my love for this movie knows no boundaries

My theory: Dolores was one of those girls who knew more about sex than she should have. I mean Charlotte was obviously not going to give her a proper education and so Lo turned to books and that’s why she did some of the things she did (yes, I know Humbert is an unreliable narrotor but he can only make up so much). When Humbert came she developed a crush on this mysterious French man, and started pushing her boundaries and flirting like a normal 12-year-old girl. My theory is that the first time at the Enchanted Hunters she thought they would have like some “love affair” or something like in the books and movies she loved but it wasn’t until she found out about her mother’s death that everything went downhill. Similar to how Humbert froze when Annabelle died, any romantic attraction for Hum froze inside of Lola and that’s when she realized that he doesn’t like her, he likes her age. But that’s just a theory, the only one who knows what is true is Vladimir himself but we obviously can’t ask him.