my love for you has exploded all over again

What Tomorrow Brings (part 2) - Riarkle

PART 2 of 4 ^^

Rated T.

The morning went by a lot faster then Riley would have liked it to before she knew it her , and Farkle had to start getting ready for the wedding. Riley was curious why they had gotten ready alone , but she didn’t ask not wanting to ruin the the extra time. Earlier they had made french toast together , and For awhile Riley let her self drift away into the fantasy again. Every smell , Every word , And Every moment of her last breakfast with just her , and Farkle is something she would always remember.

With a smile Farkle walked out of the closet with a  garment bag , and Riley tilted her head while pointing at it “Is that for me?”

“I thought you would like it.” Farkle swallowed nervously “Unless I’m going to wear it.” he chuckled while laying it in the bathroom for her then excused himself to go get ready. Riley laughed before her mind wandered back to the garment bag. Why had Farkle picked her out something for his wedding for her to wear of all things. Being thoroughly confused Riley just shook her head before starting to unzip the garment bag.

Inside the bag was a silk Off the shoulder empire waist dress in a deep purple that cut off right below her knees. Riley couldn’t believe how beautiful It was , and it proved once again how much Farkle knew her. Noticing the time Riley knew it was getting  close to the wedding so she pushed the rest of her thoughts back while putting the dress on.

Farkle knocked lightly on the bathroom door to let her know he was back “How you doing in there? Need any help?” She had just finished Riley came out being instantly distracted by Farkle in a Solid Black single breasted bespoke suit . Riley forgot how to speak  as she stared at him  taking him all in. Maybe he had changed a little , but in a good way she thought trying to keep her heart calm.

“I..” Farkle stammered a bit his eyes locked on Riley’s wandering eyes wondering what she was thinking. “ look beautiful Riley” Getting the words out he stuck his hand out for Riley’s while finally getting the rest of his words out  . “That dress makes me remember the one regret I have when I think of our years together” Riley put her hand in his her heart caught in her throat , but her whole focus on what he was saying. “That I never got to slow dance with you so would you give me the honor of being my last dance before my wedding?” She watched as Farkle used his free hand to push play on a stereo close by the song Without you by ashes Remain started to come through the speakers. “Always” Riley had to gulp to make sure she kept her wits about her wanting to say so much more then she would allow herself.

With a huge grin on his face Farkle gently pulled her closer as they started to dance around the wooden floor. Only the sound of the music , and Farkle whose face was next to Riley’s ear as he started to hum to song filling the silence of the cabin. The words to the song starting to occupy Riley’s thoughts making the voice inside of her head less compliant. Getting lost in how great this moment was , and how perfect she felt dancing with Farkle after all the pain she had been feeling.

Riley buried her head in his chest “I shouldn’t of fallen for you” the words Riley had been hiding for years came out before she even knew what she was saying.  Hoping it was too muffled for Farkle to make it all out she just kept dancing with him. Without missing a beat Farkle squeezed her hand before speaking in almost a whisper. “I never stopped.”

Full of shock wondering if she was imagining what she heard in her head , but Riley couldn’t just let it slip by.  Riley let him go pulling back too look at him ,and he was already looking at her. Their eyes were locked on each other both of them stopped in place . Both of them questioning what had just happen between them. Finally Riley reached out for his face about to speak when someone called out  behind the cabin door. “It’s time to go come on you two!” Zay’s voice yelled through the door. “I am the best man , and damn it I will be the best at it so lets go”

Farkle leaned over giving Riley a kiss on the cheek “I’m sorry” he whispered against her skin then he opened the door giving her once last glance. Riley put on her I swear I’m okay smile , and followed in suit Zay giving her a questioning look , but remained quiet as well.

Riley felt numb knowing the I’m sorry meant that Farkle had said something. Which also meant that even though he could still feel something for her it didn’t matter anymore Farkle had chosen Kaitlyn. Feeling overwhelmed Riley knew she couldn’t watch the love of her life get married , and had to leave to save herself she felt broken enough already.

“Everything okay man?” Zay asked Farkle sensing something in the air between him ,and Riley. Farkle put his hands his pockets while turning his head to peek at Riley again then back to Zay “Yep everything is fine” Farkle answered flatly , and Zay wasn’t fully convinced  but be had to go take his spot so he just nodded at Farkle then made his way down the aisle. The glance made Riley’s heart drop , and the answer to Zay’s question helped her make her decision. Riley knew it was time to go, and she had to let Farkle go.

Having a feeling Riley needed him Farkle tried to keep himself from going to her, knowing this was not the time. He looked up midway down the aisle  to see he was already walking quickly towards her. His body moving towards Riley almost magnetically. He passed Kaitlyn, the reason he was even here, and gave her an apologetic look while stepping past her. His only motivation right now, was Riley. Kaitlyn kept her eyes on the two wondering what was going on though she didn’t seem angry ,or anything just curious.

An arm grabbed Riley’s elbow as she whipped around quickly about to tell him to let her go until her eyes meant his. Farkle appeared to be on the edge of tears not something he often did or at all so Riley chose to swallow those words letting Farkle speak.

