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Here’s the tea, evie and mal were each other’s first kiss. They never really felt anything more than friendship though, but since they had kisses and probably done a little more, they were comfortable being super affectionate with each other. Uma had had a crush on mal and mal thought she was pretty cute and they had a kinda sorta relationship but Maleficent would NEVER let mal have a relationship, saying love would make her weak. So in some pillow talk Uma let the word ‘love’ slip and mal just blew her off called her shrimpy and told her they would never be anything more than sneaky hook ups. The breakup was messy and they were both hurt but Mal was whisked off to Auradon just a few months later.

Harry was a flirt with anyone under 30 years old on the island, and that included our resident cinnamon roll, Carlos. So he’d flirt, Carlos would roll his eyes but blush and smile and they end up kissing at some VK party. When Carlos found him the next day to talk about it, Harry blew him off as mal did uma. Carlos cried to Evie and evie told Jay later (after he pestered her for nearly an HOUR about what was wrong with Carlos) and jay never forgave him. Hence Carlos’s panicked face when he saw Harry and the reason Jay fought Harry so damn hard on that ship.

Anyway I’m lame and like to headcanon back stories


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drew’s disney’s descendants au Tallulah, daughter of Ursula

Shortly before the establishment of Auradon and the creation of the Isle of the Lost, an alliance of villains had been brewing under the surface. Ursula the Sea-Witch and James Hook, Captain of the Jolly Roger, had been in early discussions to work together with a wicked stepmother from Caravell and a roguish hunter from Rosencourt, but their plans had been thwarted when they were all wrangled onto the Isle. Consequently, Ursula, Hook, and their gathering band decided it would be best to underplay their hand for now, and bent a knee to Maleficent as the leader on the Isle of the Lost. But they have been biding their time, whispering in the ears of their own children, and waiting for someone to be foolish enough to bring down the barrier between Auradon and the Isle…

Ursula arrived at the Isle of the Lost with her offspring already in tow, and though Tallulah was barely more than a set of tentacles then, she was feisty even as an infant. Although her mother prefers the spoils of the sea, Tallulah uses Ursula’s shell necklace to maintain a human form that allows her to walk on land. Despite the understanding between their mothers, the history between Nefaria and Tallulah is much more complicated. Early rivalries for the affections of various young men eventually unfolded into an on-and-off romantic relationship between the two young women, rooted in a deeply-hidden hope within each of them that they might one day be able to escape the Isle of the Lost. Although Nefaria continued to plot her way off the Isle, Tallulah eventually grew out of that dream, and their relationship came to a messy end. Although the Isle’s many children had previously felt like a gang united against the kingdom of Auradon, the rift that was created when Nefaria and Tallulah split also divided the others. Rizal, Angelika, and Vladimir took Nefaria’s side, while Tallulah was joined by Desmond Hook, Fabien LeGume, and Bernadette Tremaine. While Nefaria and her allies serve as ambassadors for the Isle at King Beau’s summit, Tallulah and her gang are devising a plan of their own…