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Pixar COCO ¡Viva México!

Ok, ok, so I recently went to see the movie and let me tell you something… it’s more than just a movie, es una obra de arte.

I’m not joking, really, my expectations went beyond what I thought. It was amazing in every way. Well, maybe I’m gonna make some spoilers, but I found myself in need of telling you my experience as a Mexican point of view.

Because yes, I’m proudly Mexican.

  • 1. Estás muy flaco, ¡come más!

This is funny. 

In each family, at least in mine, it is normal that your grandmother wants to feed you because, according to her, you are very thin. And this reminded me a lot of my grandmother, whom I sweetly called Yaya. And yes, she is a strong, very determined woman who always fills my plate with lots of food. 

But my Yaya’s food is always the best.

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  • 2. El maravilloso ambiente

There was no time to take the eyes off every scene, every color, every sound, literally. In the land of the living, the colors were relatively balanced, since it is a village, when dusk comes, which illuminates each house in a beautiful orange color. The colorful cemeteries and ofrendas captivated me greatly, for the passion with which we adorn the tombs of our departed is more than a tradition; is a connection that even Death itself can never take away.

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  • 3. ¡Música maestro!

My God, I can’t believe Disney has started its own theme with Mariachi music. 

AY, AY, AY!!

That. was. Phenomenal. 

The rest of the film, when I started to hear the voices of each character singing, dancing or even playing guitar, I almost felt like jumping and singing, clapping and dancing. If anything you must be sure, is that when a Mexican hears that kind of music, mariachi, trumpets, violins, the shoe, the drums, gives him an infinite desire to be celebrating forever.

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  • 4. La Chancla

La abuelita threatening everyone with la chancla. 

That’s typical of mexican family. No, seriously. Once my Yaya threw me la chancla voladora when I was little and I was running and they had yelled at me to stop. That could not be missing!

If you have never been threatened with la chancla, or much less have hit you with it, trust me, as a mexican you had no childhood.

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  • 5. La Llorona

Originally, the song La Llorona is sung by Chavela Vargas. If you have never heard of it, I strongly recommend that you do so. That was totally amazing! 

“Ay, de mí llorona. Llorona, de azul celeste. Ay, de mí llorona. Llorona, de azul celeste…”

“Y aunque me cueste la vida, llorona, no dejaré de quererte. Y aunque me cueste la vida, llorona, no dejaré de quererte…”

Miguel’s great-great-grandmother sang it with such sentiment made me shed tears, because I’ve heard it since I was a little girl. My grandmother sometimes sings it when she’s cooking.

  • 6. Ay, Ernesto, no te rajes

Yes, yes, YES!!!

I actually knew that Ernesto de la Cruz was inspired by Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete. OH, MY GOD! I love this man so much!

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Maybe you can remember Jorge with the song Ay, Jalisco no te rajes! (From the movie The Tree Caballeros) There are other songs that I recommend you to hear. But my favorite has always been that.

Yo soy Mexicano, Mexico Lindo, Ella, Entre suspiro y suspiro, El Abandonado, and more…

  • 7. Alebrijes

Actually, this was a very original idea that I loved. 

Alebrijes are imaginary beings made up of physiognomic elements of different animals, a combination of several animals, not only fantastic but also real.
They’re handicrafts made with the technique of the cartonería, that they are painted with joyful colors and vibrant.

Alebrijes are one of the many wonders of Mexican art and a pride and the hallmark of Oaxaca. Having a alebrije or a collection of them at home is considered good luck and it is said that happiness will accompany anyone who owns one of these works of art. In addition, owning a alebrije is to possess the best of Mexican art, so vast, so colorful, so full of life and a beauty recognized internationally.

  • 8. La Familia es primero

Even though The Book of Life is also another of my favorite movies, something made me even love more Coco than this. 


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It may sound a little… cliché, but for me the family has always been the most important thing. In fact, I quite identified with Miguel’s family. I could see in my own flesh not only my grandmother, but my uncles, my cousins and my other relatives. We don’t live in one house, we live in different places.

Traditionally my grandfathers are doctors, and they wanted my mother to be a doctor, but she preferred to study theater just as my father studied music. And there could be no doubt that her own daughter would also want to be an artist.

