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Behind The Scenes 2 (14/16)

Author’s note: From the last segment of this post up until part 14.6 were all written by a very good friend of mine, @colamaus. She had been the one I have been bouncing my ideas off almost since the beginning. When I got stuck along the way, she wrote this part form me. I loved this part so much, I made it an official part of my series. The last segment of this part up until the end of the 14.6 is like 99% hers. All I really did for most of this part was adjust and add a few details in order for it to match my writing style and to better fit my story line. Yes, this part is dark, but I love it and I hope you all enjoy it. Laura, thank you so much for writing this part!!! <3 Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angstish

Word count: 1569

Summary: You try to help.

Other parts: HERE

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He hadn’t gotten much sleep. He stayed up most of the night still trying to come up with ways to get y/n to forgive him. He honestly felt bad. It didn’t hit him how bad he fucked things up with her. It was a repeat of Jin and Jhope all over again, but this time much worse.

He knew it was morning when he heard the lock open. He stayed quiet when as Rap monster went over to y/n’s bed and kicked the side of the mattress. “Wake up.” Rap monster ordered.

Jimin saw y/n’s form slowly get up from the mattress and follow Rap monster out of the room.

“Might as well get ready for the day.” He told himself.

He was the first one of the guys, beside Rap monster, to be awake. Since Rap monster was with y/n, Jimin had first dibs on the hallway restroom. It was nice being the first, he didn’t have to worry about rushing, the others had to wait on him and he didn’t have to worry about not having hot water.

He took his sweet time taking a shower and in washing his face. He was in the middle of moisturizing when he heard a knock on the door.

“Wait! I’m almost done!”

“Can you please not shout?”

“Was that Yoongi?” it was hard for him to recognize the soft voice past the door.

He quickly finished up and opened the door. Suga almost fell in because he was leaning against it for stability. Hecaught him before Suga even realized he was falling. “Yo… are you okay?”

Suga pushed Jimin’s hands away. “No, I feel like shit. The crap Hoseok gave me fucked me up a bit, drinking didn’t help.”

“Then whose fault is it really then?” His comment came out sassier than he intended.

“Don’t fucking start with me.” Suga pushed his way past him and made his way to the sink. “Now leave.”

“Wait, did y/n talk to you last night?” he stayed in the hall as Suga began brushing his teeth.

“Why?” Suga asked defensively.

“She was super upset last night.”

Suga rinsed his mouth and walked over to Jimin with a stern expression. “Look, I can’t remember any shit that went down last night, but if I find out you started some more shit with her, I’ll make you regret it.”

“I didn’t do shit to her and I’m 90% sure she was with you last night, so if your gonna go against someone that hurt y/n, get ready to beat your own ass.” He spat.

Without a response, Suga closed the door in Jimin’s face.

The rest of the morning Jimin noticed that y/n was acting different. She didn’t talk to Suga like she always did and looked nervous sitting next to him. She never really gave him eye contact either, mostly just rapid side glances. In the van she took her new usual seat on Jungkook’s lap, but she didn’t lean behind Suga like she always did. Suga had fallen asleep and y/n was leaning against the window, making sure not to lean on Jungkook either. That whole day she looked rather upset and kept her distance from Suga, even when he tried to talk to her.


Being left alone with the manager was definitely awkward now that you knew about him and Jimin. Today was no exception. You dreaded the fact that the boys were in the studio again. That meant you had to be alone with the manager out in the hall. At least on the practice days, it was all nine of you guys in the room.

You felt so much awkward tension, you could cut it with a knife. You stole a few side glances at him. He was casually on his phone as usual. He didn’t seem to act different around you, you couldn’t tell if he felt awkward either.

“I probably shouldn’t bring it up. He doesn’t seem to be weird about it. He hasn’t said anything… But I feel the urge to say something. This silence, I can’t take it anymore.” You thought. “So…um,” you were able to get his attention. “Why are we here again?” you tried to ask casually.

“Yoongi didn’t like the stuff they did before, so they are here to redo some of it.” He spoke normally, looking back at his phone.

You nodded at his explanation. “So…” once again he looked at you. “I realized that I don’t know your name…”

“Is it really important that you do?”

“I guess not…” you pouted.

He let out a long sigh. “My name is Hiro… Now you can stop awkwardly staring everything with “hey”, “so” or “um” to get my attention.”

“Hiro… cool.”

“I’m half Japanese if that’s what you’re wondering.” His eyes stayed on his phone.

