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hi cassie :) i've been a fan of the books since 2010 and it's been amazing to see how much they've grown in terms of popularity and audience. I would love to know whether you came up with the idea to write the eldest curses because of how popular Magnus became and the reaction to him or was the idea in your head from the beginning and you decided to finally write it :) also could i be cheeky and ask for a snippet from the lost book of the white preferably featuring Alec....

I was excited to write the story of Magnus and Alec Having An Adventure and Falling More In Love for a very long time, but my ability to do so was limited by the way publishing and distribution worked back in 2005, when I was initially trying to sell City of Bones. There was a lot more resistance to gay characters in YA at that time. A couple of publishers turned the book down because Alec, a gay character, was in it. The Barnes & Noble website page for City of Bones included a review from Commonsense Media where they gave it a content warning for “sexual content” just because of the presence of a gay character even though he never did anything sexual. A lot of big box stores refused to carry the book, and major children’s book clubs passed it over. 

I always hoped for systems to change. As the books grew more popular, and as times changed, I was able to include more of Magnus and Alec as the series went on. In fact, their presence in the story and on the page made a big jump starting in CoFA, at which point I received a surge of criticism from those who were upset that I was writing about Magnus and Alec more prominently. I remember having my books pulled from libraries; foreign translators cut scenes with Magnus and Alec in them; once I was standing in the middle of the street about to get into a car to take me to a school where I was going to do a talk about my books when my publicist came up and said we were no longer invited: the school had read about Magnus and Alec and they didn’t want me there. Or often, if I was at a school, I’d be asked not to talk about Magnus and Alec while speaking to the students.

I tried to walk a careful line, including Magnus and Alec (and later, Aline and Helen) as significant and meaningful characters, but still managing to keep schools, libraries, and reading groups from throwing the books out or locking them up where the kids who most needed to read them wouldn’t be able to access them at all.

I held onto the hope that attitudes would continue to shift, to allow for more freedom to write characters who accurately represent the population of the world we live in (and represent my own friends and family, on whom Alec and Helen specifically are based). Hope that I’d be able to expand roles for characters like Magnus and Alec, and over the past twelve years — partly as I’ve carved out my career in a way where I can take the sales hits that sometimes result from major LGBT+ inclusion, and partly because of so many brave writers, readers, editors and publishers who’ve pushed for change — I’ve been able to do so more and more. 

When I was writing CoFA, I purposefully left a gap where Magnus and Alec go on vacation, with the idea that someday I could go back and fill in that gap with a story focused on them. For a long time that wasn’t something that companies wanted to buy and publish. I could have self-published the series, but I wanted the books on the shelves in stores, on the “bestsellers” rack with every other book I’ve written, making a statement about how much people want this kind of book and these kind of characters. I chose to write the story now when I did because Simon and Schuster, my publisher, opened Saga Press, an imprint dedicated to expanding what you can do in YA and cross-publishing with adult fantasy/sci fi. It’s Saga that will be publishing The Eldest Curses.

I thought a lot about what to say here because of two things: one, that people don’t like to hear about pushback against writing non-straight characters — it’s depressing (it is), it seems distant, unreal, how can these old systems and thought processes still exist? We’ve had successful books with gay characters in them! We’re done, right? I guess all I can say is that I think there’s a value to illuminating the pushback because it underlines how important it is to keep supporting books with LGBT+ characters because we are not there yet; we’re not where those books are give the same budgets and marketing and push as books with straight casts, and it takes the support of readers and reviewers and bookstore and library buyers to get us there.

