my love is strengthened

Me: *is planning a story in-depth*

Me: *is planning a story that can be divided into four fics*

Me: *realizes what I’m doing*

Me: *gets a quarter of the way through planning the first fic*

Me: *realizes that I’m in over my head*

Me: *is trying not to let fear get in the way*


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I feel like talking about why I, an ace, have sex.

I’m hypersexual. This is a description of my sex drive, not my attraction. Hence why I’m still ace. I legitimately need sex to maintain my mental health. I have sex because it’s important for my mental health.

I also form intense emotional bonds and sex is an amazing way to strengthen them and express my love. I have sex because it strengthens my emotional bonds with my partners.

I want my partners to be happy. I love seeing them happy and satisfied and sex is something I can give to help them feel good. I have sex because my partners enjoy it.

I am autistic. I stim. I love the sensations of sex, of touching. It’s a stim. I have sex because it is a stim that helps me regulate.

Here’s to all the aces who have sex for reasons other than attraction. Here’s to all the hypersexual aces, the aces who have sex to satisfy their partners’ desires, who have sex because it’s a stim, who have sex for the emotional connection.

You’re real, you’re valid, and you’re not the only one.

Please don’t dignify hate with a response.

I can’t wait to travel again. Travel with friends. Travel with my mother. Travel with my love. I can’t wait to experience the world with my favourite people, whilst gathering as many memories as possible and embracing the wonders that this world has to offer.

Something changes you when you return from traveling. Your perspective.. it’s positively tampered with …and now it’ll will never restore.

You start allowing more space in your mind to explore and embrace the things that you never bothered to acknowledge beforehand. You start to compare the normalities of your traditional living standards and overall culture to the lifestyle and environment you just left behind. The people that you never thought of interacting with are now potential friends that you can exchange stories with. That short amount of time you spent in their country allows you to become slightly more knowledgeable of their culture and it also allows you to be more understanding to our differences and how we as people carry out our days.

Travelling encourages growth and growth strengthens love.

You're interesting and I care about you
Rhett and Link
You're interesting and I care about you

When the compliments get so intense you need to giggle. (Ear Biscuits #22)

Wolf Of Antimony's Master list for sigils

I will try to keep this master list updated, but no promises. Accurate as of 10/27/2016. Feel free to use any of this sigils anyway that you would like. You do not need to give me credit if you do not want to, but if you do, and if you would like I would love to see your use of them via picture, or reference.


If the links do not load go here:



