my love for this cast knows no bounds

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Witch!Sam casting spells for good, helping Dean and him with hunting is all good but. EvilWitch!Sam casting spells to hurt and kill just for the fun of it, but imagine Sam casting love spells on Dean to get his brother to just maybe get him to love Sam the way Sam's loved him all his life, Imagine Dean not even needing love spells and when he finds out that Sam has been casting them on him, instead of getting mad, understanding. Imagine Witch!Sam and Dean kissing and being the most badass couple

my friend, i love good witch!sam but oh boy, i love dark witch!sam even more.

sam doesn’t just hurt anyone and everyone. no, i do think that he’s inherently good but that doesn’t keep him from hurting those who really deserve it. those who have their soul so black that even light is crushed.

sam knows that he’s not normal. have for the longest time ever since he found that first spell in that old leather bound book and he cast that spell on that school bully and let’s just say that the bully didn’t mess with sam again. but back to the not normal thing. sam’s been in love with his brother forever and he thinks that dean doesn’t feel the same way because there is no way that he would.

so when dean would ask for a beer, sam will mutter a spell, a love spell and cast it onto the bottle in the hopes that it will actually work to make dean love him.

they never seem too and so sam tries all kinds of spells, all kinds of things to make dean love him just as much as he does and then one day dean finds out. sam’s gotten sloppy in his spell work and dean finds him trying to cast a spell and when dean asks what he’s doing, sam doesn’t have the heart to not tell the truth. and so sam tells him everything, what he’s been doing.

and all dean does is smile and surprises sam by walking up to him and grabbing his face to kiss him, hard.

“you didn’t need to cast a spell on me, dumbass.” dean muttered against sam’s lips. “i’m already in love with you, sammy.”

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I've defeated Blake once and I can do it again. Also I am the lover who will break down mountains and cast aside any suitors who will try to claim you from me. My love knows no bounds as I will be your bright and shining star

You defeated Blake how?

Dear Andy & Danai

Thank you for being you.

Two consummate professionals who bring our favorite characters to life each and every season. You’re our MVP’s of The Walking Dead and we love you.

You are brilliant actors and humanitarians.

You are humble, articulate, intelligent, passionate, and a credit to your profession.

The respect you have for each other as fellow actors and human beings is apparent in each and every interview and we are so happy that you support each other and the rest of your cast mates. You are all family and that is awesome!

Andy- I love your dedication and adoration for your wife and your children. You prove that it is possible to be a highly successful actor AND a loving family man. You’re the real deal!

Danai- I love your passion for raising awareness for women and girls who are struggling. You effect change with your words and your actions and my respect for you knows no bounds.

Don’t ever change. We love you!