When I first went to Europe to visit the Universities, my grandmother, who repudiated the idea of being an artist, came to me one day and said to me: “It’s your life, you decide what you want and what you choose will be always good for me.”

The love of the family is so different and so unique, that to a certain point it made me realize that I do not need love of a couple if I have people that I can always talk to and who can support me too.

  • 9. Recuérdame

This song was definitely the best of the best. Full of feelings, full of dedication, I should applaud the effort for composers, I haven’t had the privilege of hearing it in English, but I think you should also listen to it in Spanish, and I say it because the song sounds infinitely cool. and with the voice of the characters, made my skin prickly and shed more tears.

“Hasta que en mis brazos tú estés… Recuérdame…”

  • 10. Mama Coco

This, without a doubt, is my favorite. The entire character of mama Coco.

She may not appear more than some scenes from the entire film, but she is a very important and very captivating character. The relationship she has with Miguel is very special, an old mind woman and a big-hearted young man, the love of grandparents or great-grandparents is so strong and has no limits…

I have lived with my great-grandparents since I was two years old, and I loved them with all my heart just like them to me.

They are no longer with me…

But that does not mean that I have forgotten them. I remember them every day, every moment, when I least expect it, I sometimes dream about them. Sometimes I ask my grandparents how they were as young people, and I could imagine their lives in black and white films, where they wore dresses and suits.

The times of my great-grandfathers were hard, but were also beautiful, they enjoyed their entire life and were happy. Mama Coco was able to leave the world knowing that her father loved her and sang for the last time. Recuérdame with her great-grandchild.

What a beautiful scene, so simple, so lovely, that speaks for much.

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Believe it or not, I loved Coco more than The Book of Life.

But I don’t think there has to be some anger cause somehow they seem to be something in como. For God’s sake, they do NOT seem at all, at least of the plot. 

Is more than obvious that the producers and the cast made a mega effort to make the film an original work, and yes, it is original, cause there were so many unexpected twists, plus that, again, made me cry.

Don’t hate Coco, really, the movie is worth seeing, and it is such a beautiful and so cute way of putting the family theme. 

The Book of Life talked about fear in being yourself: there is nothing wrong of being yourself and always follow your heart, while Coco talks about that it is okay to follow your dreams, but also think about your family, think about something that goes more beyond your expectations, but what you choose will always have the support of your family.

Two films focusing on Mexico, focusing on El Dia de los Muertos, two films that use direct themes, but that somehow made me realize what Life is like.

So, go ahead, Vive tu momento.

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do you ever think about how when even was manic he said 'we're so going to get married' and then when he was depressed he said 'in another universe we're together for all eternity' and cry

I cry more about what that turned into actually??? They started off talking on such a grand scale, “man of my life” and “married” and “eternity”, and while that might be romantic… I feel like that didn’t serve Even particularly well? If you’re living life as a film, you might make the big gesture and let the curtain fall. If you’re living life thinking of all the parallel universes, you can comfort yourself that one of them is getting it ‘right’. What I really loved about season three was that it wasn’t too precious about anything, Isak and Even enjoyed all the talk about the infinite and du er mannen i mitt liv but it wasn’t what ended up actually meaning the most to them. 

What wound up being the most important thing was you and me and this bed and now. And then ‘move in with me because I want you and your dirty socks and your elbow next to mine on the kitchen table’. The everyday, every day. The “now” means more to me than any hypothetical forever and they’re giving everything they could right at this minute. That’s what gets me more than anything with them, seeing them take such good care of each other because they aren’t counting on anything else. Because life is

where do these franchises end ??? if disney is just going to keep pumping out superhero films with the same recycled hero’s journey narrative while they squeeze every last drop from the star wars universe by expanding the star wars universe so they can rinse and repeat while they franchise all their old shit with live-action reboots, or sequels, or prequels and rinse and repeat while warner bros does the same shit with harry potter and dc comics and where does it END? its so ironic to me that kylo ren in the latest tlj trailer says “let the past die” when disney and other studios refuse to move forward and create new narratives and instead keep shoveling re-packaged nostalgia in my face because that’s easier then the risk of creating something from the ground up. i have loved luke skywalker since i was 4 years old and as excited as i am for tlj i have this terrible feeling they’re going to destroy the character he became at the end of rotj, the character i loved my whole fkn life, in the name of capitalizing on audience nostalgia like…… can a story end with satisfaction if your aim is to create something infinite?? where’s the payoff ?? what are we waiting for? what happened to make hollywood so scared of endings ?? of creating narratives where things had to matter because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?? there’s nothing wrong with things having their time and bowing out with grace. there’s nothing wrong with the words ‘the end.”


