WON’T! I KNOW SHE’S ALIVE SOMEWHERE!!! I’LL NEVER GIVE UP!” Jay screamed as he finished his beer.

“Jay be reasonable! You won’t find her! Why this much insistence in finding her?!”


Jason Todd Ending     (here)

Jonathan Crane Ending.   (here you are)

Teacher Headcanons!

A/N: When I wrote my high school headcanons I always thought about doing one where the squad are teachers, but I never did! So I’m doing it now! Thanks to @a-schuylerr , after I saw your headcanons they inspired me to finally write this!

 Masterlist | Request! | My previous fic!

Let’s start with Eliza, shall we?

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demonchild07  asked:

Bees wedding vows?

UuuuuaH! I suck at writing this kind of stuff! And I’m pretty sure I did this before. When are the vows spoken again. *Google it motherfucker!* YOU ARE NO HELP! 

Tai: I am so happy for my little sun dragon. *Tai whispered as he wiped a tear from his eyes.*

Winter: I still can’t believe this.

Tai: What? Yang and Blake getting married?

Winter: No. That I called after first meeting them. I mean THAT. *Winter explain before nodding her head towards the person preforming the wedding for the two girls.*

Qrow: Now before the exchanging of rings, The two brides wished to speak their vows to one other. Ladies.

Blake: Yang. For most of my life I have been in the shadows hiding who I was while trying my hardest to make a world where Faunus and Humans could live together in peace. Then one day I found a spark, A shining light that burned the shadows away and showed me that what I am fighting for is not only possible. But it is real. For you have shown me a world where we could love each other openly and be free. You are my perfect world Yang, the light and love of my life, and I shall stay with you side by side now and forever. *Blake Smiled At Yang as he love smiled back with teary eyes of joy.*

Yang: Blake. All my life I have never looked to the future and only lived in the now. Knowing only that I would live my life too the fullest and go on an adventure with no direction. That is until I meet you, the love of life. For I am only living life to the fullest when I am with you and no adventure is worth taking without you next to me. You are not only my world but my whole life and future. A future that I will fight for to the end and beyond. A future that no matter what happens or what is throw at us I will fight and live on just to stay with you and love you of every second now and forever. You Blake Are my purfect happy never ending story. And I will love you for all eternity. *Yang smiled as it was now Blake’s turn to have teary eyes of happiness.*

Qrow: Now with the powers invested in me, I now pronoun you Wife and Wife. You may now ki- *Qrow spoke as Yang and Blake pulled each other close for a deep and loving kiss.* … kiss the bride. *He and the rest of their friends and family watch as the two continued to kiss before Qrow looks at his watch.* Okay. They are going to be a while so lets just head to the after party and give them their alone time.

you don’t deserve freedom|| tony stark + steve rogers

You are the fiercely protective wife to Tony Stark and a key member to his side of the Civil War. Six months after the entire endeavor you come across the path of T’Challa, who you demand takes you to see Steve Rogers. You are hell bent on letting him know how badly he betrayed the man you love. 



  “Hey.” You slowly turned around and met the dark eyes of your husband, sinking into his embrace as he dragged his lips across the underside of your jawline. “Please come home to me tonight. I love you.” 

  “I’ll be home in time for dinner, sweetheart. If I’m not I’ll be sure to let you know.” You said quietly, cupping his chiseled face in your hands. It still hurt you to the depths of your soul to see how completely destroyed he’d become since the Avengers had betrayed him. “I love you too.” 

You were the wife of two years to the infamous Tony Stark. The two of you had met at Stark Expo in 2014 where he’d approached you at the bar, and after offering to buy your next tequila shot ended up talking to you about quantum physics for the greater majority of the night. His charm was what had drawn you in; on top of the fact that he was intelligent and unbelievably kind. Most of the women you worked with claimed that Tony Stark had only spoken to them to get in their pants and never bothered to call again. 

That was not the case for you. 

After a year of marriage and befriending the Avengers, you found yourself a key member of Tonys side of the Civil War; which had been entirely instigated the day the bomb exploded in Vienna. T’Challa was under the impression that Bucky had filled his father, King T’Chaka of Wakanda during the signing of the Sokovia Accords. You and Natasha were the only two females who had agreed to sign – the two of you both having strong backgrounds with SHIELD. 