“Oh… cool…” you mumbled. “I should just go for it.” You thought. You couldn’t help it, you had to know. “Hiro… you and Jimin, are you guys a thing?” you blurted out.

“That’s none of your business.”

“It’s just, I’m concerned cuz Jimin-“

“I said its none of your damn business.” He looked up at you, but he didn’t exactly come off as threatening.

“Jimin doesn’t like it! Don’t you care about him?!?” you exploded

“Who ever said I cared about Jimin?”

“But you two-“

“There is a reason Jimin feels the way he does.”


“No one ever said I’m a good guy. I’m no different from Jungkook or Tae. Do yourself a favor and mind you own fucking business.” His demeanor still wasn’t threatening, but his voice was. The last thing you wanted to do was push any more of his buttons.

The rest of the time you were just quiet until the guys were ready to go.

The eight of you had just finished eating and you were washing dishes. Jin was taking inventory of the fridge while Rap monster was keeping an eye on you as he spoke on the phone at the table. Throughout the day Suga noticed that you were a bit off lately, so he stayed in the kitchen with you as you cleaned. He sat at the breakfast bar as he drank a beer and wrote in his journal.  

“Ha! Shut up Wang! Anyway, about the meet up… Wait, let me get my folder.” He put his phone down and went off to his room. He soon came back frustrated. “Ok, it seems like I misplaced it. Give me an hour and we’ll talk about this again.” He ended the call and made another one. “Hey, I need you to do me a favor. Go back to the company, I think I hid my folder back at the office and forgot to get it… Jimin? Fine.” Rap monster put his phone down and called out for Jimin.

Within seconds, Jimin was in the kitchen. “What?”’

“You have to go with the manager to the office.”

“What? Why?” Jimin asked nervously

“The manager needs to get somethings for me, so go get ready.”

“Oh! We need some food too!” Jin said from inside the fridge. “I’ll write the stuff down.”

“Why don’t I go!” you said. “I can’t let Jimin be with the manager.” you thought. You knew why Rap monster was making him go. Just the thought of what Jimin was going to go through made you feel sick to your stomach. Since you found about him and the manager, you made the connection why he would always get in his silent moods. The last thing you wanted was to see him hurt like that again.

The vibe was suddenly tense and everyone was looking at you. “What did you just say?” Rap monster said. He sounded pissed. He got up from his seat and made his way over to you. He pinned you against the counter and leaned over you. “And why should I dare let little y/n out of the dorm?”

You avoided his gaze. “I can go get the folder… I know what food we need… and it’s also my time of the month soon! The manager hates having to get that type of stuff for me!” you used any reason to get him to let you go.

“Let her go.” Suga said. “She can say she’s planning a meal for us if the fans see her.”

“Jimin get Tae over here.” Rap monster said.

Tae was quick to come into the kitchen. “What do you need?”

Rap monster walked over to his phone. “You know what… Never mind.” He picked up the phone. “You still there… I’m not sending Jimin… Next time. Tonight I also need you to go to the store with Y/n… Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Just don’t let her out of your sight.” Then he hung up the phone.

“So… do I go too?” V asked breaking the silence

“No” Rap monster went back over to you. He brought his face next to yours. “Don’t fuck this up.” He whispered, making his lips brush against your ear.

You didn’t start breathing again until Rap monster took a seat at the table again. The boys looked shocked, you were all surprised that Rap monster was actually going to let you go out of the dorm. Jimin was the only one that looked a bit nervous. He probably knew why you were really insisting on going.

Nothing in Between, Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1.1K

Warnings: No, not really. Just a bit angst and mentions of alcohol.

Requested: Yes! 

A/N: So, at first I thought that I’ll do a one-shot with just very strict plot, but then I realized that I really love the request and want to put time and energy to write it. So you got a new (and my first) series, you’re welcome!

!! I also thought that it would be fun to use some slang words from the 1940’s so I did that and put the meaning of each word to the brackets (like this).

!! Texts in italics are throwbacks, except for the lyrics at the beginning, since they are quotations from Tommy Dorsey’s song I’ll never smile again.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I’ll never love again, I’m so in love with you”, I hummed quietly while pulling a beautiful, red dress over my head and unzipped it, excitement fluttering on my chest. “I’ll never thrill again, to somebody new-“

I felt bright smile taking over my face as I heard a knock coming from the door. It was the night of our third anniversary and I couldn’t feel more happy –I knew that I could never be as happy as I was with James Buchanan Barnes, as corny and naïve as it sounds. I pulled the door open, planning to smash my lips against his, but as soon as I saw him I forgot every single one of my previous thoughts. As soon as I saw his tear and pain filled eyes, I froze. He laid his eyes to his feet, tears starting to roll down his cheeks rapid as a waterfall.

