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Acquired: "Bob", the skinned goblin corpse

This is the first time all of us are playing DnD 5e, so we’re still unsure of what all the mechanisms and alignments mean. Sana is our “Lawful Good” Half-Orc Monk. Our party of level 1 characters have recently killed some goblins, and are about to go into a cave that seems like their base when-

Sana: …“Can we skin the goblin corpse and wear it to sneak past any goblins we might encounter? Oh wait but I can’t do it because I’m lawful good.”

DM (after a stunned moment of processing): “I …um… sure!”

Droggo (our halfling druid) agreed to wear the goblin skin for the rest of the dungeon. Sadly, the goblin skin disguise was only really used during the immediate next wolf encounter, and we forgot to use it for deception. Sana, however, decided to continue CARRYING THE SKINNED GOBLIN CORPSE (now dubbed “Bob”)

Sana: “I throw the skinned goblin corpse at the goblin on the bridge!“ 

DM: "You are going have to roll a *17* on athletics”

Sana: *rolls a natural 20. Everyone loses it

DM: “Bob goes HURTLING through the air and smacks the goblin on the bridge over. The goblin faints from the shock and the impact.”

Even later, when facing a gang in town, this happens:

Sana: “I rip off Bob’s (Now rotting) head with my teeth!”

*The resulting intimidation roll this manages to scare off 2 of the gang members and intimidate the remaining 4

trans girl pidge and agender hunk being the best of friends and working together to form a robot to help around the castle, and more specifically clean up their leftover messes because coran has finally had enough. hunk does the engineering and design work, trying to replicate the robot to look like coran. pidge codes and programs the robot to say ‘get reked scrub’ every time it registers lance’s voice in the premises. they’re the trans science duo who hates cleaning up after themselves and i love them (◡‿◡✿)


I’ll give you guys a double Promptis post today!
Drawings for my bae @destatree that I attach to her fics when she updates miiiiiine <3 Promptis drawings will always be attached to her updates now and be posted sometime later when I can get around to it on a separate post because screw the tumblr squishing.