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Morning After: Thor imagine

The morning was cold but perfect. The storm outside took over the perfect Asgard weather. But this was your favorite weather. Rough and raw dark skies as rain harshly pummeled against the window. The thunder sounding ever few times in an almost peaceful way to you. The lightening ever so slightly slipping light in the dark room.

Even if it was freezing in the bedroom you felt nothing but warmth as you laid in the large silk bedding with the arms of a God around you.

You laid securely on top of Thor’s chest. He was a giant compared to you. He laid under you, one arm slung over your waist as his other hand rested on your thigh… right under your bum. Your fave was buried in his neck as your leg was thrown over him. Your bodies were pressed against each other as close as possible. 

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Aftercare - (F)

Genre; F l u f f

Length; a bit over 600 words

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As his harsh pace inside you slowed before finally coming to a complete halt, his warm cum coated your tunnel, dripping out slightly as he pulled out of you- collapsing onto the bed beside you, pulling you down with him. 

The two of you laid there, feeling completely exhausted from the intense session. “Baby..” Wonho purred, gingerly tracings hearts along your back as you cuddled into his arms. “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?” 

Delicately laying your head on his chest, you smiled as his sweet Daddy-like demeanour returned. Gently you shook your head, “No, Daddy I’m okay-” You sweetly replied, planting a candied kiss on his collarbone. “How about you? Are you okay?” 

Wonho brightly smiled at your concern even though you both knew you were the one who endured the most, “Yes, darling, I’m okay-” He cooed just as he gently laid you onto the mattress before standing from his spot. 

“Where are you going?” You lazily asked, smiling up at him as he towered over you. Reaching your hands out to him, you gave him a soft playful pout, “Just stay in bed with me.~”

Leaning down, he pressed his lips against your forehead while caressing your cheek, “Daddy will be right back, babygirl, okay?” He purred, before walking over to the bathroom only to come back with a wet towel. 
“Open your legs, princess..” He said softly, brushing your calves with the backs of his hands. “Daddy’s going to get you cleaned up.” 

Automatically you obeyed, allowing him to clean your princess parts up. “You know I can do that myself Daddy-” You giggled as he carefully wiped away the cum that dripped out of you. “You don’t need to.” 

“Ah, princess, you know Daddy loves being able to take care of you-” He lovingly replied, pursing his lips at the sight of the fresh bruises that litered the backs of your thighs and bum. “-Are your bruises ouchies, baby?” 

You shook your head as he tossed the towel into the hamper by y’all’s nightstand. “No not really Daddy, they’re okay.” 

“Okay good-” He sighed, running his hands through his hair as his loving gaze scanned you up and down. “You’re such a good little girl, you know that right?” He rhetorically asked while gently massaging the sore spots. “You deserve to be treated like royalty.”

Your heart seemed to flutter at his praise, a dorky grin painted across your face. 
“Now, since my little love is nice and clean, what do you want to do for the rest fo the night?” He asked, joining you on the bed once again- pulling you back into his strong arms. “We can binge watch Disney movies and eat lots of yummy snacks.. or we can get delivery instead of the snacks.” 

That dorky grin of your’s remained on your face as you looked up at your wonderful Daddy- your heart swelled with this just overwhelming feeling of pure joy. 
“Why not both?” You innocently replied, your fingernails gently tracing his neck and jaw line, “We can get just lots of yummy stuff and we can even build a huge pillow fort.” 

“Is that what you want, babygirl?” He grinned as you nodded in reply, “Okay then if Disney movies, delivery, snacks, and a ginormous pillow fort are what you want, then it’s what you’re gonna get.” Pressing his plush lips against yours before moving his sweet kisses to your cheeks and even the tip of your nose. 

“I’ll go run a bubble bath for you and call a restaurant, okay? Daddy will take care of everything.” 

Only a friend- Jacob Black imagine.

Imagine where you’ve known Jacob from school, he sits with you at English, and always having a crush on him but he never noticed you. One day you try to ask him out and he rejects you and doesn’t go to school for a few weeks (when he became a shapeshifter) and later when he comes back and looks into your eyes at class imprints on you, tries to make you his girlfriend but you are hurt and don’t want to be with him? Hahaha I’m so sorry for such a long request
A/N: I love long, detailed imagines like this because I can add more to it!

Jacob tapped his pencil on his desk in a rhythm. I couldn’t pay attention to the lesson when he was here. I sat there staring at his long dark chocolate brown hair, his strong jaw line, and that cute little nose. Jacob looked over his shoulder at me and flashed his pearly whites. I smiled back and looked down at my paper. The bell rang signaling the end of the school day. I put my things in my bag and walked up to Jacob.

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I'm the Only One

(your rec was good, they always are, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I wrote it. Enjoy Aeren!)

“Do you even understand how perfect you are in every way?” Dean asked as he gently tugged the socks off Sam’s long feet. He kissed the arch of Sam’s right foot, followed by his left as Sam giggled and squirmed. Dean slipped soft fingertips up inside the cuff of Sam’s jeans and stroked the inside of his ankle. “So smart, so funny, so beautiful.” Dean crooned to the inside of Sam’s slender ankles as his long arms reached up and tugged at the waist of the jeans to pull them down Sam’s long legs. Sam laughed breathlessly as he lifted his hips off the bed to make it easier for Dean to get his clothes off. “You’ve already got me, you don’t need to seduce me anymore.” He added and Dean stopped, a frown on his pretty face as he looked up and caught Sam’s eye. “You’re wrong, so wrong. How can someone so perfect be so wrong? I always need to seduce you. You don’t know, do you?” Dean asked, pausing to dip his head down and press kisses into the muscular, hairy calves now exposed to him. “You don’t know how amazing you are Sammy. How much I worship you. So I have to tell you. I have to show you.” He looked back up just in time to see Sam avert his eyes and for the apples of his cheeks to turn the slightest pink. “You’ll know by the time I’m done.” Dean promised and bent his head back to his task, worshipping those mile-long legs. The pale skin and dark hair looked so amazing to him, and he tickled the pit behind Sam’s knobbly, colt knees to see him kick and giggle. “These long legs. They make you stand out in in crowd. They look so good in jeans, or your fed suit or in nothing at all, but they really look best in the air.” Dean smirked and kissed above the knee as he dug his fingers into the tough muscle of Sam’s thighs. Sam groaned and went limp, melting into the bed and Dean pulled himself closer and massaged those thick thighs.“So strong and they make you go so fast. I only run so fast because I have to keep up with you. BUt the view from behind….” Dean trailed off as he slipped his fingers up the backside of Sam’s boxers and rubbed his rough fingertips over the soft skin at the crease of butt and thigh. “Dean, I promise, that’s enough.” The words were breathless and anyone with eyes could see the monsted cock tenting the front of Sam’s boxers, but Dean would not be deterred. He shifted his body to one side of Sam’s and lay down next to him on the bed, skipping over the boxers and jumping right up to Sam’s face. Dean cupped SAm’s face between his hands. “Do you know how precious your face is to me. So expressive, little brother. So gorgeous. YOu could stop traffic. You could get me going with the lift of an eyebrow or the flash of a dimple. Your pretty eyes and your nose and perfect perfect pink lips.” He paused to press a kiss to those perfect lips. “And it’ll be enough when you’re beyond words. When you can’t speak. That’s when it’s enough.” He added in a whisper like a secret. “Your brain , though, baby boy. Your brilliant, brilliant mind. You’ve come up with so many solutions to problems. You’ve saved us over and over and over again. You’re brilliant and it makes you shine.” Dean tilted Sam’s head so that he could press a kiss into the hair at the top of SAm’s head. “This long neck. It’s drives me crazy Sammy. The way it shines with sweat. The way it turns red when you exert yourself. I want to have my mouth on it all the time.” He licked up the side of Sam’s neck, ending at the corner of Sam’s perfect, stubbled jaw. “Your shoulders, man, you could be a model. So big, so strong. Everyone who sees you thinks about it. These big arms and shoulders lifting them up and holding them in the air or…my personal favorite… up against a wall. Love it when you get all Alpha on me, little brother. My BIG little brother.” Dean trailed a line of kisses from elbow, up Sam’s bicep, across his collarbone and then down the other bicep to his elbow. “And you hands. They might be my favorite part of you. Show the whole world what they’re missing out on. Those long fingers; they can be so delicate and yet they’re so strong. And they’re so good and fingering me open. You find all the right spots every time.” Dean sucked Sam’s middle finger into his mouth and pulled it back out, repeating the action with his index finger and back again until both were shining with saliva. Sam was panting, his stomach heaving with each breath and his neck shining with sweat. “Please Dee. I get it, I get it.” He whined as Dean nipped the end of his fingertips. “Nah, you can still talk Sammy. And I’m just getting to the best part: your chest. Fuck, look at this chiseled from marble chest. Jesus, you could fit right in at a museum with all the classics. But, if you were on display I couldn’t do this.” Dean opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth into the muscle of Sam’s pec above his nipple, causing Sam to arch his back and breathe out a harsh, turned-on breath. Dean sucked the skin into his mouth and let his teeth dig into the muscle until he almost broke the skin, then he released it and pulled back, admiring his mark on the perfect skin. “Love marking you as mine. Love having my teeth marks and finger bruises in your perfect skin.” Dean breathed over the giant, quickly purpling bruise, then snaked his tongue out over the peaked, tan nipple below it causing a squeak and a breathed “fuck” from Sam. “Still talking, I’m not doing a good enough job.” He repeated the bite on the other side then pinched both SAm’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, making sure they were as peaked as could be and nice and red with attention. He skimmed down Sam’s stomach. “Baby. Baby. this fucking stomach. It makes me stupid. Look at these hipbones, perfect handholds. Look at these angled obliques pointing me right in the direction I want to go. And Jesus. This line of hair leading down from your belly button right into your boxers.” Dean turned his head to the side and licked the hair in question, groaning like it tasted like a gourmet meal. “You make me crazy baby. I think you’re ready.” he curled his fingers into the waist of Sam’s boxers and wiggled them down over his giant cock, pulled them down his mile-long legs and tossed them off the end of the bed. “It people only knew” he whispered reverently as his lips closed, soft and wet, around the purpled head of Sam’s uncut cock. He wrapped a hand around the big shaft and pulled the foreskin back even more, the wet sound it made making both of them throb. He lipped at the head, loving the smell and the taste and the way that Sam whined and twisted and whimpered under him. No matter how many times he’d tried over the years, Sam’s massive cock is something that Dean can only take one way; it makes him choke and gag even only half-way in and that was not the kind of worship Sam needed. Dean shoved himself off the bed, tossing a bottle of his favorite lube towards Sam on the bed. “Can you help me baby?” He asked, tearing his clothes off and tossing them all over the room. He watched, his whole body thrumming with arousal, as Sam squirted a generous amount of lube into his big palm and wrapped it around his cock, coating it with lube. Dean rushed to pull off the rest of his clothes and kneed back up onto the bed, grabbing the lube for himself and giving himself the bare minimum of prep and stretch. “I like the burn of your big cock baby. I like to feel it push me open. I like to feel you inside me, oh fuck.” Dean threw a leg over Sam’s prone body and straddled his hips, grabbing the lubed up cock and pressed the head to his hole. He rocked backwards, his own dick bouncing in front of him, as he took Sam to the root with one long groan. “That’s it” Dean breathed out as he wiggled his hips to get settled. “Love you baby boy. Now, use those hips and those core muscles that I worship so much and make me lose my mind.” He grinned down at Sam as his hands came up to grip Dean’s hips hard enough to bruise and his own hips began to roll and buck beneath Dean. With all that seduction and build up, it wasn’t long before both were covered in sweat and nearing orgasm. Dean began to swivel his hips opposite to Sam’s thrusts making Sam’s thrusts go impossibly faster as the ned beneath them shook and squeaked loudly. “C’mon baby, gimme. Fill me up” Dean grunted as he began to strip his cock, aiming for the two matched bite marks across Sam’s pecs. Sam’s hips stuttered and his muscles locked as his face twisted with pleasure and Dean could feel his thick cock pulse and empty inside him. Dean lifted his ass off Sam’s softening cock and rolled off to the side to breathe and begin to regain his head. “Not that I’m complaining, but…” Sam trailed off, his voice weak, “you really don’t have to do that everytime someone makes me feel low.” Dean rolled onto his side, squishing Sam’s arm beneath his sticky side in the process. “Yes, I do, Sammy.”