[About future behind the scenes work] It’s addictive. I love it. I think I’ve got to the point in my career where I’ve been involved and worked with so many incredible creative people, whether they’re writers, directors, producers, I’m even more obsessed with storytelling than I was when I started this job. I have infinitely more respect for the collaborative element of film-making, of TV drama making, of game making. I like playing as a team, and I really liked producing, writing, having a say. Let’s see how In Darkness is received, and then I’ll re-assess the situation!


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Recently, a wedding invitation from 1916 came into my possession. It has haunted me since.

Some flicker of humanity named Grace Pearl Price lovingly wrote out a wedding invitation, one hundred and one years ago. She sent it off to somebody in Ohio, and that somebody probably went to the wedding and stashed the invitation in some box.

The box passed through time, going through each moment before that moment disintegrated into history and brought another moment forth. Countless moments. That box was temporary and then infinite, temporary, and then infinite, quiet and unobtrusive in an attic or closet, listening to the years fall by. 

That invitation held up to the weight of existence longer than Grace Pearl Price and Stanley Lamar Gerrish. That wedding invitation outlived the marriage. That infinite invitation is lying on my bed in the year 2017, with the love and the dust and the years still inside it. It’s insane. 

That invitation passed through the rise of cars, the rebellion of flapper girls, two world wars, the gangsters of the fifties, the explosion of television, the hippies and their drugs, the chaos of 1980s culture, the mom jeans and classic films of the 1990s, the oddities and surge of popularity of computers and cellphones during the early 2000s, the Ugg boots craze of the early 2010s; untold lives and spinning of humanity; and now it’s passing through me, my home, my hands, my life, before it goes on. It will outlive me, my existence, these dim times. 

The infinite invitation. Inviting all who find it to remember the wedding of Grace to her darling lover Stanley. All the way back in 1916.

I wonder if Grace knew what time-defying piece of humanity she had forged when she swept her pen eagerly across that envelope. I wonder if she knew what immortal she had birthed from ink and tender paper.

Thank you, Grace, for inviting me to your wedding. I accept.


This will just be me saying everything I loved about this movie:

- Firstly, Pennywise. Holy fuck. I had goosebumps whenever he was on screen and have never smiled so much in my life at I have when seeing the way Bill Skarsgård portrayed this character. He was funny, incredibly creepy, weird, and just unbelievable. I still can’t get over what this character was like. I can’t get over what they did with him here. It’s the best character I’ve seen on screen in years and was everything I imagined and hoped and more. His voice was creepy as hell and his body and contortions were out of this world and really told the audience that they were watching no ordinary clown or monster but something that does not belong in the natural world.

- The Losers Club.

-Richie Tozier was the highlight and is my child and I will protect him with all my might.

-I’m fiercely more aggressive when it comes to protecting Eddie Kaspbrak than his own mother (yes, I love and cherish this sweet boy that much).

- Beverly Marsh deserves the world and more for what she puts up with and deserves the losers in her life.

- Mike Hanlon is a lover not a fighter, he couldn’t even kill a sheep and for this I love him.

- Bill Denbrough. Just Bill Denbrough. Give this kid a fucking break dear Lord.

- Stan Uris is too good for anyone, even the losers, and they don’t deserve him.

- Ben Hanscom. This boy had me in tears when Henry hurt him, and then tears of joy at seeing my boy defend himself and his friends and the girl he loves.

- Derry. This town and location they filmed felt so beautiful yet you could sense the disease and ignorance that the town gave off. It felt like Pennywise itself, something out of the ordinary and hiding more beneath it’s surface.

- The fears. Every one of these kids saw things that terrified them and that actually felt like real fears that kids have. Mike is scared of the fire that killed his parents. Beverly is scared of her own home life. Bill is scared of what happened to Georgie. Stan is scared of a woman in a painting in his home (which also links to his OCD in a small way). Eddie is scared of disease and it’s so clever how they use placebo to both describe his physical diseases in his real life and how he sees his fears in Pennywise (and how he can overcome both placebos). Ben is scared of the way people died in photos of old Derry incidents. Richie is scared of clowns, which is obviously shown through how he uses humour to cover up real life horrors and how clowns symbolise both the humour and the horrors.

