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I’ve got you //Newt Imagine//

Requested by: @shiruisawesome123

Request: Hi! Could you please do a Newt x Reader (For Maze Runner) where WCKD gives Y/n all her memories so she can turn, but she doesn’t thanks to Newt <3 and she only shares that face with Newt and Minho (Who is like her brother). Please?? Also sorry this was a really long request…

Warnings: none

A/n: So I did something a little different with this one. My best friend ( @iconicgalaxies ) actually wrote the imagine and then I added to it so gotta give her credit for it as well! Hope you like it!


Your breath came out in short, shaky breaths as you followed the man you were forced to trust into a small, dark room. A single chair sat in the middle of the floor, facing a dark wall and the man motioned towards it, and despite the nasty feeling in your gut, you crossed the room and sat down. Your hands folded neatly in your lap and you closed your eyes peacefully, You didn’t want to see what would happen to you. As you stared at the darkness of your eyelids, the faces of your closest friends burned into your mind. You remembered how shocked and scared they looked as your name filled the hollowness of the room. You remember the feeling of hundreds of eyes on you as you stood up and you remembered Newt grabbing your hand tightly, stopping you from moving. You remembered how concerned his eyes looked as he looked up at you, his golden locks falling into his eyes.

“Don’t.” He whispered and you were overcome with sadness when you were forced to pull your hand away from his. You didn’t want to leave without them, but Janson wouldn’t let it happen any other way.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, torn at his saddened expression. You lifted your eyes and took a deep breath as you walked towards Janson and the collecting group of teenagers around him. You remembered the taunting hallways and the room where Janson explained that it wasn’t to a sanctuary you were going. You remembered the distraught faces of those who had once been ecstatic and you remembered the tears that had collected on your cheeks when you realized the last moments of your life were to be shortly lived.

You heard a door open but your eyes remained firmly shut. You knew this was it. After this, there would be nothing else for you. You inhaled sharply as you felt the prick of a needle against your skin and a tear fell past your already damp eyelashes. You felt the needle being pulled away and a moment later, the door closed again. You were ready.


“I’m worried about her…After what Tommy found with Aris, how do we know that’s not going to happen to her..?” Newt ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair, his eyes wide and frightened. He had been completely distraught ever since they led her away and it pained him to know that he couldn’t do anything to protect her. He didn’t even know if she was safe or not. Thomas sat beside Minho on the lower bunk of his bed, his face solemn and his heart heavy. Minho had his head in his hands and he carried an even heavier heart. You were always extremely close to Minho. From the moment you arrived in the glade, he had taken you under his wing and ever since then he had acted like a big brother to you. Losing you was heartbreaking for him.

Minho shook his head, “How could we just let her leave? We know we can’t trust these people and we still let her go! What if they hurt her?” he growled as he jumped to his feet, bawling his fists and looking towards Newt, a hopeless expression drawn on his face. They all looked at their leader, Thomas who was in deep thought trying to figure out what to do. “Alright,” he said, “We know where the room is….we can go look for her..”

The group was breaking every rule possible, if this place even had rules. By the time nightfall came, the group had devised a plan not just to find Y/n, but also to escape. They climbed through the vents under the bed, following Thomas to the place they hoped she would be. The place was so foreign to them they had no clue where they were going. It felt like the maze all over again. Thomas cursed under his breath as the group hit a dead end.

“There!” Aris pointed, another vent system. Newt had a terrible feeling in his gut as they followed Aris into the empty hallway and towards the door Thomas had described. Minho stepped beside Newt, giving him a sorrowful glance before heading towards the door.

“If we’re going to escape then there is something I have to do first,” Aris said as he started backing down the hallway. “Trust me, it’ll come in handy later.”

“Someone should go with him, so he’s not alone. Winston, you go with him.” Thomas muttered as he pointed towards Aris. “We’ll find Y/n.” Winston nodded before running after Aris, leaving the three boys alone in front of the door. Thomas pulled out one of the guard’s key cards from his pocket and used it to unlock the door. Timidly, Newt, Minho, and Thomas stepped into the dimly lit hallway. Another door opened and Minho and Newt stared in disbelief at what they saw. Rows of bodies were hung up on machines that glowed in the dark. Tubes and wires attached the bodies to the machines for who knew what reason.

“Check them, see if you can find Y/n.” Thomas said before disappearing into a row of bodies. Newt and Minho did the same. Newt’s eyes jumped from body to body. He recognized some of them as people in the cafeteria and he felt his heart pounding in his chest knowing that Y/n would be somewhere in the room. His heart nearly stopped when he saw a girl, her hair the same color as Y/n’s hanging in front of her face. He stepped towards her and slowly pulled her hair behind her ear.

“I found her!” Newt whispered loudly. Minho and Thomas were by his side in seconds. Minho began tearing the wires from your skin and Thomas carefully pulled away the tubes.

“We gotta get out of here.” Minho said quickly as your body fell into his arms. Newt nodded and started running towards the door again, Thomas hot on his heels and Minho trying his best to keep up. The moment they were all out of the door, a loud blaring alarm echoed through the hallways, startling all three of the boys. They began racing down the hallway, at this point paying no attention to how much noise they were making.

A loud crashing noise woke you up from your unconscious slumber. Your eyes fluttered open, and even though your sight was blurry, you could make out three figures rushing around a room. “Hurry up! Put it in front of the door!” You heard Minho shout. You winced from the pain in your head and tried to sit up.

“Y/n! You’re awake.” Someone said next to you. You glanced up to find Newt with a smile on his face. “Minho! She’s awake!” Newt shouted and Minho rushed towards you. “Y/n. Oh, my god.” he grinned down at you.

“What’s happening? Where are we?” you looked around to find you were in a strange room you had never seen before. You were on a bed, while Thomas ran towards the door trying to shove things in front of it like tables and chairs.

“There’s no time to explain. Can you walk?” Minho asked taking your hand. “Yeah.” you nodded as he slowly pulled you up.

“Minho!” Thomas yelled over the sound of fists pounding on the door. Someone was trying to get in. “Stay with her!” Minho shouted to Newt who nodded.

You swallowed and looked up at Newt with tears in your eyes. “I remember everything, Newt.” you said quietly. Newt’s eyes filled with concern as he looked down at you.

“Remember what?” He asked. Even in this frightening situation, he was able to give you his undivided attention.

“Before the maze. My memories.” You sniffled, a tear fell from your eye as you remembered the fear of your mother carrying you through a crowded street towards the people in masks, yelling at them and telling them you were immune.

“It’s alright, love.” he hugged you to his chest as you as you cried into his shoulder. You felt safe in Newt’s arms, something you rarely ever felt. You breathed in his scent and hid your face in his shirt. Just as the pounding started to get louder Minho and Thomas ran towards the window in the wall. They lifted up chairs and started banging them against the glass. Finally the glass broke, and smiles of relief spread over the boys’ faces. “Come on!” Minho gestured for you to come forward. He helped you cross over the broken glass and Newt followed closely. He stood next to you in a protective way, his body hanging close to yours. His fingers crept against the back of your hand. You were scared, no doubt about it. You quickly laced your fingers with his and squeezed his hand.

“Y/n, you okay?” Minho looked into your eyes after walking up to you. You let go of Newt’s hand to pull your him into a close hug. “I was so scared, Min. I was so scared I wasn’t gonna see you again.” you cried as you both hugged each other. “I was too. We’re gonna be okay. Now stay close to Newt, okay? He’ll keep you safe. Just don’t stop running.” Minho said as you two pulled away. You nodded and then grabbed Newt’s hand again. “Let’s go!” Thomas shouted as everyone ran for their lives out the door.

Something To Think About (Part 5) - Newt Imagine (SMUT)

Idk why I added smut to this, I was just feeling like it haha and yes I totally stole the smut part from one of my other imagines and changed it a little (I was lazy at the moment).

