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sweet jesus, i wasn't expecting such a detailed masterpost as an answer to my destiel ask! or any of the people adding even more to it! thanks for clearing things up! ok i didn't see any of the s4 and s5 moments as "queerbaiting" or things you can "lol no homo" out of it as some might say. i innocently took it as genuine and early indication of interest for one another, like they're flirting, and seeing how these specific sings didn't occur as much later on, i wondered what is that. (1)

seeing as nothing got “officialised” between them i just thought there was no romantic relationship to grow on to begin with. like why would they be acting as a long time couple if nothing officially proved that they were one? you get me? so i kinda stayed in the same s4 - s5 vibe expecting the same flirty moments. (2)

Yeah, well, the most surefire way to get me to never shut up is usually with a question about destiel lbh…

I’m gonna take a wild stab in the dark here and say that you’re relatively new to the fandom, aren’t you? There’s a reason why Supernatural and destiel specifically has been cited as one of the most queerbaiting shows of all time:


Many people assumed those earlier interactions were genuine flirting and signs of interest (we can assume they were now, because we’re building off of those early signs of interest currently). The issue arose from the relationship not going anywhere at the time. Depending on the show runner, or the writer, destiel would either get thrown into an episode as a nohomo joke, or completely ignored. Their interactions would get highlighted in a promo, only to have nothing substantial come of it during the episode. It was this inconsistency that left people feeling robbed of their initial reading of the character’s relationship, and completely led on.

So, what’s important now is that we aren’t getting those kinds of interactions. We’re getting honest, fundamental examples of love and understanding between them that proves that although destiel hasn’t been canonized in a “they make out on screen” kind of way, it has been explicit in a THEY DO LOVE EACH OTHER kind of way. A profound way that is significantly different than Dean loves Sam, and Sam loves Cas. 

What Dabb is doing right now is essentially officializing it. He’s showing the audience that not only were those earlier character readings you had correct, but that Dean and Cas have been building on them since that long ago. And, maybe if they didn’t have all these issues, they would already have this relationship we all want them to have. But the best part about that is that we’re finally seeing them work through all their issues:

Cas has overcome his depression:

Dean has started to open up emotionally and accept himself:

^yes that is a metaphor

And Dabb has set up the narrative during season 13 that Dean was madly lost without Cas, and that Cas is hiding something deeply personal (and even shameful) about who he loves:

This hopefully will lead us to a heartfelt conversation or eventual confrontation between the two of them when they finally get a chance to talk, because they both have a lot to admit to each other. And what makes me excited and hopeful about all this coming to fruition, is as I stated before, Dabb has proven himself to be the kind of writer/show runner who does NOT let these little pieces drop. He WILL come back to it.

The Signs as Rhetorical GEICO Commercials

Aries: Do woodchucks chuck wood?

Taurus: Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle?

Gemini: Did the little piggy cry ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home?

Cancer: Do dogs chase cats?

Leo: Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?

Virgo: Is the pen mightier than the sword?

Libra: Does a ten-pound bag of flour make a really big biscuit?

Scorpio: Can fútbol announcer Andrés Cantor make any sport exciting?

Sagittarius: Did the Waltons take way too long to say good night?

Capricorn: Would Foghorn Leghorn make a really bad book narrator?

Aquarius: Was Abe Lincoln honest?

Pisces: Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?


“"Heyyyy,” she exclaimed suddenly, pointing at him excitedly. “That’s a new smile!”

“It is?” said Natsu, the automatic pull of his cheeks confirming that he was indeed grinning. 
“Yes!” she giggled, “You looked like you’re the one who’s drunk.”
“I did?” his smile only growing. “Uh-huh,” her tone changed. Eyes suddenly a whole more lot sharp, the warmth in them a whole lot more than that. “See something you like?”
Natsu gave it a thought, and decided to give in. “Naw.
”Slowly, giving her enough time to pull away, he gently rest his forehead on hers.
Voice soft, eyes clear, he responded, “Love.”

PS: Read left to right!

So this is a small tribute to “Shots Taken”, by @magerain! Yeeeah, I’m that secret Anon haha Decided to keep the mistery until it was done, hope you don’t mind!

Aaand I hope you enjoy it! It’s been aaaaages since the last time I drew on my computer, and I’ve never done a comic like this before! But I really loved what you did with that oneshot, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back!

If you haven’t checked out her work, don’t wait!

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Pfl = percicoforlife. Sorry I should have been more clear.

Oh, no problem!!
Answering your question, I’m not really friends with them haha.

An ACTUAL Sabi Fanfiction by your boi skinny penis

“Hey, Austin… Do you think we’ll make it?”

The demiboy heard to his right as he opened his eyes from their rest. He looked around a bit and remembered that he was out on a date with his best friend / girlfriend, Gabija. After a long time of being separated, the two had finally managed to scrounge enough money to have her travel to America for the first time, which was ironically during the holiday season. Austin had made it his goal to make every day count and to bring Gabija the best time she could ever imagine while in America and while spending the least amount of money possible. That goal lead him to where they were now, sitting on a bench in the cold winter night while looking at all of the Christmas lights that surrounded them. At first he thought that it was a sweet idea aside from the cold, but with the words that slipped off of the demigirl’s tongue, he started to have his doubts.