“No”, I whispered, shaking my head, my own tears blurring my vision as I stepped slightly back. “James-“

“I’m sorry”, he whispered, his voice shaking hard before he rushed to me, wrapping his arms around me, burying his face into the crook of my neck. “I’m so so sorry Y/N.”

I was unable to say anything; unable to think or do anything but watch as my tears painted his dusty green Army’s uniform even darker.

August 19th 1938, New York
“Why on earth are they playing music like this on such of a beautiful and happy day?” I let out a laughter, as I sat to one of the chairs next to the dance hall’s bar counter.

“Perhaps everyone’s day haven’t been as good as yours, Miss”, I heard a soft voice chuckling next to me. I turned my head and raised my eyebrow, as I saw a young, handsome man with dark brown hair and black, well-fitting suit, his long fingers caressing his sharp jawline.

“I suppose you are right, Mr., but music this sad is not making those days any better at least”, I notified, smiling politely, before turning back to the bar. “Jimmy darling, can I have a Martini with two olives, please?”

“Good point”, the brunet man hummed, taking a sip from his drink. “May I ask, what kind of music they should rather be playing, if sad is not what you prefer?”

“Well I do love Frank Sinatra, yet his songs are fairly sad as well. Something happy, I guess”, I laughed softly, after thanking Jimmy, the bartender for my order. “Oh I know! Have you seen the new film? With the three women? Buck Privates was one’s name I suppose. Anyhow, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of company B”, I answered, smirking playfully, leaning to the bar counter. “It’s my jam.”

“After that gobbledygook (long speech) I can’t even remember what I asked”, he chuckled, winking his eye. “But I have to admit, I truly like your taste of music Miss-“

“Y/L/N”, I smirked, playing with the olives of my drink.

The man laughed, rolling his eyes. “Do we really have to be that formal?”

“Yes”, I chuckled, glancing at him. “You haven’t tell me your name so why would you get the precedence to get to know mine?”

“Well I really do like you”, he raised his eyebrows, deep smirk on his face, as he fondled his bottom lip with the edge of his glass. “Is that reason heavy enough, Miss Y/L/N?”

“Hmm”, I hummed, shaking my head slightly. “No, not really.”

He sighed, trying clearly his best to hide his smile yet failed clearly, as a wide smirk took over his features. Kicking his eyebrow with a laugh, he offered me his hand to shake. “I suppose you won. I’m James, -James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Of course I did”, I winked, smiling then softly. “It is really nice to meet you, James.”

I didn’t know how long we had stayed there, tangled to each other, the repressed sobs escaping our lips as he pulled slightly away from me. I saw his beautiful, brown eyes dyed in redness, tears glinting at the corners of them like millions of melted stars. Laying my hand carefully to his cheek, I wiped the stars away, before pulling him into a deep kiss. For a moment I forgot that he was leaving. I forgot I was going to lose him and all I felt was love fluttering on my chest, my heart beating like a drum as it pumped the warmness –the happiness and love to fill every inch of my body. I felt his heart beating in the same beat, his other hand fondling my neck with soft touches, as his other tangled to my hair, pushing me even closer to him. I smiled against his lips, making him chuckle softly as he pulled further from me, laying his forehead against mine.

“I’m going to be okay”, he whispered, his hand stroking my cheek and jaw carefully. “I’m going to England, the war is not even so bad in there. I –I’ll be back until you even get to miss me, dizzy doll. I’ll be back.”

I took a deep breath, soft smile rising to my lips as he called me with that silly nickname.

August 19th 1938, New York
“You do realize that if you are not going to tell me your name-“, James chuckled, leaning a bit closer to me, with a glint on his dark eyes. “I have to contrive you a nickname?”

“Oh hit me with your best shot, baby”, I cooed, rising my glass of Martini –my third one to be fully honest.

He laughed brightly, tinkling our glasses together. “Okay, let’s see”, he frowned slightly, pinching his bottom lip between his teeth as he stared at me with an inquiring expression on his face. “I’m really good at this-“

“Oh yeah, I can see that”, I winked mockingly. “What about granny since I’m presumably growing old since you are taking so long?”

“Aren’t you such an eager beaver (enthusiastic helper)”, he laughed. “I think I’m going to call you that.”