- The humour. My God this is without a doubt the funniest horror movie I have seen in this century. The last great horror comedies were the old 80s classics, this film will no doubt go down with the classics itself.

- The individuality. This film knew it wasn’t the original or necessarily the book. It was an adaptation that also chose to be it’s own movie and make itself original and individual whilst also creating the most Stephen King movie I think I’ve ever seen adapted. It screams King in every scene.

- The production. The directing of this movie was astounding and was half the reason this film succeeds, the editing was on point and the sound editing and soundtrack were so pleasing and satisfying to see in this sort of movie.

- Lastly, the story telling. This movie wasn’t just a monster movie with kid heroes, it was a coming of age story that tells you about these characters and their real life, about their struggles, their religion, their families, their responsibilities, their hardships and it tells it through a beautifully woven story about friendship, love, terrors, growing up, and defeating your demons.

Guys, it lived up to every expectation and more. It was infinitely better than what I could have ever asked for or hoped for. The book is my favourite book of all time, I wasn’t overly keen on the mini-series albiet enjoying some aspects of it like the flashback scenes and Tim Curry being a good laugh on screen, but this film executed a flawless, new classical horror that will no doubt become a favourite not just for fans of the book and mini-series but for fans of horror, fans of film and fans of a spectacle happening right before their eyes.



Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ep. 821: Time Chasers

This was always one of my favorite Mike sketches…probably because it feels like a Joel sketch, y'know? I just love the idea of the hero and the villain just chillin’ and shootin’ the shit, sharing a mug of coffee in the infinite vacuum of space…

[Check out my other MST3K Gifsets here]

Watching everything unfold last night into the morning was magical, a reminder that our favourite show is happening. To see Chris Carter, the man who breaks our hearts but keeps us coming back for more, and was unbelievable. And yes he was rocking his blue Columbia puffer jacket! Melissa Stubbs was incredible to watch as she directed those stunts with finesse all while looking badass. The whole crew and production company were very lovely company.

I loved how everyone came together last night. Whether via social media or meeting up in person, TXF brought a lot of people together last night. It was so great to meet @super-infinite-possibilities and her family!! @xfilesobsessed22 , you kept me in the know last night! You have an amazing amount of knowledge about film, I think that’s so cool. It really helped in the way of finding out about what was probably happening and I kept my faith that things were going to happen. @odditiesandapplepie you were ever so the adventurous photographer! I loved that so much, so ballsy!! Mackenzie!! Thank you for sharing the Gillian love!!

Thank you all for your encouragement, it kept me going! I wish I had gotten more photos for you all.

Hi, can I express my worry that The Greatest Showman isn’t getting as much publicity as it 100% should be? Yes, I am highly aware P.T. Barnum was actually a very problematic person but the movie? Holy shit it is a masterpiece and I am growing very concerned that last year, La La Land was plastered all over my social medias yet I’m barely seeing a single thing about The Greatest Showman.

La La Land was… Alright. But people wouldn’t stop talking about it. It was the best thing on the planet, right? My goodness, two white people falling in love! How wonderful! It was praised by everyone, it was nominated for Oscars.

Now The Greatest Showman, in my opinion, is infinitely better. I can’t even explain to you the emotional impact it had on me. I was practically crying 2 minutes into the film. Every song had me on an emotional rollercoaster. (Not to mention they are all amazing and memorable…unlike La La Land.) It is a celebration of diversity! It shows an interracial couple! I remember seeing or two poc in LLL?

Anyway, what I’m saying is, The Greatest Showman deserved more recognition because it is a truly wonderful movie.