I’d also say that I know I’ll get criticism for saying I was careful in my portrayal of Magnus and Alec until I felt like I’d gotten to a place where even if the fact that they were in love, lived together, even had sex was shown or even just implied (as it is in CoFA) it wouldn’t mean the books were locked up in libraries and slapped with warning labels. I guess I can only say it’s hard to navigate a situation where you fear the very kids who need to read about Magnus and Alec won’t be able to. When you meet kids who say “This book saved my life” so many times, and you think “But what if you couldn’t get to it? What if your school wouldn’t carry it, or your library, or your Walmart, which in small towns is sometimes literally the only source of books?) I accept that criticism. We all face hard choices in life and we make complicated decisions we think are for the best, and being criticized for those decisions is part of living and learning.

I guess the only other thing I’d say is whatever shitty things were said to me over the years about Magnus and Alec, they pale in comparison to the shitty things said to writers like Malinda Lo and Scott Tracey who were writing their own lives and experiences in the form of LGB characters on the page — and as Malinda says, their pain at confronting homophobia/biphobia will always be more visceral and personal than mine.

If you go out and buy The Lost Book of the White of course I’ll be thrilled, and a lot of that will be because it’s a way to show publishers that this kind of media and these protagonists are wanted and desired by readers. But I’d be just as thrilled if you picked up any fantasy by an LGB+ writer with LBG+ characters in it. There’s a ton of wonderful stuff and I hope you’ll explore it.

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What would happen if the kids are kidnapped and missing for a couple of days. How would the adults react and how would the kids protect each other.

I’ll stick with the Guardians and Varia, but if anyone wants to know headcanons on how the other adults would react let me know. Since my love for the Vongola Kids knows no limits, these are based off what would happen if Lambo, I-Pin, Fran and Futa got kidnapped.

Fran is the one in the worst condition, because he is drugged to prevent him from using his illusions. Lambo, I-Pin and Futa frequently check his pulse and make sure he isn’t developing a fever. Futa takes most the hits and kicks the kidnappers use to try and intimidate them, getting severe cuts and bruises. Lambo can’t help but cry during the first hours of captivity and I-Pin and Futa comfort him. I-Pin will give up the little food she receives to make sure her friends are fed, especially Fran. They keep close together, always talking and reassuring each other.

Tsuna: He’s devastated. He’s terrified. He knows he can’t break down because his little siblings need him to be strong until they’re safely back home and he does not sleep until they are. He’s furious that someone would target the kids in order to get to him. He feels immense guilt, because they would not be in this situation if they were not part of the Mafia world, and he thinks it’s his fault.

Ryohei: As being one of the oldest of his siblings, it is his job to make sure they are safe and is very hard on himself when he fails. He goes away for a bit of alone time, punching walls and whatever he can get his hands on to release his fear, agitation and anger. He’s constantly moving but significantly quieter, spending most of his time out in the field searching for the kids and their kidnappers.

Yamamoto: Keeps his family calm and soothing their fury, knowing how reckless and rash they can be. He’s fuming on the inside, but knows it will do no one any good to lose control, and helps head the investigation efforts. When the kidnappers are finally discovered does he release his emotions in a rare violent display. Drinks a lot of tea to keep his nerves as settled as possible given the circumstances.

Gokudera: Flings himself into the investigation, the more panicked and infuriated counterpart to Yamamoto. He drowns himself in the work to try and keep his mind off the what-ifs, stacks of paperwork and files on his desk as he tries to narrow the list of suspects. Is on top of updates and keeps the information flowing between CEDEF, Vongola and Varia so that no one is out of the loop.

Hibari: There is perhaps not an adjective powerful enough to describe just how enraged he is. Nobody harms his pack, and the fact that he could do nothing to prevent it makes it even worse. He takes every lead he is given, hunting down the herbivores who have given them problems in the past and brutally interrogating them. He doesn’t stop drawing blood until the kids are found, and he delivers the killing blow to the kidnappers.

Chrome: She stands strong, though she is breaking apart on the inside. She keeps Kyoko and Haru comforted and assists them in making sure their family does not neglect their own care during the search for the kids. She goes out with Mukuro to search, keeping him restrained when it seems he will go too far and he prevents her from descending into dark thoughts.