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aurianavaloria  asked:

How about some fluffiness for DWC? :P 29. “No one has ever made me feel more special than you have.”

29. “No one has ever made me feel more special than you have.”
Dragon Age Prompt for @aurianavaloria and DWC @dadrunkwriting
Rating: Teen.
Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/Valina Voclain.
Word Count: 940.
Tags: Fluff, Established Relationship, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Post What Pride Had Wrought, Non-Inquisitor OC, Prompt, DWC.

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By Roksana Lyasin

Valina walked slowly along the wall, the cold cobblestone biting at her bare feet. She often went for late night walks along the battlements, taking in the crisp fresh air, the moon shining brightly above Skyhold. The stone and the reassuring weight of the air in her lungs often acted as an anchor to the present, but her walk this evening had done little to soothe her mind. The Wilds had not been kind, and in mere days, they would set out to put the Inquisitor’s plan in place, to face Corypheus and his dragon for the last time.

She shook the thought from her mind. Malakar was counting on her to compartmentalise her emotions, and to assist Cullen with the strategy for the troops. She would not fail him. She forced her thoughts to turn to more pleasant things.

By the time she neared their quarters, she could feel her lips tugging in a smile, and she grew eager to return to the warmth of Cullen’s embrace. She opened the door, careful not to disturb the squeaky hinges as she slipped inside and closed it quietly behind herself.

She reached the top rung of the ladder, and her smile faltered as her gaze fell upon Cullen. She flung herself onto the loft floor, sprinting to his side, clambering onto the bed. She just caught his fist before it could connect with the headboard. His shoulders were still suffering from the battle at the Wilds – she would not allow him to break his hand.


Valina shook him, but he would not wake. He thrashed against her hold, almost throwing her off the bed backwards as he fought against the nightmare. She grasped his wrists harder, her fingers aching. It had been only a day since they returned from the Wilds, and her body had yet to recover from fighting the Red Templars. She was forced to straddle his stomach and use the weight of her body to pin his arms against the pillows, and still, her limbs shook.


Cullen’s eyes opened, tawny gaze flooded with panic. He pushed at her, lifting his arms but she held firm, gritting her teeth as she battled his strength.

‘Cullen, it’s me!’

The fight left his body, his eyes finding her shining serpentstone gaze even in the darkened room. His chest still heaved, but the panic slowly left his eyes as he lost himself in the depth of her gaze. He took a shuddering breath and she released his wrists, framing his face with her hands.

‘That’s it, Amatus, focus on me,’ she whispered, leaning down until their noses touched, their lips barely a breath away, ‘you’re safe. We’re safe.’

His arms encircled her, and he clung to her as the remnants of the nightmare lingered. She stroked his stubbled jaw with her scarred fingers in soothing lines and patterns. She did not release his gaze, not even when the rhythm of his breath synchronised with hers, his panicked heartbeat slowing to its usual strong rhythm.

Cullen sighed deeply. ‘We were back in the Wilds,’ he said finally, ‘you…’  

She pressed a kiss to his lips. ‘I’m right here. I’m safe.’

He clutched her to his chest, fingers entwining in her hair. He inhaled her rosy scent, holding her tighter as he pressed his face to her neck, surprised to find her skin chilled.

‘My love, you’re cold.’ His waking mind recognised the different fabric over her back. ‘And dressed. Where have you been?’

‘I went for a walk. I couldn’t sleep.’

‘You should have woken me.’

‘I didn’t want you to worry, Amatus. I just needed to stretch my legs.’

‘They’re still sore?’

‘Very. I spent a lot of time sprinting after those sentinels. Remind me to get some more elfroot balm in the morning.’

Valina pulled from his arms, sitting beside him as she stripped her pants and his sweater, returning to the warmth of their bed. She snuggled into Cullen’s embrace, nuzzling the fine hair on his chest.

Cullen sucked in a sharp breath when she placed her cold feet on his legs, but he did not protest. Instead, he held her tighter, entwining their limbs until he was unsure where he ended and she began. Still, he needed her closer. He grasped her thigh with a calloused palm, coaxing her knee over his hip, drawing her tight against his chest to reassure himself that she was truly in his arms.

He pressed a kiss to her hair. ‘Valina…’ He waited until she lifted her head and he could see her serpentstone gaze shining in the dimly lit loft. He cupped her cheek with a calloused hand. ‘I love you, you know that, right?’

Valina’s gaze brightened, a sweet smile gracing her lips, one she reserved for him. ‘I do, Amatus,’ she whispered, ‘no one has ever made me feel more special than you have.’

She stole a kiss before she settled her cheek against his chest, fingers tracing circles over his heart. ‘Would you like me to sing for you, Amatus?’ she asked, knowing he found the old melodies soothing.

‘Please,’ he whispered, and so she sang softly to him in Tevene, her breath falling against his skin, the warmth of her hand resting over his heart. He closed his eyes, clutching her tighter as her voice drifted over him, the tension of his terror finally leaving his broad shoulders, his face softening.

Valina did not know how long she sang, but soon he drifted off into peaceful sleep, and, still, she continued to hum the old melody, hoping in some way to protect him from his nightmares.

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Courage and Kindness Part 13 (Final)

PAIRING: Reader x Bucky Barnes AU 

Word Count: 

Warnings: fluff, slight angst 

Well here we are, the final chapter of Courage and Kindess. I never expected to receive the love and support for this and I’ve loved writing my first AU series. Who knows maybe I’ll write another series in the future? But for now enjoy the last part of Courage and Kindess x 

Part 12

Tag list: @capsbuchanan @squishybucky @crazychick010 @not-you-cup-of-joe @marvelavengings @bethcookie99 @aquariusmalfoy @agentgwencarter @sexyvixen7 @5sosdemigodelf @miss-unionjackcarter @redstarstan @fangirlwithasweettooth @vulpixfreak @iamawesomejazzy96 @behold-castiel @alejandra1358 @youreverydayzebra @bluespirit58 @ectoplasmichael @bipolxr-wreck@derangedcordelia @cluuuuuur @annadier @odjnsons

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You descended down the stairs; your heart was hammering in your chest you feared it would burst from your chest. You tried to regulate your breathing as you passed a man in royal dress. He had a slight frown on his face as he watched you like a hawk. Glancing quickly to the doors where Daisy and Darcy were gaping you felt your stomach drop as you turned to enter the drawing room. And there he was, the green coat draped across his broad shoulders. His dark hair was slightly longer and smooth back, sensing your presence he turned to face you the familiar glass slipper held securely in his hand.

Bucky recognized the girl immediately he tried not to let his mind wander at the unkempt and abused state she was in. Inspire of the dirt and tattered dress she was even more beautiful now than she was at the ball, and Bucky heart sang. He watched as she smiled softly dipping into a curtsy.

“Who are you?” The question was burning into Bucky’s soul.

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Kisses for Breakfast

Clint Barton

A little fluffy smut inspired by some late night ramblings, too many Jeremy Renner GIFS and mostly this picture.

I do not know who the artist is, but if someone can find out & let me know, I’d love to credit them! Totally fell in love with the Hawkeye briefs there ;) For my girls, sunny-is-sherlokid and nwadadnama


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Behind Closed Doors (Bard x Reader One shot)

So here is another one shot I wrote based off an imagine from  It was: Imagine Being the Daughter of the Master of Laketown and Having a Secret Relationship with Bard.  Again I seem to struggle with the 1000 word limit, but here it is … P.S sorry it it is horrible.

