my love hate relationship


Wow ya’ll, I can’t believe Jack adopted Ashi as a kid and is raising her. So beautifuuuul~

Realizing how alone you are is one of the worst feelings.

A message to someone I love


so he’s gone and you’re trying to let this go with him but it just won’t leave and you just can’t forget. this is an ache like lazarus; it is alive when it shouldn’t be, it is back and bigger than ever. it hurts that the memories are so soft and at the same time so goddamn wrecking ball. he was never as gentle as you remember. this was never as perfect as your naive high school eyes saw it. it’s hard to let go when the hurt is a leech and you are always bleeding. it’s hard to breathe easy when your head is always underwater.
—  the leaving // sarah kate o.
Fuck you for making me feel like I didn’t even deserve you when it’s you who doesn’t deserve me

The Gangsey as Favorite Paintings:

“It was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t
                         b l i n d i n g
                                               d e a f e n i n g,
                                                                         m a d d e n i n g,
                                                                                                     q u i c k e n i n g.
It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.”


Bleh, I didn’t want to pour too much blood sweat and tears into making this (supposed to be) quick thing, but now that it’s done I just keep thinking ‘man, I could have done better.’ BUT aside from that, facial expressions are among my favorite things to draw, so I did enjoy that. In case people missed it, this is how I imagined Hanzo getting the bullet from this thing here. Soooo yeah, have some self-indulgent nonsense. >^>; 

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