Mukuro: Is unable to keep still enough to go through the paperwork part of the investigation and goes out to search. He stays out all the day, trying to sense the presence of the kids and violently beat anyone he thinks is withholding information from him. He returns home at night, knowing that Hibari will continue looking, and keeps watch over his family.

Squalo: Is extremely agitated, because he (along with the others) knows that there is a good chance Fran is incapacitated to keep him from using his illusions. Takes care of the investigation on the Varia end, keeping in constant contact with Gokudera and Iemitsu. Doesn’t leave his office until the culprit is identified.

Mammon: He tries to locate the kids using his location ability, and when the results continuously come up negative, he grows frustrated and angry. Tries to break whatever barriers are preventing him with his illusionist abilities and ends up exhausting himself.

Lussuria: Though he is angry and worried, he keeps a calm exterior as the investigation goes on. He makes sure his family is taking care of themselves, such as bringing food to Squalo and ordering Mammon to rest. He is reluctant to leave the mansion, knowing his Sun Flames would be needed and wanting to be near.

Levi: Is very quiet and less argumentative, wanting to do anything he can to help locate the kids. It’s unnerving not having Fran around and he can’t stand the lack of the boy’s voice. He shares the paperwork load with Squalo and continuously checks on Xanxus, trying to calm his rage as best he can and keep him from going over the edge.

Belphegor: Gets very moody and aggressive, absolutely hating the fact he doesn’t know what Fran is going through. He misses his partner-in-crime and the hole that Fran’s absence creates is unbearable. He stays in the mansion, none of his family members allowing him to step outside while Fran is missing.

Xanxus: He’s livid, and his scars stretch out across his face and do not recede until Fran is found and the kidnappers have been slaughtered. After he learns Fran has been kidnapped, he destroys a fair bit of property before simmering in his office, keeping tabs on the progress of the investigation. He despises not knowing where Fran and the others are. He becomes paranoid and overprotective, keeping Belphegor close. He’s the first one to jump into action when the kidnappers are discovered.

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What are your favourite Saiouma headcanons?

Oh, boy, this should be fun. I’ll try to limit myself to just a few, because otherwise I’d get too carried away.

  1. Ouma can’t flirt: The most important headcanon I have, and backed up by evidence from canon and from the love hotel scene, to boot. He’ll drop lines like “I stole Saihara-chan’s heart,” “Oh, did you fall for me Saihara-chan?”, “my beloved Saihara-chan,” etc. all day long, but once Saiahara ever seems to be actually, genuinely reciprocating, or worse, you know, actually understanding him or getting to know him, it’s time for Ouma to run. He’s been lying for so long that he believes his emotions are pretty much entirely a ruse, so the idea of actually being understood is exactly what he wants—but it’s also something he hates. He’s a contradictory brat, basically.

  2. The slowest of slow burn ships: For reasons stated above, but also Saihara isn’t exactly the most forthright about his emotions either. He’s so preoccupied with working through his own insecurities and trying to set aside his hesitation with exposing the truth, and then this gremlin comes along who is constantly demanding all his attention. Because to be honest, no matter what AU this took place in, Ouma would always be an asshole who goes snooping around people’s personal lives when he shouldn’t, and Saihara would be so…so tired. And then when he does realize he has feelings for said gremlin, Ouma’s just trying to make a run for it like some phantom thief sprinting out the door.

  3. Smug Saihara: By which I mean, Saihara is still pretty laid back and not actually smug by nature, but if he and Ouma ever were, actually, a thing, it would mean that he’d managed to find a way to understand Ouma, and that therefore he had solved a mystery, of sorts. And understanding the ways in which Ouma thought or worked despite his full intentions to keep being an annoying, enigmatic little brat would leave Saihara very happy with himself for a change. And Ouma would hate it.

