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I drew this imagining us still holding hands together five years from now.

- Daesung’s message to his future self and fans, Welcoming Collection 2017

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Kinda wanna see an instance of where Chat Noir gets really popular and has like fan girls and what not and Ladybug just get jelly. Like "No the cat is mine- thank you!"

“Looks like the Kitty Chats are back,” Vixen commented, nodding to a group of bouncing girls all sporting cat ears on the other side of the police tape.

Ladybug rolled her eyes. “They’re obnoxious.”

“Sounds like someone’s jealous,” Queen Bee sang. “I don’t know why. All you’d have to do is whistle and Chat would be on his knees in front of you.” She smiled wickedly. “Do that. I really want to see it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ladybug huffed. “We’re not like that.”

“Sure, we know that.” Vixen rolled her eyes.

Chat Noir jumped over the police tape and was swarmed. He smiled and laughed, taking pictures and signing autographs. 

“It’s unprofessional is what it is,” Ladybug said stiffly.


“And dangerous. What if an akuma decided to take all the stupid bimbos hostage so Chat would feel obligated to save them?”

“Bimbos, huh? Getting a little harsh, aren’t we, Bug? I’m sure they’re perfectly nice young women,” Vixen smirked.

Queen Bee tilted her head and pursed her lips. “I don’t know. They look about seventy-seven percent bimbo.”

“Don’t encourage her.”

“I just don’t like it,” Ladybug grumbled.

“Then go tell him.”


Vixen sighed. “If it bothers you so much, talk to Chat. He would want to know how you’re feeling.”


One of the Kitty Chats grabbed Chat Noir’s face and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Oh, hell no,” Ladybug ground out, slinging out her yoyo. She swung down and landed beside Chat Noir as he gently pushed the girl away.

“Hi, my Lady!” Chat Noir greeted a little too brightly. 

“Hi sweetheart,” she crooned, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Sweet…sweetheart?” he asked, eyes wide.

“Sorry to disappoint, ladies, but I’m going to need to borrow my Chat,” Ladybug said with a sickeningly sweet smile. She caught the eyes of the girl who had kissed Chat Noir and held them. “Can’t even let him out of my sight. Never know what nasty little thing will get him.” She turned her attention to her flabbergasted partner. “Ready to go?”

“Um, yes?”

She tightened her hold on his waist and slung out her yoyo, carrying them back to their teammates.


“It’s Vixen’s fault,” Ladybug interrupted.

Chat Noir tightened his grip on her. “Then thank you, Vixen,” he grinned.

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The Life I Want

Dean tosses his shovel down and sits on the edge of the grave. “God, I’m too old for this, Cas.”

The angel flicks a look at him as he finishes digging up the corpse. “I’m much older than you,” he points out, reaching a hand up. Dean grunts as he tugs the other man out of the hole and Cas collapses next to him.

“Then we’re too old for it,” Dean says and Cas smiles, hiding it in his chest as he busies himself brushing away dirt.

It’s not gonna do a damn bit of good. They’re both a mess and will be until they’ve showered.

The hunt was an easy one. Nothing Cas couldn’t handle on his own, but Dean had been bored between cases and he jumped at the chance to see Cas.

Sam was off in Florida with Alicia and Max killing a nest of ghouls, so Dean packed up Baby and drove twelve hours for a simple salt and burn. He’d worried, for about five minutes, that Cas would be offended by Dean shoving his way into the angel’s case—but Cas had seemed more pleased to see Dean than anything, and as they worked the case, chasing down the information and narrowing down who the vengeful spirit was, it was comfortable.

It was the same kind of comfortable that he only felt with Sam, but this had a subtle tension to it that his relationship with Sam didn’t. Dean didn’t bother to dissect it. He knew that the tension belonged to Cas, that it was a low thrum of awareness that he always feels only with Castiel.

“We should retire,” Dean says, nudging Cas with his shoulder, as they watch the body burn.

Cas smiles, small and secretive, and shakes his head a little as he follows Dean back to Baby.