One of your favorite characteristics about yourself was your over abundance of patience for people who quite frankly didn’t deserve it, and that seemed to dissipate the moment Steve Rogers decided to get involved. That was how James Rhodes has lost his legs and how the entirety of the Avengers had, for lack of a better word, had abandoned the man you loved. 

So you made a pact with yourself that you’d find T’Challa and demand him to take you to Wakanda, because in your mind that was the only plausible hiding place that Steve and the rest of the team could possibly be. 

You’d run into the Wakandan King on the street just outside the UN, gripping his wrist and wrenching him into the nearest alleyway. “Make any move your Majesty and I won’t hesitate to shove this needle in your throat.” You growled, the syringe in your hand pressed dangerously close to T’Challas neck. He merely smiled in defeat and rose his hands to his head. “I’m not typically a demanding person, but I need your help.” 

 “You are the wife to Tony Stark, yes?” 

  “Yes. T’Challa, I wouldn’t ask this if it wasn’t important. I need you to take me to Steve Rogers.” 

Several hours later and without question, you were standing in the Wakandan Courtyard outside the palace completely in awe of just how beautiful the place was. Luscious greens covered nearly every square inch of the palace plaza. Beautiful variations of red, white, yellow and orange flowers lined the gardens as you quietly followed T’Challa to the hallway where he claimed the Avengers had been living since being forced into seclusion. 

Text Message: The Love Of My Life

Came home to an empty house after a meeting at SE. Where are you?

Your heart melted at his concern for your safety as you quickly typed in a response while T’Challa lead you to the common room. “Here we are Miss. They are all just through that door. Please, make yourself at home for the night and I shall return you to New York to see your husband in the morning.” 

  “Thank you, your Majesty.” He smiled warmly and brought your hand to his lips before allowing it to gently fall at your side. 

  “Please call me T’Challa.” 

You: You aren’t allowed to get mad at me. 

Love of My Life: It’s been a while since I’ve been mad at the only woman insane enough to love me. Tell me the truth. Where are you? 

You: Wakanda. I’m looking right at Steve Rogers. 

Tony’s lack of an answer was enough for you to know that he indeed did not agree with your choice of confrontation but made no move to stop you. Just as you were about to step into the room, your phone vibrated one last time. 

From: Love of My Life

Make him know what he did wrong. Ily. 

  “So that was when I-” Every voice in the room silenced as you stepped inside with your arms crossed over your chest, raising your eyebrows in confusion. Clint Barton stood to his feet and took his place next to Steve, who looked more then stunned at either A) That you knew where they’d been all this time or B) that you had bothered to show up at all. “Y/n?”

  “Oh look! The traitors remember my name!” You exclaimed sarcastically. “Well, at least you can get one thing right. Do you want to know what I’ve been doing for the past six months, snake? My husband and I have been taking care of the reparations that YOU caused. Do you not take into consideration that you threw a plane at a teenage boy? Put civilians in danger by starting a massive fight in the middle of the freaking airport?!” 

  “Y/n… you need to back down.” 

Your eyes lit up with anger as you turned to look at Clint, Sam and Wanda, who were all backing up against the wall at the sight of your anger. You were a Veteran SHIELD agent with an expert skill in hand to hand; the only person you had not been successful in sparring against was Steve due to his indomitable strength. “No. You know what I need to do?” You lunged outward and threw your fist into Steves jaw in a right hook, the first of many hits to come. 

  “We’re not the ones-” 

  “Oh don’t even tell me that you’re all victims? Do you want to know who the real victims are?! How about Colonel James Rhodes, the soldier who lost his legs when Vision moved to cut Sam out of the sky but instead hit Iron Patriot? How about the PTSD stricken billionaire that you betrayed and left to die in Siberia?” You hooked your arms around Steves neck and threw your legs over the back of the chair, causing it to slam to the floor along with the two of you. The Super Soldier made no move to stop you, allowing you to continue bashing your fist against his cheek until a satisfying purple bruise had begun to form. “You-” You slowly stood to your feet and collapsed in front of the sitting table in the middle of the room. You could have done much more damage physically – but to you it seemed like the emotional damage of knowing the truth would burden Steve more then a simple bruise. “None of you deserve the freedom you want. You can rot in Wakanda for all I care because until you realize the extent of the hurt you caused, I don’t want to see any of you back in New York.” 

