my lost art

whosoever finds this letter, i beg you to forward this to my kingdom of mewni, and to my first born and only daughter wilhelmina moon butterfly. the dead pleads for your kindness, dear sender. please have mercy.

to my darling child, i fear that general philipp and i will not make the journey back home and i ask that you send message of his passing to our friends in the forest. tell the monsters of how brave their leader fought for their cause until his last breath, and tell them that the king asks for their forgiveness for not being able to protect his friend.

as for my promise to you, i am sorry my child. i can only hope that the rose you asked for has made it safely to you and if it hasn’t, perhaps one day you will be able to the travel to the meadows of seraphim and see its beauty for yourself. i know that things will become much more difficult without my guidance. your mother is greatly ill with delusions of grandeur, and i ask you take care of her and keep her grounded. and i know i ask for too much. i am sorry for the burden that i leave on your shoulders my darling moon, but have courage and kindness. there is far too much evil in the world. please forgive me.

your father,
william εïз ( ♫♪ )


Happy Pocky Day + Semi’s birthday everyone!  ( ´ ////// ` ) ☆