my love for family units i just

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who would you like to see more of in the twilight fandom?

   hello nonnie !! I’m assuming you mean character wise and BOI let me tell you I have so many wants and needs to fulfill. 
I would LOVE to see anyone from the Irish or Amazon covens tbh. There is so little about that that needs to be explored and a WHOLE bunch of opportunity to spread some light on them and show the rest of the covens just how BAD ASS they are. I would also DIE to see some more nomads or minor characters that were barely mentioned in the series (*COUGH COUGH* Alice’s unnamed savior and the vampire that turned Carlisle) OR other nomads ! I’m 100% sure that Alistair wasn’t the ONLY nomad to grace the United States in the ENTIRE timeline of Twilight. Also where is the love for James and Victoria ??? they were so cool I love them. And my son Laurent he just wanted a family, why did nobody love him. 

     ALSO !! vampires from around the world, vampires who have been alive since before the creation of certain countries. Vampires who live in Antarctica or Russia where is cold 100% of the time and they just chill by themselves. IDK JUST GIVE ME MORE OC’s TBH.

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Since you have a thing for Russians all across the league, how do you feel about Geno?

okay so..the caps are my home team and i love them deeply. whenever someone mentions the penguins all that runs through my head is “ughhhhhh”..whether it’s petty or not i can’t help it. the rivalry between the two and the feelings that come along with it are just ingrained in me.

with that being said, the russians have this nhl family unit that consists of alex ovechkin, evgeni malkin, evgeny kuznetsov, dmitry orlov, sergei bobrovsky, artemi panarin and vladimir tarasenko AND I’M IN LOVE WITH IT! it’s honestly the cutest thing ever and i love the dynamic. so since he’s part of this fam i give geno a pass and he’s okay in my book 😊

Just my opinion

Prince Harry is a grown man. An agent of the public so to speak, but nevertheless a grown man. He can make his own choices while responsibly weighing the outcomes of various actions.

Those of you (I will not name names) who think it childish or ungrateful for him to issue a statement of this nature should take a greater look at yourselves. He is a prince of the United Kingdom, but before that (as is the case with all of the royals), he is a person, entitled to love and respect just like the rest of us. Just like Meghan.

As his fans and supporters, we should be happy that first, he is happy, and second, that he cares about Meghan enough that he is willing to go so substantially far out of his comfort zone to issue such a resounding statement. We should respect his wishes in the same way we respect William’s and Catherine’s with regards to their children - boycott the bad press and the paparazzi photos, and dry up the market so the reporters will learn that there is no demand for this sort of thing. While I already love Meghan and I’ve always loved Harry, their happiness and safety is worth more to me than bad photos taken from a mile away or, really, any photos that make them uncomfortable in any way.

Anyone who is critical of his actions regarding the issuance of this statement needs to take a step back and reevaluate themselves. Be happy that they care enough about each other for this to be an option, and be disgusted at the harassment poor Meghan receives daily for happening to love someone who happens to be a British prince. Respect Harry’s wishes and do not participate (in any way - however indirect) in the behaviors he is condemning in the Kensington Palace statement. As his fans, we owe him (and, now, her) that much at the very least.

if i’m being honest my favorite vm member to speculate about post-campaign is Grog because like…i just love the idea of Grog semi-retiring to Whitestone and forming a familial unit with pike and scanlan and kaylie but also at that point having become such a legendary figure that young fighters and barbarians are always coming to him, quest-style, and challenging him to fights, to the point where his life settles into a weird but comforting mixture of pleasant domesticity and almost constant brawling

he’s very happy 

I was thinking about Awakening/Fates in relation to the FE Direct in a few hours and I realised how fucked up my love history is between the two games.

So the second person I married in Awakening (after an accidental Chrom marriage in my first file) was Cordelia. She was my favorite female unit at the time and we had two cute redheaded girls because I also went with red hair to make Severa match the rest of the family.