I think those are the main, fleshed-out headcanons I’d personally incorporate into almost any fanfiction or AU, but I have plenty of others including but not limited to “Ouma throws himself over Saihara’s lap like a damn cat whenever he wants attention,” “Saihara has to start an intervention on how much Panta Ouma’s been drinking because he’s starting to suspect the guy just never sleeps,” and “they stage detective murder mystery games in their apartment on a weekly basis because Saihara’s getting progressively more competitive about solving mysteries in record time, and Ouma likes lying on the floor covered in fake blood because he’s weird.”

Thank you for asking! Saiouma is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing more things written about their dynamic.

3/∞ doddle series (x)

for @asensihoe

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RodiMags front, a lot of feels about the fact Minimus is human sized... Imagine him riding inside Rodimus's altmode and when Rodimus gets zesty with his driving just grabbing the wheel and slamming on the brake and being like "Speed limits are not for breaking Rodimus!" and Rodi whining but secretly loving it and being protective...

Oh my grief.

You don’t know how hard this imagery made me laugh.

The sheer concept of Irreducible Minimus Ambus not only being driven around inside of Rosimus’s alt-mode.

But also enforcing road safety rules whilst doing so.

Absolutely beautiful. 10/10. I’m still laughing at this oh my gosh.

Two four year old boys here today.

They’re a week apart in age (F is the younger but taller of the two), they’ve known each other since they were 6 weeks old, go to daycare together and often seem like brothers in the love/hate relationship they cycle through (usually on an hour to hour basis). The other boy’s mum is having some health issues and although I offered to have him overnight, I’m kind of glad that offer wasn’t taken up.

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Reader taking care of ethan cause he broke his leg

ohh myyy

Ethan huffed as he attempted to go down the stairs, gripping the railing with determination. He stepped down with his good leg on the first step before (y/n)’s voice rang through the hallway,”Babe what in the world are you doing?” she giggled, coming up from behind him. “I wanted to get something from the kitchen, i think i can do it” he said, glancing unnervingly from the staircase back to his girlfriends smiling face. “Ethan you know you’re supposed to limit your movement for the next few days” she sighed, leading Ethan back to their shared bedroom. “What would you like me to get you to eat my love?” (y/n) called as she headed back towards the hallway. “Can I get some cookies?” Ethan asked, puppy eyes and all. “Of course” (y/n) blew a playful kiss back at her boyfriend. “thank youuu, I loooove you” Ethan giggled from his place in bed.

Eth is so cute

“My time with Niall was limited, as much as I hated to think about it and as much as I didn’t want it to be true, in the back of our minds, we always knew that. This is why I wanted to savor every bit of him that I could and let my mind drift and dream. Dream of the what ifs and wanting to be loved by him in a way that left me bruised from the harshness of someone caring so much. I would take what I could get from all the perfect little moments I had with Niall and let my mind think otherwise.  

This was one of those moments. Wrapped up in his arms, bodies sore and wasted from making love, laced with the marks of how much we truly felt about one another but simply not being able to show it to the world. There was nothing else that mattered but each other, right here, right in this moment. I wanted Niall and I had Niall. He was all mine, if even for this short time.”

– Chapter 11 of Foolish Games - “Just For Us”

I was tagged by @dibsonthat1d for a little writing challenge . Thank you!

I wanted to spread some love to all my writer friends so I’m starting something new! Post one of your favorite lines that you’ve written and then tag some of your favorite writers to do the same! Let’s make each other feel lovely and maybe gain a few new readers along the way!