This is the last part. Hope you like it! Enjoy! :) 

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Note: Fluffyyy. Kiss and make up. A really short smut part.
Warning: SMUT!
Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Info about the series.
Word count: 1688

Originally posted by beflames

Newt´s POV

What have I done? I thought to myself. I was still standing there at the very same spot as Y/N had left me in, surrounded by Thomas and Minho. The other boys had left the room, they had seen and heard enough and wasn’t interested in more drama.

“I made a promise to her…” I murmured and broke the silence.

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The Maze Runner: Newt, The Rescuer

Prompt: Newt’s reaction to seeing you get hurt.

Requested by: @justthoseimagines

You wipe the sweat off your forehead before slipping on your thick, work gloves. It feels strangely hotter today, even though the weather conditions of the Glade don’t actually change. Maybe you’re just working harder than usual.

“Y/N can you grab the other end please?” Gally urges, gesturing to your end of the thick piece of wood; recently chopped down.

You sigh, straighten your gloves and make sure they’re tight, and then re-tie your loosely held hair up.

Gally frowns at you, “Seriously Y/N? Can you take any longer?”

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Morning Glory pt. 1 - The Maze Runner - Thomas au

Description: Based off the original story of The Maze Runner, where Y/N has been around a long time and she and Thomas might be the key out of here.
Relationship: Thomas x Reader - THE MAZE RUNNER

Title:  Who’s Thomas?

Word count: 1825

A/N: Somewhere, a long time ago, I started out with a Thomas one shot that ended up in my own version of The Maze Runner. Snips and bits are taken from the original story (as are the characters) but with a twist of my own.
There will be a lot of smut in here.


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Love Me Again 4 || Newt

Day 11/12. :) So sorry for the delay.

Follow me on IG: @bloody.tbs! I follow back. I made it a private account to avoid any people I know discovering me. Expect personal photos of my adventures! ✨

Newt and Y/N’s friendship blossom here as they talk.

Edit: I changed the plotline up a bit. Nothing major.

It all happened so fast.

From Minho being struck by lightning to finding yourselves stuck in a room full of bound Cranks, you barely registered anything.

Isaac was with you again.


He swore to protect you.

And protect you he did.

From that moment, you became his first priority. Though he still participated in group meetings and acted as one of the leaders, he made sure you were always near him, where he can see you.

And now here you were, being told by a man named Jorge that you were very valuable.

You chose to ignore most of their conversation until you realized he was looking at you.

Did he say something?

“No,” you heard Newt say. “we used to be, so I’ve been told.”

He probably asked if you were together.

Only then did you notice that Newt’s hand was on the small of your back.

Jorge looked at you. “I’ve met you before,” he said, though it was obvious that he still didn’t know exactly who you were. “We will talk later.”

You weren’t sure how long they sat there, but it was spent planning to get to the Right Arm - someplace they kept the kids safe.

You were sat on the floor as they spoke, Newt right beside you.

“We must keep the girl safe,” Jorge gestured to you to indicate that he was referring to you, not Teresa. “She’s the only one who remembers everything. She’s priority. Got it?”

Minho smirked at you, while the others nodded. Newt remained still.

“Get some rest, all of you.” Jorge stood from his seat. “It will only be a matter of time before those bastards find us. I will take first watch. Thomas, get some sleep - you take my place after some time.”

Brenda had placed some blankets on the floor. Newt caught your attention, gesturing to the blanket. “Ladies first,”

“I’m not so tired,” you muttered.

Newt looked down in deep thought. “I suppose we have time for this,” he reached for his pocket to reveal his letter.


“Read it aloud?” you requested, shifting to get comfy.

“Sure,” he smiled, facing you and clearing his throat.

When you’re broken, let him try to fix you like I would have.

And when you have children, tell them about me.

Tell them how much I loved you.

Tell them to look for someone who cares for them as much as I have cared for you.

I hope you know that the last thought I will ever have is you.

The feeling of your heart on my chest.

Your hand in mine.

Your lips on my own.

And if by some miracle, you find me as someone else, and you are no longer familiar to me, I write to that person as well.

Isaac - or whatever they have named you when you were sent up there - take care of her.

The woman I write to is my life.

Maybe, you will learn to love her as well.

That would make me happy.

And to my love…

I love you.

Your Isaac

Newt was silent as his eyes scanned the paper in his hands.

When he was still silent after a few solid minutes, you spoke.

“Newt, are you okay?”

“It’s surreal, you know?” he chuckled. “This was me,”

You nodded, finally understanding. That was a little creepy.

“I wrote this. And I wrote to myself. This is… thank you.” he smiled at you finally.

“Are you okay?” you repeated.

“I am.” he nodded. “How old am I?” he asked after a while.

“You’re probably about twenty-six by now (A/N: yes, I made him older),” you replied. “I’m about twenty-four if you must know.”

He nodded again, silent. 

“Isaac would want you to know this,”

Newt looked up at your words.

“You had dreams of a baby in the Glade?” you clarified.

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“We were gonna have one,” you smiled at the thought despite tears filling your eyes. “we lost it. We tried not to overthink it, Janson would have sent her up the Box anyways.”

“Her?” Newt repeated softly. Seeing him break all over again was not a pretty sight.

You nodded, resisting the urge to reach for him. “We couldn’t sleep after that. You still went back to work afterwards, but you convinced Janson to let me rest. You lectured him about what happens when… you know.”

He smiled, obviously trying to lighten up the mood. “Seems to me I was wrapped around your bloody finger.”

You grinned, shaking your head. You looked around to see everyone either whispering to each other or asleep. Jorge wasn’t paying attention, seemingly lost in thought.

“I can’t imagine,” his voice broke as he ran his hand through his hair. “I had a life ahead of me.”

“Isaac always told me to never imagine what could have been.” you tried, and it seemed to work.

He nodded, swallowing hard. “Right.”

He paused for a while, and his hand extended towards you.

You froze. What was he doing?

His hand landed over yours.

“Newt?” you called shakily. “What are you doing?”

“Getting a taste of my past,” he whispered back. “don’t move.”

You shivered as his fingers danced up and down your arm, his eyes focused on his hand.

You felt naked, with Newt - a stranger in a manner of speaking - looking at you. It was uncomfortable yet you felt like coming back home.

You took a shaky breath when his fingers began to creep up your collarbone up to your jaw.

His eyes flickered to yours briefly before he continued to stroke your cheek.


He shushed you. He ran his fingers through your hair then, but his eyes were on you now.

He began to touch your lips. You tried not to move as he licked his lips and leaned forward.

He was inches from you now, but he froze.

You relished in the feeling of him so near you. You could feel his breath on your lips. 

The familiar feeling of his nose on yours spawned butterflies in your stomach.

You waited for the feeling of his lips.

But it didn’t come.

He pulled away.

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.” he sighed.

You nodded bashfully. How stupid were you, thinking that he’d act the same way again?

He wasn’t your Isaac.

Not anymore.

Isaac was long gone.

“We may not have what you had with Isaac,” he began. “but maybe, soon, we will. Maybe I’ll even develop some feelings for you.”

“Maybe,” you repeated.

“Maybe,” he nodded. “you’re not that difficult to love, Y/N. I can definitely see why Isaac loved you so much. But it’s getting late. We have so much time ahead of us.”

“Friends, then.” to be honest, you were disappointed. But Isaac had always been the logical one between you both.

“Friends.” he smiled sweetly - that boyish smile you loved so much.

That night, you slept on Newt’s lap.

Into the Thick - Chapter 2

After serving 10 years in prison for the club, Pip is out and thrown into the middle of chaos. Follow as the only female son adjusts to change and loss.


