my love is your love your love is my love

I met Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance a few weeks ago. He was legit one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

He didn’t act like a “celebrity” at all. Yeah, he was meeting a fan (and others too), he was giving out autographs and taking pictures, but he was still humble and all around great with us. There were only a few of us there meeting him and the others were all around 12 or 13 (I’m 17 currently), and he was so nice and patient with all of us.

He seemed kind of amused watching us all flip out over meeting him, but he didn’t act like he was some big celebrity. He was just chill.

TL;DR : Ray Toro is officially the best. Carry on.

A new girl at work said she didn’t like Chris Evans, especially because of his hairy chest in What’s Your Number? and I don’t remember what happened after that I must’ve blacked out but you guys can vouch for my whereabouts the past 4 hours, right? RIGHT?!?


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

    GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS,     okay wow, there are now 300 of you amazing people following me and my trash son and i love every single one of you. thank you so much for sticking by me and putting up with me. i am extremely grateful for all the friends i have made here and all the amazing threads i have with all you amazing people. so i figured for this milestone, i would make it about you, my amazing FOLLOWERS and show everyone just how much i love you. 

OUR LOVE IS GOD - a few special shout outs to some amazing people

    @deadwalked - okay, i know i give you compliments on probably an hourly basis but any chance i have to brag about you, imma do it. you are literally everything i could want in an rp partner, you’re amazingly talented, have such an in-depth understanding of veronica and i am proud to be your exclusive jason dean. you put up with me sobbing about the dean family and about my little damaged son who i love so dearly. you just mean so much to me and i am so fucking grateful to have you in my life. my wife, my bonnie, my alabama, my veronica, i love you. 

    @404elliot - you didn’t think i would forget you, did you kiddo? oh tay, my precious little son who i know you think you are constantly annoying me but you’re not, your messages on skype always make my day because it is so good to see how much love someone can have for one character. whether i am writing with you on jd / mr robot or any of my other blogs, i know i am going to be getting 100% in depth and i just love the obvious hard work you put into your characters and i love you, kiddo. 

CAN WE BE SEVENTEEN? - the ones i will love forever

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DID YOU SAY CHERRY OR COKE SLUSHIE? - the ones that i can’t wait to do more with 

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have i mentioned how much i love my beautiful fashionista son

because i love him a lot

I was at the mall and I had an urge to draw Eli-
(Sorry I can’t make him look cute without making him a chibi. 🙏💦)
I also somehow want a penguin king Eli au-

I didn’t wanna submit this one, but…
Here ya go too! ✨
I made this Eli too smirky I’m sorry-

You make Eli so manry

You’re the cutest, both of you! I wish I could hug you right now. Thank you for those messages, really. You’re angels and kind people. I’m honored you took time to write me such wonderful words. I wish you both a very good day and an happy life. ღ

Honestly the text post I reblogged from @eksild made me realize how important it is to daily remind yall that the 2 gender spectrum does not exist. It reminds me to constantly be non-binary positive through it all. To continue to reblog non-binary related posts, create the representation that’s so needed for the non-binary community but most importantly, to n o t be sorry for being non-binary. Because I’m non-binary and I’m valid. We are all valid and we all have the right to exist and be respected. Always.