I tag @squirrely83 , @irish-nlessing and @niallandharrymakemestrong . i dont know many other writers on here, but any of you that follow me and want to post your quote, feel free :) 

also I want to talk about Simon for a second and the fact that he can’t go back to his house, he’s been banished by the vampires, the Shadowhunters kicked him out of the Institute, and the werewolves locked him in a supply closet because they didn’t want him around. It’s exactly like he told Aldertree, he literally has ??? No where to go ???? There’s nowhere for him to belong except with the people he cares about, and right now that’s still limited mostly to Luke and Clary. But other than that he’s been unwanted everywhere he goes and that breaks my heart my boy is so good and strong and he deserves a place where he knows he’s truly wanted and not just tolerated and I love him so much and his arc is going to be so great and he deserves so much happiness

Watching Ted go to Tracy’s apartment 45 days before they’re supposed to meet just makes me depressed. Because if he could, Ted would go back to the day he was the most alone just to see the love of his life. Because he knows that she’s the one person who makes him the happiest. And because by that point he knows that he’s going to lose her. He knows that their time together is limited. He wants to go back and get those extra 45 days because any extra time with her would make him not feel as lonely. Those would be an extra 45 days with the love of his life before she passes away. And reflecting back on the last 45 loneliest days of his life makes him utterly and completely depressed that he hadn’t known her for 45 days more.


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Do you think the new Spider-Man trailer gave away too much of the movie and focuses too much on Tony Stark?

I think Tony is at the very limit of how much I want him to be in this movie. You know RDJ can’t be Iron Man forever and I want him to pass his mantle down. I’d love love love to see Peter embrace the tech world and develope his own tech (like Parker Industries from the comics is my favorite thing) and if that’s the road they are going down then I am all in with Tony having a big presence in this film. There’s so much tech conflicts in this movie I just want to believe they are taking this route where Iron Man doesn’t necessarily pass the “genius inventor” title to Peter but sets a path for him to learn to develop his own tech and tech for others cause Peter is a flipping genius okay, I don’t know why people seem to forget that. Watching the trailer I could see why people think Tony has too big a part but at the end of the day it’s a spidey movie (more importantly a Peter Parker one) and I’m all for it. Peter may not be the exact same from the comics but the MCU Peter Parker that they are making has qualities from Peter that I love and qualities of the Marvel Universe that I love. The only thing I wish they didn’t show was Iron Man saving the ferry. They could have left that out and been just fine. But don’t get me wrong if Iron Man comes at the end of the movie and saves the day I’ll be pissed. Let Spidey be a hero.

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Okay before I ask, I just want to say I love your blog! So, recently i've started liking this guy. One of the problems is that he is extremely introverted (even more than I am) so I have no idea how to get to know him. I've made eye contact and exchanged words with him a couple of times, but now he doesn't look in my direction anymore. We only have an extra curricular together, so I have limited opportunities to interact with him. Any tips on how to talk to him/how to tell a shy guys feelings?

Any time you do get the chance to talk, try to engage him as much as possible but without overwhelming him! so ask him open ended questions and respond very affirmatively and supportive. Smile and nod and laugh all that jazz. But keep the conversation balanced! Even if he doesn’t ask questions in return, try to be sharing and talk half the time.

Here are some ways to check if he likes you that are like pretty typical in most guys!

- Adopt certain postures when you’re together that aren’t too obvious e.g: hands in pockets or cross your ankles. Stuff that they can see in their line of vision but wouldn’t consciously address. After sitting like that for awhile, see if they have also adopted the same, or a similar, position. Humans tend to subconsciously mimic the physicality of those they are attracted to

- Look at their face for a few seconds (2-4) and then look away. After a second, look back at them. if they hold eye contact with you, that’s a sign they’re interested

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about you. You’re off limits. You’re forbidden territory. But I can’t stop. They life we could have. The memories we could make. How happy we could be.
—  You’re my secret love that I’ll never have.

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Have you thought about a Berena Star Trek AU?

Haha, that would bring my two current obsessions together nicely, wouldn’t it? But no, for some reason I’ve always kind of struggled with AUs? They just… make my brain uncomfortable, somehow? There’s the occasional one that will get through but in general I don’t get along with them, which is a shame because I know there are some amazing ones out there! I can do canon-divergence AUs for closed canons I’m really familiar with, but that’s generally about my limit. I’m glad other people enjoy them though! Also I believe @mylittleredgirl has a Berena Star Trek AU going on, which looks like tons of fun?

