my love for u can't even be described

Y’all listen it’s my best IRL friend @r-osematter / @gearfilledgoggles‘ birthday today. Go and follow them, send them a message, give them kisses n hugs bc they’re the best friend ever and they deserve to have a good birthday uwu.

  • lauren: so.. tell me more about ur crush...
  • camila: well, she is..
  • lauren: wait, she? u mean it's a girl?
  • camila: no a- i mean, he-
  • lauren: no don't tell me. ur crush is a girl right *stares at camila*
  • camila: ye-es...
  • lauren: ok continue
  • camila: *stares back at lauren* ok this girl is just so.. annoying but so irresistible at the same time. she drives me insanely crazy. i can't get over how amazing she is and how charming she is in every way... oh and her eyes, they're like the stars from the sky, the way they stare at mine makes me feel like i'm in heaven, i could get lost in them. sometimes i wonder why can't i kiss her lips already.. just, everything about her is what i call perfection. like i wish, she's the one i get to wake to every single day and cuddle with anytime...
  • lauren: she must be so lucky... *sighs* anymore about her?
  • camila: very lucky... *smiles* um.. words can't even describe her Lauren
  • lauren: does she go to the same school as us?
  • camila: *nods* yeah...
  • lauren: i wanna meet her
  • camila: you already know her Lo,
  • lauren: i don't know unless u tell me her name or introduce her to me...
  • camila: okay hold on let me call her.. *picks out phone from pocket and dials Lauren's number*
  • few seconds...
  • lauren: oh wait, my phone's ringing, i think it's mum, *answers the call* Camila? *slightly frowns*
  • camila: ... *hangs up*
  • lauren: i love you *pulls camila into a tight hug*
  • camila: i love you too *hugs back tightly*