 - - - - - 

Your footsteps echo lightly down the long wooden corridors as you step quietly towards the winding stairwell.  Casting a quick glance towards his study, you strain your ears for any trace of movement from within. The only sound to greet your ears was the soft snoring from your father, the Master of Laketown, as he laid passed out in his armchair thanks to the sleeping draught you mixed in his evening tea. 

Hastening your steps, you slip into the servant’s stairwell and exit the large house through the back, slipping your hooded cloak over your head as you scurry on to the main street in the rain.  You navigate the streets with relative ease, the rain has driven most people indoors, but even in the crowded streets you could find your way blindfolded.   You made this journey countless times, but that did not stop your from fearing every time that tonight would be the night you were caught.  You lived in constant fear of Alfrid, and the way he was constantly skulking about, following you, harassing you, never letting you have one moment’s peace.  But the promise of seeing him made you brave such fears, he gave you the courage you so desperately needed in these dark times.  Tonight you needed such courage given the news your father gave you at dinner.

Finally, after taking several twisting and curving cobble backstreets you find the familiar little old inn where, for almost a year now, you and him had been meeting in secret.   It started with you meeting a couple times a month when you both could spare the time; as your passions grew, your amorous meetings increased in frequency until you were meeting at least once a week.  It took no small level of deceit, trickery, and ingenuity on your part in order to escape the watchful eye of your father and his faithful watchdog.  You only started adding the sleeping draught to your father’s tea almost six months ago; after ingestion he would lay in a deep slumber guaranteeing you at least eight or nine hours with your lover before you had to worry about returning. 

You walk around to the back of the inn and rap on the small green wooden door three times in rapid succession.  Seconds pass before an aged little old man opens the blinds to see your rain soaked face.  You’re greeted to the sound of the dead bolt sliding just before he opens the door to usher you in.

Checking over your shoulder quickly to ensure you were not followed you duck inside.  The innkeeper greeted you with a kiss on the cheek as you slid him a small bag of coins - a thank you for his service.  The keeper and his wife would have done it free of charge, but you insisted on paying them for their kindness.  Taking your arm in the crook of his, he escorted you to your usual room.  As you climbed the numerous stairs in the narrow stairwell you chatted lightly with the innkeeper.  He gave you news that always made your blood run cold.  He hadn’t arrived yet.  You tried to tell yourself that none of the things you were imagining had happened, he was just running a little late.  You knew he had a questionable past, it was partially why you kept the affair hidden from your father, but that did not stop you from worrying about his capture every time he was late.

“Don’t fret my lady, he is late is all.” The innkeeper assured you before kissing your cheek, leaving you outside the heavy wooden doors of your room.  Smiling to yourself, you found the hearth already tended to with a warm, roaring fire crackling away.  You step inside slowly, still cautious, and look around quickly.  To look at it, it was nothing special, but to you it was everything.  These four walls had more value to you than all of your father’s fortune.

Truth be told though, you were grateful to be alone for a few minutes before he arrived.  So much transpired in the month since you had last seen him.  True, you caught glimpses of him in the market place while you did your shopping for the week, and he was selling what supplies he could, but you usually had Alfrid escorting you, which prevented you from talking with him.  So, you settled for stealing tiny, unnoticed sideways glances of him, but he noticed.  For every time you looked at him, he was looking right back at you giving you one of his secret smiles.  Looks and secret smiles were not enough to sate you though; you needed him, you needed to hold him, to feel him beneath your skin, and the weight of his body pressing down on you as all traces of the world beyond your little piece of everything slipped from memory.

Removing the hood from your head, you smooth out your dampened tresses as they pool past your shoulders.  Staring at the flames dancing before you in the hearth, so caught up in your thoughts constantly reliving the horrors of the conversation with your father at dinner, you nearly miss the sound of the door unlocking.  Rapidly turning where you stand, you see him looking exhausted, leaning against the doorframe.  “Bard?”  You exhale, so happy you fear you might cry.  You run to him without another thought.

Seeing you standing in the warmth of the fire’s light, relief floods his face.  Throwing his bag to the floor and closing the door with his boot, he meets you in the middle of the room.  His body envelops yours in a tender embrace before his lips find their way on to yours.  The kiss is every bit as fiery as the man behind it.  His one hand remains planted on your lower back, kneading the tender flesh, while the other hand snakes its way up until his fingers are threaded in your hair. 

Melting in to the kiss, you instinctively rest a hand on his chest.   Your fingers curled through the open laces of his shirt so the soft tufts of dark hair that peppered your lover’s chest greet your fingers.  You use this position to pull him in closer to you, deepening the kiss.  All thoughts of everything you need to discuss with him slowly flee your mind as something vastly more important takes its place.  Lust.  You have ached for this man and his touch for almost a month now while you waited for the draught to near completion. 

“Bard,” you whisper between labored breaths, finally breaking your kiss.  He doesn’t allow you to finish your thought however.  Freeing his hand from your hair, and pulling his other from your body, you immediately miss their presence.  Instead, he cups your chin in the palms of his hands, stroking your cheeks lovingly with the soft pads of his thumbs.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers in a husky tone before pulling your body in close to his once more.  “You do you have the time, don’t you love?” He asked pulling back from the embrace momentarily.

“Aye, I told you it’d be strong enough tonight.” You whisper with a wicked glint in your eye.

“Then tonight you’re mine?” he asked hopefully, his fingers traces down your side at a tantalizingly slow pace.

“All yours my love,” you confirm before leaning up to kiss him once more.  This time is was your fingers to twine through his midnight black hair as the equally dark stubble lining his upper lip rubbed against your face.  You nip his lower lip playfully before moving in a southern direction.  Your kisses trail down his chin, along his jaw line, nipping gently as you go, until you find his ear lobe. 

He lets out a wolfish growl in response as you nip again at the sensitive lobe.  Hungry for more than just fiery kisses he keeps you pressed firmly against his muscle toned body as he walks forwards, until you fall back onto the plush bed.

“And here I half expected to land on the floor,” you simper.

“I’d take you on the floor if I had to.  I don’t care.  I just need to feel your warmth around me.”

“Such poetry from my lovers lips,” you tease seductively, lying back on the bed, not lifting your gaze from the hungry look behind your lover’s eyes.

“If you wanted pretty words and gentle actions then you should have met with one of your other suitors tonight.”  He replied roguishly, shrugging off his long wool lined jacket before climbing on to the bed hovering just above you.

“What other suitors,” you snort.  “You scared all of them off.”

Bending down to kiss you once more he didn’t even bother to look apologetic.  “That’s because,” he said between each kiss, “I don’t like other men touching what is mine.”

“I am not your property,” your argue hotly, sitting up.

“I never said you were,” Bard replied softly looking back at you, straddling your lap.  “But you feel this,” he placed his hand over your rapidly beating heart.  “This is mine.”   Removing his shirt entirely, your breath hitched as he guided your palm to his bare chest allowing it to rest above his own heart.  “Just as this is yours.  I like being the only man to have your heart, because for as long as I live you will be the only woman to ever have mine in such a way.”

Bard’s tender words came as some surprise to you as they were rather uncharacteristic of your usually gruff and burly bowman.   Part of your attraction to him, apart from his muscular build and handsome dark visage, was that he was unlike any man you had ever known.  Bard was burly and rugged having spent most of his life as a bowman, and working his barge, but he was so much more than that.  He was the people’s man.  The citizens of Laketown adored him and he stood for their rights, which often landed him in trouble with your father and his pet, but that never stopped him. You admired that. He was as good of man as any, but there was something more, something sweet and affectionate about him that he only shared with you. 

“Every day is hell without you,” you admit to him.  “And they are only going to get worse.”  You remain still under his gaze.  How can you tell him?  But how can you not?  Your fathers news affects him just as much as it affects you.

“What is it?” asks Bard softly, taking your hand in his.  He rolls off of your lap and lays beside you, brining your chin in his direction so you look at him.  “Why are you talking as though this is the last night we’ll spend together?”

“No reason,” you lie trying to force a smile. Except that it might be you think bitterly to yourself as fresh hot tears well behind your closed eyelids.

“I may not read as many books as you, but I can read your face.  There is something weighing on your mind.  Tell me.”

Taking a deep breath you rush all the words out at once for fear that if you stopped you may never finish.  “I am to be married.”

Bard flinched at the words but remained by your side.  “Has your father already chosen you a husband?”  He asks slowly, fearing to hear the answer.

You nod quickly though you can barely bring yourself to say the name aloud.  “Alfrid,” your voice, caught between tears and disgust, falters.

Storming towards the hearth, Bard rolls off the bed without another word to you.  His focus trained solely on the fire before him. 

Your resolve not to cry crumbles at the sight of his actions.  You beg him to come back, to come to you.  He stays by the fire, his breaths so heavy you can see the slow rise and fall of his chest. 

“Do you approve the match?”  Is all he asks, his hands gripping the mantle of the fireplace, his knuckles nearly white.  He is losing the struggle to keep his anger out of his voice, but he struggles nonetheless out of his love for you.  He does not want to upset you further.

“Of course I don’t,” you sob, throwing your legs over the side of the bed, so you are now sitting on the edge.  “I can’t stand him, he may not be cruel per se but that does not make him kind, he is greedy and rude and … and … and,” the tears fall freely down your cheeks now.  As you struggle to find the right words  “He’s not you.” You finally cry out.

Upon hearing your last words Bard finally turned, shifting his eyes from the flames to you.  “Marry me then,” he says softly. 

“What?” you sniffle in surprise once you manage to stop the tears.