  • The Linking Sigil, And Ellis
  • Sigil For Dat Ass
  • Sigil For Getting A Lot Of Money Quickly
  • Sigil For Being Carefree
  • Sigil For Success
  • Sigil For Making People See The World As You Do
  • Sigil For Determination
  • Sigil For Luck
  • Sigil For Being Noticed
  • Sigil For Spiritual Energy
  • Sigil For Peace
  • Sigil For Developing New Ideas
  • Sigil For Being Charismatic
  • Sigil For Being Invisible, And Not Being Noticed
  • Sigil For Guidance On Your Path
  • Sigil For Focusing On Studying
  • Sigil For Safe Travels
  • Sigil For Being Awake, And Alert
  • Sigil For Better Communication
  • Sigil For Seeing Into The Hidden Realms
  • Sigil To Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Sigil To Repel Spiders
  • Sigil for making new friends
  • Sigil for beauty
  • Sigil for help, and support
  • Sigil for being powerful
  • Sigil for being free of anxiety
  • Sigil for self-love
  • Sigil for doing well in class
  • Sigil for letting go of, and controlling anger
  • Sigil to ward off bugs
  • Sigil for getting fiance visa approved
  • Sigil for My children will be safe, and harmonized
  • Sigil for happiness
  • Sigil for learning knowledge quickly
  • Sigil for overcoming weakness
  • Sigil for finding a job
  • Sigil for overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Sigil for improving leadership, planning, and organization skills
  • Sigil for do well at work
  • Sigil for relieving dysphoria for trans people
  • Sigil for finding your spirit guide
  • Sigil for misfortune to your enemies
  • Sigil for creating beautiful arts
  • Sigil for remembering things
  • Sigil for relieving, and protecting against shade
  • Sigil for strength, speed, and endurance
  • Sigils for open, and honest communication between two people
  • Sigil for keeping files on the computer private
  • Sigil for friends being ok
  • Sigil for invisibility
  • Sigil for playing well, impressing the examiners, and getting a good grade
  • Sigil for being happy, and optimistic
  • Sigil for stopping rumors
  • Sigil for forgetting
  • Sigil for gaining a bigger rounder bum quickly
  • Sigil for strengthening the love between me, and my significant other
  • Sigil for money
  • Sigil for unpredicted fear
  • Sigil for clearing the root, and sacral chakra
  • Sigil for passing a test
  • Sigil for better time management
  • Sigil for not allowing negative entities to enter the area
  • Sigil for transmasculine positivity
  • Sigil for being powerful
  • Sigil for being a boss ass bitch
  • Sigil for destroying any homophobes that come my way
  • Sigil for making people knock before they enter
  • Sigil for successfully contacting Orpheus
  • Sigil for sell a factory
  • Sigil for complete, and totally positive thoughts
  • Sigil for healing wounds quickly
  • Sigil for a healthy pregnancy, and birth
  • Sigil for getting a successful scholarship application
  • Sigil for protection from prying eyes, and fingers
  • Sigil for protection from the government
  • Sigil for a bright, and positive life
  • Sigil for the god Loki
  • Sigil for going to Korea alone next summer
  • Sigil for taking the right decision
  • Sigil for the Wolf
  • Sigil for absorving, and using sun energy
  • Sigil for absorving, and using moon energy
  • Sigil for “Don’t let go”
  • Sigil for reconnecting two people
  • Sigil for removing a curse
  • Sigil for binding terrorizing clown
  • Sigil for keep those around me safe
  • Sigil for self-discipline
  • Sigil for flight safety
  • Sigil for astral travel
  • Sigil for protection from clowns
  • Sigil for stopping the habit of picking your lips, and gums
  • Sigil for getting back together with someone, and being happy
  • Sigil for love
  • Sigil for confidence
  • Sigil for stopping jealousy
  • Sigil for recovering from debt, and to be debt free
  • Sigil for relationships being what they used to be
  • Sigil for stopping clenching of teeth
  • Sigil for the Blue Iris
  • Sigil for strength, and protection
  • Sigil for keeping my job
  • Sigil for Money flowing to me from good sources
  • Sigil for financial help
  • Sigil for giving life to drawings
  • Sigil for getting a ginger boyfriend
  • Sigil for worrying less
  • Sigil for being free from parental control
  • Sigil for protection of India, and its people from terrorists, and the Pakistani army
  • Sigil for protecting a book of shadows from being seen, or stolen
  • Sigil for getting back together with someone
  • Sigil for finding a missing pet
  • Sigil for gender dysphoria
  • Sigil for relieving menstrual pains
