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Surprise Perfection (JJ Request)

“Hey gorgeous!” JJ grins as soon as he opens the door and you chuckle at how excited he was.
“Hello babe” You smile, stepping through and automatically feeling his lips on yours quickly.
“The guys are filming so don’t worry” He laughs.
You weren’t particularly the girl they expected to be with JJ and though they thought you were a lovely girl, they were unsure as to whether you were right for him. In all honesty, you questioned it yourself in the first few weeks of your relationship after seeing how loud he was around his friends. He had told you the opposite however. He reminded you that he was with you because he wanted to be with you and that was what was important to him.
JJ was loud around you and he made you laugh but he was also sweet and calm when he wanted to be. And you felt like around him, your shy self could finally come out of its shell and not care what he would think because you knew full well that he found it hilarious and he loved that side of you.
“Alright we’re filming a scary game video because I figured you’d at least not have to worry about talking as much because I know you’d hate that. And there’s no punishments or anything because you wouldn’t want to do that in your first video which is fine I don’t want to do anything like that” He explains as he leads you upstairs.
“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to film a scary game either” You laugh.
“Very true but at least you’ll be more comfortable” He smiles that adorable smile you instantly fell in love with.
He has already set up everything for the video and knows you’re bound to be anxious.
“Is what I’m wearing okay?” You ask, looking down at your burgundy blouse and jeans.
“Of course babe” He laughs, “They don’t care about what you’re wearing!”
“There’s over 15.5 million of them JJ” You point out.
“Right gorgeous” He turns round, taking his hands in yours, “If they say anything and I mean anything then they can go fuck themselves. Like I said when the guys seemed a bit uncertain, I don’t care. You’re my girlfriend and that’s what’s important to me alright?”
He knew it upset you when you heard the boys talking. It was all three of them in the kitchen and before you went in you heard them mention your name. It wasn’t done in a necessarily malicious way. They were simply saying that they were unsure whether you were right for their friend. Looking out for him really. You were the shy girl that had done well in school and did three years of hard work at university and rarely drank and did your best to help other people. And JJ was known as the loud crazy one of their group. With no cares anymore. The one that would do anything for ‘bants’ as they called it.
But, nonetheless it upset you simply because you had tried so much to relax around them and be the girl you were around JJ but you guessed your nerves had got the better of you. As soon as your boyfriend found out what they had said, he went to speak to them and tell them exactly what he thought. That they needed to be respectful of how he felt and how much he liked you. They did like you. They just thought you were perhaps too ‘nice’ for Mr KSI.
“Its ya boy KSIOlajideBT and today we have a bit of a different video” Your boyfriend starts, “I’m with (y/n), my girlfriend!!!” He cheers.
“Hi guys” You smile.
JJ chuckles at how polite you are and begins talking again, “So we’re doing a scary game today because we all know they’re my favourite!” He comments sarcastically.
The pair of you start and you can already tell he is anxious at what is to come.
“Go left JJ” You mention, “No go left!”
“I don’t want to go left! Its dark! I’m gonna stay here” He shakes his head, turning into the corner of the room.
“No come on we-” You start before a face jumps up on the screen as the ‘jump scare’ of the game.
JJ screams and jumps back in his chair, leaving you in fits of laughter.
“Flipping heck” You chuckle, “What did I say?”
“How did you not even jump at that?” He exclaims, gesturing to the screen.
“Oh come on that was so obvious” You scoff, “That’s why I said go left”
“It’s a good job you’re hot” He grumbles, “Right you take the controller this time”
“No no no you can do it. Conquer your fears” You joke and he stares at you for a while.
“Alright, but you tell me where to go” He nods and starts again.
After a while, you and JJ are on your way to escape the house and he’s been doing surprisingly well.
“Yess! We’re fucking doing it!” He cheers.
“No babe go right” You laugh, though he is too busy celebrating to hear you.
“Wait what? Right ahead?” He questions, running down the corridor straight on instead, “Ahh fuck! Fuck shit! He’s after me!”
“I said go right for gods sake!” You reply.
JJ screams yet again and throws his controller down.
“This is why you need to listen to me!” You exclaim, giggling all the same.
JJ laughs and sits back up.
“You can finish the video. I’m done” He shakes his head, taking his hat off to run a hand over his now growing hair.
“Alright guys that’s all for today. I think we’ve realised JJ can’t do anything right on his own and-” You start and he jabs your side to tickle you, “JJ go away!” You squeal, darting across the room instantly.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You and JJ are cuddled in his bed by the time his video has gone live as he tries to teach you what is happening in the arsenal game as much as possible.
All of a sudden, you notice your phone start to buzz with Twitter notifications tagging you and your boyfriend.
‘Omfg never seen JJ in love so much😍’
‘This guys fallen hard. Good on him’
‘Couldn’t find someone better for JJ. They’re so cute already!!!!’
“Looks like people liked the video baby” JJ mumbles from beside you, shuffling so his arms are still firmly around you.
“Who’d have thought that?” You comment, still scrolling through the tweets until you see one with a screenshot of the end of the video where JJ’s eyes were fixated on you talking.
“Alright alright we don’t need to see that do we” He says quickly, locking your phone and putting it on the side, “Come here”
You snuggle closer into him and he tries to explain what is happening on the video and neither of you notice Simon come into the room.
He quickly takes a photo of the pair of you and instantly posts it to twitter- 'You guys are right. They’re perfect’

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