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Just say what u want to say mimi

ok here we go

so in simple terms, i think woollim is a very… incapable company??? i’ve been an inspirit since 2011 and ever since then, i’ve never really questioned the way INFINITE has been managed by them because everything seemed like it was going so well??? like during 2011 through the end of 2013, i would say they reached possibly one of the highest peaks in their careers, especially with the success the chaser had to offer and the number of tours, concerts and the amount of variety shows they did/made appearances on during 2012. 2013 came and infinite h did very well and i would say man in love was really successful followed by their japanese promotions which then led to destiny where they became the first kpop act to film at universal studios and finally their first world tour, which was pretty big, in my opinion. not to mention they also won best male group at mama which i think they were more than deserving of. 2014 to present day is when i think things started to change… i’ve always been fine with the whole one comeback a year thing cause other veteran groups were able to come back once a year but were still popular and still relevant in the scene since they were able to do other activities during the rest of the year so people wouldn’t forget about them. however, with INFINITE, once comeback promotions were done, despite a few members doing dramas here and there, i still think they were too inactive from the scene for a little too long. the members have mentioned a handful amount of times that they have desires to do activities in their spare time so i just don’t understand why they aren’t able to do so??? like tf does woollim want them to do??? sit in the practice room and practice??? practice exactly what though??? 

another thing that rly irks me is that yes, i understand that as a company, you want to grow and develop more groups. however, i don’t think it’s a very good idea to ignore the one group that your company was built upon on thanks to their hard work and success and advert your complete attention somewhere else. INFINITE is their main money maker so like… why did they leave them their to collect dust… 

ALSO!!! i have lost track of the amount of times they’ve teased fans with “comeback” news and were never actually able to go through with the comeback plans on said date… like don’t even get me started but i am honestly so upset and bitter and will continue to stay upset and bitter at the fact that we could’ve had one more final comeback as 7 before hoya’s departure but because they weren’t able to do so, the remaining 6 have to re-record songs and now every time i’ll listen to these new songs, i’m always going to think “wow hoya’s voice would’ve been here and here but bc woollim sucks, i won’t ever get to hear an ot7 version in my life” and they can still use sunggyu’s ribs injury as an excuse BUT STILL… WE HAD SO MUCH TIME BEFORE HE GOT INJURED… WHAT WERE YOU ALL DOING THEN

not to get into the epik high situation too deep but i think they way they handled that scandal was extremely poor. and as if they weren’t able to learn enough from that and take experience from it, i think they’re extremely lacking when it comes to PROTECTING THEIR FUCKING ARTISTS, aka the people that bring you in the money to keep your company running. the way they handled myungsoo’s scandal was extremely awful and with woohyun’s recent one????? um hello?????? are there people… doing their jobs correctly????? are you really going to leave your artists alone to let them get eaten alive by crazy netizens, news outlets with inaccurate sources and the public to just believe it all???

last but not least for now anyways, i personally thing woollim’s got some beef with hoya lol i forgot where i read this but apparently hoya’s received tons and tons of casting calls for dramas but woollim turned them down on his behalf without his knowledge of it nor his consent??? like………. excuse me? that they already won’t let him compose music for INFINITE but now they won’t even let him act?!?!?! he has so much potential and so much desire to things and he’s expressed them all so many times so why why why whwy why won’t they let him do any of it?!?! hoya isn’t the only one either, woohyun has mentioned soooooooo many times how he was ready for a solo album and it took him 6 years after debut to get one, while sungjong has said that he would like to do variety shows after all the well deserved praised he got from knowing brothers. like they did hoya so dirty and honestly i hate saying this but despite me still crying that ot7 isn’t a thing anymore, sometimes i’m really glad hoya’s able to do what he really wants now… like you can only be restricted for so long before you realize what’s best for you. also i think woollim forced the members to unfollow hoya on ig… like i’m sorry idc what u say but hoya and dongwoo are soulmates and that’s all the proof i need to know that woollim forced them all to do the unfollowing 

Okay so about Helsa in Frozen 2

At this point in time, it doesn’t matter to me if Helsa becomes canon or not. (I might have already talked about this), because thinking about it, just like any ship in the frozen fandom (besides Kristanna which is canon) Helsa is possible but still a bit of a longshot. So really at this point in time of waiting for the sequel, or even a gosh darn cast list, I don’t need a kiss or anything between Hans and Elsa.
All I’d want from the sequel, is Hans being redeemed. Him and Elsa working together in a twist of events, because that would be hella more interesting, especially for a Disney film. The villain and hero working together, maybe as a win win situation, hans helps Elsa, so Elsa helps him, or for a common goal, or to fight a common enemy.