  • Sigil for the removal, and protection against negative magick
  • Sigil for everything will be well, and all efforts will be rewarded.
  • Sigil for bonding with wild crows
  • Sigil for successful, and safe collection of animal bones
  • Sigil for causing someone extreme distress whenever they upset me
  • Sigil for forgetting your fears
  • Sigil for my parents letting me get a psychiatric service dog
  • Sigil for my mother being supported in her pursuits
  • Sigil for increasing chances of getting pregnant
  • Sigil to help get a job
  • Sigil to get friends to repay the money they owe you
  • Sigil for keeping your girlfriend safe
  • Sigil for minimizing someone’s influence in your life
  • Sigil for receiving an excellent IELTS Band Score
  • Sigil for controlling appetite
  • Sigil for enduring isolation
  • Sigil for introspective clarity
  • Sigil for people liking me at my school
  • Sigil for good luck for theatre auditions
  • Sigil for remembering information
  • Sigil for helping with phobias
  • Sigil for physical strength, in regards to being disabled
  • Sigil for returning loved ones to you
  • Sigil to keep your computer safe
  • Sigil for finding love
  • Sigil for beautiful art
  • Sigil for reversing, and redirecting curses
  • Sigil for the Magi’s
  • Sigil for seeing through deception
  • Sigil for being forgiven by those you upset
  • Sigil for falling out of love, and to protect, andprevent me from catching feelings
  • Sigil for healing dangerous, and strong physical illnesses
  • Sigil for communication, and love between a father, and his kids
  • Sigil to easily attract customers for tarot readings to my blog, so I can earn enough to carry out my daily expenses
  • Sigil for understanding, and interpreting tarot cards easily
  • Sigil for promoting cultural awareness, and sensitivity
  • Sigil for attracting people to your blog
  • Sigil for summoning a storm
  • Sigil for my spirit animal the wolf
  • Sigil for the Dragons
  • Sigil for attracting spirits
  • Sigil for being focused
  • Sigil for being motivated, and organized
  • Sigil to help with astral projection
  • Sigil to tap into psychic abilities
  • Sigil for grounding
  • Sigil for making people spend time with me
  • Sigil for banishing anxiety during oral presentations
  • Sigil for music
  • Sigil for letting go of jealousy
  • Sigil for lyrical inspiration, and musical inspiration
  • Sigil for patience
  • Sigil for opening Luiz’s heart to me
  • Sigil for improving my confidence in regards to social interaction
  • Sigil for romantically being noticed
  • Sigil for compassion, and understanding
  • Sigil to break bad spending habits and get back on the right financial track
  • Sigil for staying focused on one’s self identity
  • Sigil for being accompanied  “I am not alone”
  • Sigil for personal growth
  • Sigil for accepting past mistakes
  • Sigil for being a warrior
  • Sigil for finishing school work with ease
  • Sigil for keeping plants safe from harm
  • Sigil for studying
  • Sigil for eating healthy food regularly
  • Sigil for health scores always being an 100
  • Sigil for good luck in my gender transition
  • Sigil for warding off, and protecting against people, and entities with negative intentions
  • Sigil to protect against jealousy
  • Sigil to help my venlafaxine withdrawal symptoms stop soon
  • Sigil for having courage
  • Sigil for strength in hard times
  • Sigil for drive, and focus
  • Sigil for passing a test
  • Sigil for being clean
  • Sigil to read, and understand one’s thoughts
  • Sigil for making my service dog invisible to other people
  • Sigil to make people read the patches on my dogs vest
  • Sigil for acquiring your weight goal
  • Sigil for a new day
  • Sigil for my classes starting on november the 7th
  • Sigil for helping the development of talking
  • Sigil for good fortune in commissions, and artwork
  • Sigil for the start of a new beginning
  • Sigil for clear, and perfect skin
  • Sigil for getting money quickly
  • Sigil for stay out till whenever I want
  • Sigil for being able to achieve, and do anything without giving up
  • Sigil for strong, long, and healthy hair
  • Sigil for eye lash growth
  • Sigil for being able to smoke weed with my boyfriend
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Water Sigil
  • Fire Sigil
  • Earth Sigil
  • Air Sigil
  • Sigil for muladhara
  • Sigil for Svadhishthana
  • Sigil for Manipura
  • Sigil for Anahata
  • Sigil for Vishuddha
  • Sigil for Ajna
  • Sigil for Sahasrara
  • Sigil for chakras
  • The Ravens Of Antimony
  • Symbol Of The Void