“Pip, you and Jax go see Laroy tomorrow and see when he wants his guns.” Clay said across the table.
It had been a few weeks since I got out and catching up with the club had taken a lot of that time because of how much had happened - Jax’s son was born, Wendy was in rehab,  Tara came back, Happy’s mother was sick again and Missy had died.
As well as keeping up with the club, I had to catch up with my own family, Cora was good for Brody, but I was trying to make sure that she was in it for the long run. I had seen how he was with Dylan and if he ever went away, I dread to think what it would do to him; so far so good though.
Dylan had quickly become the light of my life and I must admit that I had spoiled him rotten since I had met him, and this wasn’t going to change any time soon.
Clay banged the gavel and I was brought out of my reverie as everyone started to leave.
“Prospect, beer!” Tig shouted the second he was out of Church.
Beers and cheers were spread throughout the rest of the night.
It was 11 0'clock and Jax told me that he would meet me before Laroy came, which would be any second now.
Which left the question: ‘where the fuck is Jax?“
I had been trying him continously, to no avail but it was too late now as Laroy and his crew pulled up.
“Laroy.” I said as I walked over to him, we went way back and I was the one who presented the Niners as business partners. None of this meant that I was not scared to be alone with him and five other members, all of whom were carrying.
“Piper. How’s freedom treating you?” Laroy said as he hugged me.
“Not too bad, soaking up more sun than ever.” I joked with him.
“I’ve been meaning to thank you for what you did for us.” He clicked his fingers and a brown envelope was in his hand before I could blink. While I was inside, I had dealt with an old lady problem for them - protection was limited in a women’s prison.
“Yeah, I’m real grateful.” Spoke a voice behind Laroy and I could only guess that this was the old man that I had heard so much about - Dwyane.
“It was no problem. How is Sasha?” I asked him.
“She’s good. The baby’s due in a few weeks.” Dwyane replied.
“That reminds me,” I turned back to my bike, “I’m really sorry that I couldn’t make it to the baby shower, but I was still inside.” I was speaking to him as I searched through the box on my bike for the present that I was brought for her.
Once I found it, I brought it with me as I walked back to Dwyane, who now stood next to Laroy.
“It’s just a few bits and bobs for the baby, but will you pass these on for me?”
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks.” Dwyane reached out for a hug.
“It’s nothing, man. Sasha’s a keeper.” Dwyane nodded and stood back in line.
“So back to business.” Laroy said.
“Clay wants to know when you guys next want guns.”
“When’s the next shipment?”
“From the Irish? Two days.”
“I guess in three days then.”
“Thanks Laroy, man.”
“We owe you.” He said as he pushed the envelope towards me. I took it from him and put it in my cut, but I didn’t look how much was in it so as not to seem rude.
“Anything you need. ”
We reached out for another hug as the rest of his crew got back into their cars.
Just as we pulled away, shots were fired and about 10 mayan bikes were surrounding our meet with screeching tyres.
Everyone hit the deck, and drew their weapons, shooting blindly and hoping to hit.
Laroy had been moved by his crew and was behind one of the cars.
“Pip!” He shouted me, gesturing for me to make my way over.
I stood and hunched down. Still shooting as I ran, so close to being marginally more safe, when a shot to the thigh brought me crashing down.
The mayans didn’t stay long after that and before I knew it, the meet place was once again quiet. Only pants of the Niners could be heard, as least that was until I opened my mouth.
“Holy shit! Mother of Christ! I’m gonna kill him!” By him, I meant Jax, this probably wouldn’t have happened had he actually bothered to turn up.
“You hit?” Laroy was walking back over to me. “You want a lift back to TM?”
“No,” I panted as I struggled to stand, “it’s a club issue, you would set it off more. Thanks though.”
“You sure, your leg looks bad?” He said as he followed me to my bike.
“Some help on my bike would be nice though.” I said through a grimace.
He pulled me onto my bike and I started it, with much pain.
“Alright, I’ll see you next time.” He said to me.
I winked, “Until next time, send my love to everyone.”
Driving away, there was only one thought on my mind, Jax was going to get it.

Shape of You

Request: Hello💐 Could you do a a Newt imagine based off the song ‘Shape of you’ By Ed Sheeran? Reader: a runner, best friends with Newt, and Minho, and you can add whatever else you want. Thank you if you do this imagine and btw I love your imagines😍 #FLUFFY 💭

Warnings: nonw

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Newt stared at you from afar. You had just woken up for the day, beginning to prep for your run in the Maze. Minho met up with you as always, and like usual you two would go over to Newt.

“Mornin’ Newt,” you grinned. “How’d you sleep?”

“Morning, I slept real good actually. You?” 

You carried on with conversation, laughing and smiling. You and Newt blushed a lot, Minho groaning at the obvious love connection.

Newt blushed madly, loving your smile. He so badly wanted to just grab you and kiss you. He’d been wanting to do it for so long now. You were beautiful and his best friend. He loved you.

It was Newt, Minho, Alby, Frypan, and Gally. They all sat at a table. You walked up to the group, but only talking to Newt. Newt blushed a little, flustered. Why give him so much attention?

But there you went, chatting away with just him. He gladly accepted the special attention. Finally, you mustered up the courage to ask him to come with you somewhere more private. Of course Newt accepted and you two left the table. 

Newt fidgeted, fumbling with his hands. He was going to tell you today. This was the perfect opportunity, too. You were both alone for once. It was perfect.

“So, what I wanted to tell you was–”

“Y/N, I love you,” Newt cute you off. “Your love… it was handmade for someone like me. It really was. I may be crazy, but…”

He trailed off and you smiled. You blushed hard, face turning a crimson color. Butterflies swarmed in your belly.

“Funny, I was about to say something similar.” You paused. “But how about we don’t talk too much right now.

Newt raised an eyebrow, not catching your drift.

“Kiss me, idiot.”

Now Newt knew what you were talking about. He didn’t hesitate a single bit. He quickly placed his lips on yours.

The kiss was sensational. Neither of you had ever kissed anybody–from what you both remembered. You never knew a single kiss could feel this amazing. You thought it was just people being mushy, but here you were fawning over a kiss. 

And it wasn’t just a kiss. It was long and multiple kisses. It turned into kissing to making out. Newt’s hands roamed your body, feeling the shape of it. You kept your hands on his back, holding him closer to you. 

“I’m also in with the shape of you,” Newt mumbled between kisses. 

You giggled. “You’re such a sap.”

You both continued, getting each other’s scents on your clothes. 

Newt was in pure heaven. You two had always been able to talk for hours on end, staying up later than normal. Those long talks and long nights made him fall in love with you. You fell in love with him, too, along the way. It was a perfect match. You two were meant to be. 

“Come on, be my baby,” you whispered, smirking. 

“Huh? Of course,” Newt chuckled.

“Come on, be my baby,” you repeated.

Newt became confused, pausing the kissing session. “I just said yes.”

“Newt…” You grinned. “Newt… Newt…? Newt!”

“Huh? What?” Newt shook his head.

“What’re you doing, shank? You’re just standing there!” Alby laughed, looking at him suspiciously. 

“Sorry, yeah, I’ll get started on stuff.” Newt was in a complete haze.

“You okay?” Alby asked, concerned.

“Y-Yeah, sorry. I guess I just spaced. I didn’t get much sleep last night for some reason,” he lied.

No one needed to know that Newt just fantasized kissing you. He walked away, staring at the spot where you were before leaving for the Maze with Minho. Once again, he shook his head and walked away.
The Flash Before Your Eyes - Gilliebear2185 - Mass Effect: Andromeda [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

My first attempt at real multi-chapter fic.  As always, anything you spot wrong, please let me know :)

It had been three years since the Archon was defeated on Meridian and the Kett begun to pull back from Heleus, thanks largely to the efforts of the human Pathfinder Scott Brodie (né Ryder).  In the time since, the cluster had entered something of a renaissance, with trade and relationships between the native Angara and the new extra-galactic aliens booming.

The Angara in particular were flourishing, as expedition after expedition returned with new rediscoveries about their past.  The Initiative agreed to limit themselves to the Golden Worlds originally set out before it set off, clearing the way for the Angara to expand their borders and retake their old worlds.  This, in addition to the assurances of the Pathfinder’s assistance in activating planetary vaults, was part of a deal in which the Angara promised to share what knowledge they learned.