BUT I’m pretty sure Jason has at least a passing familiarity with Star Trek (based on his canon love of Doctor Who), so probably Bernie and Serena would end up watching it with him at some point, and I bet they’d get more into it than they expected to. They definitely both love Beverly Crusher!

My Precious

Jason POV
I pull out my pack of limited edition Apple Watermelon gum.
Ah the best gum in the world-
And I know I can’t just eat this last piece. I grin as i formulate my plan
You see I’m not the only one who likes this gum a certain green eyed boyfriend of mine happens to love it too, so I think I’ll go find him.
Ah there just far enough away I think as I make eye contact
He grins an raises his hand to wave and then he notices whats in my hand as I slowly unwrap the last piece crumpling the packet for effect. I know he can’t get to me fast enough he knows it too but he jumps over the dinning table and onto the couch anyway
“Too late its mine now” I say as he groans in defeat right in front of me.
And Suddenly the world goes blank because he’s got both my hands pinned up and his lips are melding themselves onto mine, his other hand has my glasses pushed into my hair and I can’t control the little electric shock that zings out into the kiss, which was apparently the right thing to do since he pulls away to let me breathe and I realise I’m light headed.
I only get two pants in before he kisses me again but it’s soft this time I can taste his chapped lips moving over mine as he licks my bottom lip for permission slipping his tounge in-
And hes gone
What the heck?
He’s plopping down on the couch
“Um hello? What was that?” I ask my head still reeling as he turns around to grin at me
And then very slowly and exaggeratedly opens his mouth


I’m constantly challenging myself to push the limits of my creativity with every coordinate I do; constantly trying to outdo my old looks and make better ones in the future. This coordinate turned out to be one of my all time favorites and I don’t know how I’m going to top it next time, but I look forward to exploring all of the possibilities that decora presents me with ;w; this fashion is a wild ride and its truly the love of my life, always bringing me happiness with every single look. (๑॔˃̶ॢ◟◞ ˂̶ॢ๑॓)♡  (he/him)

Love at First Sight

Drabble request from @vanna-rps for

1. “Seriously?! You couldn’t pick a more appropriate time to do that?”
40. Love at first sight

Want to send a request? See the drabble list here!

Robb Stark X Reader

Words: 959 (All of my Robb ones go over the word limit, lmao not sorry)

Y/S/N = your sister’s name

He kept staring at you from across the room, and you kept staring back at him. He was gorgeous and you wanted to know his name. You knew he was a Stark boy, for he was sitting with Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn at the head table in the dining hall. Your sister snapped you out of your daze by shaking your shoulder.
“Y/N! Earth to Y/N” she said, trying to get your attention.
“Hmm? Sorry” you said, shaking your head lightly and looking at your sister.
“Will you just go talk to him already?” she huffed.
“Who?” you asked, feigning innocence.
She rolled her eyes at you, “Seriously, sister? You two have been gazing into each other’s eyes all night.”
You couldn’t help but blush at the fact that your sister caught you, you looked up to meet his eyes again and without looking away you asked your sister,
“What’s his name, Y/S/N?”
“Robb Stark” she whispered in your ear.
“Robb Stark” you repeated, loving the way it rolled off your tongue. You had to speak to him before this night was over.

—Robb’s POV—

By the gods, she is the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She keeps gazing at me, and I at her. I wish I knew who she was, I don’t even know what house she belongs to. My brother, Jon Snow, was sitting next to me talking to me and I couldn’t honestly tell you a single word that he said because I was too busy staring into the gorgeous woman’s Y/E/C eyes from across the room.
“Robb? Robb are you listening to me?” Jon asked, slightly annoyed.
“Sorry Jon, I was.. distracted” I said, trying to avoid the fact that my  heart was beating out of my chest every time our eyes met.
“Yes, I can see that. She’s gorgeous, you should talk to her” he said, smiling at me.
“What?” I looked up at him wide eyed.
“Robb it’s clear that the two of you cannot keep your eyes off of one another. Every time you’re not looking at her, she’s looking at you and the other way ‘round. And when you two are gazing at one another it looks like you’re in love with that damn smile on your face” he said, wanting me to just admit that I had basically fallen in love with this girl from across the room.