“Marry me,” he begs.  “I may not be a rich man, and I don’t have much.   I can’t offer you anything like what you’re use to.  But I will always make sure you are provided for, and no man will ever love you as much I love you.  I have some money saved up, it’s not a lot, but it’ll be enough for a house.  Don’t marry Alfrid.  Marry me.”  He comes closer to you, until he is kneeling before you.  “I’d be a good husband I swear,” Bard assures you.

“The best,” you agree with new tears in your eyes.  “Although I can’t say I’d make a good wife.  I can’t cook, and I can’t mend your clothes when they have holes in them.”  You confess. 

“You’re the perfect wife for me,” he wiped the tears that lingered on your cheeks with the nails of his thumbs.  “I didn’t fall in love with your cooking or your ability to mend.  I fell in love with your fiery spirit and your gentle heart – that’s why I wanna marry you.”  Taking your hands in his he began kissing each of the tips of your fingers.  “I want to come home to you everyday, go to bed with you every night, and wake up to you every morning from now until the end of my days.  No more sneaking, no more hiding, no more fear, I want us to build a life for ourselves beyond these four walls.”  He gripped your hand tighter, his eyes imploring you to reply.

“You couldn’t have thought of all this a month ago, before I brewed that sleeping draught,” you grinned impishly at him.

“Is that a yes?”  He asked as his entire face lit up with excitement at the prospect of you accepting his proposal.

“Yes Bard, I will marry you,” you barely get the words out before he flies up to meet your mouth with his, kissing you once more.  As if there could ever have been a doubt in your mind that you would say anything other than yes.  Evidently your fiancé was less convinced, judging from the way he kept your head cradled in his calloused hands while relief and pure bliss washed across his face like a mighty wave.

Your fingers thread themselves through his so yours hands are firmly laced together as the two of you fall back on to the bed once more, his weight pressing comfortably down on you. 

“Now what?”  You ask after finally breaking the kiss.  Caressing the side of his face with the crook of your index finger, you wondered what the next step would be for you and your husband to be. 

“Now,” he murmured pensively after a moment.  “I am going to have my way with my future wife, and once she has been satisfied many times over, then we can begin to plan our wedding.“

Eisuke’s Jealousy (6)

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“Ugh fine, sorry darling I think we will need to have this conversation later.” Natalie said as she stood up and walked to the door. As soon as she had left silence took over the whole suit, leaving only the resonating sound of the door closing. No one wanted to say anything. Gently, you moved your left hand, bringing it towards your sight. You glanced at the ring Eisuke had given you the night before. The ring that had promised a better future. Eisuke seeing the confusion in your eyes decided to break the silence in a slow calm voice,

“Sweetheart, “ now coming closer to you, “Let me explain, she is just-”

“a coworker, a friend, a business partner, a women, a stranger. I know, I got it.” You said still looking at your ring.

“_________, no,  I don’t think you do. Listen to me, Will You!” He said exasperated, it was his reaction to how calm and carefree you were.

“I don’t want to argue Eisuke, I’m tired and frankly I don’t want to touch the subject.” You said with exhaustion in your eyes. You then grabbed your purse and headed to the door.

“______, we are not done talking.” You closed the door but still could hear him say. “Dam it, I’m talking to you.” This was the first time you had ever ignore Eisuke or walked out on him. 6 months before, you would of been so frightened to ever do that, but now you could not give two cents. Walking out of the entrance of the hotel you pulled out the phone from your purse and without thinking you dialed François.


“Are you free today?”

“________……I’m about to go to the meeting, what’s up?”

“I need to see you”

“Is something wrong.”

“I need some one who I can trust, someone who won’t play with my emotions like they were trash.” You voice cracked at the last word.

“Wait for me at the cafe near there, remember, the one I showed you the other time. ”


“Ok wait for me there I’ll try to get out of here somehow. mmh just wait for me there ok.” Saying yes you hung up and took a deep breath, you were so tired of this women by now, and so used to this, you calmly walked to your destination.

 You some how mange to order something with a lot of efforts, and sat down. You no longer cared about Eisuke, all you care was that you were warm cozy in that Autumn day. You though of the differences that between the two men while you looked at the two rings your hand, one in your left and the other one in your right. You had so much hope for the future just the night before. 

As you took sips of your latte, you observed the orange leaves falling to the ground. You were in your zen, yet you knew that you could break down crying at any point. “Hey, I came as soon as I could. Is everything alright?” François said as he sat down next to you.

“Ooh hi, I just wanted to get away and be with you” You followed François’s glance as he took a look at your right hand to see if you still had on the ring he had giving you. However you notice a faint frown as he saw that you had on Eisuke’s ring as well.

“_________, tell me what happened, did he do anything. I mean you had just accepted to marry him last night” he said with annoyance.

“I know I did bu-”

“Did you stop to think about how this could of affected me”

“….I didn’t have the time to think”

“_______ why ar-”

“can you let me explain to you!” everybody was now watching your fight as you raised your voice.

“I’m sorry _______. I’m just jealous and mad that you accepted his proposal. How about we continue this conversation at my place?” He said almost whispering. You nodded since you knew you had made a scene. However, it wasn’t to your knowledge that Eisuke had chased after you and had seen you and François walking towards a car. He was gasping for air as he had ran to look after you, fear and jealousy were consuming him as he saw you leave in François’s car.

Both of you were silent on the ride to his Mansion. However as soon as you guys steeped through the gates he mumble, “Alright, now yell at me all you want but that was a stupid decision you made yesterday, and you know it.”

“Can you not! I came here because I wanted to get away from it!”

“Well that is fair!” He said sarcastically. “I thought you had made your decision yesterday ______.”

“I thought I did…A women named Natalie came today…”

“Well..” he chuckle as he bit his lip, “that is how she is, she steals from people.”

“You know her?”

“We are working together in your Fiancé’s Hotel.”

“Don’t call him that right now.” you rolled your eyes at the thought of what had happened that morning.

“She is very attractive I have to admit. Any men would be down on his knees for her. That is, every men who doesn’t know her cruelty of corse.” He looked distantly at the sky.

“Can we just…just forget François. I’m here, with you.” With a gentle movement he directed his soft gaze at you. Now walking towards you and with a hopeless tone he responded,

“Spending time with you is like being in heaven, it doesn’t matter if we are fighting. It stills feels like a fresh freeze to me ______.” Instantly his words numbed your sadness. “Lets go inside, it’s getting cold out here. Would you want something to drink, anything?” looking at his watch he continued, “well its past 12, how about we have something to eat.”

“Alright, I can do that”

Dinner was delicious, and François like always, a total gentlemen. After dinner you both went for a walk around the neighborhood. You guys talked about new projects François was getting, deciding which one would be better to do then others. You loved how he included in the decisions he took. “Where do you want to do now ______?”

“I have no idea,” you giggle.

“Weee could go and make a perfume for you, that is always fun.”

“You mean make a perfume exclusively for me?

“Haha, yes just for you” he cupped your jaw line. “ask me for anything and you’ll have it.”

“I…” your emotions betrayed you as you reached to hug him, resting your head on his chest. 

François took a moment before you felt his strong arms embrace you. “Lets go back to my place, there is a surprise for you…actually its not a surprise anymore.”

“You had already called someone to come to make me a fragrance?”

“You guessed it, he always does mines and I tend to find it really fun to do.” He smile down at you as you were still in his arms.

Just as François had said, there was a guy with a bunch of suit cases there. You guys talked and waited for him to get set up. After a long fun time of smelling fragrances and coffee beans, you guys arrived at one that you liked. “Yes, oh my god, this one! it smells so good!” excitement escaping from your voice box.

“Let me take a look at that, “ he said, grabbing the sample you were holding, “this is just so you, this defines your personality darling” He smiled at you handing you back the sample. This was the first time he ever called you something else other then Ms. Ichinomiya or _______. His action had taken you by surprise making you blank out for a second.

“…c-can I get this one!”

“Of course you can! that one and much more!”

It was now almost 6pm, and you did not want to go back to the hotel, you knew that just stepping over the reception would be like steeping into the gates of hell. “_______, its getting a bit late and I’m sure Eisuke will be asking for you. I would love for you to stay here with me forever. However I know that right now you can’t. I also know that staying here might make your life miserable with Eisuke. You have two options, we start heading back to the hotel and continue this….frankly stupid thing that we are doing right now, or you stay with me and I’ll deal with Eisuke and the rest, you choose darling”

“You know that this is difficult, give me time,” you said as you got a hold of his right hand. “It is best for I to go today back to the hotel. I have yet many things to think and go through.” You knew that François was trying his best to be comprehensive to your situation, and you felt frustrated with yourself that you couldn’t make up your mind.

You guys arrived back at the hotel around 7pm, and you sure knew that Eisuke was going to be fuming. As soon as you got out of the car you saw Ryosuke outside the hotel, he was making a call. Not putting to much attention to him, you walked in with François.

“Well I’ll be going now, night, if anything bad happens, don’t be afraid to call me. ok?”

“Alright, will do.” He then gave you a kiss on the back of your hand and left. As you headed to the elevator you saw eisuke coming down.

“There you are honey.” He was approaching you, and you knew that you were dead. “I have something incredible to show you up stairs” he said smiling.

“Uuum actually, I…I, How about we go out to eat something. Yeah lets dine out” you said softly trying to avoid being alone with him. You could see that he was annoyed as he answered with an un-genuine tone,
“Anything for you.” he then dialed someone, “Close the restaurant for me….. yes I’ll leave it up to the chef. Anything goes to my tab” Your eyes opened up and the only thing you could think was, “Mother of god, I’m dead, he closed it. I knew he wasn’t going to let this one slide. Gosh this didn’t go as planned! Of course not, he is Eisuke, why am I so stupid.”

The ride was silent, you could hear a pin drop. Eisuke to your surprise didn’t attempted anything. He just sat there, probably planning something. At the restaurant it was a whole different thing.

