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Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.

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psa: can’t remember the last time i mentioned this, but i really appreciate you all. i hope you all have a beautiful day and that you are greeted with many happy moments.

dontmooatmeyo  asked:

hidden au: ducky getting various smooches by ld for the rest of her life

Yes. I accept this AU. 

“Alphaaaa~ Pay attention to me,” the lavender haired concubine whines as she stretches across the naga’s lap like a cat. 

“Hush, my dear, in a second,” they demon simply pats her head and returns to their spellbook. 

Ducky pouts childishly, but waits. And waits. And waits, til she can’t stand it anymore and tackles her alpha into the cushions of the couch, knocking the book out of their hands. The Love Doctor hisses, their forked tongue flicking in and out of their mouth as they scold the little concubine for interrupting them, and the potential dangers of improperly weiding a spellbook, but Ducky pays no attention. Instead, she giggles gleefully and and kneads their large breasts, and rests her head on them, purring like a kitten and wrapping her arms around their body into a tight hug. They’re so soft and squishy, she just loves how well she fits into them. 

LD huffs in response, shaking their head. What did they expect honestly? Besides, it’s kinda cute, but disobedient concubines must be punished and they have the perfect punishment just for her. They first stroke her soft hair, missing her trademark teal flower crown that day, and she coos louder, clearly enjoying the affection that she’s receiving. But without warning, LD wraps their arms around her back, lifts her up, and throws her on the other side of the couch and they hover over her, their positions now reversed. They allow Ducky to recover from the sudden movement for a minute. Once the birds stop swirling around her head, the concubine looks up in confusion….and in arousal. But the Doctor doesn’t give her what she wants today. Instead, they go for her neck, trailing sweet kisses all around her, while tickling her sides with their hands. Ducky laughs out loud and squirms, trying to push her alpha away and begging them to stop, but their strength is too much. 

“You wanted attention didn’t you? Well you’re getting as much attention as you want for the rest of your life,” the Love Doctor purrs and returns to kissing Ducky’s body, leaving no inch unsmooched. 

“T-This is not what I meant!” tears spring from her eyes, but her laughter rings loudly, her soul drumming as she’s filled with continuous joy. 

“Be careful what you wish for my dear,” LD flicks their tongue and curl their tail around her body, adorning their concubine with the love and affection she asked for. 

Ducky has no regrets.  


I finally finished the character designs I’ve been messing with for the infamous grad students in @davetheshady‘s epic WtNV/DresdenFiles crossover ‘Love is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies’ (which I highly recommend, read it if you haven’t already it is a thing of absolute beauty and wonder).

interjectory mini rant about mcr in general/album rankings (kind of)

heeeeeeeeeeeey i forgot to say but! i think this is important

TL;DR i like mcr a lot, my favorite album switches between three cheers, black parade, and danger days, i’m not very into bullets. i find the way mcr’s sound, look, personas, and type of stories they told changed over time interesting. some reasons why i like three cheers and black parade (i might go full meta rant about them sometime in the future *shifty eyes*). right now, i’d rank them dd, tcfsr, tbp, and then ybmybibyml

first i haven’t ever listened to bullets all the way through at any point….. yikes. i don’t like it much; its sound is too far removed from what i normally listen to and like for me enjoy listening to at this point, and i’m not familiar enough with any of the songs to have something (like a melody or some cool lyrics) to latch onto to help me get into it. (sadly, a lot of gerard’s vocals on that particular album are.. hard for me to listen to) as someone who has had the entire mcr catalogue available to me for the entire time i’ve been more than vaguely aware of their existence, i knew their later work before i listened to any of their slightly-earlier stuff, and i like the better production value and sound of their later music. so bullets hasn’t ever been my favorite mcr album. maybe someday if i’m willing to put in the effort i’ll come to love it! hopefully :)

three cheers took a while (again, different sound/vibe from what i’m used to) but OH WOW it’s gothy and emotional and has some of the most vivid imagery of any of the albums (seriously, “and they’re never gonna get me, like a bullet through a flock of doves,” “hallelujah, lock and load,” actually the entirety of thank you for the venom, “in the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant, they say ‘come with your arms raised high,’“ ok also all of you know what they do to guys like us in prison, i’m sure there’s more). the energy of the whole album is nearly relentless in its aggression and snarling vulnerability, and has killer guitar parts (cough cough thank you for the venom), especially from frank. it’s a theatrical album, though in a different way from the black parade; it is more aggressive, a lot gorier, and takes place in an fast-paced present moment. gerard’s vocals are at some of their snarliest (and there’s the dramatic emo whisper at the beginning of helena. can’t get over that one i’m sorry) and most frantic, but it suits the character and subject matter. his technique improves a lot as well! that’s one of my favorite things to track throughout his singing career

the black parade is ofc the best-known and most critically acclaimed mcr album, as well as being a lot of people’s favorite. i have times when it’s my fav and i’ll listen and marvel at the emotions and storytelling and the way the storyline weaves throughout the whole album. tbp is the tightest concept album mcr has made, given that it focuses on a single character and the story of his life and death and that (in my opinion) only one song, teenagers, isn’t part of the storyline (even ‘blood’ is even though it’s kind of a gag track). oh, the bombast, the guitar solos, and the campy, melodramatic moments that balance out and add to the emotional depth and darkness of the rest of the subject matter! along with being the most streamlined conceptual album, this was also the most rigid era persona-wise. for every album cycle there was a new look- bullets was just… the dudes, revenge was kinda punk-y vampires, danger days was post-world-takeover desert survivors, and the black parade, of course, saw the replacement of my chemical romance with an entirely new band, the black parade. this was their fullest immersion in persona, i think, which allowed them to explore more new ideas and sounds. it also shows a general trend of mcr presenting themselves as different people, or at least emphasizing different parts of themselves. i could talk about their stage presence/actions vs in interviews/generally not-on-stage times, but other people have better meta about it and it’s an.. interesting topic i don’t rly wanna get into right here

A Thing: they could have stopped after tbp. it was kind of the plan (gerard talked about it in an interview that’s easy to find). the first three albums have a clear progression musically and thematically, and tbp would be going out with a bang. but nope, it wasn’t the end, and i’m glad of that BECAUSE danger days is one of my favorite albums and that’s why i’m writing even more freakishly long meta posts about it

wow i said this was a mini rant this is not a mini rant this is an essay cripes


“More than anything else, I just want you to know my sincerity.”
Happy Birthday to the our one and only angel Jimin! ♡


DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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