“I don’t even know her name, Snow” I said, disappointed.
“It’s Y/N Y/L/N” he said, rolling his eyes. Admittedly I was being slightly dramatic about this whole thing.
“That’s the most gorgeous name I’ve ever heard” and I couldn’t stop a smile from stretching across my face.

—Second-Person POV—

All throughout the meal, you were looking at the amazing Robb Stark, wanting to finally speak to him. When you looked up to meet his eyes again, he was gone. You felt sad, his beautiful blue eyes weren’t there for you to stare at. His smile was contagious and his dark brown-red locks were thick and curly, it made you want to run your hands through them. You couldn’t help but think about how his neatly trimmed beard would feel as he kissed down your neck and up your inner thighs. You were snapped from your daze as a large, warm hand settled itself on your shoulder, causing you to jump a bit.

“Gods, I’m sorry” you heard a beautifully raspy voice say from behind you.
You whipped your head around to be met with the gorgeous blue eyes you had been staring into all night. You immediately stood to meet him,
“Robb Stark” you said, still adoring the way it felt to say his name.
“Y/N Y/L/N” he smiled, letting his hands go to your waist and you didn’t mind one bit. This was your first encounter and you had the urge to kiss him already.

He leaned in close, his lips not far from yours.
“Can I…?” he trailed off, but you knew what his question was going to be. Instead of answering, you leaned forward and let your lips connect with his. Immediately there was a spark, his hands felt like fire on your skin and you found yourself craving more of him. His lips moved in time with yours and you let his hands roam your body while one of your hands rested on his bicep and the other found it’s way into his gorgeous curly locks. You were so lost in the feeling of his mouth on yours and the sweet taste of his tongue that you both forgot there was a room full of people surrounding you.

Seriously?! You couldn’t pick a more appropriate time to do that?” your sister asked, half laughing and half serious. You blushed and hid your face in Robb’s chest and he laughed, you could feel the vibrations of his hearty laugh through his chest. He wrapped his arms around you, your head still buried in his chest, and it felt like the two of you had known one another your entire lives. You couldn’t help but reflect on what your mother told you about love.

“It may feel like love at first sight, with sparks and intensity in the first time you kiss. But, if he holds you in his arms and it feels like that’s the place you want to be for eternity, you chase that. You don’t let that man go.”

You looked up at the man holding you in his arms, and you knew that’s where you wanted to be for eternity. And you thought to yourself, love at first sight may exist after all. You couldn’t be happier that you felt that way about the incredibly gorgeous man that was smiling down at you.

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“Do you ever think of me?”

i forgot which meme this was from ( trans boy!sam x cheerio!quinn )

    there’s an implied   ‘ in that way ’  behind the sentence and she   KNOWS  it ,   knows he’s almost at his limit ,   that he needs to know if there’s   something   between them ,   or if it’s all in his head.     and maybe   –––   well ,   MAYBE  she does   ;    ever since that   stupid   game of spin the bottle ,   she’s been filled with anxiety around him ,   constantly blaming it on a fear of   everyone else   and rumor mill spewing out some ridiculous story about her being   interested   in sam.     quinn can’t   LET   herself consider that maybe another part of that anxiety is that she   IS ,   and that maybe he’s perfect for her.

   and ever since he’s   confessed ,   it’s only gotten worse.    some days she can hardly focus around him ,   overthinks every word ,   every small action ,   constantly checks over her shoulder for people whispering behind her backs.    and she doesn’t want to   HURT HIM ,   but she can’t bring herself to take a hit to her reputation.

    she smiles that   head cheerleader   smile ,    the one reserved for moments when she feels like she’s dancing on eggshells.    quinn forces out a laugh ,   strained   and confused.    her voice wavers ,   higher than usual.

