my little ungulates


More tiny sapient ungulates: Scootaloo grows up into a beefy punk with black metal piercings and a leather jacket, it is canon and I will fight absolutely every asshole brony who draws grown up Scoot as a dainty little thing with long hair.

She also rides an alicycle, which is basically a very aerodynamic bicycle that you propel with your wings (because internal combustion engines are mysteriously absent in mlp). She also has a magical disability and can’t achieve sustained flight, her wings don’t conduct magic well enough. This is probably do to her mixed pegasi and earth pony heritage, which is also one of the reasons she lives in Ponyville. Likely one of her parents or close relatives is wingless and can’t live in Cloudsdale.

nolmenass  asked:

aah thank u!! btw, do you have any headcanons for how gender works in mlp, considering how strong and important the females seem to be in Equestria?

Well, they do seem to gender their children at birth, as evidenced by the episode where the Cakes have their kids, and they superficially seem to have a binary gender/sex system (which, realistically, is because that’s how the show creators think it should work, but I’m going to poke holes in it anyways). Something weird, however, is that there is a lot more female ponies than male ponies in public scenes. This could happen for a number of reasons:

1. Assuming gender is assigned at birth and most ponies stick with that gender (going by western human cultural norms, lol), there are a lot more female ponies being born than male ponies. If this is a matter of sexual phenotype, it’s not actually too unusual… there are many real mammals that have a skew in sex ratios, not to mention that if dfab infants are valued over dmab ones, than potentially dmab children might be aborted or abandoned more frequently. ie, the reverse of what human societies tend to do.

2. Assuming a more fluid cultural perspective of gender, most ponies choose to be female. Since gender seems to be assigned at birth, this might still indicate that they view genders as divided by biological sex, but ponies also have magic. So if a dmab pony decided they wanted to make the switch to female and the culturally associated genitalia, it would probably just be a quick visit to the local magic hospital. Seeing how ponies are matriarchal (and seem to have a cultural gender/sex binary), it’s feasible that more ponies would want to switch into a body with ovaries than into a body with testes.

3. Male ponies are stay-at-home husbands, and we see more female ponies because the public forum is a less welcoming area to males. This is a little more brutal and assumes ponies have a rather Victorian view of gender roles, albeit switched around. Although, stay-at-home might be the wrong description, as we still see mostly male ponies doing traditionally masculine work, like construction and plowing. So probably, that sort of work is devalued instead of traditionally feminine work, and thus male ponies’ “place” is in the fields doing grunt work while female ponies run the government and junk.

There’s a lot of room for interpretation and no particular theory has sold me yet.