“She is a coworker who got me richer then I was before, happy”

“Can we just eat?”

“I want to do both, eat and talk to you. I don’t think there is a problem with that” coldly he looked at you as he finished his sentence. You could sense that there was something he was hiding, perhaps something he knew. What you did not know was that he had seen you and François together and was beginning to suspect of both of you.

“H-How was your day,” your voice echoed through the room, the restaurant was empty, it was only you and Eisuke alone.

“I’ll let you take a guess at that ‘honey’.” He said emphasizing the word honey and making it sound sarcastic.


“Your jealousy attacks ruined my day. If that is what you want to know.” His cold tone made the temperature of your body drop, you could now feel that your feet where getting cold. You have never walked out on him before. “Have anything to add?” he snapped.

“I-I….I didn’t want to…to talk about it at that moment.”

“…and you thought that immature action would be the solution? Seems like I overestimated you.” He said as looked at you up and down. Your flesh burning under his gaze. “You don’t seem talkative today,______?” he scoffed.

“What can I say when you are looking at me in such way…” you thumped the glass of red wine you had in hand with your fingers, looking away from Eisuke as to avoid his eyes.

“What did you do today,” now inquiring he took a bite of the stake that was seating in front of him. You had tried to avoid this at all cost, and you were not about to give up now.

“Paris, just walking and thinking.”

“I hope that for your own good, you are not telling any lies  _____.” he stated taking another bite

“There is no need to make any threats Eisuke” you sipped down the smooth wine, you needed some boost to get you throughout the night.

“Nervous, why be ______? There are no photographers here. You can relax honey.” He gave you a friendly smile. “This stake…its good, you should try it.” Eisuke took his fork and offered a pice of his meat to you. Not daring to do or say anything that would get him mad you took the fork and ate the meat.

“…Hhm…yeah I guess its good. The food is delicious every where you take me Eisuke” smiling you gave him back his fork.

“The guys asked were you were, they wanted to see you.” Wiping his lips he continued, “You know in what position that put me in _____?”

“The guys!” you gasped, bringing your hands to your cover your lips.

“Oh! Now you remember, to late baby, the punishment is already thought and planed.” He snapped.


“I will limit your credit cards. You are not allowed to go out anywhere, except with people I approve of.” You were relieve it was only that. “and I don’t approve of François. You got it.

“What do you mean I can’t go out?” you raised your tone, the liquor had done its job. “Don’t you think I’m old enough to make my own decisions? You have got to be kidding me right?”

“Ooh so François sparked the anger I see”

“No!..not at all its just that I don’t find it fair. Actually why are you even bringing him up?” you sassed.

“You know why” he let out a deep breath. All you could think then was how he was been such a hypocrite. “Alright I’m done, lets go home I have a busy schedule tomorrow.” He got up and you followed him to the limo.

As you got out of the limo with Eisuke, both of you were attacked by paparazzi and reporters, apparently your engagement was the talk of the season.

“Have you guys talked about the wedding?”

“Are you guys expecting a baby?” Question after question were shot at Eisuke and you. You were surprise you even managed to get in the elevator without getting injured. Suspicious of what Eisuke had said about François got you even more nervous as you both walked to your room. At that movement Eisuke was thinking of ways to keep his cool although he had a war in his mind. He was thinking, “How could she be doing this to me. How can I be not enough for her. I give her everything she wants. I want to make her mine tonight and show her who she belongs to, but I know she is starting to suspect that I know, and I can’t let her see that. I love her enough to stop myself from doing any harm to her, but she is being so stupid for thinking I wouldn’t notice. She should of known by now that I always know everything. Oh well, I might give her another chance to tell me the truth, before I teach her a lesson. It was partially my fault, partially, lets keep that in mind Eisuke, just partially.”

“I hope you take what I said earlier as a serious matter ______. Now..” he stepped closer to you and placed a hand on your left shoulder, “That doesn’t mean you wont go out.” He placed a kiss on your forehead. “Go to sleep, I’ll be back later tonight.” He closed the door, and you thought,

“This can be my chance to scape, I seriously feel that at any movement something can explode.” However just as you finish your thought sentence the door nob turned and the door was opened.

“Get me my phone, yes the one on the desk.” He demanded. You ran towards his desk and back to him.

“Here” you said handing him his phone.

“I love you, you know.” He said as he turned around with his blushing face and walked out the door. “Why does he do that” you thought, “he makes it so difficult to decide. François also makes it difficult, dammit, why me world why me.” You did as you were told, and went to sleep. It had been a very emotionally exhausting day. 

Like the usual, Eisuke was not there when you woke up. His place in the bed was not even touched. It was exactly like it was before. Not trying to think the worst, you started to get ready. Once you were done you called Eisuke, you just needed to know where he had been.


“What is the matter?”

“ didn’t come last night.”

“Should I have? Last time I checked I made the rules of the game.”

“Well you should of told me at least”

“Not until you tell me what you did yesterday” he snapped.

“…..are you kidding me? Again?”

“I’m waiting”

“I told you already,”

“Damn it! _____! Who do you think I’m exactly” he barked. He waited for your repose but you felt silent. Seeing that you wouldn’t talk he continue, “I hope you realize you made the front page. Yes that is fucking right, you better be prepare ______ for what is coming your way, because the engagement wont be dropped and YOU will have to fix this. I’m tire of fixing your errors.” You didn’t know, but Eisuke had made a trap and you had fallen right into it. As soon as he had heard of what it was going to printed that day in the LA FEMME ACTUELLE magazine, he made plans to take this to his advantage. Jealousy had blinded him, he could of stop the publishers but he didn’t make the effort to. He no longer care about his reputation, all he wanted was for you to realize your error.

“Wha-What are you taking abou-” but he had hung up the phone. 15 minutes later Aimeé came in with a magazine, by the look she had you knew this was from bad news. “Mr. Ichinomiya order me to hand this to you personally.” It was a magazine, on the top right conner there was a picture of you and François hugging near his neighborhood.

“What!” you gasp in disbelief. You must of have been really socked since you did not realize when Aimeé left. “Is this what Eisuke was storming about?” you then felt a buzz, it was a call from François.

“________ they got us this time! Has Eisuke-”

“I need to get out of here François.” You knew that after this event you were not going to be the safe princess of Eisuke anymore. You knew that you could be put in danger.

“I will come get you tonight, he is in a meeting then, don’t pack act normal. I will pick you up at 8pm Ok ______.” He said and then hung up.

The clock’s hands intercede into one marking that it was 8 o’clock. François hadn’t called. “When is he going to call me.” You heard a knock on the door. You opened the door to a panting François, gasping for air.

“Lets go, now we have no time to waste” He grabbed you by the hand pulling you to wards the hallway and closing the door with the other hand. You guys speed walk towards the elevator. Both of you walked in the elevator and Ota, who was just coming out of it saw you.

“_____-” Ota called your named, but was cut off by the closing doors of the elevator.

“Shit we have to get out of here!” you said, “he is going to call him! I just know he is.”

The elevator seemed to take a century to get down to the lobby.

“No… we are going to go the other exit, the less crowded one.” François said taking a sharp turn towards the far end of the hotel. The fresh air felt refreshing as both of you rushed outside holding hands. You felt like you could grasp freedom with your fingers, just then however,

“________!” You heard Eisuke yelled out your name. It was obvious at that point that you could not run away anymore from Eisuke. François looked at you, giving you an encouraging look and turned around to face him.

to be continued ~

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Afraid of Always

Summary: Steve x reader post break up

Warnings: Angst and some swearing

A/N: I have been in the worst writing slump I’ve had in a long time lately and I’ve been badly doubting myself and my writing. This fic is dedicated to my old lady floof, Victoria (@pleasecallmecaptain) , who encouraged and inspired me to write it. Without her help I’d probably still be plodding along in my funk, so thank you babe for the support.

I would love to know your thoughts on this and any advice on what I can improve on in the future :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Air left my lungs in unstable shudders. I found myself on the cold hardwood floor of my apartment, sitting with my back against the door I had just slammed in his face. The back of my head hit the door as I looked up at the ceiling in despair, the details of the plaster blurring behind tears that threatened to spill.

The weight of what had just happened didn’t hit me until later that night.
I rolled over to his side, further tangling myself in the soft, green bed sheets. A hand that reached out for its familiar comfort was met with nothing but cold mattress and an unrumpled pillow.
That’s when I really felt it.
Steve had left for missions before in the past, causing me to wake up this same way. But this was different a different kind of solitude. Steve hadn’t just left the state, or even the country.
He had left me – left us.

Two weeks later he was calling out my name from behind the very same door that I had fallen against, broken.
It wasn’t the first time he’d come back – my name falling out in begs for forgiveness, for a chance to explain. The first time, I’d stood crumpled against the door that separated us as I listened to his fruitless pleas until I could hear the tears breaking his usually unwavering voice.

But this was not the first time, and I’d had just about enough of him crawling back and hitting refresh on the pain that would have just started to subside since his last visit.

“What do you want, Steve.” The wall I’d immediately put up brought out a hostility in my voice and made my words sound more like a warning than a question.
I noticed by the way his breath had caught and the disbelief that widened his eyes, when I’d swung open the front door of my apartment, he’d given up all hope of a response long ago. That maybe now he was just here because he didn’t know what else to do.

“Y/N…” Steve breathed out, his voice both full of hope and nerves. He paused, taking in my baggy shorts and sweatshirt – the one with sparrows on it that he’d always loved on me.
“Can I come in?” He asked, sounding weak as he brought a hand up to rest on my doorframe.
“Why?” I countered.
“I just wanna talk.” He swallowed, pressing his lips together poignantly.
I just looked back at him for a moment, my own face stern with hesitation and resentment, before I took a step back, allowing him to enter.