Then, the first character I marry in Birthright is Subaki, because he reminds me of my first wife Cordelia (the poor man is just a shoddy replacement for my first love… rip). HOWEVER in Revelations, I married Subaki off to my daughter Severa and they had a child that looks suspiciously like my first wife in Caeldori. So if Severa does come back to the Awakening verse with Subaki, not only is she bringing a grandchild that looks exactly like Cordelia, I’ve already FUCKED HER CURRENT HUSBAND IN THE PAST and we made a completely different Caeldori with blue hair who wasn’t Cordelia’s doppelganger.

Truly, my connected love story between the two games is disturbing.

That awkward moment when you're from Russia and haven't watched the leaked episode, but people from other countries already have

Like wtf guys, what’s wrong with you?
It’s just one day left, stop this shit. The best part of Sherlock fandom is that we all unite when a new season is coming. We’re all just a big great family, we experience all the pain and all the joy of this series together, supporting each other.
And I really love this feeling, so I dont understand why one should refuse it like ‘nah, i dont give a shit’.

Sorry for my sentiments, but i really dont understand


It hits every nurse I suppose. The BURNOUT…..

Been feeling overworked, under-appreciated, abused and generally miserable with being a nurse. It is not easy. 

I also know that I sometimes overburden myself. I pick up extra shifts, cash out my vacation time and throw my entire life into work. 

It’s a terrible cycle. I want to support my coworkers and care for my patients but I can’t do this while I am terrorizing the unit because I am grouchy. 

I then remember that my life is not just nursing. I take some time off. I reconnect with my family, friends and my passions and then magically I feel better. I get back to work and I love my career again. 

Sometimes in order for me to be a good nurse, I have to step away from it.

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Hi, how do tartans work precisely? (Just going off your tag from a previous post) I've never quite understood completely. I'm Australian, but my dad is Scottish born and raised and our name falls under the Macmillan clan. In our house we have this wall plague that has the Macmillan tartan and crest on it and I've just always been told that that's our clan. The way I understood it clans weren't just family units, but also like allegiances sworn to the chief/each other?? ps i love your blog :)

Ok so like, tartans are a real thing, but like, the modern categorisations are just that - modern. the whole ‘clans having their own tartans’ thing is for the most part an eighteenth and nineteenth century invention. However, a lot of people in the same clan would have similar tartans, as the dyes came from local plants (and that helped folk blend into their surroundings, like camo gear but cool). I mean, saying you’re part of a clan now is complicated because the clan system doesnt exist anymore (i’m not criticising you for this, a lot of scots do it as well). I think my point on that post was just like, you cant pretend everyone fits into a wee box like that and that everyone has a clan. Like, I like the smith tartan, we wear it at weddings, the motto is pure brilliant, but I’m well aware that my family come from irish immigrants and that we actually have no literal connection to it.

So yeah, most tartans are modern constructions, though the tradition of tartan is much older and v cool (lead to some banging gaelic songs. literally banging, they band the cloth on a table and sing) and its fine to enjoy the modern ideas surrounding it so long as you understand that it wasnt as strictly regimented or romanticised in the past. I’d explain more about clans, but like you’ve basically got the gist of it.

also thanks. my blog is a weird pile of language politics, actual politics, the occasional fandom thing. but I’m glad you like it :) 

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look phil louis might not be the lil prince's dad but he is his Dad yknow? im adopted my dude. our dads arent always our Dads (even if they are as pretty and galant and loveable as aramis who is Very Pretty and Galant and Loveable Indeed). just sayin

I SHOULD 100% CLARIFY that I am completely for and in support of adoptive parents being ur real parents and the dad vs Dad thing

Non-biological parents are often more important and dear to people than their bio parents!!

Most of my posts about Louis and The Baby™ are either straight up jokes within the narrative context of the show or discontent at how Louis treats his wife (badly) and how a part of me really wishes that the baby™ could be raised by a happy United family where the parents love each other with lots of warm and loving aunts and uncles in that one alternate universe where Anne and her #squad all faked their deaths and moved to a farm in the middle of nowhere to open a school for orphans

My posts are in no way a commentary on adoptive vs bio parents and never once would I say biological parents are Real parents inherently, like. This is a very specific situation, that should b understood clearly.

