my love for this baby is so immense


Stay in this moment where secret’s revealed

Here in a world, where there’s safety in falsehood

I have discovered the one thing that’s real.

That I love you, and I loved you from the start (x)

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You know what makes me immensely happy? Dean being an enthusiastic and overly-interested wingman. Like looking for teachable moments with cas at the diner or trying to get Sam laid in the early days. Or even in baby with the waitress. I'm so on board with dean deriving pleasure from other people getting off.

Dean is honestly just,,,, such an amazing fucking person okay. Like he LEGIT just wants others to be happy. He’s always putting himself last. Always putting the happiness and safety of others first. Especially Sam and Cas ofc. U know that feeling u get when ur best friend is super happy and just generally in a rly good place?? And u just milk that shit bc dAng it’s so good to see them like this and you’re happy bc they’re happy??? Yeah that’s Dean. And he just loooooves seeing his brother and his best friend being happy, no matter what that means for them. Srsly gotdAMN THIS BOI HE IS TOO!!!!!! MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

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hey baby girl! life gets tough but you are the strongest person I know. if you need anything at all, do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. My prayers and thoughts are with you and sending you many virtual hugs:)) hope everything gets solved. you got this love!! I have looked up to you for a while now so this situation breaks my heart because you are so much better than this. love you always and forever.

So, I read this a few days ago, and it instantly brought me to tears. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, I just had to take the past week or so and try to calm myself down and look out for my mental health, so I haven’t been on Tumblr really. 

Thank you so, soooo much for the sweet words. You are insanely kind and generous and I love you eternally for it. I would send you all the hugs I had if I could. Thank you again darling <3


sweet bb rabi

Both meet the artist AND witchsonas are going around rn, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity up for this year :,>

My witch is a night sprite I’ll leave pillows in your hats and shoes when you aren’t looking for a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

(Also trying out a REALLY HECKIN COOL technique for pixel art in PS, havent done pixely stuff in years but this is making me love it immensely :,,,D Gonna have to practice more with it in the future <3)


Hi @taylorswift ! My name is Gabrielle, I have 17 years and I live in Brazil! I have so many things to tell you that it becomes complicated to put them in this text. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thanks for being such a wonderful person, loving, affectionate, sweet and gentle. You fills us with pride and always believe in our potential.

Thank you, you help me daily with each letter of their music and even your jokes! I wish you to be immensely happy. Happier than you already are! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I’m blown away by your trust in his fans. That’s why we love you so much! I did my Tumblr for a while and spend part of my time posting some stuff about you! I love you so much and I hope to meet you one day soon! Sending you love baby 💜


Finally guys! I watched it and I honestly LOVED it and enjoyed it thoroughly! I was really nervous about finally seeing it but it turned out to be everything an adventure summer movie should be. I wish it was a little bit longer though but it still was one big fun ride. It has kind of an old school feel to it and I really took great pleasure in that. Everything felt so big and lush. Cinematography and sets in this movie are nothing short of spectacular, a true feast for the eyes. The animals were magnificent too, and Mangani looked so alive and real I loved every second of it (although elephants are my personal favorites). 
The plot is fairly simple yet nicely managed. It touches some very important issues as well so it’s not just a mindless fun. I also immensely enjoyed all the flashbacks of young/baby Tarzan and I found myself wanting to see more of it. 

Alex was phenomenal. Now, you may call me biased, rightfully so LOL, but it’s all a matter of perception anyway. I personally loved his portrayal of Lord Greystoke/Tarzan so much. My god, he looked larger than life..There were legit a couple of times during the screening when I realized I have my mouth open and that never happens to me! I was so engrossed! (one of my best friends was with me and she would tease me mercilessly because of this lol) And not only did he embody Tarzan so perfectly he also delivered an intriguing and emotional aspect of the iconic character that I feel hasn’t really been explored that much in the past. He speaks with his eyes, he’s always had that, but it’s so poignant in this movie it’s outstanding. His chemistry with both Margot and Sam Jackson was spot on.. I must admit though I was particularly enjoying the bromance going on between Tarzan and Sam’s character. hehe