I mean it was said 3 years ago (yes three gosh darn years ago) that the writers want to redeem Hans. But how they redeem him has so many routes to take. How Helsa becomes canon or not, isn’t a concern of mine. I love Helsa, but even to me, if hans and Elsa become friends and show signs or forgiveness, maybe even Hans showing feelings by the end of the film, that’s still canon in my eyes.
Cause that to me has an infinitely more interesting story then just a typical “problem, new character comes and helps save the day by new villian”, cause let’s be honest… Having a villain redeemed in an animated Disney film is already a huge fantastic step than doing typical things.

Also, it’s definitley a longshot rumour of Anna becoming the villain, because it makes no sense. How could Anna, who risked her life for his sister, who was shut out by her for years, randomly become evil?
I don’t know, but what I find appealing about the idea, is Elsa isn’t going along to fight Anna, but to try and save her. Just like Anna saved Elsa.
Anna didn’t give up on Elsa, so Elsa obviously won’t give up on Anna.
Plus, Elsa was in some form a villain in the first film, having her take a role similar to Anna’s in the first film is a good idea.
But how would Hans come into the mix?
Kristoff would make more sense, but at the same time, Kristoff working with Elsa could cause confusing and the idea they’d fall for each other. Hans too, still had some connection to Anna. And it would be more open to how Hans and Elsa’s relationship could grow. Become bigger enemies, just walk out of each others lives forever, become friends, or even spark affection, but again, it’s open to much more of a story arc and interactions.
Kristoff and Hans share qualities of having an unknown past according to the viewer, but all kristoff knows is how he grew up with ice harvesters. For all we know he never knew his parents, or his line of history, and a story where he finds those things out, would be more fitting in a story where Anna discovers it with him, not Elsa. And having a sequel with Elsa basically the villain again, is a boring recreation of the first movie. (That’s why it’s unfortunate you didn’t learn more about Kristoff in the first film, but they were focusing on the sisters relationship)
Hans on the other hand, We don’t know alot of why he just came to Arendelle and did what he did. All his actions and facial details, his personality changes depending on who he’s speaking to, they’re all details to a past we never learned about.
Jen Lee stated that Hans’ actions were caused by lack of love… That seems like a very important detail they forgot to add.

Ursula used to work in the palace, and was kicked out. The stepmother in snow-white didn’t want to be second most beautiful. Heck, even Turbo was explained in wreck it Ralph and he was a hidden villain like Bellweather in Zootopia (she too had her actions explained), so why would they keep that out for Hans, who was a hidden villain?
And don’t give me the bullshit of “Hans is just an evil guy”, no he’s not. Bellweather was oppressed cause she’s a sheep and said to not be able to do anything. Turbo was taken down from his pedestal of stardom so suddenly, after being the best for so long. Jen Lee had to tell everyone why Hans did what he did cause they left it out of the first film.

Connection between wanting him redeemed? Maybe so it can be explained in a sequel. I’m starting to see it that way.

(Where was I going with this.. I had a point)

Basically, Hans being in the next film, seems like it was planned to begin with.

I’ll tell you why.

Hans is connected to all the characters wether you like it or not. And if anything, he seems like he’s part of their group, more so then Gaston was to Belle, more so to King Candy to Vanellope. And you can see that too, don’t tell me you can’t.
Even the Duke of Wesleton doesn’t fit with the group.
To me, anything that was a spin-off for Frozen, *cough* Lego short film *cough*
Just didn’t seem right.. and that’s because Hans wasn’t there. Even showing him somehow, would make everything feel better.
Some people didn’t like Frozen Fever, but in a way, it was still slightly better, because they had shown Hans, because Hans is still a connection to them. And him being officially added to the gang, just… Evens things out.
I don’t know how to explain it better, but if anyone understands what I’m saying, that, Hans just has to be there. He has to be in the sequel, otherwise it won’t make sense. It won’t feel right. Then please elaborate better.
Even if he fills a silly typical revenge role, (that doesn’t fit his character) that’s more fitting then him not being in it at all.
Disagree if you want, but I’m serious. And I’m sure you’d understand too if he isn’t in Frozen 2. I can predict now that if he’s not in Frozen 2, the movie will just feel off. Somehow.