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I promise you my love, when you find a man that truly loves you and makes you happy, having a child with him will be all you ever want. God gave us this body for a reason, and your man will love, pleasure and satisfy it just as much after pregnancy, he will love your body unconditionally ❤

That might sound nice at face value but I have literally met and spoken with many women who married and had children, and it’s really not as rose-tinted as you make it seem. Women are expected to do so much labour, much more than men in the marriage and family unit. That takes so much toll on her physically and emotionally. I’ve enough on my plate already and I just don’t want that.

If, hypothetically, I met someone open-minded who doesn’t necessarily want children and just wants a life partner, that would be nice. But that just seems so unrealistic, most people seem to either have super traditionalist expectations of the committed relationship or just want flaky, short-term relationships that aren’t satisfying for me either.


Just wanted to add to last post. I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I do love that there is a IWDS. I love all things Candice maybe a little too much! I am not a spring chicken and i have a family to take care of, but the character of Iris gives me great joy. When my husband was sick last year i used all the things of her Vids, Fanfics, SC etc and it helped me though. I just like more positivity i guess. So i would also like to thank you for some of those fanfics that make me smile.

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I love Rebecca and Ronnie's relationship so much??? Like it makes me so emotional.... he's such a fatherly figure to her and is so kind, supportive and loving, which is great to see especially considering things are still tense and not good between her and Lawrence... I'm really hoping when debbex gets together we get some scenes between the two of them, whether it's Rebecca going to Ronnie for advice with Debbie or support for understanding her sexuality :')


omg, i know. i can’t believe what a UNIT ronnie/lawrence already are and i looooooooooooove the role ronnie is playing in mediating the rebecca/lawrence relationship like it just?? gives me so many lawnie feels and white feels and i know they’ve only been a thing™ for like a month but this beautiful foursome just already means so much to me 

chrissie and rebecca have just? totally welcomed ronnie into their family bc it feels so natural and right,,, i love my posh gay disaster fam :’)

How Fire Emblem IF could improve character customzation

Skin Tone: One of the things that stood out to me about Fire Emblem Awakening is that actually used a few people of color in positions of power. Then after getting to one of the games plot twists what stood out to me was why the hell isn’t Robin brown. His dad is brown, we don’t know what his mom looked like but it would just make more sense if we had to have a default skin tone. I would love it if I could pick the skin color of my unit, it allows people to further see themselves in a character. I will understand if this feature isn’t in because of the family of the my unit but I’ll be let down. I do think this is a very important feature for all games that give a character you impose your self on. Not everyone is white and giving people the choice is great.

Personality: A common complaint I heard about Robin was her lack of personality. I never found a problem with the way she was characterized but I would love if they took it a step forward. Having a personality choice could be fun and it could allow the writing to come out stronger given the likely case with this game is the lord is the my unit. It could come via the form of a survey or just selecting Bold, hot headed, calm, or what ever the choices are. I wouldn’t want personality to really effect the choices in the game but instead just give flavor to what you pick. So If I’m hot headed and I chose to run into battle then I’m just doing things the people around me expect. I could chose to wait out my foes despite being hot headed because i’m leading an army it’s not about me.

Sexuality:  If personality selection is a thing i would love to see sexuality branch out of it. It would stop some characters from being attracted to the main character and attract others. It would also allow the avatar to change up some dialogue when moving to dating/marriage options. I don’t think we need a sexuality selection as long as a few choices of the same sex are locked in for the player. I do think it would be interesting to see how the world is touched by the characters sexuality though so it could be a fun thing to do. 

Non Gendered Hair Styles: One of my least favorite things about awakenings character customization is is lack of variety for hair. Men had no long styles and women had very few short styles. I don’t expect them to design to many more hair styles so instead why not just remove gender from them, I doubt loading a “females” hair on a males head would cause the game to explode. They can do this with Mii’s I don’t see how they can’t do this with Fire Emblem. 

Outfit: It would be cool if you could deck out your outfits a bit. It could be as simple as a color choice or just picking little flourishes like earrings. I think it would be a lot of fun to edit around the My units look with cloths. I don’t expect or need this feature at all but I do think it could be a really fun addition to the game. 

