Natalie posted a longer version I am DEAD

do you think, when Harry gets a serious girlfriend and they move in together, he’ll play Fleetwood Mac on a Sunday morning when he’s making breakfast for the two of them?

when she walks down the stairs to see where he’s gotten too that morning, he’ll be found in the kitchen making egg on toast for them both to eat in bed and swinging his hips to the melody of a specific song that is playing from his phone. and he’s dressed in a pair of white boxer briefs, that cling to his body, and an apron, to shield his exposed skin. and she’d stand there and be so in awe of him as he sings into the spatula in his hands.

and when she hears the familiar song of “Go Your Own Way”, she’ll hear his voice begin to get louder when he sings along to the song as he dishes up the food.

when he gets ready to bolt up the stairs to collect her and wake her up for breakfast, he’ll see her in the doorway and blush profusely and very pinkly when she giggles and claps at his little rendition. xx