Name Sigils

  • Name sigil for Luna
  • Name sigil for King
  • Name sigil for Lunana
  • Name sigil for Isabel
  • Name sigil for Indigo
  • Name sigil for Gunav
  • Name sigil for Poysha
  • Name sigil for Sheetal
  • Name sigil for Vikrant
  • Name sigil for Maya
  • Name sigil for Shri ram
  • Name sigil for Payal
  • Name sigil for Branwyk
  • Name sigil for Eliana
  • Name sigil for Eslendy
  • Name sigil for Ezra
  • Name sigil for Teg
  • Name sigil for Saif
  • Name sigil for Lalita
  • Name sigil for Jess
  • Name sigil for Janice
  • Name sigils for Althea
  • Name sigils for Mollie
  • Name sigil for Rose
  • Name sigil for Kennedy
  • Name sigil for Mariska
  • Name sigil for Joe
  • Name sigil for Sam
  • Name sigil for Taylor
  • Name sigil for Dawn
  • Name sigil for Dani
  • Name sigil for Katherine
  • Name sigil for Verena
  • Name sigil for Juli
  • Name sigil for Gregory
  • Name sigil for Jacinda
  • Name sigil for Brienne
  • Name sigil for Asher
  • Name sigil for Rodia
  • Name sigil for Julu
  • Name sigil for Brynn
  • Name sigil for Katya
  • Name sigil for Ryan
  • Name sigil for Violet
  • Name sigil for Karkat
  • Name sigil for Talientia
  • Name sigil for charandeep
  • Name sigil for Emma
  • Name sigil for Victor
  • Name sigils for Tayla
  • Name sigil for Julia
  • Name sigil for Rowyn
  • Name Sigil for Anelis
  • Name sigil for Yesenia
  • Name sigil for Henriette
  • Name sigil for Alex
  • Mixed name sigil for Ed + Luiz Felipe
  • Name sigil for Kata
  • Name sigil for Catrina
  • Name sigil for Lynette
  • Name sigil for Eduardo
  • Name sigil for Stephanie
  • Name sigil for Kendra
  • Name sigil for Singh
  • Name sigil for Kaur
  • Name sigil for Jaiden
  • Name sigil for Leilany
  • Name sigil for Noah
  • Name sigil for Spencer
  • Name sigil for Allison
  • Name sigil for Rina
  • Name sigil for Maria
  • Name sigil for Aidan
  • Name sigil for Wolfe
  • Name sigil for Yvette
  • Name sigil for Darlene
  • Name sigil for Jessy
  • Name sigil for Aidan
  • Name sigil for Alexander
  • Name sigil for Caito
  • Name sigil for Dahlia
  • Name sigil for sherlly
  • Name sigil for Jacob
  • Name sigil for Kjeike
  • Name sigil for Kayle
  • Name sigil for Hannah
  • Name sigil for Lyriah
  • Name sigil for Mollia
  • Name Sigil for Amanda
  • Name sigil for Ben
  • Name sigil for Lea
  • Name sigil for Ashley
  • Name sigil for Artemis
  • Name sigil for Harry
  • Name sigil for Harold
  • Name sigil for Kerem
  • Name sigil for Salem
  • Name sigil for Amber
  • Name sigil for Rory
  • Name sigils for Greg
  • Name sigil for Anna
  • Name sigil for Paige
  • Name sigil for Darci
  • Name sigil for Diego
  • Name sigil for Jazz
  • Name sigil for Ziggy
  • Name sigil for Alison
  • Name sigil for Ylva
  • Name sigil for Åvålynder
  • Name sigil for Queen Bee
  • Name sigil for Danyelle
  • Name sigil for Victor
  • Name sigil for Audrey
  • Name sigil for Kaylyn
  • Name sigil for Elizabeth
  • Name sigil for Austin
  • Name sigil for Courtney
  • Name sigil for Zion
  • Name sigil for Mischa
  • Name sigil for Lykaios
  • Name sigil for Keiko
  • Name sigil for Sterling
  • Name sigil for Zoie
  • Name sigil for Daniel
  • Name sigil for valkyrie
  • Name sigil for Tija
  • Name sigil for Arabella
  • Name sigil for Joseph
  • Name sigil for Caitlynn
  • Name sigil for Mischa
  • Name sigil for Lydia
  • Name sigil for Bonnie
  • Name sigil for Courtney
  • Name sigil for Romi

Audio Sigils

  • Acoustic Sigil For Being Fearless
  • Acoustic Sigil For Lucid Dreaming
  • Acoustic Sigil For Opening The Third Eye
  • Acoustic Sigil For Good Health
  • Acoustic Sigil For Remembering Your Dreams
  • Acoustic Sigil For Being Calm
  • Audio Sigil For Protection

anonymous asked:

Why don't you understand love?

There’s this quote from an unknown author which really hit me, it said “I gave you all the love I could have used to love myself.” It strengthened my feelings as regards loving one’s self first before really loving anyone else. To understand love, one should know what it is and what it isn’t. To understand love is to know how it should make you feel: secure, content and happy – and what you shouldn’t feel: jealous, paranoid and scared. To love another is to know that to love another is to love yourself because you’d want to be able to love him the way you love yourself; captivating and liberating.

*P.S: Love is hard to understand.

Why I love Tom Holland

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I officially became a fan of Tom. Throughout that time, I’ve tried to figure out what he’s like. Just today I took a few minutes to think about why I love him so much. Here are my reasons:

What I love about Tom is how down to earth and grounded he is. He hasn’t changed even with the fame, he still is himself. He’s very kind, polite and respectful to everyone he meets. He cares and loves his fans so much. He tries his best to meet them but when he’s unable to, he gets bummed out. The connection he has with them is very different, light hearted and fun (the roasts and the quackson joke). He has made children’s days by visiting them in hospitals. He brought smiles and joy to them and he loved being able to do that which shows how big his heart is and how sweet he is. He loves and cares about his family, friends and dog a lot and brings them along with him when he can. He’s very talented and works hard at what he does. The fact that he can do more than just act is impressive. He has accomplished quite a lot at the age of 21. He’s so energetic, lively and funny. He can light up a room with his presence, smile or laugh. He’s truly captivating. He’s definitely not afraid to be himself which shows just how comfortable and confident he is in his own skin. He takes absolutely nothing for granted & appreciates and is grateful for everything. He has acknowledged and shown appreciation for the people and experiences that have helped him thrive in his career. I love how he lives life by not taking everything too seriously and by living life to the fullest. He’s very admirable and inspiring. He has shown that if you work hard, stay focused and determined, you can do anything and even live out your dream.