Tensions hung like thick smog in the air as Steve and I took seats on opposite couches in the living room. I watched him expectantly as he fidgeted, his nerves clear in both his expression and his stiff posture.

“How have you been?” Steve started awkwardly. He was met with a head tilt and pursed lips that told him to cut the small talk because he knew exactly how I’d been. He hung his head with a sigh, the obvious muscles in his broad shoulders reacting under his fitted grey t-shirt at the movement.

“I don’t even know what to say, Y/N.” Steve admitted, studying the bits of fluff and crumbs on the carpet rather than look me in the eyes.
“All that time you spent out there and you didn’t plan what you would say to me?” I questioned bluntly, half taunting him. I almost wanted to further his discomfort.
Steve leant his elbows on his knees and clasped his hands together, wringing them until his calloused knuckles began to turn white.
Drawing my eyes to them, I noticed the black and blue that painted his skin under healing cuts. It brought me back to the nights he’d returned home from missions with bloodied fists and a scathed jaw, and I’d make him sit at the kitchen table while I cleaned him up with disinfectant wipes and a warm towel. And a kiss to make it better.

“Honestly,” Steve broke his attention away from the floor and back to me. “I didn’t think I’d get this far.”
“You almost didn’t.” I told him. “But my neighbours started complaining about the noise, not that I can blame them.” I spited, crossing one of my legs over the other. “You also owe me an explanation. Because I don’t know what the hell went wrong.”
Steve nodded and drew in what I’m sure he was hoping would be a steadying breath. He opened his mouth to speak more than once, but every time shut it again, sighing when the words he needed wouldn’t come. It was clear he was struggling with where to start.

“I was afraid.” Steve finally stated quietly. As soon as the words left his lips he was unable to meet my gaze, instead scanning over my carpet once again.
“Afraid of what, Steve?” I couldn’t say I felt an ounce of empathy in that moment, but I just needed answers. I’d tried to go without them for 2 weeks, but it was beginning to become torturous – all the wondering, the sleepless nights.
“Of how strong my feelings for you were – are. It just…” He trailed off, again searching his mind for the right words. “I didn’t think that after I woke up and everything – that after Pegg…” I watched as Steve faltered, taking a deep breath before continuing, this time slower and even more deliberate. “I didn’t think that I would ever feel something like that again.”

I turned to look away from him, a short, pained sigh escaping me. He couldn’t do this. Use his past as an excuse, a sob story he could blame his actions on.

“That’s not fair, Steve.” I said shortly, shaking my head to suppress my anger. “Everyone’s afraid. Relationships are fucking terrifying. But they work because you communicate. You don’t run away.” I was trying hard to keep my voice strong, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He would see the emotion in my eyes as I stared him down.
“Steve you never run away from what you’re afraid of. You run towards it.” All hope of a calm exterior was lost when I felt a lump beginning to form in my throat as I spoke, and my eyes began to well. “Was I just not worth it you?”

Steve cursed himself under his breath, immediately shifting to sit next to me on the couch. When he reached for my hand, I surprised myself when I didn’t pull away, the exhaustion of being angry winning out.
There isn’t a lonelier feeling in the world than when the one person who you could always trust to make you feel better, is the reason you feel like shit in the first place.
Steve didn’t say anything at first. He just hugged me close to his chest with arms that wrapped themselves all the way around me.
Neither of us knew what was going to happen to us or if this was something we could even come back from, but in that moment, despite the pain, we needed each other.

It wasn’t until I ran out of tears and my shaking body was beginning to still in Steve’s strong hold that he spoke again. His cheek was pressed to the top of my head, my hair tickling his features; so close, all he needed was a whisper.

“You are worth the whole god damn world to me Y/N. I hate that I ever made you feel like you were anything less than that.”

“Then why did you leave?” Still cradled tightly in Steve’s arms, my voice so broken, the words that left my lips were almost inaudible.

“Because I’m an idiot who thought that if I was losing you on my own terms it wouldn’t hurt so bad.” He spoke with a solemn tone that voiced his regret.
I lifted my head from his warm chest, the steady thrum of his heart leaving my ears.
“Who says you had to lose me at all?” I asked, my tone matching his. I searched his tired blue eyes and waited for a response. They were puffy and edged with red.
“Because that’s what always happens.”

At his words, my eyes fell shut and I swallowed hard. This wasn’t just an excuse or him looking for a pity party. Steve truly couldn’t comprehend that not all love ended in the tragedy of loss.
I forced myself to open my eyes to look into his with a newfound strength I knew he needed from me. Bringing my hand up to cup his cheek, I smoothed my thumb across the stubble that adorned his strong jaw line, before saying to him with gentle sincerity,

“Not always.”

Olicity Prompt: Cramped Spaces~Part 4

Original prompt from @captainolicitysbedroom 

Warning: Again for me super explicit so tread carefully…

Read it here on AO3

Chapter 4

Everything was going according to plan…

Felicity had arrived in a simple green dress; it fell to her knee with a tight bodice and collared neckline. The fabric below her waist flowed like silk being chased by a stiff afternoon breeze. Her hair was pinned at the sides but the rest remained comfortably around her delicate neck. Oliver’s suit was black with classic clean lines and a dark blue shirt to match. He marveled at how they moved with harmony and grace as they each smiled lightly upon their approach.

Laurel waved brightly while he remained green faced and frowning. Oliver pulled Felicity’s chair out and, she of course gave him a smile that reminded him of Anna’s. It was simple, reassuring, and most shockingly loving…

As the waiter took their drink orders he let his distracted mind wander even further into the murk invested waters of his darkening soul…

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anonymous asked:

niall highschool neighbors friends to lovers au

The first time Niall climbed through your window on a school night, both of you were freshmen who jumped at the sound of lockers slamming shut and sneakers squeaking across the dirtied hallway floors. The muscles in his arms were not defined, the braces across his teeth were the shade of a muted green, and he was in love with the pretty classmate who sat in front of him in math. 

“I don’t know wha’ to do,” he whispered, arms curled underneath his head as he turned to you in the dark, “I always lose my fuckin’ mind in that class. It’s like I can’t speak or do anything right.” 

“You’re in love,” you murmured, glancing at the outline of his face before moving your eyes towards your ceiling where stars danced above. “I saw it in a movie once. It’s supposed to feel like that.” 

Niall had paused, a deep silence settling inbetween your bodies. The rise and fall of his chest was soothing to your disturbed mind, keeping your doubts and worries at bay while he struggled with his next to you. Your eyes began fluttering shut, dropping to the pattern of his breathing and the body heat radiating from his skin.

“Are you sure?” he wondered aloud after a moment, rustling the sheets as he angled his body to glance at your eyelashes brushing against your cheekbones as you began falling into a fitful slumber. “I’ve never been in love before.” 

Before you could reply with the fact that you already were, his arm was settling against your shoulder blades and pulling you near to fall asleep against the plane of what would soon become a broken heart. 

You were dating an upperclassman who drove an expensive car when you were a sophomore. While you were spilling your heart onto the darkness to bring light and love to all of the things around you, Niall was mending his. You would often find him curled underneath the covers of your bed the moment you got home from a date with swollen lips and bruised hips. With hooded eyes and dark circles beneath them, your best friend appraised you with a small grunt and tossed the remote in your direction.

“Let’s just forget,” he would say, pulling the duvet to his neck and shutting his eyes against the moonlight, but you would always feel the inclination to say that there was nothing you wanted to erase from your memory; however, you never did. 

“Love comes and goes, Niall,” you told him instead when he huffed against your neck and thought of the name that sank deep within his chest. “You’ll find it again.” 

“I don’t want to,” he breathed, tears pressing into his eyes and blurring the visions before him. “I don’t want anything to do with it.” 

Although you didn’t understand at that moment in time, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him flush against you, pressing kisses into the soft hairs upon his scalp until he was dreaming of things that he had yet to disremember. They always seemed to come up in his nightmares. 

Later that year, both of you would come to the realization that love was better off left in the dark. 

Niall changed during the summer before junior year; he didn’t come around much anymore. The light in his room would be left on, even in the latest hours of the night, but sometimes intertwined inky shadows danced along the curtains and tangled into a heap on his bed before the room was encased in a soft twilight. Those were the nights when you snapped your blinds shut and wrote a song in your head. 

When you next saw Niall, he was longer in the torso and broader in the shoulders. He was wrapped around a figure in a corner of the hallway next to your first hour class, lips attached to a girl with olive, sun kissed skin. She smiled beautifully at everything he said, but he only confessed those things late at night when no one else could hear them. 

“Do you love her?” you asked when he was perched on your balcony with his fingertips wrapped around the railing. 

“I’m having fun,” he said in a way to evade the question. “You know love isn’t my thing.” 

You frowned; pushed your back closer to the doorway to put space inbetween your affection for him. “It used to be.” 

With a sigh and a thumping of his heart trapped beneath his chest, he looked beyond you to swallow the lump in his throat. You straightened your back against the door and stared at his profile - the strong line of his jaw that hadn’t been there when you two were younger and more open to the idea of having a someone forever. 

Anger brewed itself in your lungs and the steam brewed lividly from your opened mouth. “Are you still in the dark, Niall?” 

Before he climbed back to the safety of his home, where it was always drenched in gloominess, he fixed you with a stare that reminded you of the boy who you had once envisioned as your first love. 

“I always have been.” 

A pebble pattered against your window pane the night before your first day of senior year. You knew it was Niall, standing beneath the balcony and trying to work the courage within himself to climb up to you, but you merely rolled onto your opposite side and made sure that your back would be facing him if he ever did come up. When you were squeezing your eyelids shut and crossing your fingers against your chest, the worst part was that he never did. 

It wasn’t until the middle of senior year when you were a blubbering mess on the middle of your bed with an acceptance letter resting in your lap. It was supposed to be a happy moment, a call for your freedom and adventure of the love in other places of the world, but Niall wasn’t there and he hadn’t been for quite some time. It took the small amount of energy you had left to climb to the small balcony adorned beneath his window. 

