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i swear it feels like jikook are trolling us jhsdbfhjaf. they go silent and pretty mild for a while, acting like normal friends??? welp, worry no more, as that is sure to be followed bY ACTUAL BOYFRIENDS JIKOOK, THESE MEN DO NOT HOLD BACK LMAO

OKAY I’M SORRY BUT UM JIKOOK ARE SO GAY NOW??? LIKE, THEY LEGIT DON’T HOLD BACK AT ALL. THEY’RE SO OPENLY IN LOVE AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. they don’t even try to be “just friends” anymore. they legit don’t give any shits and just act in love, like real boyfriends do. i’m so proud of my gay boys. wow. 

Oscar Wilde Anecdote #82

A long story of blackmail and sass

Lord Alfred Douglas had accidentally left one of Oscar’s love letters in his suit jacket; an unemployed clerk named Wood found it and hired a pair of men to blackmail Wilde. But of course, even in this situation, Wilde was witty and collected as ever. 

When one of the blackmailers, Allen, came to his door, Oscar said, “I suppose you have come about my beautiful letter to Lord Alfred Douglas. If you had not been so foolish as to send a copy of it to Mr Beerbohm Tree, I would gladly have paid you a very large sum of money for the letter, as I consider it to be a work of art." 

Allen replied, "A very curious construction can be put on that letter." 

"Art is rarely intelligible to the criminal classes,” said Wilde. 

“A man has offered me £60 for it,” said Allen. 

“If you will take my advice,” answered Wilde, “you will go to that man and sell my letter to him for £60. I myself have never received so large a sum for any prose work of that length: but I am glad to find that there is someone in England who considers a letter of mine worth £60." 

For a moment Allen remained speechless and bewildered, but he composed himself and said, "The man is out of town." 

Wilde replied, "He is sure to come back,” and repeated his advice. 

Allen now admitted that he was in a considerable amount of debt and had been looking for Wilde for a while; the latter gave him half a sovereign for his trouble, and commented, “The letter is a prose poem, will shortly be published in sonnet form in a delightful magazine, and I will send you a copy of it." 

And with that, Allen left. 

The other hired blackmailer, Clibborn, arrived on Wilde’s doorstep five minutes later. 

"I cannot bother any more about this matter,” Wilde answered the door wearily. 

He was taken aback when the man pulled out the original letter and, handing it to him, said, “Allen has asked me to give it back to you." 

Hesitant, Wilde asked, "Why does Allen give me back this letter?" 

Clibborn replied, "Well, he says you were kind to him, and there is no use trying to rent you, as you only laugh at us." 

"I will accept it back,” announced Wilde, taking the letter, “and you can thank Allen from me for all the anxiety he has shown about it." 

Oscar frowned as he noticed the crumpled state of the letter, and said, "I think it quite unpardonable that better care was not taken of this original manuscript of mine." 

Clibborn apologised, explaining that it had been passed between so many different people. 

Handing him a sovereign as he had Allen, Wilde remarked, "I am afraid you are leading a wonderfully wicked life." 

"There is good and bad in every one of us,” said Clibborn. 

“You are a born philosopher,” said Wilde, and closed the door on him. 


I wouldn’t want to live this life without my best friend @dinoshade 🤘🏾

Left: both pre T
Right: Kai is 4 months, I’m 8 months

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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idk why but this photo makes me happy. probably because they look so happy here and they are smiling and i just want this back pls

Thinking on it, Loki should really have just dropped the whole Asgard thing and moved to Greece to hang with the Olympians

Like, Loki’s worst bits of mischief, up to and including murder, is just Zeus’ casual Tuesday. Plus everyone is always busy either fucking with someone if not actually fucking them. There’s a god of drinking and theatre (professional artful lying, holy shit). Also a god of chilling in the woods and banging nymphs and/or lonely shepherds (ideal). Two love/beauty/lust deities (doubly ideal, good on Mama Aphrodite and Son Eros, great family tradition). No prophesy of an apocalyptic showdown to look forward to–or any kind of narrative to bind the gods, period (Fuck Yes). The local mortals are all nerds in togas or oiled up muscle men (c:). Balmy weather, access to spices (C:).

Honestly, it’d just be

Zeus: What convinces you, god from the north, that you have a place here among my family? Among the gods of sky and sea and earth, the gods who are all the power and inspiration of the world? What right have you, foreign trickster, to the gates of Olympus?

Loki: Oh, is this the job interview? Damn, and here I am without my power suit. Let me change real quick

Loki, naked: So my work history is,

Zeus, naked: Hera, have someone clear out the guest room

SHINee is just one of those groups that you have to love aggressively

tfw you realize that the line “I’m brave enough to fight the enemies” from “Theme of King JJ” isn’t about JJ seeing the other skaters are enemies but taking on his own anxiety and fears, putting the song and his arc in perfect keeping with the entirety of Yuri on Ice’s antagonist-less narrative.


That’s when I knew shit was about to go down…