my loserness is on a whole new level

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*slams fist on table* fake relationship w/ Sean, please, I need it. thank you.

okay, so this is my first time writing sean so FEEDBACK WOULD BE AMAZING!

sean + bed sharing + first kiss (fake relationship au, from this list!)

a/n; i actually have no clue if he has sisters, so just pretend he does! and again, way longer than i expected. my fingers slipped.

“Tell me again, why I agreed to this?” You ask in an exasperated tone, as you gather your overnight bag from the trunk of Sean’s car. Sean scoffs out a laugh, grabbing his bag as well.

Because, my family thinks I’m a loser, and I can’t show up to Christmas alone for the millionth time. And, you happen to be my best friend who loves me oh-so-dearly.”

“This is taking our friendship to a whole new level.” you reply petulantly, as you both make your way up the stairs to his front door.

“Aw, don’t sound like it’s a bad thing, doll,” he laughs, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “All you have to do is pretend that we’re head-over-heels for two days. Then we can go back to normal.”

You eye his arm around your shoulder and raise your eyebrows, as he just gives you a shit-eating grin.

“Starting early on the nicknames and PDA?” You joke, as Sean rings the doorbell.

“Get used to it, hot stuff, because for the next two days, we’re in love.” Sean replies, as you hear the patter of feet from inside.

It’s like a whirlwind, as Sean’s mom and dad sweep you both in a bone-crushing hug, followed by his two younger sisters practically tackling Sean to the ground. You want to be surprised when you find out that you’re the only non-ginger, but you aren’t.

“Well, isn’t a pleasure to meet you!” Sean’s Mom exclaims, with a smile. “Now Sean said you were pretty, but that doesn’t even cover it!”

“Did he, now?” You reply with a smirk, glancing over at Sean, too see his cheeks red, in embarrassment.

“Mom, stop…!” He groans, as his dad just pats him heavily on the back.

“Oh shush, Sean!” She answers, with a wave of her hand. “Now go help your girlfriend put her bags in your room, and come back downstairs. The party is starting soon, and help would be greatly appreciated!”

As you guys walk up the stairs, you can’t help but to push his buttons a little. Nudging his shoulder with yours, you ask with a smile,

“You told her I was pretty?”

“Well, uh, yeah, you are!” He answers, and you giggle at the flustered look on his face.

“Well, Cassidy, you’re not too bad yourself.” You reply, as he shakes his head in amusement.

When he opens the door to his room, the first thing you notice is the twin sized bed, that you’re expected to share. Noticing your immediate concern, Sean says,

“I know, I know. I’ll take the floor, and you can take the bed.”

“Now that’s just cruel. You haven’t been home in months!” You protest, setting your bag down, putting your hands on your hips. “I’ll take the floor, and you take your bed.”

“Or, we could… just… share?” He questions, hesitation obvious. Normally, you would’ve thrown something at his head for even suggesting, but due to the circumstances; it seems only logical, that bed sharing must occur.

With a shrug of your shoulders, you reply,

“Why not?”

You could swear that you could see a faint glimmer of happiness in his eyes, like he was trying to suppress it, but that was long gone when his mom called you both downstairs to help.

Sean’s dad makes him hang lights around the house, whilst you help his mom and sisters cook. His sister’s turn out to have a myriad of embarrassing stories about your best friend; in which you return the favor, telling them some stories about your adventures with him.

For the hour or so that you cook with them, you honestly forget that you’re not actually dating Sean, and that you’re only pretending. It’s strange, how well you mesh with his family, like you’ve known each other for years.

Sure, Sean is cute and funny and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t have the tiniest crush on him. And the fact that his family is practically fawning over the two of you doesn’t help this crush, in the slightest way ever.

When the plethora of his family starts to trickle through the doorway, it’s not long before the house is filled to the brim with red-headed Irishmen and women. It’s loud and bustling, but it seems as if his whole family was informed of Sean bringing home a girl; which meant you’d been introduced to at least thirty people, in the last ten minutes.