               " what are you   TALKING   about sam ?     of   course   i do.
                                   you’re my   best friend … ”


Happy Birthday, Olivia Harrison!

“[George] was a terribly sweet person, and I thought he needed a pal.” - The Sun (2014)

“He had this way of looking at you that made you feel you were without limitations. It just went straight to your heart. Once you’d been with him, he had this way of making you want to bring out a truer version of yourself, unlocking something. It was profound and electrifying, and it can still bring prickles to the back of my neck.”- HuffingtonPost (2014)

“I remember hearing ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret,’ hearing that accent, thinking, ‘Wow, that’s interesting.’ He had such a heavy accent at that time. I loved George’s music before we met, he was always a favorite of mine. I think he really had something to say and even to this day when I listen to ‘Be Here Now’ or ‘Run of the Mill,’ they always reset my radar. I always say ‘Run of the Mill’ is my favorite song. George liked that song, too. He used to ask, ‘Which song should I play?’ and I’d say, ‘Oh, play that one.’ And he would. He always appreciated when somebody liked a song.” - Filter (2011)

“He had the most distinctive voice, those funny little vowels. I always have that disconnect where I’m listening as a music lover and then I suddenly go, ‘Oh, oh, it’s you.’” - The Sunday Times (2014)

“I think for George, he talked about the inner journey and that was very important to him, although he was yin-yang. He could hang with the best of them. [laughs] He was a scoundrel yogi. That’s what I loved about him, because he was honest. He was right up front about it. ‘I’m bad? O.K., I’m bad.’” - The New York Times (2011)

“After the show, Carl said that Olivia came to his dressing room to tell him that George was happy. ‘Carl, I don’t know what to say to you, because I saw my old George so happy tonight, I saw something there that I hadn’t seen in a long time.’” - The George Harrison Encyclopedia 

“He liked the moon, you know. If the wind was blowing and the full moon was up, he’d put on Bing Crosby singing "Sweet Leilani” and just make the moment even better. And then he might hand you a gardenia. You know, he just painted life like that. He drew all the elements and he was a very sensual person.” - George Harrison: Living in the Material World 

“I never even thought about the fact he was a Beatle. George was so humble, that honestly when I met him it was just like meeting any other person. He wasn’t a Beatle at that time, and so I never saw that. I only ever saw the person, George. I don’t think we’d have been together so long if it had been any other way.” - The Herald (2009)

“Without a doubt, George never felt more at peace than when he was gardening. He loved the gardens here and always said you felt closest to God when you were in the garden […] Every time I go out there, I think he’ll just pop out from behind a shrub, like he used to.” - The Daily Mail (2008)

“I ask Olivia what she would say to George now. She pauses. ‘I hope I told you everything. I hope I told you how wonderful you are.’”  - The Sunday Times (2014)

“I love you, George. The joys, sorrows, lessons and love we shared are more than enough to fill my heart until we meet again. “ - Harrison (2002)

“[Simon] Leng sees thematic parallels between [”Grey Cloudy Lies”] and two Dark Horse tracks that deal with the end of Harrison’s marriage to Pattie Boyd: “So Sad” and “Bye Bye, Love”. These three songs, Leng suggests, constitute a cycle of ‘sheer unhappiness’ in the singer’s life that was only alleviated by the positive presence of Olivia Arias, soon to become Harrison’s second wife.” - Wikipedia  

“Olivia had the hardest job in the world, because she loved George more than all of us, and she really took care of him and cleared the path in front of him, behind him, and inherited that crazy life, you know.” - Tom Petty (2002)