British empire family reunion
  • USA: Britain, you've never cared about any of us. Why start now?
  • Britain: I love all my former colonies! Canada, Hong Kong, I even love America and Australia still...even if you both are little shits.
  • Canada: What about New Zealand?
  • Britain: ...what the fuck is a Zealand? Isn't that just more of Australia?
  • New Zealand: *facepalms*

I hate that we’re never going to see Cloud and Zack being, essentially, Denzel’s fathers and teaching him how to fight, teaching him how to wield a weapon and telling him stories about their adventures.

Zack being so god damn proud of Denzel and walking around with him on his shoulders with Cloud grinning beside him as the Denzel asks questions excitedly about anything and everything.

Denzel finding immense comfort in the fact that Cloud and Zack know what it’s like to lose their parents and when he has bad days, he sits in between them and cuddles into Zack’s side.

I just have a lot of Zack ‘being a father figure’ Fair and Denzel and Cloud 'I love my boys so much it really hurts’ Strife being a family unit.

The Straight Mulan vs. Gay Mulan Debate: Some Lighthearted Commentary
  • Some people: Mulan is straight! She was in love with Philip!
  • Other people: Mulan is a lesbian! She was in love with Aurora!
  • Me: Wait... I thought she was bisexual. I could've sworn she loved Philip but then fell in love with Aurora. I just want Mulan, Aurora, and Philip to live together in a beautiful, healthy polyamorous relationship and to raise Aurora and Philip's baby together as a family unit. I shall call it Sleeping Warrior Prince, and it will be glorious. They will be my OT3.
Signs as Ezra Koening tweets
  • Aries: a writer once asked what I'd say if I ever met my biggest hater. I paused, thought deeply, and said, "probably 'suk a dog dik, motherfucker'"
  • Taurus: u say "I don't give a fuk" but merely desire 2 not give a fuck. When ur last fuk is truly given, a wave of silent euphoria will wash over u
  • Gemini: "What a beautiful morning! I should quite like to compose a tweet"
  • "Very good sir, shall I bring the droid?"
  • Cancer: I pretend to look at the wine list rly hard and then just order the second cheapest one. U can apply this technique to anything
  • Leo: look upon my prettiness, ye motherfuckers, and despair
  • Virgo: the biggest factor contributing to the break-up of the American family unit is GETTING 2 THE MOVIES LATE. I TOLD U IT WOULD BE CROWDED!
  • Libra: went undercover as a woman to solve a crime. ended up in a love triangle and hurt someone I cared abt but JUSTICE WAS SERVED & now I'm back
  • Scorpio: this trend of self-induced subungal hematoma (blood under fingernails) is wack. It's NOT nail art. the black-purple color is gr8 4 fall tho
  • Sagittarius: when the flight attendant asks what u wanna drink: slowly turn ur head, lower ur sunglasses and say "milk shake" in a Russian accent
  • Capricorn: when someone calls you "unsavory" it means they think ur sweet right?
  • Aquarius: most important phrase to learn in every language is "I understand every word you're saying, motherfukker"
  • Pisces: the "Special Skills" section of my resume was 1. Polite 2. Not scared of most animals 3. Can draw manga (face only, no hands)

soleil request done  for all the ladies out there ahaha ! I just picked her up in my IK run yesterday and made her a dread fighter along with Sophie ~ I love those two so much ヽ(o♡o)/ I’m marrying them to my sons so they’ll be a part of the family huhu

i am actually considering marrying her instead of belka for my nohr run even though her support with m!kamui is so terrible sobs
I did some improvisation on her boots so they’re not exactly accurate haha // I also never realized her hair was so long ?? ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊

Updated Masterlist....

