my lok graphics


I have battle scars

They are meant to say redemption

But deep inside my heart

They say

Never Forget


“I’ve realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path. So that is why I’ve decided to keep the portals open. Humans can now physically enter the Spirit World and spirits will be free to roam our world. I will no longer be the bridge. Humans and spirits must learn to live together. My mission will always be to use Raava’s light spirit to guide the world toward peace and balance. Harmonic Convergence has caused a shift in the planet’s energy, I can feel it. Things will never be the same again. We are entering a new age.”


A тrιвυтe тo Kυvιra

Created to honour this awesome woman, who is a leader, a uniter, a liberator and a dictator. A woman with a complex character, strong and proud yet hurt and fragile. A woman who has inspired me so much, and continues to do so. A woman who lost everything, and had everything, only to lose it again. A tragedy, yet a succes story. Kuvira. A woman. A person. An inspiration.