my love for erik

Because I really really really love Nicky Hemmick with all my heart

Nicky wants to see effort and gets more than what he expected

  • Nicky feels alone again
  • He’s moved back to Germany and thought he would finally be happy since he’s back home with Erik
  • But the twins are still in the States and don’t bother to contact him first 
  • It’s always Nicky calling, texting, and requesting Skype calls
  • Erik has subtly stated a few times that Nicky shouldn’t waste his time and love on family who don’t feel the same
  • but Nicky thinks about the time Andrew nearly killed four people for laying a hand on him. And all the times Aaron came to him for help with learning German and trying to approach Katelyn
  • But he thinks about all the times he tried talking to Andrew and Aaron and them never actually acknowledging what he says, thinks, and feels
  • He doesn’t want to force them to keep a relationship with him. He wants them to actually want him in their life
  • So Nicky comes up with an idea
  • (a potentially bad one)
  • He decided he will stop call and texting his cousins for a week to see if they would actually put the effort in their relationship
  • Once he tells Erik he sees the light in his eyes dim
  • Erik knows the boys won’t try reaching out and he doesn’t want the love of his life to be hurt even worse by his family
  • But he gives his best supportive smile and says he wishes him the best
  • Nicky officially begins Sunday morning

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Ok but does Gustave go with Raoul to Paris? Or stay in New York with Erik? Do they raise him together and have a domestic life?

G: “Dad, Can You come here?”
R: “One second!”
G: “*panics* not YOU the other one”

R: “Meg agreed to babysit Gustave for tonight.”
E: “No, no way. I refuse to let her near my child.”
R: “Erik, it’s literally for one hour. What’s the worst that could happen?”
E: “She could try to push him into the ocean. She could shoot him. She could kidnap him.”
R: “that was one time!”
E: “and look what happened! God, letting her babysit is a mistake!”
R: “Our whole relationship is a mistake!”
E: “*gasps* damn you! Take that back.”

R: “*hums ‘Bathing Beauty’”
E: “Raoul, my sworn enemy, step father of my only son, I’ve set aside our differences and learned to get along with you. But if you hum that damn song once more you’ll wish you’d have been shot instead of christine.

I just really love domestic Erik and Raoul


I needed to contribute to this fandom a long time ago, but right now with the release of Demon War, I did it !! I don’t know how to thank @thebunnyofevil & all the crew for this wonderful game.

If the quality looks horrible, click on it, it could be better ? ;-;”