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Stress Reliever

request: Hey there! Idk whether you do one where its about Thomas sangster IRL. So I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is living with him and he’s stressed y'know and he needs to relief himself (catching my drift) or fluff mainly idk 😊😊😊

warnings: smut

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Love, Actually [Part 1]


TMR Cast Imagine Series [ next ]

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader (eventually)

A/N: Really just wanted to write before heading out for a client. Y/N joins as a new member in the TMR cast and being a fresh face in the industry, she is very intimidated and shy to meet everyone else whose already so close to each other. Decided to make this for filming of The Scorch Trials, not really gonna delve into Y/N’s character in the film or how it deviates from the actual story line just to make this less confusing. Might be making future parts?? Idkkkkk

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The Family That Cons Together

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Words:  653

-Misha has special guests with him when he goes to the con. His wife and kids are just as loved as he is.-

          “Mommy! Daddy!” you felt two small bodies land halfway on top of you and halfway on top of Misha.

           You opened your eyes, “Yes?”

           “It’s time to get up!” your five-year-old daughter, Sierra said matter-of-factly, “We get to talk to fans!”

           “You get to talk to fans?” Misha asked groggily.

           “Yeah!” your three-year old son, Brody giggled.

           “What makes you think you get to talk to fans?” you asked, rolling and grabbing Sierra in your arms.

           Sierra squealed, giggling even more, “We always do!”

           “You think they want to see you?” Misha asked, hugging Brody against his chest, which always melted your heart.

           “They love us,” Brody said, looking up at his daddy.

           “They sure do,” you agreed.

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No kids allowed

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Request: hello I was wondering if you could do a flash smutty/fluff where it’s like a proposal, or like you the reader and Barry have a day away from possibly kids or something.

Authors note: I went with the second option. And yay my first smut for the flash ! ! !

“Now you guys behave for uncle Joe ok?” I took off Brody’s jacket as Barry took off Nora’s.

“But why can’t we go with you guys” Brody started to cry.

“Because sweetie mommy and daddy need some time to ourselves, but we’ll be back on Sunday.” It broke my heart seeing my little boy cry.

“It’s ok Brody we can play all weekend with uncle Joe, right uncle Joe?” Little Nora looked up at Joe

“That’s right and guess what Brody” Joe knelt down so he was was to face with Brody. “I’ll let you guys eat ice cream” Brody’s face lit up when Joe mentioned ice cream.

“Ok bye mommy bye daddy” both him and Nora gave us one last hug before running off.

“Thanks again Joe” I gave Joe a big hug.

“Yeah thank you for doing this” Barry gave Joe a bag with stuff the twins might need.

“Honestly it’s no trouble at all, I love those two kids. Now go and enjoy your weekend away from them, you guys deserve it” Joe gave Barry a hug before we exited the house.

“Ready to hit the open road” Barry looked down at me

“YESSS lets go.” I grabbed Barry’s hand and practically ran to the car. This is the first time in MONTHS that we are going to spend time together alone. No kids, no work just me and Barry alone at a lake house 20 minutes away from Central City.

“Calm down y/n the lake house will be still be there when we get there.” Barry laughed as he opened the car door for me before he hopped into the drivers seat.

“I’m sorry I’m just so excited” I eagerly buckled my seatbelt and smiled at my handsome husband as he started the car.

“Haha I can tell, let’s make the most out of this weekend” he laced his right hand with mine as we drove off.

*time skip*

“Barry we are a few feet away from the lake” I was awestruck as I was looking at the backyard of the lake house and notice the giant lake a few feet away.

“It’s so peaceful here” Barry rested his chin on top of my shoulder and his arms wrapped around my body.

“It is, can we go swimming ?”

“Of course let’s go changed” Barry picked me up and carried me into our room for the night. He carefully tossed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me.

“Oh no no no mr. Allen, you said we were going to go swimming. We can do this later.” I gave him a kiss before pushing him away and search our suitcase for my swimsuit. I grabbed the swimsuit and went to the bathroom to change.

“Babe you know I’ve seen you naked right? How do you think we have our two children, why are you changing in the bathroom?” Barry laughed as he heard me lock the bathroom door.

“I know that Barry, I just want to change in peace. Just meet me down stairs if you’re done changing.” Shouted from the other side of the door.

“Alight fine, I’ll meet you downstairs.” I could hear Barry close the bedroom door. Once I finished tying my bikini top I stepped back a bit and took in my appearance. I was wearing a red swimsuit that Barry loves, mainly because it was red. I adjusted my boobs before stepping out of the bathroom, and made my way outside.

“Wow babe you look stunning come in the water is nice” Barry yelled as he swam around. I slipped off my sandals before running on the boardwalk and diving into the lake. Barry was right the water was nice, not freezing cold but also not disgusting hot. As I came up breath I looked around but I couldn’t find Barry.

“Barry whe- ahh shit” I freaked when I felt something grabbing my legs only to realize it was Barry. “Don’t scare me like that” I splashed water in his face when his head popped up from the water.

“Sorry babe I couldn’t help myself” he chucked as he wrapped his arms around my body, as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Your lucky I love you” I pouted

“Yes I am lucky that you love me, God I can’t believe how gorgeous you look in the bathing suit. I mean wow” Barry took his time checking out my body.

“Not bad for a woman who gave birth to two kids right?”

“Mmm not bad at all. You know I still can’t believe this is my life. I mean I got a gorgeous wife, two precious children, a kick ass job and I get to keep our city safe. How did I get so lucky?” Barry rested his forehead against mine.

“It’s not luck Barry, you’ve been through so much since you were a kid. You are just being rewarded for dealing with it.” I cupped Barry’s cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss. That sweet little kiss though soon turned into a heated make out season. I felt Barry tugging the strings of my bikini top causing me to pull away. “Wow there, if this is going where I think it’s going we better head inside. I really don’t want to have sex in the water.”

“Fine by me, hold on” I buried my face in Barry neck as he used his powers to get us inside the house. Opening my eyes I look up at Barry and realized we were in the same position we were in earlier. “Now, where were we” Barry lifted me up enough to untie the back of my bikini top and laid me back genially before tossing the bikini to the side.“Beautiful” he whispered as he began to kiss my neck. He ran his hands up and down my legs before hooking his fingers at the top of my bikini bottoms and slid them off.

“Oh Barry” I closed my eyes as I felt his finger playing with my clit before inserting then inside my pussy. “That feel nice” my breath hitched as he started to move them inside me.

“I love you” Barry breathed into my neck as he started to move his fingers faster. I started to rock my hip to match his pace.

“Barry I’m going to-”

“No wait” Barry pulled his fingers out and swiftly removed his swim trunks before climbing on top of me again. Spreading my legs for him I began to feel him teasing my entrance. With one harsh thrust he was fully inside me.

“BARRY” I clung to his back as he let me adjust. After a few deep breaths I gave him the ok to start moving.

“Jesus you’re so tight! !” Barry groaned as he had a firm grip on my waist.

“Oh Barry” I tried to match his pace but he started to go faster, channeling a tiny amount of his powers.

“Ah I fucking missed this” Barry panted as he placed his right hand on my clit and started to rub it.

“Barry I’m not going to last if you do that” I tried to warn him.

“It’s ok babe you can let go, cum for me please”.

“BARRY ! ! !” I let out a high pitch scream before my orgasm took over my body. “Yes yes yes” I chanted as Barry kept moving inside me until I felt him twitch inside me.

“Oh oh oh fuuuuuck” Barry cursed as he spilled himself inside me. Once he finished emptying himself inside me he pulled out and laid down next to me. “Come here” he called for me and I curled up against him.

“That was amazing” I kissed Barry’s chest as we were trying to catch our breaths.

“You were amazing babe, I love you” Barry kissed the top of my head.

“I love you too Barry” I replied as we looked out the window.

“I was thinking” Barry started to say. “We love our life right and we love our kids?”

“Yeah” I hesitantly answered.

“What do you say we expand our family” I looked up at him shocked.

“You want to have another baby?”

“Yeah, I mean we have stated in the past that we wanted three to four kids and the twins are starting kindergarten in the fall. Why not expand our family” I looked up at Barry and see that he was staring down at me.

“We’d have to move into a bigger house. We can barely move around where we live now with two kids, imagine having three kids in that house.”