  “But y/n..” Your gaze softened as Wanda stepped back out of the shadows. After Sokovia you and the Scarlet Witch had struck up a particularly close relationship with one another and Natasha included, divulging all of your secrets to the two women to be sure they were never heard by the men. “We’re still your team.” 

  “A team doesn’t betray its members, Wanda. Not like this.” You pounded against your chest as tears came rolling steadily down your cheeks. “And I love Tony far too much to tell him that you all still think you were all victimized! Everything you did, all the choices you made, was entirely you. I won’t put up with the lack of accountability you all possess.” 

You stood to your feet and cradled your hand, wincing as your pulse throbbed against the outer layer of skin. The remaining Avengers in the room watched with somber expressions as you left, the door creaking shut behind you and leaving a haunting revelation in your wake. 

If they hadn’t known how deeply they’d hurt both you and Tony.. they sure did now. 

Pathetic Mortal Girl- Request Imagine

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Stefan Salvatore x Human!Reader

Warning: fluff

Word Count: 1074

Summary: Late at night, Klaus attacks the reader and says some things that make her question being with Stefan

You had just finished a long shift at the Grill and all you wanted to do was curl up in Stefan’s arms and sleep off the rude people and the poor tips. You made your way towards your car, the last one in the parking lot. You had been the one selected to clean the remainder of the restaurant and it was nearly two in the morning. When you had texted Stefan, informing him you would be staying late, he responded that he would wait up for you, to make sure you got home safe. He even offered to come pick you up, but you had refused, just promising to come over after and spend the night at his place.

You pressed Stefan’s contact and held the phone to your ear and let it ring. He didn’t answer, he was probably changing his sheets or something else in order to prepare for your arrival. You dropped your phone into your bag and reached out for the car door handle. Right before you could pull it, your body was slammed against the car. Your head was not spared in the impact and for a scary second your vision went blurry. After what seemed like minutes, the outline of Klaus was getting clearer and clearer.

You jumped up and tried to pull away from him but he simply grabbed your waist and pushed you back against the car.

“Klaus,” your voice shaking, “what do you want from me?” He trailed a finger up from your hip to your chest and then your throat. He then clenched it tightly in his strong hand, blocking the airflow. You gasped for breath, your hands desperately trying to release his iron grip. “Please, let me go!” He loosened his hand and you gasped, gulping down as much air as possible.

“Ever since Stefan refused my offer to travel with me, being the Ripper, after all I had done for him, I was just too angry to let him get away with it, and you are the perfect revenge, love.”

“Stefan will know it was you, he’ll come after you!” You spat in his face. To this, Klaus burst out laughing.

“Of course he will know it was me! But will he kill me, putting his entire family on the line, just so he could get justice over some stupid, pathetic mortal girl? He would never and we both know it, love.” His words stung and your eyes filled with tears as you tried to half-heartedly deny it.

“He would come after you, make it so you can’t hurt anyone else he loves!” Klaus laughed eve harder, the sound disappearing.

“Now you’re the one who is making me breathless! Loves you? You mortal girls, so ready to believe anything they tell you. Let’s give him a call, shall we?” He dug into your bag and pulled out your phone, he opened it and just as he was about to press call, the phone started buzzing. “Speak of the devil.” He pressed accept and then speaker.

Stefan’s soft voice came through the phone, “Hey, sorry I didn’t answer, baby. I was getting the house ready for you. You know, bubble bath, one of my shirts that you love so much and some fresh sheets. Where are you, you must be almost here.” Klaus pressed the palm of his hand into your mouth, silencing you. After a moment Stefan spoke again. “Y/N? You there?” Suddenly, Klaus drove a stake into your side and removed his hand, permitting your scream to pierce the cold night air. Then the line went dead.

