my love for this man has no bounds

His Name: Part Two

[ Lord x Shinobu ] So yeah, MC has a name… because it’s significant that she does… There is very little (non-graphic) smutty paragraph.

Other Parts: [1] [3]

…to be bound to a man by this mystifying power that holds no promises, that despite its intensity, is in truth, so fragile and almost ephemeral…

Could I blame him as well?

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why jungkook?

this post as very self-indulgent one is a compilation series of reasons why i’m jungkook bias yeah finally i can find my bias in bts

first thing first, his love for casual outfits. remember when jungkook wear his vibrant-colored tee to the airport, like this




and of course the-ever-fave color couldn’t be missed out

this man-child really his love for tees knows no bound and also

i notice that he’s very particular with his style, literally just add a shirt + short with neutral colors + timb’s boots and off you go

oh he has a pastel-colored one too and what’s with the collar seriously are you cut it yourself because of your body temperature that growing too hot rapidly

he looks so good in black /sobs/ 

speaking about black, this one black tee here i think is one of the best looks he has and the beautiful wonderful forehead because forehead!kook is life

how could someone with only a tee, a short and a bucket hat can be this hot

i don’t mind being tissues to your sweat bb

gosh this outfit looks so unf on him not to mention the dripping sweat emphasizing the fact that yes he’s literally being hot pls excuse my lame joke

okay enough with the hot atmosphere we need something fresh and clean here, look at him being so handsome in white tee + open jeans-colored shirt so boyfie material 

looks so soft with the all-white outfits

this one could be considered as soft-looks too if not for the sinful collarbone that decide to peek out of nowhere jungkook’s collarbones are my weakness

i’m also weak for if he’s wearing soft-looking hoodie like if it’s raining and you’re home with him on a bed and he’s being the big-spoon to your small-spoon, his soft wearing hoodie body pressed up to your back

okay before this post getting out of control i will end it with casual-black-shirt-with-sweat-pants-combo wearing jungkook bcs looks at his jawline it can cut mountain. hope this post helpful in some ways or another and also feel free to hmu if you have any ideas to be up in the next installment (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Matty my heart broke for Oliver!

Damn damn damn, anon! 

“Things fall apart, the center cannot hold” should be the byline of his story except Oliver Queen holds his effing center. 

I’m in awe of this man.

Saying he has been through a lot is like saying the sky is blue. A simple, clear statement that just sees the surface and states it. But the sky is not always blue, not always clear, not always simple. It’s full of complexities, layers and layers of clouds, the keeper of storms and and the holder of the dark. Sometimes the sky is pitch black.  

Oliver Queen is the complex sky. A man who’s lost and bled and howled in agony, who bears the stormy clouds on his body and the dark night in his heart.

I’m ranting about this because it’s I watched the episode, and it hit me : Oliver Queen has no one, not a person alive, tethering him to who he had been - the reckless, young boy with questionable attitude, the spoiled rich brat, the blue simple sky - than his sister. Thea Queen is the only person alive knowing Ollie.

His father killed himself before his own eyes, to give him a chance of survival

That one thing is enough to break people. This young boy, with a good heart and bad choices, just has to survive because his father asks him to in his dying moments. That kind of messed up survivor’s guilt… god!

Then, his best friend dies.

The best friend he’d had since childhood, the man who called him a monster, a murderer, and died. The guilt just piles on.

His mother chooses to be murdered in the place of her children.

Because of something he had done ages ago, because of his choices coming back to haunt him, because of his enemies. His mother is brutally murdered. In front of him.

Sara dies. (And now she’s gone).

It’s not because of him. But he had loved her, known her, for almost all his life.

And now Laurel.

Their relationship had been toxic, but she had always mattered to him as a person. He had her in his life for so long, as lovers, as friends, as teammates. That’s just the people he’s lost from his past, everyone including his sister, whom he almost lost. Almost.

He’d come so close, he’d tasted her death.

One, any single one of these things destroy people, change their lives completely. All of them, together, one after the other… relentlessly… hitting… falling… crashing…

Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that this man not only gets up every morning, but walks out into the city he calls home and puts his life on the line to save it? Can we talk about how anyone else in his situation could have chosen a path opposite of what he chose? Malcolm Merlyn lost his wife and became a homicidal sociopath. Slade Wilson lost the woman he loved and became a psychotic maniac hell bent on revenge. Oliver Queen, by all rights, could have become the worst villain of his own story. He could have become so many terrible things, he had walked the darkness after all. 

But he didn’t. Even now, despite everything, that path is unfathomable to him. Can we take a minute to appreciate that? 

Because this man gets up and saves people. 

This man inspires heroes and leads an army of hope.

This man stands strong in the face of storms and stays strong for those who need it.

He’s got fractures that never healed properly, burns on his being, scars on every nook and cranny. He’s got memories he would never speak of, pain and fear and loss we have barely scratched the surface of. He feels so much, so completely. Living through one day with the emotions he feels would cripple anyone.

And yet, he falls, gets up. And falls again. And gets up again. Rinse and repeat.

That strength, to keep getting up after every shove, every hit, every slap. That strength to keep walking, alone or not. That’s what makes him a hero.

This man is a night sky - dark, black, full of shadows no one can understand…

but also a dark sky full of so many



bright stars…

a dark sky with one moon and it’s moonlight…

Darkness can exist without monstrosity. Oliver Queen is proof of that. 

So yes, I’m in awe of Oliver Queen.  

And my heart fucking bursts for him, breaks for him, beats for him. 

The Prettiest Star Ascends...

David Bowie. The man who sold the world, the man who stole my heart, and the man who changed my life.

It is true, planet Earth is even more blue than usual without you. You were the brightest star the world has ever seen, and likely ever will see. Your genius and talent knew no bounds, and your brilliant work continued to evolve, and alter the landscape of music with each new record, up until your final days on this Earth. Your voice and words were a beacon of hope and passion for me, even in my darkest hours. With each new song I discovered by you, I fell more in love with you and your beautifully strange music.

My heart is weighed down by the deepest sadness I have ever known today. When I heard the news of your passing I cried the whole night and all the way through the next day. My world is shocked to the core. I feel like I’ve lost a best friend, a lover, and an inspiration all in one man. Even though I never had the chance to meet you, I feel as though I knew you through some spiritual connection, like a dream.

Tonight, as I walk these snow-covered streets of my campus, I stand alone and face the frozen lake Michigan. Warm tears pour down my icy face, as I stare off into the darkest night I have ever seen. I sob loudly to myself, knowing no one is around or can hear me, the first time I really let it all out. Inside my freezing body, my heart is aching for you, asking why, wishing it was all a lie.

But on my walk back through the frigid, painful night, I stop and stare up into the sky. The falling snow is soft and pure, and appears glowing against the pitch black sky. I look down to the sidewalk below me and see the most shimmery, glittery snow I have ever seen, illuminated by a street lamp. I smile to myself now, because I know it is you, gracing the world with your presence one last time- your final and most magical performance yet.

I know as you ascend into the sky, a new star is reborn, just as it was born on Earth so many years ago. As your soul rises I know this glittery powder is you showering us with your beautiful stardust, one last time.

Thank you for all you have given me, and the rest of the world. I know your legacy will live on forever here, on Earth, and is just beginning for you out there.

When I look up into the night sky from now on, I will always look around until I see the brightest star. I know that one is you.

Please know that you will be forever in my heart, and forever on my mind. And know that you have risen up all the way. All because of what you are-

The Prettiest Star. ★