They go to a diner, still dirty, and Cas brushes at his coat when they get a few raised eyebrows. Dean smiles and tugs him by the elbow to a small booth. It’s like every other diner he’s ever been in, and he frowns a little. He should have thought of that.
“Why don’t we ever go anywhere nice?” Dean asks. “There was a little Italian place. We could—”
“Dean,” Cas interrupts, a confused frown on his face. “I like this. They have excellent coffee and cheeseburgers. And three types of pie.”
Dean stares at him for a moment, and then gives a small laugh. “Ok, Cas.”
They order coffee and a cheeseburger for Dean, and Castiel amuses himself stealing his french fries.
“Where you headed next, Cas?”
“There’s a selkie in Washington I thought I might look into,” he says, shifting in his seat.
The bench squeaks and Dean frowns. “That’s the fourth case you’ve taken since we got back, man. You could take a break.”
Cas looks away. “And do what, Dean? If we ‘retire’, what would I do? Where would I go?”
“What do you want to do?” Dean asks.
Cas goes still, staring at him. So much flickers across his face, too fast for Dean to process, and then he blinks and shakes his head. “What I can’t have,” he says simply.

They get a hotel, because it’s late enough that Dean doesn’t want to drive and because Castiel rarely tells him no. It’s utterly ordinary except that the two queens is one king. Dean gives a little hiccup of hesitation when he sees that, throws a vaguely worried look at Cas who huffs and pushes him into the room.
“I don’t sleep, remember?”
Of course he does. And it’s not as if they’ve never done this, shared space. There was purgatory, when Cas would press close to warm him, and he could almost feel the angel’s wings. There were nights in the bunker, too many now to count, with Cas stretched across his bed while he sleeps and Castiel watched Netflix.
There were the nights during the apocalypse, when Cas stood slightly too close and he wanted to tell him to step away as much as he wanted to pull him even closer and bury himself in the strength and promise there.
The thing is,all of this feels familiar—Cas working with him, eating together, quietly bickering over the music in the car. Even the way Cas pushes past him and tugs off his tie with an air of relief. All of it feels like something they’ve done before. But more than that, it feels like something he could do again, something he could do every day.
They watch a movie. Dean’s lost in thought and tells Castiel to pick something before he ducks into the shower, trying to ignore the fact that his best friend is sitting in the other room, skin pink from the water’s heat, barechested and barefoot, in a pair of Dean’s sleep pants that sit too low on his hips—hips that are, ridiculously, fascinating.
Dean doesn’t know what movie is playing across the screen. He only knows that Cas is only an inch away from him, warm and inviting.
“If you could have it,” Dean says suddenly, “what would it be?”
Cas lets out a long slow breath, but he doesn’t pretend he doesn’t understand the question. “A house, two stories. With a room for Claire and a library for Sam. A garage, and a cat.” His lips up in a smile. “A garden, and a big kitchen with a coffee machine I can actually use.”
Dean laughs a little at that. Castiel’s head falls back, and a smile turns up his lips, dreamy and sweet.
“What else?” Dean asks. His chest feels tight, achy.
Cas rolls his head, looks at him, and his gaze is soft warm. “Hunting, of course. But only occasionally. Only when we—I—want to. The rest of the time, teaching. Writing what we—I—know, to share with hunters. Farmer’s markets on Saturdays and sleeping in on Sunday, and—I just want to be .”
Dean licks his lips. He could let it go. Could drink his beer and turn back to the TV, to the movie they aren’t even pretending to watch anymore, could let all of this go. But—
“You said we. ”
Castiel’s eyes are very wide and his breath catches in his throat. “Dean, I—”
He’s not sure who moves first. He’ll never be sure, after, who moves first. All he knows is that they’ve been moving toward this for so long, he can’t remember when they weren’t, and when they crash together, it’s not what he expected. It’s soft. A feather light brush of Cas’s lips against his, chapped and bitter from the beer. His heart catches as Cas leans in, a tiny noise slipping free.