You could no longer feel Klaus’s presence around you. You pressed a hand to your side, pulling out the stake and holding your hand there, attempting to hold in your blood. Soon you became too dizzy to stand and sunk to your knees. All you could hear was the sound of the call ending, the empty buzz. And that’s the last thing you heard before drifting into complete darkness.

The first thing you heard when you woke up was a soft voice. It sounded like velvet, purring in your ear. However, you could hear the desperation in the voice. It was pleading, begging you.

“Wake up, Y/N? Please, I should have been there, this should never have happened to you.” You felt an arm tighten around you and the pain in your side really shook you awake. You gasped and your eyes fluttered open. “Oh thank god,” the voice said, obviously relieved. Stefan was spread out beside you an arm around you holding you close to him.

“I thought I had lost you, I should have been there, I never should have let you walk alone so late, I should have known Klaus was going to come after you. God, Y/N, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I’ll never let anything hurt you ever again!”

You tried to sit up but he pushed you back down. You looked at him and he look back at you, concern so obviously laced in his stare.

“I’m okay,” you whispered, the harsh words Klaus had said replaying in your head, “I’m just gonna go home, I don’t wanna bother you.” Trying and succeeding this time in sitting up.

“What do you mean? You can’t drive, let alone walk, I know you’re upset at me for putting you on danger once again, but I’m here now to take care of you.”

You laughed at this, “C’mon, Stefan, you and I both know you don’t want to take care of me, that you’re just pitying the pathetic mortal girl.” Realization dawned on Stefan.

“What did Klaus say to you? You must know that none of it is true, that I love you so very much. That I only love you, and that you’re not just an ordinary mortal girl, that I would never ever think you are pathetic.”

You started crying realizing how dumb you were being. Of course Stefan loved you. You can’t believe you let Klaus get into your head.

You curled into Stefan’s chest and he pressed a quick kiss to your forehead, holding you close to him. “I’m sorry, he just got to me, I’m so stupid.”

“No, no, no baby, you’re not stupid. He is really convincing, it’s okay, I’m here now. I love you so much.”

You sighed into him, letting his warmth comfort you. “I love you, too.”

This is my first Stefan imagine, hope you liked it


Man Face Monday - This Face Makes the World Better Edition

Hello Cupcakes! I have a cold. Invest in Puffs. I am making huge purchases of the with Lotion variety. Happily, Mr. Man’s face has provided a pleasant distraction from the coughing and the ick. I have gone back to find some fun older images from a season past, when at least the faintest smile crossed his lovely mug. Let’s do some face, shall we? Let me know if you had a favorite. 

My personal favorite of the set. Pillow mountains and lovely everything. 

But then, wow. Pretty. 

Happy face makes me happy as well. 

I love the dangerous eyes. Scary pretty.

Pillow mountains, FTW.

To close on a very happy note, here’s a super smiley gif I did not make. Bless the giftmaker with many hugs and chocolates, universe. 

So, that is Monday. That is some Man Face worth thinking about all week, I hope. Very excited to see where the show is going. Very excited to read amazing Olicity fanfics to get me through the various and sundry. I hope that you have a very wonderful week ahead. I recommend you save that gif and put it somewhere to lift your spirits on the down days!

Until Wednesday, my friends. Until Wednesday. Tags after the break. 

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Little bunny foo foo

Hello, Love Bunnies! (See what I did there? I pulled a gaming Phil on your guys.)

Phil X Reader

Warnings- Fluffy like a  soft chick or a bunny in a patch of grass nibbling at the blades.

Hey, seeing as it’s the Easter season, could you possibly do a Phil x reader fic where it’s basically just fluff like feeding each other bits of chocolate from the easter eggs in the morning??? Thank ily 💙💙💙 - @leinajanson

“The Easter bunny has gone overboard this year. I think we fell into the chocolate factory. ” Phil squeezed you in a tight hug before pushing you towards the giant basket that was filled with every treat you could think of. “ I think the basket I made for you is about ninety-five percent smaller.”

“Don’t worry I may or may not have also added extra things I have a particular fondness for.” You turned to give him a hug and a tickle into his sides before going to explore the basket. You pulled out sweets from home that your mother had obviously sent to Phil to add to the basket. You were sure he had bought every type of chocolate in the store even if he had never heard of it. There was also mass amounts of candy mixed into the bright purple basket. You decided to take everything out of the basket to inspect it all. You moved a bag of skittles before finding a little-stuffed animal sitting in the bottom holding a note. 

