my little starfish

The thing about “manspreading” is that it’s totally a thing. The fact that a lot of dudes are out here trying to justify it is proof that it’s a real thing. But it’s really rude. There is no denying it. You get these guys over here saying they have to because of some comfort issue having to do with their balls or whatever, but here’s the thing about public transportation, it’s not about comfort. 

People don’t ride the bus or subway to be comfortable, they ride it to get to work, or school, or home, or wherever the fuck they have to be that day. If was suppposed to be comfortable, then there would be more than a quarter inch of fucking cushion on those seats. 

“But I need to be comfortable!“ 

No, you fucking don’t! The bus is meant to get as many people as possible from point A to point B. They can’t do that if you’re taking up more than one seat. I get it though, if you were at home or the only passenger in the backseat of a personal vehicle, fucking do it dude. Take up as much space as you want. Spread those limbs, my little starfish! But the bus is not yours. The subway is not yours.

It is a shared space. That doesn’t mean take up as much of it as you can for yourself, that means take what you need. What you NEED. That’s why I take up only one seat. Not one seat and some of the seat next me because of my junk. And if I can’t, I stand up. Standing up is totally an option on public transportation and is literally way better than sitting down anyway. In my opinion, at least. My ass doesn’t hurt, I don’t have strangers crotches in my face, I feel like I’m in a gum commercial for whatever reason, it’s awesome. 

Also, some woman have balls, and you never catch them manspreading. Like what the fuck is your excuse, you greedy shit? 

oh dear lord is there anything worse than a pessimistic cancer or pisces i think we all know them, usually they are old and everything in the world could be the end of the world woeeeee dont turn that imagination so bleak my little starfish


Fanart Friday!
I’ve been a jerk shying away from people giving me wonderful fan art , so I decided that I should start trying to submit compiled artwork by you wonderful people instead of looking like an ungrateful dingle knob. If you aren’t keen in seeing these in the future, these will be tagged ‘Dopfanart’

In order:
Pegasus Doppel by Ask-pegasus-lola
Doppel Plush by Valierreplies
New Years Wisp and Starfish by Ask-wisp-the-diamond-dog. And many more thanks to him for all the art and commissions he has made! (Including the last two images above, made by Elenart-approved and Littlerubyrue)
You are all freakin’ amazing!


tambelon replied to your post “I am like an octopus. Corner me and I disappear in a cloud of fan…”



Joking aside, FINALLY finished this thing. This is sooo much far bigger in scope than anything I’ve done in like… ages. Doesn’t help that I started by drawing ALL the octopus arms. Including suckers. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?

In the image:

Mirror Image (duh!) - pegasus-turned-octopony-thing - yours truly
Starfish - diamond dog - @mylittlechangeling
Shai Ni - unicorn - @shinyshaini
Princess Shelf - best princess - @ask-king-sombra
Dolly - donkey filly - @ask-dolly
Pitch Patch - earth pony - askpitchpatch - GRIMDARK!
Lilyfeather - earth pony - @askneonflight
Gargle - earth pony colt - @askgargle
Calliope - mermare - @technomod/@asktechnowizard
Stormchaser - pegasus - @stormchaser-answers
Dream Baker - unicorn - @askdreambaker
Opalescent Pearl - sparkle crystal pony - @askopalescentpearl

Progress images:

Ink and tentacles (WIP 1)
First three ponies (WIP 2, 3)
Few more ponies, placeholders (WIP 4) 
Almost done inking (WIP 5)
Coloring progress (WIP 6, 7, 8)

(Included transparents/whatever of the layer groups that get obscured by other layers/look slightly weird because of the dark background)