For a moment, everything shivers to a stop, and it feels like he’s balanced on a precipice.
Then Cas’s teeth bite down, into his lip and the levee breaks. He growls, and drags Cas closer, his mouth opening. Cas kisses like he fights, all fierce and clever, overwhelming Dean as he uses his weight to push Dean down onto his back as he settles over him.
“Fuck, Castiel,” Dean pants and Cas laughs into the kiss. He catches Dean’s hands and holds them tight as he covers Dean’s body, his hips doing a dirty little grind that makes Dean whine in his throat and bite down on his lip.
“This,” Cas murmurs. “Every day, I want this, in our house.”
He thrusts again and Dean makes a noise that isn’t a whimper, and Cas smiles against him, all smug satisfaction, licks the noise from his lips and lifts away.
“No,” Dean gasps, hands scrambling against Cas’s hold, desperate for that friction. Cas hums against his throat and bites down. Smiles at the strangled noise that earns him, and then he’s got his hands on the prize. He slips Dean’s cock out of the sleep pants, then does the same with his own, and he sinks back down. They both groan at that, all desperate relief as they fit together, rubbing in the most delicious way.
“Cas,” Dean whines. His fingers are straining. “Cas, please. ”
It breaks something in the angel, and he shifts, releasing Dean’s hands to fist their cocks and Dean bucks up into him, gasping at the sensation. His hands are on those fucking hipbones and his cock is rubbing against Cas’s, the head catching, and it’s driving him crazy. He arches against him and Cas bites down on his neck.
This, Dean. I want this.”
Dean is shaking. He wants to pull Cas closer, can’t resist fucking up into Castiel’s perfect hand, and he wants to bolt, wants to run away. His world is shaking apart, and Cas’s grip, the weight of him pressing Dean into the bed, his lips on his throat—it’s all that’s holding him together.
“Give it to me,” Cas says, all grit and gravel in his ear, “Come for me, Dean.”
His hand twists, just right, and his thumb rubs over the slit of Dean’s cock, smearing precome over them both, and Dean shudders, comes, hot and hard between them. Cas slides down his body and licks it up, and Dean groans again, shuddering at the sight of the angel bent over him, hair messy and eyes shining, licking come off his chest.
When Cas kisses him, Dean can taste himself and Castiel, and it’s right.
“Want this,” Cas pants, grinding his cock into Dean’s hip and Dean nods, dumbly, too blissed out and stunned to do anything but nod and say, “Yeah, Cas. Yeah.”
Castiel comes suddenly, his eyes locked on Dean, and it’s like everything is stripped away. All that’s left is love and want, and all of it for Dean.
“Oh,” Dean breathes. “Oh, sweetheart.”
He pulls Cas up, and kisses him. It’s deep and slow and sweet, a promise wrapped up in each brush of their lips as Cas shakes and shudders and whimpers.
“This,” Cas babbles, frantic with want as he presses tiny kisses into Dean’s skin. “Want this. Want you .”
Dean nods and tucks him close. Hums a little soothing noise as Cas shivers against him. They’re a mess and he’s pretty sure beer spilled somewhere, and he doesn’t care. Castiel is in his arms, and that’s all he can really handle right now.
He nods again and says, his voice a shaky rasp, “Yeah, sweetheart. Me, too.”  

My fluffy little fi for the @deancas-sweetheart challenge. Thanks to @oceanbluecas & @geek-princess13 for the fantastic beta. <3 <3

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i know you mentioned that pidge and her partner (does she stay with lotor?) have a dog, but have they considered adopting kids of their own? if they do, how would they let the rest of the voltron fam know? or are kiddos not in pidge's life plan (i means at least outside of her nieces and nephews from lance and hunk)?

[The Voltron Family] It shocked them to know Lotor was actually Zarkon’s son who was studying abroad most of his life, who returned to his father when he got into college. The teens knew back then that Lotor was a son of a business tycoon but they didn’t know it was their neighbour Grandpa Zarkon. Lotor found this so amusing when he came home one time, and saw Pidge walking home eating an ice cream. 