“I don’t want to leave knowing that you never found love again,” you sobbed, pressing the torn paper so tightly in your fist that you thought it might cut and burn your skin. 

“Shh, petal,” Niall murmured, reaching a hand toward you so he could pull you away from the cold and into his chest, curving his fingers against the back of your neck to hold you in place. “It’s not that I haven’t found it.” 

You feebly pushed against his chest, wishing he would let go while simultaneously hoping he never would. “Then where is it?” 

Niall looked over the top of your head into the reflection of his window. There was a window on the other side that was as familiar to him as it was for you, a breeze pushing past the blinds and flowing into a room that glowed with light.

With his mouth pressed to the soft skin of your forehead, he gently murmured, “In a house that I have always wished to call home.” 

title: the fire’s out but still it burns

rating: M (only for the short smut scene though. the rest would be T)

disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

It was a good mission, she thought, as she made her way home and slipped off her ANBU mask, letting out a long sigh. A hand reached to undo her ponytail, fingers running softly through the pink, crimson stained locks. I haven’t slept in three days and I reek of sweat and blood, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had any ANBU solo mission. I’m glad Naruto let me have it, even if he advised me against it. He worries about me too much, these days. She then rubbed at the bloodied ends of her hair, frowning. I should probably take a shower before I do the briefing, though.

Sakura sighed again, nodding lightly to herself and running the back of her hand over her tired eyes, rubbing away any sleepiness. Her other hand palmed the inside pockets of her vest for her house keys, trying to find which one she had put them in. She pulled them out when she found them, sidestepping the individual waiting politely a few ways away from the doorsteps of her apartment building, while offering a soft apology. It was probably a visitor waiting to be buzzed in.

“So it’s true.”

And just like that, she froze, grip slackening so suddenly that her keys dropped to the ground with a weak clank.

Because she knew that voice. Even when they hadn’t seen each other in three years, even when they hadn’t spoken a word to one another during that span of time—she could still recognize him in a heartbeat.





“Hm? What’s up, Sakura-chan? You don’t look so well.”

“…Have you seen Sasuke-kun around?”

“Nah, last time I saw him must have been a week ago.” Pause. “Wasn’t he with you?”

“Not… since five days ago.”

“He’ll show up, Sakura-chan. He’s probably just moping around somewhere.”




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“Too perfect”
Harry Styles Imagine / One Shot

– Tip: read while listening to “Strong” by One Direction –

“Harry, you should go to bed! It’s past one in the morning!” You screamed from the kitchen, checking the clock by the sink; You’d lost the track of time baking Harry’s favorite cookies as you promised you would, just because he loved them.

You were tired and your back ached a little bit, but knowing it would brighten up his long day was enough for you to put your mind into it. It was such a inexplicable contentment to see his five year old smile whenever you did or made something he loved as much as he loved those cookies.

“I don’t wanna go to bed!” You heard him saying from the living room, where he spent the late night hours watching news, his mind absent and his thoughts lingering away - he had a very long day, and, as always, he was fighting sleep - again, just like a kid would. He was a big true child at heart.

“I know you don’t…” You smiled from the door frame, carrying a small plate with cookies and a tall glass of milk “But you should, since you have to be up by eight tomorrow.” You raised an eyebrow, trying to hold your laughter as he pouted his lips together in the most adorable expression ever made by his heavenly face.

“Cooooookieeees!!!” He screamed, grabbing the plate off your hand and placing it on the couch, biting a mouthful of the fresh baked chocolate chip one. He chewed it as he sighed, and you just knew him too much to realize he was enjoying it. You nodded your head at your teenage husband, who didn’t look - or acted - like almost-thirty at all: his face was the exact same of when you remembered seeing him for the first time, pretty much ten years before; his hair, falling curly around his head, completely messy after the shower… And his eyes just as fabulous as they always were.

“Like it, babe?” You stroked his cheek with the back of your hand, feeling the smoothness of his pale skin under your even paler one. He nodded, pressing a crumbly kiss to your jaw “It’s perfect, so perfect I could eat them all.” He watched your gaze melt under his - what a crazy kind of influence he had over you… So crazy you couldn’t even begin to explain it. And you know that wouldn'te ever change: you could imagine you two growing old together, his expressions softening your heart even when you were both 70.

“Love…” He sighed, cupping your face with one of his hands, his long fingers tying up to your dark brown hair. “Why you’re so good to me?” He asked - at first, you thought he was being only rhetoric - but his glance was actually waiting for an answer.

“Because I love you more than this, yeahhhh?” You laughed trying to resemble his high note, earning a cheeky grin from him. But he hasn’t given up. He wouldn’t.

“I mean… You always do whatever I ask you to… We never fight… We are so good, but, doesn’t couples fight too?” He had a deep breath, digging his hand into his long hair - he looked tremendous, as he always have.

“Haz, baby, I hate fights… I always do everything for you just because I would always do anything for you, anything you could ever imagine…” You held his face so close to yours, controlling yourself to be strong enough not to smack his lips with all the passion you were holding inside your lungs.

He blinked fast, and you knew he was having a down moment just before his eyes were closing for the night. You caressed his eyebrows, lowering your fingers to his cheeks, until the perfect line of his jaw, where you placed a small peck.

“I know… I’m just…I don’t know.” He struggled out, trying to smile and you knew he was much too tired. “Harry… You are my one, you know that? I would move mountains for our love, I would love you in hell if that’s what I needed to do…” You smiled, holding his neck, his gaze so close and deep… “I fell in love with you in the moment I laid my eyes on you… This stupid hair, all curly around your beautiful face…” You smelled his hair, kissing it over. “Those pretty eyes… Oh God, how much I love these eyes…” You traced a line with your finger over his lashes, watching as he picked you up slowly to his lap. “Sometimes I wonder… Is it even possible to love someone as much as I love you?” You looked into his green orbs, waiting for his answer, now.

“You make me a better person, you know that?” He kissed your forehead, caressing your arm, tight around his body. “I’m sorry if I sounded like I wanted… You know, to fight? I didn’t…” He looked guilty and closed his eyes.

“Love, you’re all I’ve ever wanted and much more than I’ve ever dared to dream… I just wanna be with you… No fights, no hard times… and if you let me…” You had a loner tear in your eye, as you blinked, it rolled against your flushed cheek “I would like to love you forever.” You finished, combing his hair backwards, away from his face.

“You have me now and for and long as you want me.” He closed his eyes, leaning his head again your chest. All that, even so many years after you’ve met him - seemed very hard to cope with, surreal and too heavy-like to be happening in your life. Too surreal. Too perfect.

“I love you, Harry… I do. I always have and I always will…” You pecked his flushed lips. His eyes were almost giving up on that tough task of being awaken - but he wanted to… At least for five more minutes… Only a little bit of time to sink in and enjoy those deep moments you both had.

“Thank you for never giving up on us… On me.” He placed kisses along your neck, nuzzling his head into your perfume. His green eyes stared into your hazel ones for one last time before he gave up on the tiredness of the day. You caressed his hair, slowly, feeling the softness of his curls against your palm, being gentle for him to fall asleep comfortably. You watched him drifting away, like a ship sailing in high sea.

You finally placed a kiss on the top of his head, whispering into his ear “You’re my everything…” resting against him, right and tight. It felt much more than everything, though. It felt like he had always been the answer to your questions, the safety of your thoughts and the anchor of your heart… Just like he was your whole world.


I’ve recently had the most amazing time seeing the boys for the first time. It was completely surreal. I’ve felt like I knew them forever, specially Harry. And this imagine was written inspired by “Strong”, a very meaningful song to me. Those are my true feelings. I hope you guys enjoy reading it! :))


the ballad of monty and carolyn

SO i got a bunch of responses asking for more of TBL and i swear to youuu i am working on it, and i feel terrible that it’s taking so long, so iN THE MEANTIME i wrote this quick little relationship/character sketch that about two side characters (haha…..haaaa?) FALLING IN LOVE, because of COURSE i felt it was time well spent to delve into the beginnings of a relationship that happens entirely offscreen. of course i did!! 

anyway, here’s the story of how pat’s landlord/team dad monty fell in love with a woman who fucking hates sports.

Carolyn is late to their first date, and their second, and their third, and doesn’t even show up to their fourth because “some entitled infant tried to But I’m Paying Your Salary me in order to get a higher grade, as if he gets points for trying, I know we’re the arts but we’re not a fucking charity, anyway I’m in no mood to talk to you or anybody so I am going to go home and watch Netflix and I’ll call you when I don’t hate everybody in the fucking world.

For their fifth date, she’s right on time.

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Happy holidays | Forget me not.

I would like to say happy holidays to you n yours. My gift to y'all: a chapter. Suggestions, requests and feedback are welcome.

The smell of cigarettes, beer, leather and wood filled the space, coasting between the bodies of every one including me. I watch until I hear a song I like. I take the last sip of my drink, a standard Jack and coke, no one can make that wrong where ever you go.

This particular bar was one I didn’t go to on the regular occasion, this wasn’t a regular occasion either, I’ve come to forget a someone. His name was Rick, and he was the first guy I’d been with that turned me on to older men.

I sway my hips as I walk to the half full dance floor and throw myself into the music. My body sways and my hips twist and bounce, I don’t even notice the change in song but my body automatically adjusted and I kept on.i get evil glares come from the girls and looks of wonder from the guys, but I don’t care, I just want to forget.

After a couple of songs I feel more than just a look, I can sense that I’m being starred at. I keep dancing but I glance around until I find the eyes that I’ve held for this whole song. He’s a slender fit man, looked to stand close to 6 foot, leaning against the wall closest to me sipping what looks like whiskey. He tilts his glass to his mouth and sips, his eyes never leaving me except to blink.