Reposted Masterlist:

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.
Motion Sickness.
I Can’t Do This Anymore.
Christmas With His Family.
Surprise Sleeve.
I’ll help your claustrophobia.
He makes you feel unwanted.
Too advanced for me.
An Italian In America.
Journal Snooping.
You Saved My Life.
Hip Hop Dancer (Submitted: Blood-Fells)
Bulimic Marker.
Drunken Reveal.
Gymnastics Mishap
Ballet Practice.
Inappropriate Babysitting.
Relax It’s Just Family.
Running from the Daylight.
Accidental Haircut.
I’ll be the one to save you.
I Love Your Glasses.
Untimely Death
Airport Cuteness.
Dancer and drummer meet.
Funny Calls.
Haters and Insecurities.
Anxiety Attack.
I love you even more.
Unusually Clingy.
He Accidently Hits You.
He talks about you.
Insecurities Surface.
Teen Choice Envy!
It’s just cuddling.
Who’s your boyfriend?
Saved by a Rogue Angel: One | Two.
Silent Treatment.
Love Unites.
Movie nights and popcorn fights.
Crashed Hearts.
You tell him you’re pregnant.
You date in secret.
You fight and refuse to go to the concert.
Some infinities are bigger than other infinities (TFIOS).
I bet it was a misunderstanding.
He has a crush on you, so does Harry Styles (FIGHT).
Teased about his crush on you.

Motion Sickness.
Don’t Hurt My Girl.
Attractive Bass Player.
Surprising Him On Tour.(Submitted)
I Can’t Have Children.
Pool Party Jealousy.(Submitted: Lukemylife)
Just A Dream.
Total child.
So Sick.
Breaking bass in the music store.
Kiss Of Life.
Memorable Night.
I Like Sport Because Of You.
Support Short In Flannel.
Cruise Ship Troubles.
Concert Surprise.
Single Dad and Best Friend.
Wherever you…I forgot.
I Want It.
Beautiful Ballerina
Music Video Jealousy.
Birthday Surprise.
He finds your scars.
You’re Portuguese.
Awkward Breakup.
You’re Norwegian.
Sneaking Out.
Tattooed Thug.
Tabloid Troubles.
English Love Affair.
He Accidently Hits You.
Innocent Mistake.
Soccer Support.
I still care.
He forgets about you (Amnesia).
Wedding Speech.
Anexiety Attack.
You’re tall.
Bad Kid Boxer.
You’re the only reason.
Dying Friend.
Middle of the night drive.
You meet at a party.
Points you out in the crowd.
Day off cuddles and movies.
Dating Calum, but Luke wants you (FIGHT).
Date night.
Teased about his crush on you.

Motion Sickness.
Let Me Take Care Of You.
Enchanted By The Mechanic. (Submitted: angelicimagines)
Magazine Rumors…(Submitted: x3danna3x)
The Rules Of Football.
Sometimes Life Is Unfair. (Submitted: escapingrealitybydreaming)
Fear Of Dogs.
Wait You’re Rich?
Jealous Lyrics.
Small Youtuber.
I don’t forgive cheaters.
2 Years, Doesn’t Change Anything.
Situation Security.
Hotel Pizza Girl. (Submitted: keahe-y)
Falling Asleep Fifa.
Prom Kiss.
Sixteen and Sneaking In. (Submitted: Blood-Fells)
Take a break Miss AP History. (Submitted: Anon)
6'4 and Beautiful.
Toxic Relationship.
Public Relationshion(S)hip.
I cant take it anymore (Trigger Warning)
Friends with ben…baby.
Concert Protector.
Piercing Scared.
I like coffee and you.
Seperate Beds.
Dear Diary
It’s Just Cuddling.
You Read What?
Secrets Revealed.
Prom Sucks.
Be My Girlfriend.
I’m not leaving you.
I’ll be here waiting.
Support Act.
You shouldn’t be doing that.
Comforting and Surprises.
Bad days, Pet peeves & Comfort.
Public Proposel.
Touchy-feely Friendship.
VS Model his POV.
No Hablan Ingles.
He Accidently Hits You.
Cold, Sad, Cuddles.
Family Troubles.
You forget him (Amnesia).
Thunderstorm Comfort.
Tic Disorder.
WWE Diva.
You’re short.
Black eyed love.
Laundry room SMUT.
(SHIP IMAGINE) Date night.
Close As Strangers.
Guy flirts and Luke gets protective.
You’re insecure about his ex.
Birthday SMUT.
Cuddling and the guys mock you.
You meet him on tour.
Teased about his crush on you.
(HATE) He makes a video supporting you.

