my live has been saved


Had fun speed-doodling with brushes and experimenting with the tablet.

In Honor of John Deacon's birthday, lets talk about the songs he wrote:
  • Another One Bites the Dust: beat so dank, people thought they were black
  • Back Chat: super cool funky guitar riff
  • Cool Cat: Freddie sucked John's dicc for him to make a funky song about his cats
  • I Want to Break Free: "lets make a song entirely out of synths"
  • If You Can't Beat Them: A lost artifact no one remembers
  • In Only Seven Days: this could literally be an inspiration for a corny Romance movie
  • Misfire: literally one minute long, geez Deacon live a little
  • My Life Has Been Saved: ouch
  • Need Your Loving Tonight: no one probably has heard this song ever since John disappeared with it in '97
  • One Year of Love: this one makes everybody cry dont you tell me its not true
  • Spread Your Wings: actually a really inspiring song thank you Deacon???
  • Who Needs You: too much guitar, not enough funk
  • You & I: the harmonies are really good in this song like bITCH
  • You're My Best Friend: Veronica Deacon, you lucky bitch

So Andy ended up getting stuck in Portland due to the weather, so the boys ended up playing a last minute acoustic set. It was only a little sad, and mostly awesome.
Regardless, I have now seen My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy live. The holy trinity of emo. My little pop-punk soul has been saved. Amen.