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a collection of things maria cosway said about angelica schuyler to thomas jefferson


“Have you seen yet the lovely Mrs. Church? You Must have seen her by this time: what do you think of her? She Colls’ me her Sister. I coll’ her My dearest Sister. If I did not love her so Much I should fear her rivalship, but no I give you free permission to love her with all your heart, and I shall feel happy if I think you keep me in a little corner of it, when you admit her even to reing Queen.” (emphasis mine)


“Our friend Mr: de la Luzerne is here, Mrs. Church, we should go to see Many beautifull villas, enjoy all the best England can afford and make the rest up with our own Society.”

“Where do you think I am at present? and with whom? How Much we wish for you and think of you and speak of you, it is the amiable Mrs: Church, you know her, that is enough, and you are Capable of feeling the value of this lovely woman.”

“Mrs. Church has told me to say many things to you; I reccomand My self to be admitted to half she deserves of affection from you, t’will be a good share but never so much as I have for you—adiu.”


“you shall share my envy between Mrs: Church and you, for I envy both excessively for the reciprocal pleasure you will have in one anothers Company; and your return when is it to be?”


My Angelica has been the greatest joy on my return. She has flatterd me much by telling me my name was mentiond in most of the letters which come from America.”

“Now this will Come accompanied by One from the Most charming of woman, My Angelica, I love her so much that I think and am persuaded she must be beloved by every One who know her, therefore give value to every thing which Comes from her Or she Notices with her regard. I will think she has Some attachment for me and I value it much. My great fear is that soon I shall loos her, I even thought I should not find her in England, but have been fortunate to meet this pleasure On my arrival, and certainly she was a great consolation to me. “


You will soon have the pleasure of seeing the Charming Anjelica. I loose her with Much regret she is the woman I love Most, and feel Most happy with in this Country.”

I’m not saying she was gay. but.

Prayer of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

O Prince of Peace, to all who receive You, You bright light and peace. Help me to live in daily contact with You, listening to the words You have spoken and obeying them. O Divine Child, I place my hands in Yours; I shall follow You. Oh, let Your divine life flow into me.

I will go unto the altar of God. It is not myself and my tiny little affairs that matter here, but the great sacrifice of atonement. I surrender myself entirely to Your divine will, O Lord. Make my heart grow greater and wider, out of itself into the Divine Life.

O my God, fill my soul with holy joy, courage and strength to serve You. Enkindle Your love in me and then walk with me along the next stretch of road before me. I do not see very far ahead, but when I have arrived where the horizon now closes down, a new prospect will open before me and I shall met with peace.

How wondrous are the marvels of your love, we are amazed, we stammer and grow dumb, for word and spirit fail us. Amen.

Monsta X Reacts to Their S/O Being a Librarian

Hey guys! I figured I might as well do another reaction today because why not really? This one was in my wave of requests the other day. As always, if there’s anything that you would like to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Now then, lets get into this shall we?


     @aquapeixis:  Could you do a reaction for monsta x, where their s/o is a librarian but doesnt like people to know about it cause they think that it makes them boring, thank you!! I love your reactions btw ❤

This was an adorable request and I hope that you like the reaction! I haven’t fully written like this for these boys in a while so I’m happy you sent in a request!

1. Shownu

     Shownu was a little sad that you thought that he would judge you for being a librarian. He definitely wouldn’t think that you were boring, especially if it’s something that you love to do. He would be sure to remind you of that, letting you know that anything that you love to do could never be boring to him.
     "Jagiya, don’t hide our interests from me,“ Shownu pleads softly,” I wanna know them all.“

2. Wonho

     Wonho would take the revelation in stride, just sort of letting it float past. He would do everything in his power to show you that he didn’t think that it made you boring. He would definitely be one to visit you at work if he could just to surprise you and maybe bring you lunch.
     "Here, Jagi. I picked it up from your favorite cafe. I hope you don’t mind,” Wonho holds out a bag to you, a bright smile on his face.