Motion Sickness.
Taking care of the cramps and migraines.
Purity Ring.
Boyfriend Tag Surprise.(Submitted: x3danna3x)
Famous Couple.
Sorry I shouldn’t have done that.
Beautiful Sleeper.
Secret. (Submitted: Idk1763)
Volleyball Stops The Attacks.
I don’t want another sibling.
The Bitch, The Best friend and Michael.
5'9 is your best quality. (Submitted: Blood-Fells)
Hello Worlds.
My Cliffaconda Don’t…
Tenerife Sea.
School Work First.
I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend.
Forever and Always.
Not your average frat boy
Save me from who I’m supposed to be.
I Had To Do It.
I Can’t Date You.
It’s Just Cuddling.
I Like Short.
Arachnophobia Saviour.
Don’t leave me.
Am I loosing you?
One In This World.
You’ll always be beautiful.
Beside You.
I can’t love you.
Rooftop Sadness.
Shut Up & Cuddle Me.
He Accidently Hits You.
School Surprise.
Don’t Be Insecure.
Stretch Marks.
Best friends to couple.
You think he’s cheating.
Amnesia Hurts.
Prince in Plaid.
Close as Strangers.
I’ll fix your broken heart.
Derby Drama.
Love is not Melancholy.
Spin the Bottle truth or dare (SMUT).
Anniversary SMUT.
You were a bet: Part One. | Part Two.
He’s your boyfriend and your friends don’t know (SURPRISE).
Teased about his crush on you.

Take Care Of Her Whilst I’m Gone.
Big Rides Are Scary!
Just Saying.
Hate Because You’re Bisexual(Submiteed: x3danna3x)
Their ideal girl.
Body Part He Loves.
Colour Guard Flag Twirling.
Forgetting your birthday.
First Date lyrics.
Bipolar…Leave Me Alone. (Submitted: textbooks-and-teabags)
Wrapped Around Your Finger. (Submitted: Blood-Fells)
Phone Names.
First I Love You.
Cute things he does when you’re pregnant.
His Thoughts When You Walk Down The Aisle.
Holding your daughter for the first time.
Babies first word.
Give in to me.
Shared Parenting: Mashton
Dances With Children.
Mrs All American.
Dancing In The Rain *gif*
My Child Is More Important.
I’m Not Leaving.
Love Triangle: CAKE
Hogwarts Houses.
Bad Enough.
Divergent Factions.
First Time Waking Up Together.
Showering Together (Visuals).
Disney Movie You Watch Together.
Wedding Shoes.
Wedding Flowers.
Suit He Wears.
Piano Singing.
So Far Away.
Small Bump
Broadway Baby.
If you don’t know.
Oh, Calamity Lyrics.
Casual Affair Lyrics.
Interview Crush Reveal.
Me Without You Lyrics.
Little Lullabies.
Backseat Serenade Lyrics.
All Of The Stars Lyrics.
Cute with baby *GIF*
Stay in bed.
Just the way you are lyrics.
You have a cold.
Schizophrenia:Cashton | Muke.
Losing You Lyrics.
Flaws Lyrics.
You make him laugh.
Cooking together.
The pet he buys you.
Back off (Jealousy).
He tweets he misses you.
The skull outfit he loves on you.
Cute couple moments.
He spins you around movie style.
Break dance together.
How you cuddle (GIF).
How you kiss.
Cute dancing.
CAUGHT: Heated moment leads to concern.
Favourite tattoo on you.
He doesn’t know he’s flirting.
Cuddling (BLURBS).
He tweets babies Halloween costume.
The style of your toddler.
His favourite hat on you.
Photoshoot flirting.
The hair he likes on you.
The dress he buys you.
Theme park date.
Band shirt he buys you.
Skinny jeans he buys you.
Matching onesies.
Matching shirts.
OUT AND ABOUT: his favourite gif of you.
YOUTUBER: He appears in a video.
Matching halloween costumes.
Amnesia lyrics.
What you wear to his concert.
Picnic date.
Clothing item you steal.
Your wedding dress.
Worried about your fever.
How he hugs you.
Pregnancy reveal.
He proposes in front of fans.
She looks so perfect lyrics.

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