Pidge: *blinks in shock* The heck you doing there?
Lotor: *points at Zarkon’s house* I live here. 
Pidge: *chokes* YOU WHAT?! 
Lotor: It’s my father’s house. *shrugs* Well, one of his houses.
Pidge: Zarkon’s your Daddy?!
Lotor: *nods in confusion* Last time I checked, yes.

The thing with Lotor and Pidge, they had so much fun together. They kept travelling the world together after Pidge graduated (Lotor was 2 years ahead). Lotor proposed when they were in Belgium over Belgian waffles during breakfast outside, and Pidge snorted out her chocolates and Lotor found that so endearing, he started laughing.

Pidge: Are you serious?! *wipes her nose with the napkin Lotor handed*
Lotor: Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to, Peejon. *smiles softly*
Pidge: *smirks* You just want to turn your boring richass life to an adventurous one with me, don’t you?
Lotor: *smirks* Maybe I do. So?
Pidge: *hums* Maybe I do want that, too. *grins* 

Pidge sent her daddies and Hunk and Lance a photo of her hand with a ring that had chocolate smear from her food with the caption of: “Guess who got engaged to a dork in fricking Belgium over Belgian waffles (das why there’s a smear. don’t mind the smear. it adds charm) ???” 

They ended up having a dog and she and Lotor were the wealthy-uncle-and-auntie-who-spoiled-their-nieces-and-nephews. However, she saw how happy Lotor was with Hunk’s and Lance’s kids, so she went to her daddies’ house.

Pidge: Is it wrong that Lotor and I don’t have kids?
Shiro: *shakes* No, it’s not? What made you think of that, sweetheart?
Pidge: My dork’s just… yknow a little too happy with the little gremlins.
Keith: *interlaced his hand with Pidge* *smiles softly* Sweetheart, are you thinking of having kids with Lotor?
Pidge: *squeezes Keiths’ hand* Everyone’s just happier with kids.
Shiro: Not all. *laughs* Even your Daddy Keith and I took 3 years until we adopted three of you.
Keith: *hugs Pidge* Think about it. Talk it out with Lotor. Kids are a serious business. There’s no going back if you decided you want them.
Pidge: It would be nice to have a little one running around. *chuckles*
Shiro: It would. *laughs* I remember when you were still so little. Always running around the house making a mess wherever you go.
Keith: So many broken vases, oh my god. *laughs*
Pidge: *smiles sheepishly* Oooops? A bit late to apologize for that, innit? *laughs* But is it worth it? Was it worth all the trouble to have adopt—
Shiro: Yes, of course. Even all the sleepless nights. *grins so wide*
Keith: Definitely. Especially if they turned out so great later in life. 
Pidge: Awww, gosh, you guys. So cheesy. *rolls eyes*

One Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. Keith opened the door and found Pidge standing, smiling so wide.

Pidge: *hugs and kisses Keith* Morning, Daddy Keith! Is Daddy Shiro in?
Keith: Yeah, of course. *goes to the living room with Pidge*
Shiro: *joins them* Sweetheart. You should’ve called us if you wanted to drop by. *hugs and kisses Pidge*
Pidge: *laughs* Would ruin the surprise.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* What surprise?

Pidge just grinned excitedly as she went back to the hallway and signalled someone to come in. Lotor entered the house carrying a little boy who looked about 3 years old.

Pidge: *looks at her daddies* Daddy Shiro, Daddy Keith. Meet our son, Tadashi.
Keith: *places a hand on his mouth* *teary eyed* Oh god.
Shiro: *smiles so wide* *pulls Keith with him to meet their grandkid*
Lotor: *smiles* He speaks just a little Japanese cause he lost his parents earlier this year.
Keith: That’s fine. *coos at the child* Hello, Tadashi. Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro will make sure you will be fluent in Japanese.
Tadashi: *giggles* *reaches out to Keith*
Keith: *takes the child into his arms* *looks at Pidge and Lotor pointedly* Your child will call us “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” just like the rest.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement*
Lotor: *laughs* Yeah, we already decided on that too. We’ll just be “Mommy” and “Daddy” to Tadashi.
Shiro: *takes Tadashi from Keith* You almost have the same name as I do. *laughs* *kisses the child* Takashi and Tadashi. We’re gonna be the best duo.
Keith: *whispers to Pidge* I’m surprised and happy at the same time you adopted a Japanese kid.
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah, me too. When Lotor *looks at Lotor* and I went to the orphanage, we saw him sitting by himself in a corner. He felt so left out because he was the only Asian. We knew then and there that we wanted to adopt him.
Lotor: He’s just adorable and it was honestly love at first sight for me. *stares fondly at Tadashi* He’s going to be the nerdiest and geekiest kid.
Pidge: *nudges Lotor* I’m going to make sure of that. *chuckles*

