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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1.11 / 4.05

Consider this
  • James moves back to Metropolis, where he continues both his photography and Guardian career.
  • Clark and James get to be close again.
  • “Hey Jimmy! What are you doing back in metropolis? I thought you had a thing goin on with my cousin in national city.”
  • “I thought so too Clark! Then she started dating a slave owner so I figured I needed to dip out of that white mess…”
  • The Lucy Lane return™
  • Maybe Something happens between James and Lucy again.
  • James is the lead he is meant to be.
  • He and Maggie have lunch on weekends sometimes.
  • Kara who??? What’s a Supergirl???
  • “Guardian” the James Olsen spinoff I deserve.
  • Lois and James brotp
  • James helping Clark beat Lex Luthor up
  • James having big plot lines
  • James having the character development he will never get on Supergirl
  • A diverse cast (an actually diverse cast)
  • James still fanboying over his bff Clark
  • But also James being a fucking BAMF
  • More lines like we had in sg s1 when he would talk about racial issues.
  • Lucy and Lois in the same scene together!!!
  • The spinoff we deserve.

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I love how different they are. Damian and Jon are so opposite. Jon grew up like a normal kid and Damian … well, he’s Damian, his father is Batman. While Jon is a very cheerful child, sometimes I see Damian as a very lonely kid. 

Aaahhh~ Someday these two are going to kill me.

You know my favorite thing about Lois and Clark’s relationship in Smallville is how Clark is always investigating something to like save people and what not. And he tries to not involve people because it will put them at risk, etc.

But Lois always shows up along the way with the same, or more information than him.

This happens from the very beginning. They are both trying to find out who killed Chloe, and Clark finds out where she is and goes to face that guy who can turn himself to metal. And Lois shows up, and Clark is all, “How did you get here?”

And then when the cheerleaders spike the football player’s punch with a love potion, and Chloe is infected. Clark tells Lois about it, and she’s like, “Good job. Now do you want to know what they are using?”

And it just sort of continues for years, and it surprises them here and there. But they finally just learn to accept it. Like when Clark is in the ring to fight Titan, and they throw Lois in there first. And both of them are basically like, “of course you’re here.”

It’s just so cute. Clark starting at the planet, and them becoming partners was just so natural at that point, because they’d been basically working together for years without even realizing.


She believes in him, he inspires her. She takes care of him, he protects her. She is his world, he is her life. She teaches him what it means to be loved and he teaches her what it means to be loved in return. They allow themselves to be vulnerable because they are each other’s strength. She saves him as much as he saves her. They’re soulmates. 

Before she learns about his secret identity, Lois Lane thinks Clark Kent is a goddamn mess

She goes to his place to work on a joint article and it takes her like half an hour to find out that Clark lives in an absolutely nonfunctional house

She has to change a lightbulb but there are no stools, no sufficiently high chairs, no way of reaching the ceiling unless you find a way to climb the walls. “How the hell do you change your bulbs?” she asks. Clark mutters something about misplacing the footstool and helps her drag the table from the kitchen to the living room.

Lois watches Clark make lasagna and has to physically restrain him from pulling the tray out of the oven with his bare hands. “Are you out of your goddamn MIND?” she yells, scrambling to pull him away on time. “What are you DOING? WHERE ARE THE OVEN MITTS?” and Clark is just like “Right…..oven mitts…….. I think I lost them with the uh. footstool” both he and Lois pause for a moment to engage in a riveting game of Mentally Punch Clark

Lois runs into the bathroom to put on a disguise and yells out, “Where do you keep your razor?” There’s a gust of wind and Clark comes back with slightly windswept hair. “I got it!” he says with unwarranted triumph. “It’s right here. The razor I use.” Lois looks at it and it is CLEARLY recently purchased and never used and she’s just like. I don’t even care anymore

For weeks she just assumes Clark is missing some crucial element in his home and starts stacking her own things all over the place. Lois thinking Clark has no clue how to take care of himself while Clark is Eternally Tormented and has to find ways to keep his identity a secret while living in close quarters, and the slow burn mutual pining roommates AU of my dreams begins


Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
“You think he could have stopped any of this? Or that? No. Not even Superman can be everywhere at once. Then what good is he? What he can’t do, it doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of Superman. Someone to believe in, someone to build a few hopes around. Whatever he can do, that’s enough.