Abby’s 20 Birthday Celebration

by far the greatest moments of my entire life!!! 

My best friends, my sisters, my lifelines 

@bellarketm: Babes can you believe that we’ve officially been friends for more than 2 years already? It’s weird to think that it’s only been that short of a time. It literately feels like I’ve known you my entire life. You’re in high school now so you aren’t on here as much but you’re still my little sister and I love you dearly 

@blyedeeks sometimes you meet someone and they fill a missing piece in your life, Cams, for me that is you! You are by far the most positive kindest person on here and I can’t believe that I only met you almost exactly a year ago. You are literally my soul twin and I love how relentless you are in spreading joy. You are also so so talented and smart and I literally can’t imagine this year without you by my side. I literally feel like something is wrong if I don’t talk to you once a day. 

@abazethe100 my partner in podcasting, my brain twin, my dear dear Anna. We complete each other in all the best ways and I’m so glad I reached out to talk to you about Odyssey parallels. We’ve come so far from that first talk and I adore how you build me up when I am down, you are by far one of the smartest people I know

@rosymamacita you’re kinda like my tumblr mom Rosy. I feel like I can go to you for anything and you’d be there to help me and calm me down. I love how smart you are how you don’t take anyone’s bullshit and most of all you have such a giant heart. 

@everybodyknows-everybodydies my soulmate, god I’m so jealous you get to go back to the place where we began but I’m so utterly proud of the person I’ve seen you becoming over the past year. You are so talented, so talented and you are so tiny and cute that sometimes I can’t believe how much passion you have in your body. I love you so so much

@thesnowyswan Rae, my gorgeous darling, shakespeare loving, essay saving badass. You have strengthened me in so many ways and thank you for ruining my life and introducing me to lucifer

@goodqueenalys Mere is literally a goddess among mortals, her take no shit attitude is inspiring, her love and dedication to her friends is incredible. I never could have imagined that when I sent you that ask I would make a friend who always believed in me and has my back. 

@marauders-groupie there are not enough words in the english language to describe just how incredible Lana is. She is incredibly brave, supremely dedicated and just an all around badass. She is the most talented but she also the most kind and I’m so glad we became friends 

the babe squad

@bellarkestrut (Karly you are literally everything to me) @lydias-martin (Gi, you are so kind and talented and I’m so lucky that SBB brought us together) @wellamyblake (MJ you are an utter badass, unfairly funny and so incredible) @wellsjahasghost (Jadey, my love. she is the most talented and it’s unfair that she’s so fantastic, it leaves the rest of us to shame) @hiddenpolkadots (Nai is simply hilarious, and her words leave me speechless on a regular basis) @cupcakeblake (Cam is so talented and positive and she gives off so much light) @bellarke-stydia (Nik, I can’t thank BCRev enough for bringing us together, you always light up my day just by existing) @thelovelylights (Jen is so fierce and brilliant and so so incredibly beautiful, she’s one of the greatest people I know and doing those ATLA watches was so fun) @junebugninja (Amanda is literally the goddess of kindness, no other person in the universe holds as much heart as she does) @stilesprefers-screamers (SYD!!!! My precious bean who has so much talent and so much strength and I just love her a lot) @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx (Tate is the greatest, her snapchats give me so much joy and she is just so cute) @mego42 (Meg is infinitely better than chocolate at cheering me up, she’s also incredibly smart) @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr (Jenn is so talented and badass and unapologetic and amazing and I just I’m in awe of her gifsets every time I see them @jontyaxefive (Rory is the best, I’m so so grateful she exists and is so smart and kind and I can’t wait to see you again) @raincityruckus (oh my god Kayla is the kindest most honest bravest person ever, she’s a gem among the rocks) @bellamysprincessa (KATIE, MY POLY RANGER HEADCANONING LOVE OF MY LIFE, I’m so so glad that we meet through BCWC and that we are constantly going back and forth headcanoning all kinds of fics) 

BCFamCaravan aka the people who blow up my phone on a daily basis and whom I love more than I love bellarke

@bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 (april is such a badass and so smart) @iam-dollparts (Nikki makes me laugh so hard all the time) @forgivenessishardforus (Sam is giant goddess of pure sunshine) @ginalou16 (Gina is an angel) @allisoneuph (Allison is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met) @hehmionee (Alyssa is the most fantastic) and I know I’m missing a few of you but rest assured I love you all with all my heart

BCWC aka my girls, my loves, the ones who always have my back, the ones I feel comfortable sharing any and all unpopular opinions with and the ones whose conversations sustain me 

