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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I just feel too depressed to read comics or do that much of anything else.

I’m tired of picking up the paper off the step each morning and reading the latest awful things Trump and the Republicans are doing (though I’m glad my local paper is being a staunch vanguard through all this).

I found out that the communities I used to identify with and enjoy socializing in online… themselves actually identify with and want to protect what the Republicans are currently doing and oppose the left trying to fight back, to the point of vilifying and ostracizing people like me who are among the groups potentially hurt by what the Republicans are currently doing.

And as part of that revelation I found out the one person (who is a part of that group) who actually talks to me regularly doesn’t actually care as much about me as they claimed they did for a number of reasons. That in particular has me feeling really lonely and miserable. When people tell you to not put up with the people in your life who don’t treat you well, they never tell you what you’re supposed to do when that involves “all the people who actually interact with you or claim to like you”.

Kind of goes with how my offline best friend never talks to me anymore, so I’m always painfully reminded of how the one person I think of as my “best friend” is someone who actually seems to have forgotten I exist.

Plus honestly people don’t seem to like or feel interested in the sorts of comic series I like to read anyway, which just furthers the lonely feeling of “wanting to talk about things it turns out nobody else cares about”. It’s starting to turn into feeling like I’m spending an hour each morning on stuff nobody else even enjoys seeing anyway.

Add on to that some of the recent issues I’m subbed to have been not worth posting even by my tastes which would leave me scrambling for something else to post (Champions #5 was awful, the Uncanny Inhumans MU tie-in yesterday was awful) and I just… don’t feel like doing anything, I’m sorry. :(

Last year I spent six months participating in what I was told was a psychological experiment. I found an ad in my local paper looking for imaginative people looking to make good money, and since it was the only ad that week that I was remotely qualified for, I gave them a call and we arranged an interview.

They told me that all I would have to do is stay in a room, alone, with sensors attached to my head to read my brain activity, and while I was there I would visualize a double of myself. They called it my “tulpa”.

It seemed easy enough, and I agreed to do it as soon as they told me how much I would be paid. And the next day, I began. They brought me to a simple room and gave me a bed, then attached sensors to my head and hooked them into a little black box on the table beside me. They talked me through the process of visualizing my double again, and explained that if I got bored or restless, instead of moving around, I should visualize my double moving around, or try to interact with him, and so on. The idea was to keep him with me the entire time I was in the room.

I had trouble with it for the first few days. It was more controlled than any sort of daydreaming I’d done before. I’d imagine my double for a few minutes, then grow distracted. But by the fourth day, I could manage to keep him “present” for the entire six hours. They told me I was doing very well.

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So I went to get the mail out of the letter box AND LOOK WHAT WAS ON THE COVER OF THE CITY WIDE FORTNIGHTLY MAGAZINE!! NONE OTHER THAN AMY POEHLER! (Let’s just say my neighbours know I’m excited). It’s such a sweet article and I’m so surprised to see it coming from a Brisbane (QLD, Au) magazine!

Mrs., Ms., Miss

My local paper, which I’ll refer to as The Rag, published a story about how there are thousands of teachers in our area making $100k and above. I saw it through a friend’s comment on The Rag’s Facebook. I expected more hatred in the comments, but what I found was shocking: many people saying that teachers still don’t make enough for everything they do.

Of course, there were naysayers. We only work 180 days, summers off, no results despite high pay, etc. The usual misinformed, ignorant bullshit. But there was also a pattern… they were ALL men. And every single person who replied to their comments in defense of teachers was a woman. 

Which makes me wonder if we get such criticism because teaching is seen a female-dominated field. I know I have never, ever read a scathing public review of police or firefighter salaries in The Rag. Is that because they are male-dominated fields? What do you think, #education?