3. Minhyuk (This gif is beautiful and pleases my heart…)

     Minhyuk would be quick to whine about the fact that you didn’t tell him, demanding to know why. When you told him your reasoning, he would go quiet. He would remain quiet for a while until you finally asked him what was wrong. His tone would be soft and he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye.
     "I’m sorry that I gave you the impression that I would ever think anything about you was boring,“ Minhyuk looks regretful,” I hope you’ll forgive me?“

4. Kihyun

     Kihyun wouldn’t have much of a reaction when he figured out where you work. He strikes me as the one who would slowly put pieces together until the whole picture came together. He would have known for a while and would probably have gone to your work once or twice while you were out for lunch to ask your coworkers about you. One day, he would just come in and walk up to you, a small taunting smile on his face.
     "My Jagi has a job that suits her well,” Kihyun says with a smile,“ I’m glad.”

5. Hyungwon

     Hyungwon would be the type to discover you worked in a library by accident. He would come in with a friend or group member one day and be shocked to find you there. He would stand stock still, unsure what to do or how to react until you approached him, admitting that you thought he would think you were boring if you told him. He would let out a small laugh at that.
     "Never,“ Hyungwon’s smile is warm as he strokes you cheek,” Nothing you do is boring.“

6. Jooheon

     Jooheon would be a little sad that you didn’t trust him but he wouldn’t say anything. When you explained why,he couldn’t help but laugh. When you asked why, it would take him a second for him to calm down and respond rationally.
     "Do you really think that I would date someone I could ever consider boring?” Jooheon’s tone is almost incredulous,“ What kind of a guy do you take me for?”

7. I.M.

     I.M. would pretend to be super dramatic about the whole situation in a manner that would cause you to laugh. After you had both had a good laugh about the situation, he would finally let go of his ridiculous acting and take your hands.
      “Jagi, nothing you do is boring. You made me love you and that’s nothing anyone who was boring could do,” I.M. squeezes your hands, searching your expression for any sign of you understanding what he’s saying.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

tardisgrump  asked:

So hey its time for my Jeremy prompt cause im traaash so how about some kings au with the reader being a commoner and jeremy falls in love with her even though they technically cant be together

A/N - I don’t know what it is about these Jeremy-AU prompts that makes my brain go overboard, but once again, this is one AU fic that I kinda just ran with and ended up writing a looooot more than I intended. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Fantasy/Medieval AUs and I loves me some Lil’ J. So yeah, this was super fun to write, although it starts pretty exposition-y, I hope y’all can enjoy this one!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, angst - FANTASY ANGST!!!(?)

Word Count - 4, 044

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Summoner/Virion C-S Support

Written by theaugurofebrietas


Y/N: Virion! There you are, I was looking everywhere for you.

Virion: Ah, Y/N! I can’t say I’m surprised! You too have become spellbound by the Archest of Archers! I thought it inevitable, but I did not expect it so soon–!

Y/N: …. The what of what? Never mind. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking around. I know it must be difficult for you to be so far from home. But we’ve really come to appreciate your help here.

Virion: [blushes] Oh my, so gracious! Please, there’s no need to thank me. The great Virion goes where he is needed. My homeland– Rosanne –is quite better off without me, besides.

Y/N: Better off without you? What makes you say that?

Virion: Nothing you need to worry your lovely head about, Y/N! It’s a dull story, hardly worth telling. There are more thrilling tales in the Ballad of Virion I shall gladly regale you with another time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be off. 

[Virion exits.]

Y/N: Virion…

[Y/N and Virion have reached support rank C.]


Virion: Y/N, right on time! Please, do sit. Mind the tea, it’s quite hot.

Y/N: Thank you. I can’t remember the last time I had fresh brewed tea!

Virion: Really? How dreadful. I make it my business to have a cup at least once a day!

Y/N: Yes. Where I’m from you can buy it bottled. And when the tea is bottled it’s served cold. Isn’t that something?

Virion: [gasps] Cold tea? Who in their right mind would willingly drink cold tea?!

Y/N: [laughs] It can be served hot too! I usually drink mine cold because I don’t have a lot of time to brew the hot stuff myself. But I have to say I’m really warming up to this!