@singinglikeapenguin @stardustrebelprincess @missemarissa @bellohmyblake  @molliiholmes @harpermcintyre and so many more of you that I adore but I’m awful with urls 

the writers, the ones who send me into a fangirling fest almost as great as the ones I have when my otp kisses for the first time, the one who leave me speechless and envious and inspired in equal measure

@deadcatwithaflamethrower (her world building is fantastic, her writing is glorious and if you are a star wars fan go read her fic now and come die with me) @so-caffeinated/ @dust2dust34 (the verse these two have written, FICON is compelling and awe-inspiring and a great counterpart to when Arrow both is fantastic and when it lets you down) @ink-splotch (I was lucky enough to meet her at SVCC last year and she is just as amazing in person as you think she’d be, her What if verses are absolutely killer) @rongasm (the absolute pinnacle of Stydia fic for me, like I said in a review of one of her fics, she draws you in with absolutely glorious characterization and then makes you cry like a baby for hours so it takes a while to read her fics because I just can’t stop screaming and her Rainflower fic with @redstringbanshee is absolutely killer and beautiful) @missemarissa (some of the best hottest and brilliant smut that I’ve ever read, so informative and careful yet so hot) @caramelkru (Mel’s fic are so funny and in character and I just love everything she writes) @ajrchaosrising (her fics are on hiatus right now but for real some of the greatest bellarke fics I’ve read belong to her) 

Others whom I adore and have made this year one of the best ones ever

@sassamyblake @bellamys-griffin @bellamysfern @prosciuttoe @saltymonty @nataliecrown @deadshotbellamy @ravenreyess @morleybell @ravenbellclarke @queensusan @kindclaws @zoemonroe @bellsgirl @asexual-mechanic @swanhookheart @llysandra @lukesaysbreathe @scottmcblake @rashaka @brayvenlarke @grumpybell @rhysand @bellamypotter @asweetdeception @clxrkblake @katefullergecko @rememberiloveyou @readymachine @grounderbellamy @apirateslifeforsmee @sanabakkosh @warriorsaralance @xyouss @turtlejustice @jbuffyangel @spacexualkids @anabthchse @allisonaergents @rhysandly @chancellor-reyes

and to all that have read my fics or reblogged my poetry, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to be brave and share my work. 

I love all of you so so much!!!!!!!!

Honestly, as a HideKane supporter, chapter 124 & 125 only strengthened my love for the ship. 124 because Hide was actually brought up and just the way Kaneki talked about him briefly was beautiful. 125 because despite what’s going on, you can’t deny that Hide and Kaneki will always have the best companionship throughout the whole series and an entire chapter dedicated to sexual intercourse isn’t gonna obscure this view. Don’t let this bring you down HideKane supporters. In the end, ship whoever you want but be mindful and don’t attack anyone.

Im ok please dont worry for me

Hi guys I’m ok I was just hospitalized against my will and will be for a while. My family wants me not living with them anymore and I cant go home after this and I dont know how long Thst will last…….. Im alive though and miss all of you its been pretty miserable here they put me in a room with only a Matress (which I’m out of now thank goodness!!!) and scary cameras and forced me to take medication that’s still making me really sleepy and giving me headaches and were like well if you don’t take it we will inject it!and nobody is letting me gp home like I’ve said after this my family is putting me in a home so when I get discharged I’ll only be able to be online during the weekends when I go home to visit……my mom gave me her phone to write this I love you all and are keeping you in my hearts this is just a trial I have to go through to strengthen my spirit. I love you all so so much

“Part Two” by Chase Atlantic (Review)

With fans still recovering from “Part One”, Chase Atlantic fueled their ongoing fire with the release of “Part Two”, the second EP of what I’m assuming to be their take on an electrifying musical saga.

The EP was released on March 31st, 2017, and I was very eager to hear it. Although I myself am a relatively new fan of Chase Atlantic’s music, “Part One” completely blew me out of the water: compared to their older stuff, it was a major step forward in terms of their lyrics, musical production, and style. My only hope for “Part Two” was that it would be similar to its counterpart, if not better.

After finally sitting down and listening to the new EP, I had some mixed feelings about it. Although I was pleased regardless, because I like this band a lot, I’m not quite certain whether this one shook me as hard as “Part One” did.

Let’s break it down song by song, shall we?

Track 1 - Triggered. 

My very first impression of this song was a quick snort through the nose. Not going to lie, the title made me chuckle. I wasn’t sure if the band was genuinely pissed off about something, or they were just making fun of Twitter users’ lingo. Either way, I was interested to see where this opening track would lead to. 

