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the heartbreaking reality is that my phone was stolen lmao which means rn i can’t take a new selfie so excuse me for using this older selfie i had saved on my laptop 

story time over, i tag some of the sweethearts i’ve seen in my activity lately (bless youuuu) & also anyone else who feels like doing this ♡ @hoseokin @imaginedragons @lillypaddles @glorious-soobooty @minysuga @okimtae @xiutaro @baekhyy

I know it’s pretty early and this probably won’t get a lot of likes, but I can’t sleep. This man right here is my MCM (every day actually). He’s always there for me, the good and the bad. Sometimes we don’t have to say a word and can give each other a look and just know what the other is thinking or means. Thank you for being you and never wanting me to change the way I am. Thank you for being my rock, the person I like to always be with, and having fun with on our random adventures. ❤️ love you babe. @ello-olober

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How long have you and becky been together and how did you meet?? :)

We met at work and we’ve been together *counts* 38 months and 2 weeks. ;) 

In normal language that means 3 and a bit years but we like to celebrate monthiversaries because we’re disgusting