[PART 02]

Memory Lane

Memory lane

Summary: Life is full of memories.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel,

Setting: anytime

Rating: PG:13

Warnings: none just sugary sweet fluff

Word count: 3,103

Notes: Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. My prompt: Besides you claimed it was a matter of life and death.

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy@aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @feelmyroarrrr

Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl@ruprecht0420 @oneshoeshort @aprofoundbondwithdean

Memory lane tags: @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester@bradygabrielle-blog @chennyetomlinson

Stretching, working the kinks out in your back feeling nothing beside you but cool sheets. Eyes open to find what you guess you’re alone in bed with just a note on his pillow. Curious picking up the crisp white folded in half paper, seeing Dean’s surprisingly neat handwriting.


           Remember the first time I called you that? What were we 10 no 12, you’d made one of those flower things for your hair. Made one for me to if memory serves but I think I laughed calling it too girly and tossed it in the dirt. Had more important things back then, than some silly flower crown. If only I knew back then what I knew now baby girl. I bet your wondering why I’m bringing this up, in all do time Wildflower. For now I want you to shower, dress and come to the kitchen.


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Tessa & Scott || gala shenanigans

  • enjoying each other’s company before taking the ice to preform Jack and Diane @ 2009 GPF [x]

Sweet Prince, Sweet Nap

(I’ve actually painted him earlier but I’ve added a few touches and since this is kinda just a sketch, it’s not that refined. Anyway, it’s @heavenfell-au‘s sweet prince, Asriel~ I had fun drawing Azzy’s ears~~~ uwu but furries aren’t really my strong suits~ get it~? fursuits~ XD)

Player: David Pastrnak – Boston Bruins


Mentions: Marchand

Warnings: One curse word, but besides that pure fluff.

Preview: You both knew fully well that you couldn’t skate. David held all the skills in that department. You told him over and over again in the car that this was a horrible idea. You were bound to get hurt but he didn’t listen.

Characters:. 699 words.

The Masterlist is here.

Originally posted by erinllindsays

You wanted so badly to say I told you so but you decided to bit your tongue. You were quite upset and didn’t want to say something you regretted. David had dragged you to morning skate against your every protest.

You both knew fully well that you couldn’t skate. David held all the skills in that department. You told him over and over again in the car that this was a horrible idea. You were bound to get hurt but he didn’t listen.

He assured you that everything would be okay as he laced up your skates but you had your doubts. The minute you hit the ice you felt unsteady. You must have looked like a mess, following the railing and flailing every few seconds. Your boyfriend found it hilarious and that wasn’t helping the situation.

He and Marchand were making slick comments as they skated so easily next to you. This just made your blood boil even more but you were too concentrated on skating to reprimand your boyfriend.

You continued skating along the railing as the guys messed around up and down the ice.

And that’s when it happened. You weren’t paying attention, thinking you might have been getting better but you were wrong. Marchand flew by you and you lost your footing. David couldn’t get to you fast enough. You hit the ice hard and fell into the boards.

After getting over the initial embarrassment of busting your ass in front of an entire NHL team, David helped you off the ice and into the locker room. Where you proceeded to give him the silent treatment.

So here you were, sitting in silence as the car carried on towards the apartment.

Once you reached home, you quickly got out of the car. You whined as you put pressure on your left leg. You ignored it and headed towards the elevator.