“Don’t you dare”, I glared at him, but couldn’t hid my smile as I squinted my eyes. “Or do you think that I look like a beaver?”

“I would say more like a doll. Your eyes are so big they are making me feel dizzy”, he laughed, playful smirk on his handsome face.

I let out a bright laughter. “Well thank you, I supp-“

His eyes started to twinkle brightly, as he snapped his fingers. “Dizzy doll”, he called out, while wide smile took over his face.

I frowned, tilting my head slightly. “I beg your pardon?”

“It’s your name henceforth”, he informed, looking proud of himself. “Dizzy doll –because you look like a doll and you make me feel dizzy.”

I laughed, wiping off the tears of the corners my eyes, made by all the laughing. “Dizzy doll it is then.”

A/N part 2: Yay thank you so much for reading this, I hope you really liked it! So, I’m planning on writing around five parts to this series and well –I can probably spoil you that it is considering years from the 1940’s to the present, with lots of angst but also lots and lots of fluff and adorable flashbacks, which I love to write. Thank you xx

Part 2

8 MONTHS, OVER 1.5K FOLLOWERS, and I’m grateful for every single one of you. When I first started writing as Adrien, I was nervous (I still am, in a sense.) Miracu-lous was a new series to me, I admired many from afar and longed to build a portrayal that people would recognize and love, longed to be someone. I had just shifted from writing a more violent muse — one which you might know if you knew my Border-lands days. Adrien was new territory. He was (and still is!) a character made of sunshine itself, kind-hearted, gentle, and all adjectives that can be paired alongside that. Some of you have stuck with me since the very beginning, and some of you are new to this blog and to me, either way — I’m grateful.

I never thought this muse would last. He was an impulse, but he’s developed, he’s grown, and he’s now become one of if not my most favorite muse. I’ve met so many incredible people, Adrien’s made new bonds in fandoms and places I never thought would be possible, we’ve both grown and this blog has had so many changes in such little time. Given the chance, I’d ramble about this even longer, but to summarize…

                                   ♥ JE VOUS AIME TOUS ♥

So as both a birthday celebration (9/26) for myself and a milestone for Adrien, under the cut you’ll find a bias list as well as a blogroll, linked at the end. This isn’t in alphabetical order, so ctrl+f to find your name! I also follow almost 750+ of you, please forgive me if I forgot to list you!! Mille fois merci!

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Summing up MFMM

So, I’m a long time fan of Miss Fisher. I’ve been in love with her world since the very beginning and my love for her and her ‘family,’ has only grown stronger over series 3. I was a campaigner for the third series and I will go to battle again for a fourth if the need arises because this country so rarely produces anything like this.

Firstly, the show is quirky- it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is something Aussie shows do well when they get it right, which mfmm does nearly all of the time.

It’s about beautiful things in the midst of chaos and murder. The characters don’t come with layers of deep baggage. Deb and Fiona of EC made this statement at the live screening and I loved them for it, because I’ve never considered Phryne damaged or weighed down by her past. She is a free spirit, energised by the people she meets. She loves falling in love and sometimes that love is fleeting; sometimes enduring.

The show is so carefully handled, the character development slow and real feeling despite the sometimes heightened reality around them. The Jack/Phryne relationship that guides and centres the program in a way, has evolved carefully over time and has still some way to go. How do Jack and Phryne navigate the future? How does she or he make compromises they’ve stated they won’t ever make? Personally i can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve and the show deserves more time to explore those ideas..and other issues…Hugh and Dot, the end of the roaring twenties…so much happens in that period. 

Personally I’m so tired of angsty shows with little to celebrate and messages being hammered at viewers. Phryne is a woman making it in a man’s world… but it doesn’t mean she can’t love or be loved. It doesn’t mean she becomes less intelligent for finding someone she connects with emotionally- an equal. Ashleigh Cummings made this terrific point at the live event. Feminism is about equality not superiority and Jack and Phryne have a very carefully constructed equal partnership. It is one of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever seen on television. Respectful, playful, loving and tender but equal. No power games.

There are lessons for modern society…of course there are but they are subtly presented and played and nuanced and I love this because they require an audience to be drawn in and to try to think beyond the screen into what we don’t see….and there is so much we don’t see. I love the openness of the universe she inhabits.

 Phryne celebrates the world. She runs towards adventure and romance with open arms and she draws others out of their shells and makes them better….personally I wish our world was a lot more like Phryne’s world.