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I was just looking at owls to possibly make an Owlboy OC or fix up my old owl characters then i came across this




That was actually pretty clever owo

Just some more thoughts

I think something to into account here is that Yuri on Ice was a show that wasn’t based off any pre-existing media. It wasn’t a game, or a visual novel, or a manga or a light novel. It was a completely original concept made by a small company. A company that while it had made a few pretty good productions (Days, Kids on the Slope, Zankyou no Terror) none of them, to my knowledge were ever on the level that Yuri on Ice is now.

Making an anime isn’t easy, unless you’re UFOtable or Kyoani or another one of the really well known studios. You aren’t given that big of a budget, which you need when making animation. So you make do with what you have! And honestly what MAPPA did with Yuri on Ice, from a budget given to a show that was a anime only original concept is pretty fucking impressive! So that’s why i’m inclined to forgive animation goofs and decreases in quality (which will be fixed in the blu rays I have no doubt!).

And also because their concept was original, its highly unlikely that they were granted any more than one cour to work with, which is 12 episodes (thirteen if you push it). And to be honest there’s only so much you can do in 12 episodes! I do screenwriting and the hardest thing I’ve found when planning out a series is minimizing it to 12-13 episodes because that’s all you’re gonna get unless your show does take off the ground! Heck, sometimes that’s if you’re lucky. Look at some live action shows that only get 5-6 episode seasons to work with!

Its hard to fit so much story, and so many characters, and their character arcs and development into 12 24-25 minutes episodes,  Unless you’re a writing god, you’re gonna have flaws and bumps and maybe even plot threads that need to be left open in the hopes of another season (because thats what you want when you make a show, assurance that your audience DOES want to stick around and watch more!) in your final episode.

 And here’s the thing, no matter how great your story is, your ending will ALWAYS be the weakest part.  Look at Naruto, look at Bleach, look at Free!, Look at Dangan Ronpa 3, HECK LOOK AT NEARLY EVERY VIDEO GAME IN EXISTENCE. Their endings are the most descive parts, and they’re a BITCH to write, and lucky for YOI it does have another season to hopefully clear up some remaining questions everyone has.

But you know what, for what we did get. With all the constraints and limitations Mappa had when creating an Anime original concept, that was going against some pretty good stuff this season. IT DID A PRETTY FUCKING GOOD JOB AT IT. 

So maybe you liked the ending, maybe you didn’t, maybe you liked some parts and you didn’t like others. But i think one thing we can all agree on is that Mappa did a pretty good job creating this show from nothing! Kubo and Yamamoto worked their asses off creating a show thats gonna be remembered and with any lucky season 2 will be just as great, if not better!

I certainly enjoyed the ride this show gave me, and I hope the rest of you did too!


I had a little break from drawing these past few days, but now I’m back home and I’ve made myself a new portrait and a new header :)

The objects in the pattern are:
♡ A Hufflepuff scarf
♡ The mug that Jiji and Kiki buy in ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’
♡ A laptop showing an excerpt of the fanfiction 'Carry On’ that Cath writes in Rainbow Rowell’s 'Fangirl’
♡ The music box from Ariel’s grotto in 'The Little Mermaid’
♡ 'An Imperial Affliction’, Hazel’s favorite book in John Green’s 'The Fault in Our Stars’
♡ Leslie Knope’s waffle necklace from 'Parks and Recreation’

I really wish I could move into a cute little studio apartment with the person I love.