Virion: Ah! Wordplay! The pinnacle of humor. I see where you hail from has some culture at least.

Y/N: Yes, we have puns. They’re very popular. Usually the worse they are, the better they are.

Virion: Well, I wouldn’t know about that. Back in Rosanne we try to be as clever as we can with our wordplay.

Y/N: Speaking of Rosanne, that reminds me. About the other day–

Virion: Forget the other day!

Y/N: [frowns] ….

Virion: More tea?

Y/N: [sighs] Yes, thank you.

[Y/N and Virion have reached support rank B.]


Y/N: Thanks for coming on patrol today. It’s always a pleasure to have you around Virion.

Virion: My sweet Y/N, think nothing of it! Gracing you with the presence of the great Virion is good for morale! And for killing time on long patrol rounds.

Y/N: [laughs] I’d say so! We’ve got some time before the next strategy meeting. Care to sit?

Virion: The pleasure would be mine!

Y/N: Good. Because I have something I need to ask you.

Virion: Oh? Whatever is on your mind my friend?

Y/N: Why do you think Rosanne is better off without you?

Virion: [frowns] … Surely you don’t want to hear this. As I said: it’s a very droll story. Why don’t I tell you about the time I–

Y/N: Please. Virion. I want to know.

Virion: [sighs] Very well. Rosanne is a duchy in the land of Valm. For some time now a dreadful monster known as Walhart has been conquering every nation in Valm. I suppose it was only a matter of time before he turned his wicked gaze upon Rosanne. As the heir of rulership, I was desperate to save my people. So… I left. I hoped that if I left, that they would stop fighting. I could not stand to see my people fight, or worse, in my name. Once I help you win this war, I shall return home and reclaim Rosanne from Walhart.

Y/N: [gasps] Oh Virion…

Virion: Surely you must think of me as a coward now, for running away.

Y/N: No. You did what you thought was right. You only wanted to help. That’s not cowardice!

Virion: ….

Y/N: When this war is won, I will go with you to save your people.

Virion: Y/N! Surely you can’t mean this. That is a very heavy thing to say…

Y/N: [frowns] I know. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. I promise I’ll help you any way I can.

Virion: [smiles] With you there’s hope yet!

[Y/N and Virion have reached support rank A.]


Y/N: Here you go, a bottle of cold tea. It’s a bit different than how it’s usually bottled where I’m from. People like to drink cold tea as a refresher sometimes. Which is handy on a warm day like this!

Virion: Ah, my thanks Y/N. Do forgive me if it takes me some time to come around to drinking cold tea.

Y/N: Oh wow. I’m surprised you didn’t try to work a pun in there. 

Virion: Hm. A missed opportunity, alas. 

Y/N: [frowns] Are you okay? You seem distracted. Where’s that Virion shine?

Virion: Pardon. I must confess there’s much on my mind as of late. 

Y/N: Is it Rosanne?

Virion: Yes. Well, yes and no. There’s something else. I’ll speak plainly: It's you that’s been on my mind.

Y/N: [blushes] Virion! What–?

Virion: [blushes] Will you give me the honor of your hand in marriage?

Y/N: Oh, Virion. I– Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you! Only if you’ll always shine. I don’t know what I’d do without the great Virion’s light.

Virion: Fear not! The great Virion’s shine shall not be eclipsed! For on this day he shines doubly so! Thanks to you. 

Y/N: [laughs] Oh, I’m so happy! We must tell the others right away!

[Y/N and Virion have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Virion: My darling, my soulmate! Our love is one for the ages! An epic the bards shall tell for all time! …You make me happier than anything in any world. You give hope where hope was lost. 

Planeswalker Shorts: Convention Nightmare

On Ravnica, each year the Guilds join together, and hold a convention of sorts. This is in hopes to lead the Guildless to them; really it’s just to show off.

In a crowded Colosseum. Tightly packed are all the participating Guilds with numerous attractions to appease the masses. The smell of fire, meats, and the sweat of thousands of people hang in the air.

Enter Jace, Nissa, Liliana, and Chandra.

Jace: “Well everything seems to be in order. Looks like more people showed up this year.”