“So that’s a yes then” I noticed a hit of happiness in his voice.

“Yes, let’s have another baby” I smiled as replied to him. “Let’s just hope the twins will be ok with this”

“They’re ok with it, I already talked to them about it and they’re excited to have a little brother or sister.” I teasingly hit Barry’s chest. “I’m sorry I just wanted them to be ok with it before I even asked you. I just wanted to know that if we do have another baby they wouldn’t get jealous.”

“Alight fine that’s a valid excuse, did you tell anyone else?”

“Nope” he kissed my nose.

“Alright then, I don’t want to tell anyone until I’m actually pregnant, just so we don’t get their hopes up”

“I’m ok with that” Barry kissed my forehead. “I love you y/n”

“I love you too Barry”

Trapped pt8

The maze runner fanfiction


Couple: Reader x Newt


Rating: Cute/Action/Sad


Newts POV
You thoroughly searched your side of the glade three times over, but there was still no sign of Y/N. So you decide to head back to find Chuck and pray that Y/N is safely back with him. As you are making your way over towards the centre of the glade you spot Sally running back from towards the entrance of the maze, tears streaming down her face. When she reaches you she collapses in your arms. You wrap your arms around her to help Keep her balanced, when you feel a wet sticky substance, tricking down her arms. Sally was covered in blood.
You shouted for the med jacks and watch as she is taken away to the med Hut. You hear her call your name, so you follow her in and watch as Winston treats her wounds. She had cuts all over her arms and a hands, but thankfully none of them were too deep. Once she had been seen to, Alby barges in demanding to find out what happened. Sally sits up in the bed and looks over at you helplessly, but you nod for her to tell you both what had happened.
She lets out a small sob and tears begin to flow down her cheeks “Y/N attacked me as I was taking a stroll through the field” you shift uncomfortably in your seat, a thousand questions running through your mind. Not knowing whether she was lying or telling he truth, you wait for her to continue.
“She came up to me and held out a knife saying how she warned me to keep away from Newt, as he belonged to her. I tried to keep her calm by talking to her but she slashed at my hands and wrists so I ran. She tackled me to the ground and dragged me into the maze, holding the knife against my throat. When she pushed me to the ground I noticed a large rock beside me so I threw dirt in her eyes and hit her over the head with the rock. She passed out so I went to call for someone to help me carry her out of the maze, I didn’t want to just leave her in there, but when I had gotten out, the doors had already began to close.”
You grind your teeth “so you’re telling me Y/N is passed out in the maze?” Sally nodded her head and began to weep again, apologising to you. You cut her off, not wanting to listen to anything else she had to say “save it! I don’t want to hear it” You storm out of the room and head straight to the doors of the maze, anger building up inside of you. “There’s no way Y/N would’ve done that! She’s never been a violent person. Sally has to be lying!” You think to yourself. Once you get to the doors you rest your hand against it, picturing Y/N trapped on the other side. That’s when the realisation of what'a just happened hits you. It doesn’t matter whether Sally was telling the true or not. The truth is Y/N, the girl that you love, is trapped within the maze and no one ever survives a night in the maze.

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Stay Away.

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REQUEST: Can you please write a Newt imagine where nobody is allowed to date the reader, but she and Newt end up being together, so one night they go off into the deadheads, things get a little frisky and they end up getting caught by Alby and Minho? Thanks love! :)

FANDOM: Newt [The Maze Runner]


TAGS: PDA, swearing, short imagine

Newt takes my hand and we run off to the Deadheads. We laugh together while he tries not to fall from the darkness. The woods was deep and dark and we couldn’t see a thing but thanks to Newt he brought a lantern to give us light.

Lowkey was one word to describe our relationship. Alby took my role as the only girl here as a serious manner and came up with a new rule that no guy was allowed to date me. 

As much as I find it safe, I knew that I can handle myself and a rule can’t be unfair like that. If a guy here breaks my heart, so what? Fifty other boys will be fighting over me again. 

Fortunately, Newt found a solution to the problem and it began with a kiss while we hid in the Deadheads during work period in the middle of the day.

I trip on a twig and I fall forward. Newt catches me and lifts me up with his two arms before taking me away. We laugh together until it grew silent, making sure no one heard us while we were going deeper into the woods.

“You sure about this?” I ask. “Drunk Gladers go here.”

“Positive,” Newt says. He pushes me against a nearby tree and removes strands of my hair away from my face. His voice lowers to a whisper, “You’re mine, love.”

“I know, Newt. But I’m sure the boys don’t know that. It’s better if we tell them. If we tell them- “

Newt thought the opposite. If they found out, Alby would punish me and even Newt for disobeying the rule. I took advantage but Newt was such a kind boyfriend and I couldn’t take that opportunity away by breaking things off with him. No one was like him and I liked that.

“There is zero reason for us to do that,” he interrupts.

“If we tell them,” I contnued, “it’s probably a good idea to break it to them when everyone’s in a good mood.” 

He shakes his head. He disapproved. “Just kiss me, Y/N. Just think about us and not them.” And pulling me closer to his face, we were kissing. 

At that point, the moment went from talking to kissing to wandering hands. Of course, we agreed to take things slow but physical contact like this didn’t hurt. We promised to go at a slow pace until we were ready.

“Shanks!” A third voice stopped the both of us and our eyes darted toward the right side. Minho and Alby carrying shocked looks on their faces.

We watched and listened as Alby started yelling at us, but we were too violated and shocked to reason with him. Minho was watching too. He takes a sip from his moonshine jar, then called out in disgust and snatched Alby’s handkerchief from his pocket.

“Oh shit. Oh shit. Gally put so much chemicals in my drink.” It was difficult to see Minho now that he was stumbling away towards the dark, spitting out the nasty contents from my friend’s recipe. 

Newt looks at me and kisses my forehead. Was he saying goodbye for the night? Or for our relationship?

// THE END //

Reason to Live (Newt Imagine)

“Stay,” I whispered with glassy eyes. Newt’s eyes fell from my own to the ground underneath us as I took his left hand in mine, holding it just by his fingers. He looked to his right at the huge stone walls of the maze before returning his focus on me.

“I have to help, Y/N,” he argued quietly. This time I dropped my gaze, disappointed with his response. I knew he felt he had to go in. After all he was a runner. Minho asked him to run with him today after Ben didn’t come back yesterday. Everyone knew they would probably find him dead, including me, but I understood that he deserved to be brought back and buried; not left to be eaten by the grievers. Still, the thought of Newt running today terrified me. It was usually Minho and Alby who ran the day after someone didn’t come back, but Alby strained his ankle and could hardly walk let alone run.

“Newt… please,” I pleaded as tears started rolling down my cheeks. He was the closest person I had and I couldn’t even bear the thought of not seeing him again. I was certain I loved him but the fear of rejection overpowered my courage to tell him. “I don’t want to lose you,” I whispered, almost too quietly for him to hear but I knew he did, as his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“You won’t, okay?” He wrapped his arms around me and I pressed my head against his chest, listening to his soothing heartbeat. “I promise,” he muttered against my hair, but I knew he was lying. His heart skipped a beat, giving away the fact that he didn’t know if he was coming back either. That terrified me even more, making me cry harder but I tried to fight it, squeezing my eyes shut. I sniffed a few times against his soft white hoodie as he pressed me against himself.

“Newt, come on! It’s time to go!” Minho shouted. I pulled away and looked in his direction. He was standing at the doors which were slowly starting to open. I heard Newt sigh heavily as I stared at Minho who gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back,” he reassured, kissing my forehead gently and hugging me one last time before he jogged towards his friend. I stood like a statue, watching Newt and Minho throw themselves at the dangers of the maze. I looked down at my feet when they took a left turn, disappearing completely.

I slowly made my way to the med-jacks hut where I found Clint and Jeff already patching up two of the builders. We exchanged friendly ‘heys’ and that was about it. I sorted some of the medicine in the cabinets just to kill time and not think about Newt but, of course, it didn’t work. Time went by so slow and my anxiety was building up, threatening to spill all at once. What made it worse was that Clint and Jeff left me alone to go check up on Alby.