Personally, I’m a sucker for dramatic album introductions. And this song had just the right amount of mystery, lust, and grunge to immediately draw me in. 

The song started out with a relatively chill introduction, but the first 10 seconds definitely built up. It was quiet at first, but as soon as I heard the car revving its engine in the background, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride.

Immediately after the car sounds, I was hit with lead singer Mitchel Cave’s distinctive voice and a brand new beat.

If I was to describe this song in one word, I would use the term badass (or is that two words?). There was something about the heavy bass, deep rhythm, and the slickness in Cave’s voice that immediately painted a dauntless picture in my mind. I imagined myself thrown into the middle of a high-speed police chase after my hot boyfriend and I just robbed a convenience store. He would be driving a black SUV with tinted windows, I would be perched up in the passenger seat, and Triggered would be our get away song.

Although the chorus could’ve been fuller in my opinion, the verses and the bridge of this song were what really brought it to life for me. Lyrics like “driving ‘till we killing love” and the repetitive use of the phrase “won’t slow down” strengthened my inner feelings of love and rebellion as I bopped my head to this song’s steady beat. 

The lyrics and overall theme of the song helped me realize that perhaps the meaning of “triggered” was not a reference to overused internet slang, but maybe it was referring to the shotgun my hot boyfriend was firing as we swerved on the 405, desperately trying to get away from the cops. Once again, the visuals that this song brought to life were killer (haha - see what I did there?).

In conclusion, the more I’ve listened to this song, the more I’ve come to really like it. From the lyrics, to the melodies, and to the delinquent realm it creates, Triggered is definitely my favorite tune on this EP. 

Overall rating: 9.4/10

Track 2 - Cassie.

This song, unfortunately, did not woo me as much as its preceding track. 

First off, what I appreciated about the song was how unique it was. In my opinion, this song was the complete opposite of Triggered, and very different from what I’ve been associating with Chase Atlantic’s more recent music. Coming right out of the sinister world of Triggered, Cassie was like a breath of fresh air and a field of blooming sunflowers right in front of me. 

The general vibe of this song was very easy to pick up on within the first lines of the first verse. The light and airy beat that continued throughout the entire song reminded me of a symphony imitating the gentle ticks of a clocktower. It made my heart, still calming down from Triggered, feel all warm and fuzzy again. 

Another thing I appreciated about this song was how the lyrics and the music contradicted one another. A bubbly melody is a rarity among Chase Atlantic’s newer releases, but somehow they managed to pair the uplifting beat with lyrics about drugged up veins and an impatient girl named Cassie in a way that actually worked quite well.  

However, the unique airiness of this song just didn’t seem to completely win me over, though I did appreciate it. The main reason why this song did not particularly knock my socks off is because throughout the whole first listen, I kept feeling as if something was missing. Especially in the chorus, I felt like there could’ve been something else - a tempo change, another instrumental element, faster lyrics - to make it more exciting. Although the song was cute and a little brighter than the other two tracks, it was kind of forgettable. 

Overall rating: 7.8/10

Track 3 - Why Stop Now.

This track has become known to me as the cool-down song, because I found it to be very chill and relaxed, but nonetheless a very interesting listen.

The introduction features a few intriguing elements that quickly brought me to the edge of my seat: more undistinguishable sound effects (were they popping pills?), the lazy strum of an electric guitar, and Cave’s muffled voice singing a few catchy lines, as if he was teasing me of what’s to come later on in this song. 

The introduction slowly built up, but then quickly flushed me into the first verse. The band was back at it again with the alternative hip-hop beats, this time singing (rapping?) about self-hatred and a desperate search for Mitchel’s cell phone. 

The transition into the chorus was rather quick, but nonetheless it still worked pretty well. By now I was able to conclude that this song would be slower than the other two, but I wasn’t complaining about it. 

The lyrics of this song once again displayed a level of contradiction to the other elements of the tune. Lines like “Life in the fast lane. You live then you die, babe … so why stop now?” were somewhat depressing lyrics, yes, but the way Cave’s gentle and soothing tone of voice meshed together with them was quite menacing, sending shivers up my spine. If I’m thinking out loud here, he has a very sexy singing voice. Don’t @ me. 

In some ways this song almost felt half-assed, but thats what I kind of like about it. Although it is slower than the other 2 tracks, Why Stop Now has this kind of vibe to it that fuels my inner desires to just “not care”, which I assume is a common mood fellow Chase Atlantic fans feel while listening to their music. And that’s not a bad thing. Being a moody 18-year-old whose just trying to figure her shit out, I need music like this to listen to from time to time. Sometimes we all just need to “not care” and chill TF out.