An infinite list of actors that I love: John Wood (5 July 1930 - 6 August 2011)

A character actor in movies - a leading actor on stage. He was Tom Stoppard’s favourite actor and acted in numerous Stoppard’s plays, such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Travesties, etc. He was also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He could play stern, cold, detached characters like no one else. I’ve always been intimidated and - at the same time - fascinated by his acting because he was able to portray these evil men in a way that always left me with the feeling that there were something more in them. Thanks to his sharp and witty look, he was the perfect candidate for the role of Sherlock Holmes, which he actually played on stage (I wish he’d played the great detective in a screen adaptation too!) in 1974.

Although I never saw him acting on stage, he was in a lot of my favourite movies of the 80s and 90s - Wargames, Ladyhawke, Shadowlands, Jane Eyre, Sabrina (the Sydney Pollack’s remake). He was never the leading actor in these movies and it’s a pity in a way, but also a good thing - in fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a really good character actor in a film. 

[TRANS] Myungsoo’s thank you letter for his drama support

You have been waiting for long, haven’t you?? Oppa is working hard filming now… I am working my hardest and giving my all so I won’t be something to be ashamed of, someone cool and confident. Please wait for a bit more~ I think we will be able to meet soon, I love you~♡

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What were your favorite parts of the episode?

This obviously contains spoilers, so if you’re planning to watch the episode maybe don’t keep reading.

  • SpaceDad can apparate his children??? THAT WAS COOL
  • I still love Carl Lumbly’s acting so much, god bless M’yrnn J’onzz
  • Also Winn calls him “Mr. J” which is just cute
  • Sam clearly a Kryptonian because she just assumes that sticking her hand in boiling water is a logical thing to do to test her “I have powers” theory
    • but again, what is the passage of time on this show because apparently Sam is like … Alex’s age
    • there’s just another random pod living in the mom’s back shed and somehow Sam never once as a child felt the need to get in there and find out what was inside??
    • also the image of her just strolling through the desert in her coat and jeans was weirdly amusing
  • Melissa out here killing it with her acting yet again this season
    • Poor Kara :’’’(
    • She held it together so well despite repeatedly getting punched in the feels
    • Kara also holding true to her principles and choosing ethics over feelings, that’s my girl and I love her
  • Winn gets little brother award points for this episode
    • Chyler was clearly busy filming crossover stuff during this ep
  • Kudos for the subtle hint that Lena’s positive legacy will survive

Also, I have a good idea now of where all these storylines are going and how they’re going to fit together for the next big chunk of the season, and I AM EXCITED. (yes, even with pod boy, who is infinitely more effective in small doses.)

“see you later, sweetheart.”

So uh… I was just kinda looking for something to doodle while I was listening to ‘The Adventure Zone’ earlier and this came out 8′D The idea of “Sans’ Moving Castle“ just kinda popped into my head at work earlier, and here we are *sweats* (based on that one scene where How jumps off the balcony, obv)

AU would absolutely include:

  • Frisk as Sophie
  • Flowey as Calcifer
  • Papyrus as Michael
  • Chara as the Witch of the Waste

Also, as much as I love the Studio Ghibli film, this AU would def be based on the original book by Diana Wynne Jones. The film was positively delightful, but the book had an infinitely more interesting plot line, and also crazy character antics.

i am literally in hell with all these aus guys omfg. don’t send help, i’ve already become one with the brimstone and satan is making coctails.

SUGA Wings Album ‘Thanks to...’

Scan credit to BONBONNIERE9397 on twitter ~

(Please take out with credits to jeonheart@tumblr if you use! Feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes ^^)

SUGA Thanks to…

 To my father, mother, and older brother, who are always the first to stand by me and give me strength – Thank you and I love you.

To Bighit’s heart, Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, Vice president Choi Yoojung, Dr. Yoon Seokjoon, Dr. Kim Shinkyu, Dr. Leehyuk, Dr. Chae-eun – Thank you for letting us make such a great album.

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Ode to Sufjan, praise be to Luca

Have songs ever married to a film as perfectly as “Mystery of Love” and “Visions of Gideon” do with “Call Me By Your Name”? I listen to massive amounts of music and have seen hundreds if not thousands of films and I can tell you that this coupling has never reached as holy a zenith as with Sufjan’s music in “Call Me By Your Name”. These songs encapsulate all the longing, melancholia, heartbreak and ecstasy of the film in 4 minutes, and once again I am moved to recognize Luca Guadagnino’s infinite wisdom in all things, his loving attention to detail and his flawless instincts. My heart is in my throat.