That was when Gally came in. He was holding onto his arm with a towel which was clearly covered in blood. “Hey,” he started when he noticed me sitting at one of the desks with my head resting in my hand, “could you take care of this?” he glanced at his arm and then back at me. Something was off about him though. He was usually quite rough and loud; you always knew when he was I the room. But right now he was considerably gentler, as if he was trying not to bother me or provoke me.  

“Yeah,” I smiled bluntly, “take a seat.” And he did. He put the bloody piece of fabric in the sink behind him and then turned back towards me. I looked at his arm and could hear him let out a slight chuckle as my face contorted. It was pretty bad and it would definitely leave a nasty scar but he didn’t seem that bothered. “It needs stitches,” I stated, standing up to grab the needle and thread. “Do you want painkillers?”

“I’ll survive,” he simply stated.

I sat back down, failing to thread the needle four times before I finally succeeded. I let out a small sigh before reaching for his arm. He shifted slightly and I looked up at him as if I was waiting for some sort of approval. When he nodded I pierced through his skin once. He hissed slightly and I could feel him tense up. I then continued to go back and forth as fast as I could to save him from any more discomfort. He melted into the chair when he realised I was done. “Thanks,” he sighed.

“No problem Gal,” I replied flatly.

He caught on soon enough, realising I was worried about Newt. “He’ll be fine.” He knew that I knew who he was talking about, but I wanted to hide my worries; ignore them as much as I possibly could.

“What?” I was acting dumb, avoiding the topic of Newt going into the maze.

“Newt. He’s going to be okay.” He smiled reassuringly. As much as I wanted to believe his words, I just wasn’t able to. The maze is so dangerous and the chances of people not getting injured or dying are slim. Even though Newt was a runner ever since I could remember, he never went in in anyone else’s place.

“How do you know?” I felt bad for asking. I felt like I was accusing him of something but the words just came out and I couldn’t stop them.

“Because of you.”

What the hell was he talking about? I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion trying to figure him out but gave up soon enough.

“What?” I breathed.

“He’ll be okay, because of you. He wouldn’t want to lose you. You mean too much to him.”

I couldn’t believe that these words were coming from Gally. The ‘tough one’. I was speechless even though I wanted to ask what he meant again but I stopped myself. Instead I stayed silent as he got up to leave. I followed him, wanting to get some fresh air but he stopped at the door and turned around.

“He loves you, that’s what I mean.” And with that, he left. I couldn’t believe it. Was he just joking? No, he wouldn’t do that. Surely not. But the thought of Newt loving me felt so surreal. Especially that I felt that way about him for way too long now. I walked out of the hut, about to take a long walk when I noticed Minho. He was carrying someone over his shoulder. I squinted my eyes trying to make out what was going on as my heartbeat increased.


My heart sank.

I felt as if someone had punched me in the chest with such great force that all the air in my lungs suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t breathe. When Minho was close enough I couldn’t help but ask.

“What happened?” I whispered with watery eyes.

“A griever. It cut him in the stomach.” Minho rushed past me into the med-jacks hut. When he was inside he laid Newt on the single bed and moved back, making space for me. “Do you… need any help?” he offered but I nodded. With that he reluctantly made his way outside, leaving Newt and I on our own.

“Y/N?” he mumbled almost inaudibly. He was conscious. Thank god. I was sobbing by this point.

“Newt, oh my god. Y-yeah it’s me. It’s me.” I breathed. He shifted in an attempt to sit up but slammed his eyes shut immediately letting out a loud groan through clenched teeth. He was in so much pain. It only made me cry harder. I was panicking. I hated seeing him like this; it killed me from the inside. “Newt, lie down.” I sobbed.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through his orange tank top with shaking hands. What I found underneath was a five-inch-long, deep cut. It only made me realise how close he was to getting killed by one of those creatures.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, “I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh, you’ll be okay.” I said, realising that those were the words he used to reassure me this morning. He was so drowsy and exhaustion must have taken over as I found him sleeping before I even began cleaning him up.

When I was finished cleaning the wound and stitching it up I sat down beside him. I took his hand in mine as he slept. He looked so peaceful and soft. I didn’t even realise putting my head on the edge of the bed and falling asleep.

It was so early when I woke up, around six or seven in the morning. I looked at Newt who was already watching me with great intensity. I glanced at my hand which was still holding his and he squeezed it lightly making me look back up at him.

“You scared me,” I whispered as tears started escaping my eyes again. He blinked and his expression looked like one of regret and guilt.

“Y/N…,” he started with a raspy voice, “I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened. I should’ve stayed. I’m sorry.”

“Newt, don’t. It doesn’t matter anymore. You’re alive.”

He smiled thankfully and squeezed my hand once more. “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he whispered. I don’t know what it was but a sudden boost of courage made me bend down and place my lips on his. He didn’t react at first but I felt his lips move against mine slightly making me smile. I pulled away slowly and noticed small tears escaping his eyes. “I-I was so scared you didn’t feel the same,” he admitted quietly.

I kissed him again. Much more passionately this time. He lifted his head, deepening the kiss even more as if he needed it. We moved our heads together, smiling against each other.

“I love you,” he mumbled against my lips making me smile even more.

“I love you too.”

Maze Lovers

Request: Can i request an Newt imagine wher y/n was Thomas’s twin sister and thay were always kind of together and Newt was getting jealous and Minho was like the entire time “Go and tell your feelings to her” but he didn’t agreed cuz he believed that y/n didn’t felt the same and after some weeks y/n got hurt in the maze and she was in a coma for 6 months and Teresa arrived and they became bff and Teresa knew that y/n loved Newt and she convinced her to tell her feelings and u can make the end.Love u❤❤

Warnings: none

Notes: I switched this up a bit!

You jumped on your brother’s back, messing with him before he ran into the Maze for the day. You two always messed around, always hung out. Well, when Thomas wasn’t in the Maze. You weren’t a Runner like your twin brother, so you couldn’t spend the entire day with him.

When you and Thomas came in the Box, everyone was shocked to see two people inside. Especially a boy and a girl. The only thing you two remembered were your name and the fact that you were fraternal twins. 

Though there was another person in the Glade that realized something upon your arrival. Newt, precious Newt adored you. Though you two didn’t hangout much. He was so shy around you always, and envied the relationship you had with your brother. He wanted to be that close to you.

“Y/N, I gotta go. I’ll see you when I get back,” Thomas laughed as you finally got off his back. 

“Oh, fine. I’ll see you later. If you need me I’ll be digging up some weeds!” You said with wide eyes. Thomas chuckled, nudging you before running off.

You walked back to the Gardens, getting started on your day’s work. It was your turn to dig up the weeds today. Something you hated, but had to do. Newt often worked in the Gardens, too, but you guys only made small talk. You stared at him, wishing he would notice you more. You liked him a lot, and wish you two were closer. But the conversation was always awkward. It made you think he didn’t have feelings for you. 

“Talk to her,” Minho urged Newt. He had the day off from running today.

“Every time I do I get all choked up. She’s so… wonderful. But I want to get close to her. I want to be that person she wants to be around when Thomas isn’t around.”

“That’s why I say go tell her how you feel. I’m sure she’ll return the feelings.”

Newt scoffed, stabbing the ground with a shovel. “Yeah, right. They girl is totally in love with me. You know, some guy she rarely talks to.”

Minho rolled his eyes. He responded with how you could have feelings for Newt despite not talking all that much. Newt only shrugged it off, too shy to tell you how he felt.

Though as time passed, you and Newt did talk a little bit more. With the help of Minho of course. But you still weren’t on a every day talking basis. 

“Do you like Newt?” Minho once asked you at dinner. 

You blushed, looking away from both Minho and Thomas. “Yeah…”

“Thought so. Thanks for that.” He hopped up from his seat and left.

Thomas shook his head before turning to you. You both talked about Newt, never telling him about your feelings. Of course he teased you, but wanted to help you out,

However, that next day, Teresa showed up. Another girl took the Gladers by surprise. But she quickly became your friend. Another girl in the Glade was nice to have. Someone who could relate to you with almost everything.