Also, the movie is packed with CGI, so what? Apparently I’m not spoiled (obsessed) enough with it, like so many people seem to be, so it looked pretty damn fine to me. Truth be told, there was like just one short segment when I actually noticed CGI. Just one! For like 2.5 seconds, I mean c’mon! I’s not even worth mentioning. :)))

Overall, I highly recommend you check out this movie. It is worth it. Go and see it if you can. Give it a chance. And if you are a fan of Alexander then even more so, you won’t be disappointed.
It is a critic’s job to criticize, that’s why they’re called critics LOL, We get it, hell, If I was getting paid for it, I would be as damn melodramatic and pedantic as possible too. ;)

Anyway, I know for sure I will be seeing it again this weekend. (✿◠‿◠)


Omg! Words aren’t enought to describe how happy I feel right now, and how much I love these couples. All the things they make me feel are simply unique, because I never felt anything like this in other series. I appreciate every moment we’ve had, and the oportunities of been able to fangirling with you all  ヽ(;▽;)ノ 


Thank you to the IchiHime and RenRuki fandom! Thank you for never giving up, Thank you for defend each pairing so passionately, Thank You for the immense love given to our babies, and especially Thank You for always being there 💞 💖

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart ❣️

So Velociraptors???

I’ve always had an immense love for the Velociraptors since the very first movie but let me tell you, in Jurassic World my love for them has grown even more!

All female sibling trope that became scent hounds and chose Chris Pratt as an alpha? Hell yeah!

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Look how cute they are. These scenes had to be one of my favorite scenes by far out of the whole movie. (Both top and bottom GIFs)

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Congratulations on your Cesar win Kristen!

so very proud of her. suck on this, haters!!!!!

Oh what a happy day mama!!! Aaaaahhhhh, can you just imagine how immensely proud Rob is? And little SP too :3

Just imagine Rob sitting at home, with tears of joy and pride in his eyes and a sleeping baby girl in his arms, whom he’s trying his hardest not to wake up, but his urge to jump and scream making it difficult for him :’)

Oh! My MN, I am so happy right now, can you here me screaming? I love the minions dancing and I am with them. I just don’t what to say…I am so proud and her parents and hubby I am sure are so smiling right now. Wish she could of had one of them with her. I can’t wait for the day her husband can be with her for support in the future, because their will be more to win in the coming years for this beautiful person. Happy to be her fan. Okay! I still love yea and the fight is off. 2 happy to fight from happyday02

Hi Mama I just can’t believe it!! I wasn’t able to get the live stream so I just kept checking your blog. When I saw the news I just broke down in tears. I hope you will be able to get video of her accepting the award. She was so surprised and all of us are so happy for her right now. It’s incredible to win that award. She has made history! I just wish Rob could have been there but I know they’ll celebrate when she gets home. She also looked beautiful as always.

Hi MN so proud I’m dancing well done Kristen you are wonderful. Jean in Liverpool

MAMA!!!!! Iam alone right and have no one to scream with, but I am screaming!!!!!! OH my gosh!!!!!!! Kind of breathless.

Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! EPIC!!!! Totally screamed so freaking loud!! So proud!! Going crazy over here doing a little dance!! RZ

so proud of kristen



I am crying!!! Soooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Kristen is humble as always! Love her to death! <33333

Kristen, we are laughing, crying, dancing and just all around rejoicing for you and the honor you just received.  Please know that you have supporters from literally all over the world and we want nothing but the best for you…in every aspect of your life.

Congratulations on making history Kristen, the first American actress to ever win a Cesar.  

You will always be our Valentine!

That’s quite an accomplishment and we are so proud.  But I don’t think that any of us are surprised.

Me: Honestly, I’m so disappointed to have to deal with another Peter Parker. The comic universe has such an awesome time exploring the identities of Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon, and even Amadeus Cho. These characters have so much immense potential that the movies seem to be scared to tap into. I just want something different. We’ve had two “incarnations” of Peter Parker not to mention the 50 million tv shows. Give me Miles Morales trilogy with Parker cameos. Give me a stand alone about Jessica Drew just trying to fucking make it. 

Also me: *watches new Civil War footage* THIS FUCKING NERD BABY IS MY EVERYTHING HOLY SHIT I AM IN LOVE *heart eyes emoji*