my love for you can't even be described in words

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Captain underpants being really flirty when seperated from Krupp and flirting with Krupp at school gets Krupp even more flustered so he can't even speak a word, p.s make Captain call him at least once Benny, ahhh of Benny Bear, that'd be so cute, thank you!!!! 💓💓💓


krupp gets flustered very easily and any interest shown towards him in any flirty way if he gets any more red he would probably start melting 


I’m actually crying, I started chatting with @shrug-viper less than a week ago and they made this for me just to be nice, like I can’t even function right now, I’m just deeply, deeply touched by this gift. I love how light and pure it feels, I don’t even have words to describe how happy this makes me. 

Thank you so much and thank you for using my really dumb URL pun as inspiration. You’re a legend and I love you. 

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girl i was just casually watching pewdipie video 'my coming out story', i saw a fragment with jimin on blood, sweet&tears and the hell started...jimin is the most beautiful human being i've seen in my life. I don't sleep at night i only watch and read everything with bts i can find ;-; i even started learning korean alphabet. It's good that it's the end of the year cause i'd be fucked.. I CAN'T STOP, i freaking love this men

casually watching something bangtan related never ends well lol it’s okay, welcome to the never ending suffering and pain, there is no coming back now cause once you jimIN you can’t jimOUT. but SAME,no words can describe how much I love him and don’t get me started on his beauty cause…

how is he real?????

anon time, ask away~


So I just got a message from someone on that would like to translate my 46,000 word KakaIru fic in to Spanish to share with their community. 

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I’m so honored I might start crying? I don’t know what to do with all these feels? I absolutely said yes. I’ll be honest, even if they don’t credit me and my fic ends up getting stolen I’m still gonna fly high knowing someone loved my fic so much that they felt it needed to be translated in to a whole other language just so more people could enjoy it. 

And they were super nice and polite about it???

And hot fuck do you know how long it’s gonna take them to translate that much writing? Probably a really long time! That is a lot of effort to go through.

I have to go squeal and fangirl now. Author goals. Super author goals. 

My most sincere feelings

Dear cake kiddo one, I’ve never had the courage to say this to you, but now it’s finally time to open up about my feelings… Since the day we were born, I already knew it, you’re the perfect twin, the best twin one could ever have. I want you to step on me with your glorious boots and tell me how you can be such a good person, I want you to throw a table at me and hit me in the head with a tray to show me your love. It’s my dearest wish to get to see your beautiful smile everyday, to be assured that such a beauty is really my sister, that even though I don’t deserve so much you’re still by my side. My admiration for you is something I can’t express using words, doesn’t matter how long of a text I make, it’ll never be even close to my actual feelings, after all how’s one to describe the most absolute perfection in the whole universe? With love- Sweet tooth


Sara Ramirez

Ok guys, we have to talk about Sara Ramirez coming out this afternoon. I really hope that you won’t judge me for how emotional I am over this.

I am just…. There is no version of my “coming out story” that doesn’t involve the character Callie Torres. Her time with Erica- Callie figuring out that her feelings for her friend was more than “just friendship”- it turned my life upside down. She was figuring herself in nearly the same ways that I was, at almost the exact same time as I was.

Their entire plot together was the catalyst to me finally, finally after years of varying degrees of self-denial, accepting my queerness. And I’ll admit to returning to those episodes, along with all of Calzona’s greatest hits, many times in the near decade that has followed: when I needed courage before my first ever date with a girl, when I needed comfort during fits of depression, when it was a quiet Sunday and I just wanted to have that familiar feeling of friends. Those episodes- Callie specifically- have been all of that for me, and so much more.

Sara Ramirez is the first woman I ever publicly adored and and openly had a crush on. Working through my feelings for her helped to teach me to be comfortable expressing my feelings towards women as a whole. She is one of my biggest gay roots.

And to hear that she came out today… A shiver ran through me from the first mention. I’m almost surprised by how moved I am right now. There aren’t words to describe it.

From one biracial, multiracial, queer, bisexual, Latina woman of color to another… Welcome home Sara, we’ve been waiting for you with open arms.

I have our last poem stuck between my teeth
And I don’t know why I call it our last poem if I am the only one writing and you never even read it.

I found all the old ones in a notebook, all this yearning, all this clawing at the throat and my hands open to receive anything
I don’t remember why I wrote those poems
I don’t remember why I cared so much
I don’t remember your softness, or your open mouth, and more than anything, I don’t remember how you made me feel any more.

