my love for chinga is too much

anonymous asked:

Looking at your paintings, I must say the facial features are present with great detail. In my case I more into painting animals than people, the human face is too complex for me. And I love those space gifs; the universe is so amazing. And finally, don't you just love bored Mulder in Chinga? He couldn't stand being alone for a weekend without his Scully

This ask is super old, I am so sorry I neglected it so much, anon. And thank you for your nice words about my art, I really appreciate it <3 It isn’t a secret I enjoy painting people above the other things ;) I think partially because of the complexity you’ve mentioned ;)

Yes, the universe is amazing, heartbreaking and fascinating. This is one of my biggest love. 

And a agree about Mulder in Chinga :) The guy has his flaws but I so love him in this ep :D