You stood next to your guilty looking boyfriend.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.”

You huffed and walked out of the elevator unlocking the door to your shared apartment.

You walked into your bedroom and went straight in the closet.

You whimpered as you pulled off your leggings, revealing the bruises on both of your knees and the huge purple and black one forming on your left thigh.

You heard a gasp that wasn’t your own.

“Babe, I didn’t know it was that bad.” David rushed to your side and began examining your legs.

“We need to ice these immediately.” He scooped you up swiftly.

“What are you doing? I am still mad at you!”

He placed you gently on the bed. Leaving the room, quickly returning with a frozen bag of peas in one hand and a frozen bag of carrots in the other. He tried his hardest to be gentle with you. He once again left the room once more, this time returning with a glass of water, some ibuprofen and a pint of ice cream. You were still pouting when he returned.

He sat next to you and handed you the pill and glass. You took it quickly and turned back to the TV.

“How are we supposed to eat ice cream without spoons genius.” You quipped quickly breaking your silence streak.

He quickly pulled out two spoons from his pocket with a smile. You rolled your eyes and snatched the spoon from his grasp. You reached your spoon to get some ice cream but he pulled it from your reach.

 “You have to forgive me first” He states with a smile.

“You’re pushing it noodles.”

“I’m sorry and I should have listened to you about skating.”

You smiled at him starting to accept his apology.

“But we wouldn’t be in the situation if I didn’t have such an injury prone girlfriend.”

“You’re teasing me again…” You huff.

“I am just messing with you, my love.” He chuckled pulling you into him.

You use the opportunity to steal a spoonful of ice cream.


“I’m the injured one here!” You defended.

“I love you, my injured little sweetheart.”

“I love you too my mean little noodle”

I   drew   my   Undertale   OC  Layla   this   afternoon

and     i thought   about   bringing   her   back   on   tumblr

but   i’m   stil  l unsure   about   it.  :/

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Letters & Questions Part lll

“Do I love Tarquin? It’s too new to tell but I think that I could love him, easily. Things with Tarquin are light, easy, and I have no worries or stress when I’m with him. We have dinners with friends, sail by the moonlight, talk, and even joke. It’s not complicated” said Nesta.

Cassian gave her a level look “Would we have been complicated?”

“Yes, we already were, there would never have been just us. It would always include her, Mor. She didn’t want us to be close and you’ve been hers for 500 years, Cassian, I can’t compare to that. You know what I don’t want too either, I don’t want to compete for your attention or love. You say she’s only a friend but she has laid claim to you and she let me it. I have to be okay with that. I am okay with that.” Nesta tried to look at Cassian with some sort of empathy but she couldn’t, he needed to hear this apparently.

“Well I’m not. ”

“Why though?”

“Because you’re my mate” he nearly snarled at her.

Nesta merely snorted at this revelation. “Oh please, I am not.”

“You are, you’re just refusing to acknowledge our bond but it’s what you are Nesta. I’ve wanted to tell you. I wanted to go to the human lands, find you and tell you. I didn’t know you were still here, falling in love with Tarquin.”

“Everyone in the NC knows where I am, how do you not? Haven’t you asked Azriel or Rhysand? Mor knew, she talks to Amren. What about my sisters? Why didn’t you talk to them?”

“I assumed. I’ve been gone for months. I’ve had to fix the Illyrian camps, train the new commands, visit the families of the dead. I had to realign the legions. I asked Mor and she said you were fine. I thought you were doing fine in the human realm.”

“It always comes down to Mor. I think that she is the one you should be talking too, not me” she took a sip of her juice and a bite of melon.

Cassian stood and paced back and forth across the balcony. “Is there anything I can say or do to change your mind?”

“Not at the moment General.”

“Why can’t you address me by name?”

“Cassian, I was just trying to keep this as impersonal as possible.”

“Mother’s tits Nesta, really?” He yelled.

A knock at the door and Amren entered.

“Cassian I was just walking past when I heard you’re lovely voice coming through the walls. Tell me, why are you here, pestering Nesta.” Amren’s eyes gleamed with delight. She loved getting on Cassian’s nerves.