I can guess.
Is jut that the feelings aren’t there
It comes with a strange calmness and emptiness that is not the same

I never thought I could wake up one day and simply not want you any more
I think there was a time due, a time sentence a death row for feelings
that I counted in poems
I counted time in love in poems
and now the poems are over.

I don’t think I have anything else to tell you
I loved you, I loved you
that’s all I want you to know
and I think you do.

I loved you and I was good to you sometimes
I need to walk away now, and it doesn’t feel like giving up, or losing a battle, it feels like freedom
love shouldn’t be a battle
it feels like getting out of a war-zone.

I don’t think I will ever write that last poem, describing the end
but I can imagine there is one
there is a poem and there is the words strung together that feel and read like we did
like too much chocolate, like ocean waves, scuba diving,
claustrophobia, paint bullets, scared touches, fear, smiles, a heartbeat elephant drum
but I don’t have them,
and you won’t read them.

—  This is it, Jael

This made me cry so hard. Cristiano you are a gift from God. You don’t even know how amazing and valuable you are to this world. You are saving this boy’s life, because God has given you the means to. Others who could help as well, just look away…but you don’t. You are ready to pay to save this little boy from a horrible life, that could be waiting for him.

And that’s why I am convinced that God will keep giving you more and more. May God bless you and your family and guard you, your son and all your loved ones at all times and places. I can’t even find the words to explain, how I feel about you. Thank you for being an example to follow. Thank you for being my idol and inspiration every single day.


  • lauren: so.. tell me more about ur crush...
  • camila: well, she is..
  • lauren: wait, she? u mean it's a girl?
  • camila: no a- i mean, he-
  • lauren: no don't tell me. ur crush is a girl right *stares at camila*
  • camila: ye-es...
  • lauren: ok continue
  • camila: *stares back at lauren* ok this girl is just so.. annoying but so irresistible at the same time. she drives me insanely crazy. i can't get over how amazing she is and how charming she is in every way... oh and her eyes, they're like the stars from the sky, the way they stare at mine makes me feel like i'm in heaven, i could get lost in them. sometimes i wonder why can't i kiss her lips already.. just, everything about her is what i call perfection. like i wish, she's the one i get to wake to every single day and cuddle with anytime...
  • lauren: she must be so lucky... *sighs* anymore about her?
  • camila: very lucky... *smiles* um.. words can't even describe her Lauren
  • lauren: does she go to the same school as us?
  • camila: *nods* yeah...
  • lauren: i wanna meet her
  • camila: you already know her Lo,
  • lauren: i don't know unless u tell me her name or introduce her to me...
  • camila: okay hold on let me call her.. *picks out phone from pocket and dials Lauren's number*
  • few seconds...
  • lauren: oh wait, my phone's ringing, i think it's mum, *answers the call* Camila? *slightly frowns*
  • camila: ... *hangs up*
  • lauren: i love you *pulls camila into a tight hug*
  • camila: i love you too *hugs back tightly*

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Can I ask you a serious question? I found this girl who can recite whole passages of books, pays great attention to detail, thinks I'm funny, is absolutely stunning (seriously I can't even find the words to describe her properly), and is absolute perfection in every way. I don't know how to stop loving her and it tears me apart because every day I fall deeper into her and she's my straight best friend.

Is this a question? At any rate: First we feel, then we fall - well fall. Why should it tear you apart? If what you feel means anything to you and if you truly understand and accept the intensity of it, well feel it at all cost. Feel it because she’s exquisite and I suppose you love her first and most of all as a person not as some possible love interest. Feel it because she’s worth it and how you feel about her makes your heart quicken and feel it because this endlessness and immensity of it scares you yet you have no other choice but gracefully dwell in it and experience the very way it consumes you, feel it because it’s perhaps unattainable and hopeless but above all it’s true and you deserve to feel it. And feel it because you’ll most definitely lose yourself in it and will have to face up to the fact that man, she’s straight, but feel it because whatever her sexual preference is, she’s still your person and you’re entitled to fall in love (even when unrequited in every sense) with this person. And it’s going to be hard, but feel it for as long as you can take it because deep down it’s painfully wonderful. And spend every day with her, having in mind that you expect nothing of her and actually want nothing from her but her, her in moments you two will be sharing, her as a human being who makes your life worth living and special. Her, her, her. Feel it.