“I can’t let you go without telling you this” Farkle stepped up closer their faces less then an inch a part. “I did love you Riley for so long. Right now with you being here I know I still do , But I can’t take the chance of being in love with you again” The whole wedding party was turned around watching the exchange at this point  though they couldn’t hear it , and Kaitlyn seemed not even be surprised at what was going on. “but please stay I want you here” Farkle pleaded.

Riley tensed up with her next words knowing that this was going to hurt “I am in love with you..But I’m letting you go. I didn’t expect anything out of this . I didn’t come here to get you to run away with me , and I’m sorry I let it slip out how I feel. I just want you happy , and I know Kaitlyn will do that. So don’t worry about me okay . Go get married . Go be happy . I’ll always be here for you.” Riley reached placing her hand on his cheek wiping his tear away that escaped then let go . With that Riley turned around , and forced herself to keep walking no matter how much she really wanted to ask him to pick her.

Frozen in place for at least two minutes Farkle watched Riley walk away until she was out of view. All of sudden he remembered about his wedding. Farkle shook his head trying to Focus back on Kaitlyn , but when he turned around she was already there . Farkle gave her the best smile he could muster. “How much of that did you hear? Whatever you heard I do l..”

Kaitlyn cut him off placing her finger on his lip to quiet him “I know you love me , and I love you too. We would be happy that I don’t doubt. It’s just when you used talk about Riley I could never put my finger on what was different when you spoke about her , but after seeing that I know now. You , and her have something that we can’t ever live up too.” Kaitlyn gave him a smile trying to not show to much pain knowing how Farkle would feel. “Yes I’ll be sad , but Riley is the true love of your life so I refuse be the woman who makes it where you don’t get to have that. You are wonderful Farkle , and you deserve to go after her. If you have the chance to be with your soulmate, and you ignore it, you are too stupid for me to marry anyway” Kaitlyn kissed his cheek softly before giving him a stern look. “And you better call me to tell me how it goes.”

Zay had walked up at this point with Smackle they are hand in hand as they watch the exchange. Farkle starts to undo tie feeling stifled his mind exploding from too much going on “How can I be so wonderful if I’m here  on what is suppose to be our wedding day  messing everything up. All because I can’t control my emotions when Riley comes around.  I had myself convinced that I was finally over the pull Riley has always had over me . I do love you Kaitlyn , and I’m sorry you love me. You deserve someone better then a guy who is still pining after the fantasy.” Farkle threw the tie on the ground then put his eyes on Kaitlyn again who appeared to be worried about Farkle . “I know you want me to go after Riley , but you never get the fantasy  you just think about it all the time even if you are madly in love with them.” Farkle breath hitched when the final words came out making him start to panic.

“It’s not a fantasy anymore Farkle she’s In love with you too , and I’m forcing you to go now. No more excuses.” Kaitlyn started to push him away from the party Farkle still in shock on how supportive his now ex was being. “Remember when you told me about your first day of high school about the thing Riley said. That is what matters…what matters is you , and her so go find her!”

“You heard the lady! Let’s go…True love awaits.” Zay announced as Smackle grabbed Farkle’s hand starting to drag him away with them.

“Thank you Kaitlyn I owe you won” Farkle yelled up to her , and he really meant he would make sure to do something for her later. “Wait where are we going?” All of sudden it registered he was being dragged by Smackle.

“I have waited far to long to see you get with Riley! I live for a good romance! Also it’s my duty as the best man to make sure your day is the best day so I’m doing my job.” With a huge smile Zay pointed at Smackle. “Also my love has a car so we can catch Riley faster.”

Farkle blinked down at Smackle letting her hand go as he stood their his chest tightening , and his palms felt all clammy “So this is actually happening right? I’m not imagining things. I ran out of my wedding , Riley’s in love with me , and I am about to do the most illogical thing ever , and go after her?”

“Well I mean except you kinda got forced out of your wedding , but details smetails” Zay shrugged at Farkle trying to keep the mood a little light if at all possible.

Farkle wrung his hands a few times then held his hand on his chest breathing in , and out a few times. “You guys I’m scared…I don’t get scared…If I actually go do you realize I’m throwing everything I’ve worked on to move on with my life out the window. That I’ll be back to the guy putting his heart on the line ,and if she says no I’ll be right back to where I was when we were in high school.”

With a huge yank Smackle made him bump into the car making sure to get his attention. “Let me speak in language you might understand a little better from even a logical stand point if you don’t do this you are losing the chance at the one thing you always wanted. So in the end going for it is better then knowing you could of , and you never did. Do you want to be driven to madness?” Smackle then open the drivers door getting in the car as Zay couldn’t help but laugh. “Damn…I love her” He then patted the top of the car while speaking to Farkle. “So what do you say?”

With a look of determination ,and fear Farkle had finally made his choice “Okay let’s go find Riley!” Taking in a deep breath he got into the car as all the feelings he had been suppressing started to emerge. This was going to be a very long car ride.