“What do you mean?” He turned his gaze over to her as his hand, that was intertwined with hers, started to shake from the anxiety building up within him. “Are you saying that you’re not happy?”

Dark chocolate eyes met sky blue ones as Gabija turned her head toward Austin,

“It’s not that I’m not happy. Fuck, if anything I feel like the happiest demigirl in the whole damn world right now. “

Her eyes broke away from Austin’s eye contact as a frown slipped onto her lips. Her hand tightened around the demi-male’s as she tried to figure out how she was going to properly form words for her thoughts.

“… From what I’ve seen… in every relationship there’s always this grace period where everything is fine. Both people in the relationship are happy and they don’t ever argue. But once one argument starts, more and more arguments pile up and in some cases, they don’t stop. A-And as much as you want to love the person, you start to hate them due to it. The arguments alter how you view the other person and those arguments start pulling you away from them.”

Gabija’s thoughts started to get to her as tears started to dwell up in her eyes. Her hold on the other’s hand tightened even more as a way to try and stop her from letting her tears spill.

“So what you’re referencing to is… you’re scared that’s going to happen to us?”Austin mumbled quietly as he started to rub the top of Gabija’s hand comfortingly with his thumb. As he did so, he leaned over and lied his head onto her shoulder lovingly. Following after, the demi-girl shook her head softly as a late reply to his question while still trying her best to fight back the tears she had been bottling up. Austin sighed softly as he closed his eyes once again. “Gabi, I can tell that you’re scared, and that’s okay. I’m scared too.”

After a few moments of leaning against her, Austin sat back up and pulled the demi-girl into a warm embrace. In response, Gabija started to hug him back as her shoulders trembled. “I’m scared that it could happen too, but I don’t think it will. I love you, Gabi, and I’m not going to lose you just because we get into a couple of arguments. Sure, they are bound to happen at some point, but that’s with everyone.”Austin kissed the top of Gabija’s head softly as he held onto her tighter, “I’m not the most confident guy out there, but I know that if we were to start having arguments we’d be able to get through them, no matter how hard it would be.”

The demi-guy stopped himself from continuing when he heard a hiccup come from Gabija, instantly giving it away that she was crying. He comfortingly rubbed her back as he lied his forehead on the top of her head. “It’s okay, let it out…” He mumbled to her as he kissed her crown.

Her cries grew louder and harder in intensity as she started to let her emotions show. “I just don’t want to lose you because of some petty argument we have…! For nineteen years I’ve lived in a world full of darkness. Whenever you came into my life, it was like finding the end of a dark and horrific tunnel. I don’t want to lose that light now that I’ve reached it..!” Her voice squeaked.

“I know, Gabi… I know. I’m the same way…” Austin mumbled as he kept trying to comfort her.

Once Gabija had finally calmed down, Austin smiled at her lovingly, “Are you feeling a little better?”

She nodded as she dried off her eyes, sniffling. “Yeah, I’m good… Th-thanks for letting me… y’know…”

Austin shook his head as he pulled the other back into an embrace, “Not a problem. I’m glad you did~.” He smiled as he showered the demi-girl in his love. She laughed softly from all the affection.

“Let’s head back to your place. Though I’m content being here, I’m fucking freezing seeing that I just fucking… did that.” The two stood up from the warmth from the bench and started to head back to Austin’s apartment. “Say… Austin, do you possibly wanna rewatch Moana?”

Right as soon as Moana was brought up, a wide grin spread across Austin’s cheeks. “Maybe~.” He chuckled as he started to hum “you’re welcome”.

The smile Austin had was too contagious for Gabija to not smile back. After a while of walking, the demi-girl turned to her partner as her smile turned slightly shyer, her body tensing up a bit. “By the way, uh… thanks for letting me vent to you.”

“HEY IT’S OKAY, IT’S OKAY. YOU’RE WELCOME!” Austin bursted out in song while simultaneously replying to Gabija. “I’M JUST YOUR ORDINARY DEMI-GUY!”

Gabjia laughed from Austin’s antics and decided to join in on the fun. The two walked back to Austin’s place while singing the rest of the catchy tune and had a happy time together.


I tried so hard aaaaa ;; I wanted to make a legit Sabi fanfic so I took a go at it and welp… here we are! 


either way I hope you like it!! < 3 





also nice moana reference bitch i see you

This is Penelope, the opossum at the zoo where I work l, sitting in her “weight bucket” so we can keep track of how much she weighs. She is a very good girl.

That is all. I hope this beautiful opossum made your day a little better.

Does it ever cross your mind when Eddie stood up to his abusive mom after 12 years of lies ? Does it ever cross your mind when Richie turned Eddie’s face to reassure him ? Does it ever cross your mind that poor Eddie was facing an asthma attack when pennywise attacked him ? Does it ever cross your mind that the comic gift that is Jack grazer improvised the gazebos line ? Does it ever cross your mind that his first reaction to Bill skarsgard seemingly traumatizing him is “I love what you’re doing with the character”? Because it crosses mine all the time and all I wanna do is hug him and get adoption papers

Joyeux anniversaire!

I’m so sorry I’m so late! (shame on me orz…)

But most importantly I hope you had a great day and best wishes for the year to come!

Hey, all respect to hufflepuffs, y’all are awesome and inspiring, but hufflepuffs who say “yeah, I’m a hufflepuff but I’m still super dark.. I’m a twisted kind of person” are the funniest thing