The reason why I still wasn’t completely blown away by this song either was the same reason as Cassie. I felt like there was something missing from this track as well, though I still can’t put my finger on it. Either way, it’s still a good jam, and I can see this one becoming a lot of fans’ favorite. 

Overall rating: 7/10

Overall, the “Part Two” EP did not meet the high expectations “Part One” set for me, but that is quite all right. Triggered is a major gem of a song and I’m still going to be blasting this EP in my car for the next few weeks. Perhaps there will be a “Part Three” and maybe even a “Part Four” to help us further envision where Chase Atlantic are headed next. These EPs are obviously just a mere taste of what they’ve got in store; I feel a debut album coming soon, and I cannot wait to devour it. 

AN: This is the first music review I’ve literally ever done, so please go easy on me! Hopefully you enjoyed it - I tried to keep it as honest as possible, so I apologize if any of my opinions offend/upset you, but they are just my opinions. If you liked this, let me know! I’d love to do more reviews in the future. 

Love Spell Bottle

this is a simple love spell bottle i made to help with my relationship, to bring the passion and love back. feel free to change the herbs to suit your needs best!

what’s inside:

  • a sigil drawn on a small piece of paper (the intent of the sigil was to bring back the love in my relationship)
  • coriander (deepens & strengthens and existing love relationship) 
  • cinnamon (increases love & passion between two people, speeds things up in a love affair) 
  • dill (strengthens an existing love)
  • rosemary (binds two people together in a loving manner) 
  • bay (protection, strength, attracts love & romance, zodiac cancer (my sign))
  • basil (causes sympathy between two people & soothes tempers between lovers) 
  • tarragon (leo zodiac (my partners sign), passion)
  • rose petals (love, sensuality, beauty)
  • small piece of rose quartz (promotes love & affection) 
  • sealed with pink candle wax (compassion & love) 

So, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, it always bums me out that a lot of others haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, some people just can’t get into comics. Some people don’t even know they exist. And then there are those who just can’t get into the Buffy comics at all, it just isn’t their cup of tea. That’s totally cool and there is no judgement.
But, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, I feel like I got to see so much more character development with EVERY character and it’s just beautiful. The Scoobies have grown so much since we left them in Season 7. They have learned so much more since fans who have seen the show left them, and it honestly makes me so sad that not all of us know that they get better, that things get better. You get so much closure and at the same time see these amazing new beginnings.
The comics have changed my opinion of so many characters. Giles,dealing with the years he spent watching over not only Buffy, but everyone. Dawn, growing up and getting more and more mature, dealing with her problems and really opening up to everyone. XANDER. I HATED him so much, and now after reading the comics he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s not so scared all the time, he’s so much more confident.
I just really encourage you to check out the comics if you haven’t. They strengthened my love for Buffy and the Scoobies a thousand times over, and helped me get over so much that happened in the show. They are worth it!!

Discussing the Jackson Wang Issue
  • <p> <b></b> I think that people should seriously chill, they are acting as if he murdered someone, going into his feeds, harassing him, insulting him and threatening him... Over a hairstyle.<p/><b></b> You are all always complaining about being divided, yet when someone shows appreciation to your culture, no matter the culture, you're the first to lash out.<p/><b></b> Cultural appreciation and appropriation are not the same. He didn't denigrate anyone, he didn't try to put anyone's culture down, just wanted to wear a hairstyle he thought looked cool.<p/><b></b> As a black woman, I feel happy whenever an artist I like shows love for "black culture", or anyone for that case, as long as they are not denigrating anyone or claing it as their own, which Jackson didnt do. I am proud of being black, and proud of my roots.<p/><b></b> I also love having my hair strengthened, does it mean I am appropriating " white culture "? I don't think so, it's just a hairstyle I love, it's as simple as that.<p/><b></b> Society grows by sharing cultures, everyone's culture has been at some point borrowed from another one. Also, not all African countries wear dreads, so technically not all black people could complain about it, right? Lel<p/><b></b> So many international kpop fans want to try hanboks and try out different aspects of Korean culture, but I guess they couldn't since that would be considered cultural appropriation as well.<p/><b></b> Anyway, I just think you are all taking this too far. You don't like it, okay, but no need to go harassing the man. I'm done ranting, I just wrote what I've felt, and not being a native speaker, it might or might not make sense.<p/></p>