“Do you like Newt or not?” Teresa asked.

“I like him. I like him a lot, I just don’t want to be rejected. It would shatter me.”

“Tell him. You’ll never know. Besides, he likes you back. He’s even told me himself. It’s why he keeps trying to talk to you more and more. He’s jealous that you and Thomas are so close.”

You scoffed. “Thomas is my brother. Why is he jealous of our relationship?”

“Because he wants to be that close with you.”

You didn’t think of that. The conversation went silent as you thought, Teresa standing and observing you. You finally made the decision to tell Newt your feelings then. Minho, Thomas, and now Teresa had told you that Newt liked you back. Maybe it was time to come clean on how you felt.

“Okay, I’ll do it. Right now.”

As you went to find Newt, you were attacked. You went over to the Deadheads, thinking he’d be over there. Instead you were face to face with Ben. He hadn’t been seen the entire day. When you saw him, he looked sick and nearly dead. He charged right at you.

“HELP!” You screamed so loudly it echoed. 

Newt, who was actually inside the Homestead, was first to run to your aid. Soon the entire Glade was running over to you and Ben. You were running so quickly, as fast as you could. You were naturally a slow runner, but due to the adrenaline inside you, you ran so quickly. 

Ben caught up to you, tackling you to the ground. You screamed some more and struggled to fight. He scratched and clawed at you, only to start banging your head on the ground repeatedly. Finally, Newt came over and swung a shovel at his head. Ben fell right off, writhing in pain. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” Newt rushed to your side. You were fading in and out of consciousness. “Y/N?”

You moaned in pain. Your eyes were closed, but you were breathing. 

“Med-jacks, help! Now!” Newt yelled. 

Newt picked you up, carrying you until the Med-jacks came with a makeshift stretcher. The rest of the Gladers took care of Ben who was struggling to fight against them.

“You’re gonna be okay. I promise, Y/N, you’ll be okay.” Newt looked at you, worry washing over him. 

Finally the Med-jacks arrived, taking you to the infirmary. They tried your best to fix you up, bandaging your head up and covering your scratches. You would wince and groan in agony from time to time. You were cold yet warm, in a state of shock. Newt stayed by your side the entire time, holding your hand when he could. 

As a few weeks passed by, you stayed asleep. When Thomas heard the news, he was furious but also scared. He didn’t want to lose his only sister. He wouldn’t know what to do if that happened. 

Thomas and Newt stayed by your side, never leaving. It was as if they were taking shifts on watching you. Thomas would watch you before and after running in the Maze, and Newt watched over you when Thomas was gone. Then they sometimes watched you together.

“Y/N, please wake up,” Newt whined a little. “Please. We were becoming so close. I enjoy our conversations so much. I enjoy your presence, period. You’re so great and lovely. I want to see your smile again–Bloody hell, I love your smile. It always makes me forget that we’re stuck inside this place. I love you, Y/N. I really do, always have and always will.”

Little to his knowledge, you were slowly waking up. Your hearing came back during the middle of Newt’s small speech, but it was enough for you to hear him say he loved you. Your eyes slowly opened, it being too bright at first.

“Y/N!” Newt exclaimed, hovering a little over you. “You’re awake?”

“Newt,” you grinned a little. 

“What? What do you need? I’ll get you anything or anyone. Do you want Thomas?”

You shook your head ever so slightly. “I just want you.” You voice was so quiet and raspy. “I love you, too, Newt.”

Newt smiled, brushing some hair behind your ear. He caressed your forehead, staring right into your eyes. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach, he was so happy. You were awake and safe, and you loved him back. He couldn’t be happier.

Newt wanted to hug you or kiss you, but he knew you were still extremely fragile. So he held himself back, lightly touching you and simply staring. 

“You gave us quiet a scare, you know. Especially me and Thomas.”

“I know. But I’m fine now. Where is Thomas? He back from the Maze? What about Teresa? Minho?”

Newt chuckled. “Slow down, tiger. I don’t want you using all your energy. You just woke up. I’ll notify everyone at dinner, okay? I’ll let Tommy know the second he’s back from the Maze. He’ll come up then. Sound like a deal?”

“Only a deal if you promise to come back up here, too.”

Newt smiled once again and you did, too. “Sounds like a deal.”


*Requested: Y/N is insanely attracted to Newt and is open about it, but Newt doesn’t want to offset the balance in the Glade, which causes him to keep rejecting her. When she finally has had enough of his rejections and ignores him to try to move on, he can’t take it and confesses his attraction to her.*

You huffed as you walked away from the Garden. You silently hoped he would call out your name and you would turn around and he would embrace you and tell you how he really felt and you could live happily every after, but Newt wasn’t like that. He kept turning down any advances you made and yet you kept trying.

There was a bonfire that night for the Greenie, who seemed to be already fitting in with the other Gladers.

“Y/N, right?” he asked and you smiled warmly. 

“That would be me.” you said and took another sip of Gally’s special recipe drink.

“You’re the only girl?” he asked with a glimmer in his eyes and you knew the look. These boys were filled with hormones and it wasn’t the first time you had seen the lust-filled eyes. Newt was always the one that came in between you and the boy and lectured about the balance and peace and pregnancy and blah blah blah. Newt knew that he was the only one you had eyes for, but he would never admit it. But you knew that secretly he loved the attention and affection you gave him.

You and the Greenbean were talking and even flirting before you heard someone clearing his throat.

“Newt.” you said without even turning around and dropped your flirtatious hand from the Greenie’s shoulder.

“Y/N.” he said and you knew what he was going to say next.

“Y/N is off limits.” there it was. His most repeated line since you had arrived in the Glade.

“That’s only because you’re the only one for me.” you said, turning around and smiling, only half teasing.

“Go have fun, you two, but don’t try anything stupid. We don’t need any mini Y/Ns running around here.” he said and started walking away, and you felt anger bubbling inside of you.

“Do you think I’m that much of a whore?” you said and waited for him to turn around.

“Do you think that just because you won’t admit your feelings for me that I need to compensate by sleeping with every shank in this place?” you heard your voice rising and face getting hot.

“Y/N, drop it.” he said but you wouldn’t let down.

“Tell me you have feelings for me and I’ll stop.” you said, giving him an ultimatum.

“Y/N, bloody stop.” he said like a warning and you laughed, pain evident in your voice.

“Yes sir.” you hissed and walked off towards the Homestead, too upset to carry on your partying for the night.


You woke up the next morning super early and went to see if Frypan was up, and if you could get some extra food out of him. He always had a soft spot for you, so you whistled while walking in towards the kitchen and stopped as soon as you saw a messy head of blond hair. You turned on your heel and walked out, but he had already seen you. You heard him jogging after you and you just kept walking, ignoring him.

“Long day, today.” he said, caution clear in his voice and you felt his eyes staring at your side profile. You didn’t say anything but he wouldn’t give up.

“How do you think those vines we tied yesterday are holding up?” he asked and you just sighed quietly.

“I’m sure they’re fine, sir.” you said and knew that there was an edge to your voice and a sarcasm in the “sir.” You couldn’t help yourself. You were angry and hurt by his actions and words, and didn’t want to keep trying if he really did think it was a bad idea for the two of you to be together in the Glade. You briskly walked away to see how your closest friend, Thomas was doing.

“Hey, shank.” he said and you sat down next to him in his hammock. He shifted and you felt kind of bad because you knew he had always had mixed feelings about you. He had admitted to you before that he liked you more than as a friend, but you had told him that you were into Newt, and Newt only. You had been friends ever since, but there was always a piece of him that was attached to you intimately.

“I say, tonight after you get back from running around in the Maze, we steal some of Gally’s drink and go to the Deadheads and lose it.” you said with a playful smile and Thomas laughed.

“Motivates me to get my day’s work done.” he said and the two of you headed for breakfast.