Jace wraps part of his cloak around his face.

Liliana laughs, and looks back to Chanda and Nissa: “Yes, last year the Rakdos set fire to the Boros tents. saying “If you have a flaming Angel, you should be fire resistant.”

Chandra: “Well they aren’t wrong. I smell something lovely. Charred meat?”

Jace and Liliana look at each other nervously and in unison: “We’ll get food later. It’s cheaper at the restaurant.’

Chandra looks down and sighs: “Alright, fine. Hey, um…where’s Nissa?”

Jace frantically looks around: “This isn’t good. They’re going to try and recruit her!”

Maniacal laughter is heard escaping from Liliana: “Oh that is just precious sweetie. Nissa isn’t dumb enough to get wrapped up in a Guild. Unlike a certain walking, talking, pact of idiocy. Wait, he’s next to me.” 

Jace looking defeated turns to Chandra: “Listen, I’m going to ignore Liliana for a minute. We honestly do need to look for her. It isn’t good for us to be separated for too long.”

Chandra: “Roger, Racer! We should split up and look for her!”

Jace: “Yes, we will meet up out in front of the center. Meet back there in an hour.”

An hour goes by, and the three return to the front of the convention center. Out front a little tent is in front. One could hear whispers coming from inside. A small sign saying “Not Dimir” hangs on the front of it. Liliana is fanning herself with what looks like a book, Jace, exhausted sits next to her. A small bag is placed next to her. After a few moments Chandra joins them, eating what looks like grilled meat on the bone.

Chandra eating nosily looks at her two fellow Gatewatch members: “No luck either, huh?”

Liliana sighs: “No, just found a free romance novella. Apparently the Boros are trying to recruit women by publishing these things. Honestly, it isn’t the worst thing I’ve read, but it certainly lacks any tact.” Her arms make a grand gesture as she yells, “Love is like the battlefield. But you are not my enemy, but I shall make love to you like it is my final bloody moment!”

Jace flushes red. Even with his face covered, the pale mans forehead is crimson: “Perhaps she just left?”

The Three nod, and are about to head out. As they begin to pack up, they could hear their names being shouted.

Nissa, sporting quite the number of bags. Full of what looks to be books, and even some figurines. “Where have you guys been? I’ve looked all over for you!”

Liliana: “We could say the same thing about you, but you seem to know your way around.”

Nissa: “After today, yes! Some people grabbed me and showed me around to each Guild. They have many books as to why you should join. Like this one here.” Nissa pulls out a thing book, a handsome man can be scene on the cover. “This is from the Orzhov. It’s about a young Vampire looking to build his way up in the Church. Oh and this one!” Again, Nissa pulls out another book. Two women caressing each others faces could be seen on it. “This one is about two lovers who work in different parts of the entertainment industry of the Rakdos Carnival. Both love one another, but cannot pull themselves away from the cheering crowds. Oh, and this one smells like fresh baked pastries. It’s from the tent over there.” Pulling out the book, it is wrapped in a dark paper. None could see what it was about. Nissa then gestures to the tent with the sign “Not Dimir”.

Jace: “I-I don’t even want to know what the Dimir are up to. Though I’m happy you had a good time, Nissa. Though…I must ask where you got those figurines.”

Nissa: “Oh Lavinia was handing them out. She say’s they are collectors items. Each guild had one, well except the Grull. They mostly had art.” 

Chandra attempts to speak while eating the slab of meat. Her hands covered in grease.: “Well I’ll have to read those books you got when we get back home.” 

Nissa: “Not with those hands! After a bath, then maybe you can read one.”

Jace: “She told me that the Azorius did not invest in ‘toys’ Hope there’s one on my desk in the morning.”

The group heads homeward.

Liliana turns to Chandra: “Chandra, dear. Where did you get the meat?”

Chandra finishes off the last bit of meat on the bone: “The Gruul were just handing them out! How could I pass that offer down!”

Jace looks at Liliana panicked

Liliana: “Chandra, sweetie, I don’t know hot to break this to you. What you just ate was human meat.”

Chandra: “Oh my Hazoret. We’re Delicious!”

Jace begins to heave…

Scene end