My hip still sway and my feet still move, I look at him as I dance sexier and it seems I now have a purpose to do so. My jeans only allow so much movement due to the sweat and fit they look painted on and my stomach shows the chills I have from his glare. I’ve always been this way with older men, I could only guess his age but he definitely fit my type visually.

He finaly sets his empty cup on the bar in his arms reach I see he works out and it sends chills lower than my stomach. This intriguing man then takes a step forward, his face completly lit, and I’m stunned. The man I’m trying to forget has been watching me for two songs now and I’ve been putting on a show for him without realizing it.

I turn to move off the floor and lose him in the small clusters of patrons. I move swift but not too much as to not cause a scene. I make it to the bar and order a double shot of crown, but before I could grab the glass it was between his fingers. I feel him right behind me. His heat radiates and sends his pulse through my body I cant control, my underwear gets soaked immediately.

“You know I love the chase” his breath is on my ear and i smell my shot of crown on his breath, i dared to turn around.

“That was my shot,” i couldn’t help but to sound part whiny and part bratty. He smiles and leans in.

“Take it back then” his eyes, the piercing brown eyes that watched me leave, the eyes that watched me dance and held me for the past 8 months, still made my knees go wobbly.

My lips trembled and I couldn’t bring my self to say no to him, couldn’t before either. I realize that the shot he took was a reminder that he can take as he wants, where,when and how ever he wants and I’m soaked.

I give, I brush my lips to his and he pulls me in and holds me firmly, i hold on to the front of his shirt and release from the kiss hugging him and saying “I’m sorry.“

“Not yet, but soon you’ll be sorry” He growls in my ear before nipping the cartledge forcing me to sigh in pleasure.

“Go,” he points to the entrance of the bar and my feet lead me.

I feel his hands on my hips as we make our way out into the parking lot, i tingle and I wonder and secretly hope that he takes me between the cars, but he doesn’t. He leads me to his and we leave…

The drive was a short one. In a haze I go inside, all by muscle memory I set my things down as i usually did, I went into the kitchen for water but before I could grab a cup he was behind me, bending me over the counter witha hand full of my hair and the other on my hip pressing my ass to him.

“So you like men staring as you dance like a whore?” He growls, then tugs a little “Huh?”

“Yes.” I barely get the word out before my breath catches, “yes sir” I manage to whisper.

“Cause your a little slut” he thrusts his hips, and I let out a soft moan.

He releases and i turn around, he picks me up and puts me on the counter, my legs wrap his hips and we kiss deeply. I run my hands all over him, his shirtless chest, stomach, arms and i reach his back scratching.

He pulls away barely touching my lips. “Tell me your a slut.” His voice is stern. “I’m a slut” my lips brush his.

“Your MY slut” he grabs the nap of my neck.

“I’m your slut” I breath.

He practically rippes my shirt off, exposing my lacy bra, he then peeled my jeans off and caught sight of the matching thong.

“You were prepared to get fucked tonight weren’t you?” He askes me, tilting his head sideways. I blush, and nod.

He pulls me off the counter and to the room, “you’ll get just what you asked for.”

I drop to my knees, knowing and anticipating. His pants drop and his rock hard cock is right in front of my mouth. I look up at him, asking with my eyes.

“Damn right you may, my good little whore.” He says with a smirk that makes me drip.

I grab the base of his cock and take it into my mouth revel in in the taste. I know what he likes, and I do exactly that until he stops me.

“Trying to make me cum already?” He motions for me to stand up, “you wont get off the hook that easy baby girl. Bend over.”

I comply, and grab my ankles like he told me to do numerous times before. His hands slap on each cheek at the same time, he separates them and goes straight for gold. He buries his face in between my thighs, sucking and eating my pussy like it was the first thing he’s eaten in his life.

His tongue swirls my clit before sticking it as far into me as he can, swirling more and he hits all my spots. I moan loudly and thank god no one lives close enough to care. I start to feel my legs buckle as he keeps at my spot, he keeps going, licking my clit, gently biting my lips and tongue fucking me. I can’t move, I stand on my tippy toes as my body starts to tingle like electronic shocks surging through my being. He senses my brink and continues on my favorite of all spots, he sticks his tongue deep and laps my juices until finaly my body crumbles to him. I cum, he bites the inside of my thighs knowing that it sends me over the top - as I’m already there - when he eats my little pussy. He sticks the tip of his tongue in and laps up my sweet essence. The intoxicating sweet smell of an organism fills the bed room.

He pulls him self up to stand and grabs me tightly, bringing his mouth to mine, I taste my cum all over his mouth. I pull away to see him smiling bigger than I’ve seen before, his face wet from his mouth down to his defined chin. Looking at his strong jaw line makes me weak and i run my hands up his body. I look at the washboard abbs, the V cut I love to nibble while teasing him, and then his throbbing rod. He is completely stiff, rock hard, all 10 inches. I get hot, blushing deeper than ever before, i bite my lip hard.

“Be a good little girl,” his voice is tantalizing and intoxicatingly smooth like a nice vanilla liquor, “go get the bed turned down, and I’ll watch.” “Yes sir,” my voice is hoarse from moaning and calling out his name over and over.

He swats my ass as I go do as I’m told. He watches me, with the same look from the bar and I lose it, I’m caught back in his grasp and I know by the end of the night: I not only will be fucked in the physical aspect, but also the metaphorical as well.

I turn down the covers, fo ding them neatly to the foot of the bed and set the pillows. Unexpectedly, he thrusts into me as I finish my objective. I moan loudly, “oh god! Fuucckk Rick.”

I look back, shocked and satisfied all at once. “Your mine, aren’t you little slut?“he asks. “Ye- yes sir.” I stutter holding myself from crumbling again. “You went to that bar,” he thrusts, “to forget me?”

Embarrassed I nod and then moan as he bottomes out in my tight pussy.

He laughs, not a scary or sexy, it’s a methodical mix of the two. My body tenses in preparation of what’s to come. He thrusts 5 times, full strokes before he starts to fuck me, REALLY, truly, deeply and roughly. He grabs my legs one at a time and puts my knees on the edge of the bed. Pounding into me faster and faster, then pushes into me slow with full strokes again. His rythem becomes steady and I start to back into him, meeting him with the paces.

He pushes my hips forward hard, pulling out of me. I land flat on my stomach, he lays beside me. I know my place: it’s on top of his stiff throbbing cock riding him, and I do EXACTLY that.

I mount him, straddling him is the simple part. The hard part is controlling myself, I hold myself back from cumming and squirting all over his stomach as he bottomes out again and again as I bounce. I failed this time. I cum long and hard around him, moaning and calling out loudly as I squirt all over his front. He bucks me, over and over as I cum, my pussy feels like it may choke his cock.

“Your a dirty whore my dear, look at the mess you’ve made.” He says this as he wipes up some with his fingers from his stomach, he shoves them in my mouth and down my throat. I gag as he removes them.

He grabs one ass cheek and spreads my ass, slowly sticking his fingers deep in my ass. I moan and start to ride him. I bounce, shake my ass, grind and buck. We become a warped knot of two bodies through out the night.

I’ve cum multiple times by 4:45 am, and he’s not cum yet. I’m in his favorite position, on my side with one leg in the air draped over his shoulder and one straight like the rest of my body. He pounds me and strokes me deep, my womb bulges as he continues to bottom out.

He growls in my ear “I’m going to fill you”

I’m too surprised and shocked to object, he’s never told me this and he’s never done it though I’m on the pill, never miss a day.

“Want to know why?” He asks, his climb obvious in his voice, he’s so fucking close I cum thinking about his massive load shooting stream after stream of his hot steamy cum into me. I nod, oddly curious as to what’s gotten into him.

“So you’ll never run off again, or try and forget me!” He thrusts a couple more times grunting as he does, he comes close to being balls deep, I’m so surprised and start thanking my birth control for being made and mine to use and i thank myself for not missing a pill, because theres no doubt it shot straight into my womb.

His cock twitches as he finishes, both of us out of breath we collapse on the bed. I feel his load inside me and only a breathy whisper comes from me as I say “thank you sir.” He kisses the back of my head and we both pass out. The next morning I’m alone in the bed, a sticky, sore heap of sex by my self. I walk to the window where I see a single beautiful flower, fresh in a vase with water. A note sits perched in the sill of the window and in Ricks hand writing there are Three words: “Forget me not”.

Something Beautiful

TITLE: Something beautiful 


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff /

FIC SUMMARY: OC is about to leave London but can she leave the person she loves most?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Fluff and romance. Hello! I got inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Miss You song so I thought I would write something to flush out some feelings. Hope everyone is doing well! I am happily suffering the few weeks before finals. I would love to hear what you think.

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Feeling Sick
  • Requested? Yes
  • Ashton Fluff
  • Word Count: 600
  • Requests are open!!
  • Not as fluffy as I wanted it to be but I hope it’s okay?
  • Yes part2 of all just a game is happening I promise

I woke up feeling like complete and utter shit. I rolled over and pressed my face into the warm bare chest in the bed next to me and groaned. “Baby, what’s the matter?” Ashton murmured, just waking up too.

“My tonsillitis is back.” I groaned. “You should go hang out with the boys or something before you catch it.”

Ashton flicked the back of my head, “Don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you when you’re sick. Now, what can I do to help?”

I lifted my head up to look at my perfect boyfriend, “Seriously Ash, you should go, I know you want to help, but you can’t sing if you’re sick.” Ashton rolled his eyes, but got out of bed, pulling jeans and an old t-shirt on as he went. I sighed peacefully, rolling over to go back to sleep.

I was just drifting back to sleep a few minutes later when a mug was placed onto the bedside table and someone climbed into bed beside me. I turned to glare at Ashton who just laughed, “I made you some honey and lemon for your throat. Do you want me to work out how to make you some soup or something?”

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