You were waiting for Thomas to return from the Maze when you saw all the Gladers gathering around the Garden. You walked over, confused and there was a slight panic inside of you, wondering if there was something wrong with Newt. You shouldn’t have cared because he was the one that kept rejecting you, but his cute smile and boyish style drove you insane.

“Y/N?” you heard and saw a small blond head peeking out from the crowd. You walked over and saw Newt standing on top of a bunch of boxes piled up in the midst of vines and leaves.

“…” you didn’t say anything and just watched him, your heart beating.

“You told me you liked me just a month and a half after you got here. I told you I didn’t feel the same way but I did. The moment I first saw you and pulled you out of that bloody box, you’re all I’ve been thinking about. Everyone here knows that you like me and that I keep turning you down for the sake of the peace in the Glade, but you haven’t spoken to me since last night and I know it hasn’t even been 24 hours but I feel myself losing my mind without you. I know it might be too late but since I finally have your attention and I can’t hold it in anymore, I love you. I probably love you more than you love me, and I can’t stand it when you talk to the other boys because I know you’re not mine and they have just as much of a fair chance as I do. I know a bunch of them have made moves on you because we all know you’re banging, and I always shut it down because I’m jealous. I love you and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing what I’m about to do.” with that long speech, he jumped off the boxes and landed perfectly in front of you, grabbing your face and bringing your lips to his. You had waited for this for so long and not only were you wrong about his feelings for you, but you were wrong about the way his lips would feel. They were soft and much thicker than you imagined, and he tasted minty but sweet, and you cherished every second of the moment. 

“I love you, you slinthead.” you said and kissed him again, the Gladers woop-ing and hollering.


Fallin’ For Ya ~ The song that’s sung

A/N: since this song got stuck in my head and I’m a kid at heart, this idea came to me so I’m writing it out. Hope you like it!

“Why are we going here?” Thomas asked when Dylan pulled up to a 1960s diner. They were meeting Ki Hong and Will for a quick lunch.

“I know a waitress,” he stated, “Besides we’re only eating.” They went in to see Ki Hong and Will already sitting. Dylan laughed, “Did you request Y/N?”

“Way ahead of you,” Ki Hong answered with a smile.

“Did I miss something?” Will asked, “Who’s Y/N?”

“I’m as clueless as you.” Thomas patted his back.

“So the Brits don’t know,” Will decided.

Suddenly, Dylan yelled, “Y/N!” when you came from the kitchen. You glared at him playfully and balanced the plates.

“Who is that?” Thomas asked. You were wearing a red dress with black polka dots and black heels. He couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“That, my friend, is Y/N,” Dylan explained, “Became friends with her the first time I came here.”

“She’s the reason why they’re so many boys here,” Ki Hong pointed out.

You approached the table. “There’s our chick,” he teased, “All decked out.” Thomas could see his phone opened to 1960s slang words.

“What a dip stick,” you told Ki Hong before seeing Will and Thomas, “Oh, sorry, I’m Y/N and I’ll be serving you today.”

“Y/N, these are our costars, Thomas Brodie Sangster and Will Poulter.”

“I love The Maze Runner,” you revealed before turning professional again, “Can I get any of you a brew?” They all said what they wanted to drink and you left.

“What’s with all of the 60s slang?” Will asked.

“Well, we’re in a 60s diner,” Dylan said slowly, “And Y/N gets so annoyed.” He looked at Thomas. “What about you, Thomas? You were really drawing designs on Y/N.”

He laughed a bit, shaking his head. “I’ve no idea what that means.” Before Dylan could explain, you came back with the drinks.

“Groovy,” Ki Hong joined in. You rolled your eyes and took their orders. Once you left, he explained, “He’s saying that you were checking her out.”

“What?” Thomas asked, “I was looking at her when she took our drink orders.”

Dylan just nodded sarcastically. The guys talked about other things for a while before you came back with their food. You placed Will’s and Ki Hong’s plates in front of them and asked, “Who had the cheeseburger?” Dylan raised his hand, thinking the third plate was his. “Then, this is yours, Thomas,” you continued, “I saw the cheeseburger, but couldn’t carry it.”

“Hurry back, sex pot,” he teased.

You just turned to him. “Do you want to miss the show, Dylan?”

He scrunched his nose. “Fine, Y/N.” You smiled and left to get his plate. Will and Thomas looked at each other. “What show?” Will asked, “Because I don’t think it’s legal to have teenagers here, then.”

“Just wait,” Ki Hong promised. You came back with Dylan’s food. “You going up soon?”

“Flake off,” you grumbled, “I’m up once I leave this table.” Thomas smiled a bit at the adorable sight of your cheeks turning as red as your dress.

“Well, I believe that we have all of our food,” Dylan replied ecstatically, “So you may leave.”

You looked at Will and Thomas. “Promise me that you won’t think less of me?” They both agreed uneasily and you left to a group of girls in long red dresses.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Newcomers looked around, wondering what was going on. Will and Thomas looked at each other again. You walked on the little stage with the instruments with the girls, but you were in the center while they were on the side.

The people started playing their instruments. It was an upbeat song, but the verse was slow. You stepped up to the classic microphone and began singing. Thomas could tell that he was staring at you, but your voice was amazing. He couldn’t help it.

“Staring now, Thomas?” Dylan teased. He blushed a bit. “The second verse is the best.”

“Now we’re going steady. He’s the cat’s meow,” you sang clearly, “He says I’m a Bettie and we paint the town.” The back up singers meowed and ‘oohed’. “I’m not the kind to fall for a guy just cause he says hi. He’s ready to race and I’m catching his gaze.”

“They’ll go on like this for days,” the girls sang.

The table was silently laughing just at the words. “Y/N sings this,” Dylan got out between laughs, “Every Friday.” You were a really good singer. It was just those lyrics.

They continued eating until, during the bridge, Thomas got up to go to the bathroom, or,as Dylan referred to it, the kybo. It meant ‘Keep Your Bowels Open’, something Dylan was happy to share.

To get there, he had to go towards the stage. The song had an instrumental part where you were supposed to walk around the stage, but your heel accidentally twisted on the edge. Thomas’s eyes widened and caught you in his arms before you hit the ground.

You stared at him with shock, but the song was continuing. Fearing the boss being angry at you, you sang, “And now, I’m fallin’ for ya. Fallin’ for ya. I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t stop myself from fallin’ for ya. Can’t hold on any longer and now I’m fallin’ for you.” Your eyes never left his and he had to remind himself that it was for an audience.

The song ended and Thomas set you on your feet. “Uh, are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah,” you shyly replied, “Sorry, but it was just the chorus and-”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Thomas reassured with a smile, “I got to hear your beautiful voice up close.” A sly smirk replaced it. “Since you fell for me, can I have your number?”

You laughed a bit at that. “Maybe. Maybe not,” you said before leaving to get back to your waitressing. Thomas went back to the boys, forgetting about the bathroom.

“Well, that fit in the song,” Will pointed out, “Quite cliché, if I say so myself.”

“No, they were so cute,” Dylan said in a baby voice, “It’s their song now.

“Shut up,” he said. You came back with their check and they payed it. Thomas decided to ask for your number again once you came back, but when you came with the change, he ended up remaining silent.

Once you left, the boys all scolded him, but Dylan opened the little book thing the receipt and change came in and smiled widely. “Hey, Thomas?” He looked up. “You might want this.”

Confused, he took the book and looked inside. There on the receipt was a phone number with the word 'Maybe’ written next to it. Thomas looked to the counter to see you talking to one of the girls, but she nudged you until you turned around to see him. You smiled and he smiled back.

You never forget the first guy you fell for. Or on.

Never Again - Minho Imagine

Finally got it up!

The sound of heavy grinding gears filled the air, and the ground vibrated as the stone doors pulled themselves shut. I looked around panicking, trying to get the attention of other gladers, who began running to me, noticing my sudden state of distress. This couldn’t be happening; he wasn’t back yet.

‘Alby!’ I yelled, running to meet the glader who was fast approaching me, ‘it’s too soon they can’t close yet!’ My whole body shook with fear and my voice trembled weakly as I spoke, making it even harder to get the words out.

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