Soon, dinner came and went; in which everyone migrated to the living room, to wind down before opening up gifts. Sitting side-by-side with Sean, his arm was resting behind you on the couch, with your body lightly pressed against his. It’s natural, and settling, as you listen to his family chat amongst themselves.

Everything has gone perfect throughout the night, no one questioning your relationship, or accusing you of lying. That is, until Sean’s sister, Cara, announces ‘MISTLETOE!’

His other sister, Chloe, follows her with a polaroid; taking pictures of all the couples kissing. You look up at Sean with a horrified expression, only to find Sean sporting the same look, complete with already flushed cheeks.

“Sean, what are we going to do?!” You whisper with panic, as his sisters near the two of you.

“I don’t know! Just, I dunno, do you even want to-” Sean starts, only to be cut off by Cara cheekily coming up behind you, holding up the mistletoe.

“C’mon guys, pucker up for the camera!” She giggles, as Chloe holds up the camera to her face.

“Ah, nah, I think we’re good, guys!” Sean deflects, as you stifle a giggle. Everyone in the living room ‘boos,’ as you feel your face heat up.

“Don’t be boring, you moron!” Chloe taunts. “Now kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”  

Everyone soon follows in her footsteps, the living room filled with the sound of everyone chanting “Kiss!” If the world wanted to open up and swallow you, now would be the perfect time. You look up at Sean, biting your lower lip, as he just sighs.

“Fine, fine!” Sean announces, with a slight chuckle. “Chloe, this better be a damn good picture.”

She giggles at that, as Sean looks down at you; his gaze flickering to your lips, and then back up to your eyes. There’s a split second of hesitation before he leans down; gingerly pressing his lips against yours. You want to explode as you hear the cheers of his family, but you’re too busy fluttering your eyes shut, drinking up the feel of his lips against yours. They’re a mix of chapped and soft and it’s so overwhelmingly Sean that you could easily kiss him for hours - but the flash of the polaroid rips you from the daydream, as Sean pulls back; and by god, you don’t think you’ve ever seen his face get this red. It makes his freckles more prominent, you notice.

When Chloe hands you the polaroid, you can’t help but to throw your head back with a laugh; because damn, this is so going to be used to embarrass the two of you when you get back to the mansion.

“Y’know what, Sean?” You ask, as he looks down at you, with a small smile. “It is kinda cute.”

“Yeah,” he replies, heart skipping a beat. “It is.”

Later that night, with your back pressed against his chest, (what? It’s small. And yes, you both might be slightly tipsy.) and his arm wrapped around your waist, you perk up at the sound of his voice.

“(y/n)?” He whispers softly.


There’s a small silence, before you feel his breath against the nape of your neck.

“Should we like, practice some more kissing? Just in case?”

You don’t think you’ve ever moved so quickly, earning a groan of amusement from Sean. You dip down to brush your lips against his, and you can actually feel his breath hitch.

“Yeah,” you say, nearly out of breath. “sounds good.”

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1/2 shippy tim/dami where even if they do start liking each other, even love each other, but they just never stop arguing to the point that if you don't /really/ know them you'd still think they hate each other. just them being a couple, never any pda, constantly arguing, always being like "fight me (ง'̀-'́)ง" when around others (and a little if they're on their own). no one gets how they're in a commited loving relationship.

2/2 if they got married their vows are “i’ll fight you til the end of time”. but god forbid you if you’re not one of them and makes fun of or hurt the other. like they’ve got the whole “we can do this to each other, but we’ll break you if you do this to the love of my life.”

haha they take “argue like a married couple” to a whole new level, eh?

I feel like it’d still be almost a front, though. Like, yeah, their arguments are real and their annoyances and all that, totally legit. But in private they’re still just. Quiet and touchy, and communicate through silence and tender kisses and probably nuzzling because they’re sappy losers. 

But the family, despite knowing of their relationship, can NEVER KNOW THAT. So they overcompensate and fight like constantly. You boobs.