“She, she, she denies that we barely know each other, keeps calling me General, says there is nothing between us, thinks Mor and I have something going on, and she denies that she is my mate.” This all came out in an anguished voice that Amren had rarely heard, she wasn’t sure how to react. She had all these new feelings. Cauldron how did they deal with this?

“Nesta, is all this true?” Amren asked.

“Of course. It’s been 6 months Amren, have I mentioned this over grown bay that is currently throwing a temper tantrum in my room.” Nesta kept her voice cool and light.

At this Amren looked away from Nesta and towards Cassian. “She has not. I’m sorry.” She hated feeling sorry for him.

Cassian sat down at the table again and drained his juice. Amren snapped her fingers and wine appeared in front of him. He poured a glass of that and drained it too.

“Tarquin” Amren said “has sent me to find out if you will be staying for dinner tonight and if you’ll need a room.”

“I don’t know” Cassian grumbled.

“Cassian” Nesta tried not to sound too exasperated “if you’d like to stay for dinner stay. If you want to go to Velaris go. No one is going to beg you to stay or force you away.” Nesta poured herself a glass of wine.

“I’ll have dinner but I won’t stay the night. Could you let Tarquin know Amren?” Amren simply nodded and winnowed away.

“So, an I to entertain you for the rest of the day?”

“No, I’m content to sit here if you have something else to do.”

“I don’t, I was going to go on a walk later but I can do that later tonight.”

“With Tarquin?”

“Yes, with Tarquin. We often walk on the beach after dinner…” Nesta’s voice trailed off. Cassian sounded defeated. She could make one day with him, well 5 hours. “I’ll sit here with you if that’s okay?”

“It is. Maybe we could just talk or play a game.”

Intriguing, “what game?”

“Well it’s usual 20 questions but that’s a lot. Let’s just ask each other questions and answer truthfully.”

“That’s not a game Cassian. That’s an honest conversation.”

“Well, let’s do that. I’ll start, something easy. My favorite color is red. What’s yours?”

Nesta tapped a finger against her glass. “Red huh? Is that because of that dress Mor always wears” he groaned. “It’s gray, charcoal gray nearly black.”

“Now you ask a question” Cassian said.

“We aren’t explaining our color choices?”

“Is that you question? Why is red my favorite color?”

“No! I can think of something better than that. Okay okay I got it? How many people have you slept with?”

“People?” He snorted. “You’re assuming that I’ve slept with men too?”

“You’ve had 500 years, why not?” This was stated quite flatly, deadpan.

“35 females, no males, 7 threesomes with no males. If I found a male that I’d be interested in I’d go for it but it’s been 500 years so I’m not holding my breathe.”

“35? That’s it? I mean you should have at least 400.”

“I’m not a slut Nesta Archeron, besides these all aren’t one night stands.”

“Okay, who was the best?” She asked a little too enthusiastically.

“Sorry Sweetheart, my turn” he laughed as Nesta pouted, her bottom lip jutting out slightly. “Are you still a virgin?”


“Nesta, may I ask a follow-up?”

“No. Who was your best liver and how long did it last?”

“That has a follow-up question.”

“Doesn’t. Continue” she smiled, she really was enjoying herself.

“Not many stand out but I guess Daya. She was from Monteserre, on the continent. She had short blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a large mouth” he grinned. “We were on and off for a few decades. She was a blacksmith by day and a siren at night, all glam. Then she met her mate. A male from the Autumn Court. I heard she died about 20 years back. Not sure how, don’t want to know how. She was a good female and I the cauldron gave her a good life.” He shrugged as if it had been nothing at all. She knew it that wasn’t true.

“Have you ever been in love?”

“No” Cassian waved an arm at her to elaborate. “Fine. As a human I was engaged to a man named Tomas. Feyre warned me of his family but I already knew that his father beat his mother and that no one ever tried to stop it. I broke it off and it didn’t end well. We fought and he… I got away. I think I could fall in love with Tarquin though. It’s nice and easy here. I love lounging on the boats at night and sipping champagne until dawn, I’ve never had anything like this.”

Cassian looked thoughtful but just nodded.

“What’s your favorite food?”

“Anything meat” Nesta laughed.

“What a male thing to say General.”

“Meat, ale, and women” they both laughed.

“Nesta what is your favorite book and why?”

Nesta’s face went as red as his siphons. “It’s a book from the human realm, cauldron boil me. Love on the High Seas. It’s about a rogue pirate that scores conquest at sea and stuff.”

“OMG! Have you made Tarquin into your fantasy pirate?” Cassian was howling with laughter.

“Keep your voice down” Nesta hissed. “I would never turn Tarquin into a pirate.”

“Not roguish enough?”

“Tarquin is a gentleman” Cassian just laughed.

“I won’t be able to look at him with a straight face ever again.”

“You have too! Cassian! You said you’d stay for dinner.” Nesta would magically tape his mouth shut if she had too.

“Don’t worry these secrets are just between us.”

Nesta breathes a sigh of relief. “My turn” she said.

“No… its mine.”

“No, you asked if I turned Tarquin into my fantasy pirate.”

“Fine. It’s your turn sweetheart” he chuckled.

“Cassian? If you were stuck on an island alone what 3 things would you bring with you?”

“Can I bring another person?”

“No! 3 things not people.”

“Okay, so an axe to cut firewood, a fishing pole, and Love on the High Seas, for entertainment purposes only.” Nesta threw a chunk of melon at him that Cassian caught in his mouth.

“So Nesta what 3 things can you not live without, not people but things?”

“I’ve developed a liking for frozen strawberries in my champagne, my favorite pillows and blankets, and Love on the High Seas for its entrainment value only.” They both burst out laughing.

“I might to borrow this book.”

“I’ll send you a new one. My binding is falling apart.”

They laughed again.

“My turn, Cassian, what is your greatest ambition?”

“To lay in bed with you” Nesta stopped laughing as he caught her eye “after we’ve acted out your favorite scene from Love on the High Seas.”

She was red all over and she’d covered her eyes but she couldn’t stop giggling. “That is not your dearest ambition, it can’t be. You just learned of this very inspirational book.”

“ And it inspired me to make it my dearest ambition.”

“You’re such a rogue” she laughed.

“Could be your rogue” he became serious.

“No you can’t. I’m seeing someone, and it’s not just someone, he’s the High Lord of Summer.”

“That, sweetheart, is an excuse.” Cassian popped another melon chunk into his mouth.

“If we were together and went back to Velaris it wouldn’t be like this.”

“Like what Nesta?”

“Fun. I’m having fun with you Cassian. But there would be family dinners and Mor and it would make things very awkward for Amren here.”

“Amren is a big girl and we are mates. Even Tarquin can’t be mad at that, plus it’s only been a week. Doesn’t Tarquin deserve someone that is staying for him because of him and because it’s easy? That isn’t fair to him is it?”

“No Cassian it’s not fair but I also love the Summer Court.”

“Hypothetically, let’s say you and I were to marry and mate tonight” Nesta gasped. “Just listen, I will buy a house on the sea. It’s colder but it’s still pretty, and it’s gray. We can hide out in the mountains for a week while we house hunt. There are tons of little sea side villages. We don’t have to live in Velaris.

I can talk to Mor with Rhys and Feyre, there’s no reason for her to come to our home unless there’s an emergency. I do have to work with her though and She has been my friend for 500 years and I can’t just stop that. She’s family and I love her like a sister or cousin, nothing more.

You know they’ll insist on family dinners but we don’t have to go to every single one.

Don’t stay here because it’s easy. Come with me because I love you. I can’t give you a perfect life with a palace on the sea, I wish I could Nesta but I can guarantee that I will give you a life full of love through the good times and the hard times. What do you say, come home with me.”

“Give me 10 minutes. I have to tell Tarquin I’m leaving with my mate, soon to husband.” Nesta winked at him and winnowed away.