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i’m sorry u have to see my gross face. and yes, i put on that hula outfit and it got a little wonky omfg JUST FOCUS ON THE BEAUTIFUL ARRANGEMENT.

IT??? WAS SO INCREDIBLE??? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY I LOVED IT. the cake was funfetti with blue icing and then graham crackers for the sand! then of course the gummi fish and the fish sprinkles and those little shells were made of chocolate. the decal thing got kinda cracked BUT IT’S OKAY. it was still delicious and tasted like sweet, sweet victory



~Rainy season Hanayo Koizumi ♥~

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I’m really waiting for this event, because LOOK HOW GORGEOUS AND CUTE SHE LOOKS! I can’t even…

I kinda like the first one more, but my sister said that the second one has it’s own charm ^o^


YG: Yoonji would always stand up against bullies for me and cheer me up when I was sad – she’s always been my bestfriend really. We do argue a lot though, sometimes don’t even talk for days but that’s just what siblings do, you know? 

YJ: In conlusion: Yoongi finally admits that I’m the best sister he could ask for <3


Part 3 of 3 for my gift exchange gift for @enterprisecaptainoikawa! She requested “aromantic/asexual spectrum tsukkiyama, punk tsukkiyama, band au, ice skating/yuri on ice au ahhh, professor/bibliophile au, tsukkiyama as best friends, really anything tbh bless”! An au in which Tsukishima is a figure skating coach and Yamaguchi brings his little sister into his rink for lessons: 

“Tsukki! I’m so sorry I’m late! So Sorry!” Tadashi scrambles into the rink, pulling his sister behind him, and all but dives onto a bench, dropping his bag and quickly tries to lace his skates despite his shaking fingers. He’s never been late to a practice before and–

“Tada-nii-san calm down. Kei-sensei isn’t even here yet. 

“Huh?” Tadashi looks up to see Hotarou is right. Kei isn’t even here yet. He frowns. Kei is never late. 

“Sorry I’m late, Yamaguchi, Akiteru-nii– Oh.” Tadashi looks up at his coach, and finds the blond looking at him with a frown. “You’re late.” 

“Yeah, sorry, Hotarou’s club activities went longer than usual, and I can’t let her walk alone–” 

“Oh, Yamaguchi…” 

“Sorry!” Tadashi stands and bows, his skates now on and laced, and Kei just waves him off. 

“It’s fine. I’m late as well.” Kei shakes his head. He, at least, already has his skates on and guards off, and so they both step onto the ice. 

“We’re going to work on your step sequencing today, ok? But first, ten

“What? But you were late too–” 

Kei gives Tadashi his I mean business look, and Tadashi huffs, pushing away from his brute of a coach and beginning his laps. He supposes he should be glad, though– because he was late today, he hasn’t had time to stretch out. Laps may be a nice warm up…

“Yamaguchi, don’t be lazy in your stroking just because it’s a punishment! Arms up, long, powerful strokes! Be lucky it isn’t more~” 

“Yes, sensei,” Tadashi says with a sigh, raising his arms diligently. He supposes his punishment is pretty light; he’s glad Kei is recognizing the fact that this is his first time being late. He can hear Hotarou giggling, and sticks her tongue out at her when he passes her. She sticks her tongue out right back at him. 

“Yamaguchi, focus!” 

Practice goes on smoothly, and by the end he’s worked up a pleasant sweat. Collapsing onto the bench outside the rink once again, unlacing his skates slowly. He’s careful of his left ankle, still healing from an earlier sprain. Hotarou jumps on his back with a grin. 

“Tada-nii can we have McDonalds for dinner?” 

Tadashi groans. “Tarou-chan, you know I have a competition soon…” 

“Can...I have McDonalds for dinner?” 


“I think it’s fine, let her have some junk food~ Even though you’re not allowed to.” Tadashi startles at his coaches voice behind him, and he glares at the smirking Kei. “You and I can make your dinner at your apartment.” 

Tadashi huffs, but agrees anyway. The walk is full of Hotarou’s chatter about her day. They all fall easily into routine. Every day is the same. Tadashi goes to the rink at four in the morning, and stays until six before he and Hotarou have to go to school; after school, Tadashi walks Hotarou to her after-school community ed club activities, and then picks her up and they go to the rink together. Then, Tadashi and Hotarou would walk home, Kei accompanying them because – despite how they may act on the ice – they’re quite close. The third year in high school even kind of considers his coach to be his best friend, even though Tsukishima is twenty-five and they can’t really sympathize with each other’s day-by-day issues. 

Tadashi can’t quite break it down into a few words, but…their routine is nice, to say the lease. 

“Tsukki, stop spoiling Hotarou. I know you share a kanji, but she doesn’t need ice cream every time we eat out, especially considering how often we do…” 

“She’s cute, though,” Kei says with a pout, and Tadashi sighs. He is right. Hotarou, with her pudgy, round, six-year-old cheeks, and her tan skin and light hair almost completely unlike Tadashi’s own looks, is adorable. “But hey, if you’re jealous, after you finish your next competition I’ll buy you all the ice cream you want.” 

Tadashi perks up. “Really?!” 

Kei smirks, and Tadashi knows what this means. 

“Only if you get first.” 

Tadashi groans, but he’s at least thankful he isn’t going into the professional skating business. He would never be able to compete with the big names in skating. But oh, god, would he like to meet Yuzuru Hanyu…

“Oi. Yamaguchi. I can tell what you’re thinking~” 

Tadashi flushes, and whacks Kei lightly. Hotarou skips lightly ahead, singing about her chicken nuggets and licking at her ice cream. Kei smirks. “What, we both know about your overtly sexual fantasies about Yuzuru Hanyu~” 

“Oh my god stop it!” 

“Embarrassed, Yamaguchi-kun?” 

“Yes! Very!” 

This is typically part of their routine as well. Kei teasing Tadashi– he doesn’t know how he feels about this. Their relationship is…something…off the rink. Something new, that Tadashi doesn’t know how to describe. They joke and flirt and go home together, make dinner, eat together…But on the rink they’re professional and distant; Tadashi likes it like that. 

Suddenly Hotarou stops in her skipping and singing, and turns to the two. Tadashi panics for a second thinking his poor baby sister’s heard about his sexual fantasies. 

“Tadashi-nii-san, Kei-sensei! I almost forgot! I drew something for you today!” Hotarou pulls off her backpack, and Tadashi and Kei stop walking, and watch as she shuffles through the obscenely pink bag. It takes a moment, but eventually Hotarou pulls out a couple of papers, and thrusts one at Tadashi and the other at Kei. “We were supposed to draw who we look up to, and even though we only had to draw one I drew two because I look up to both of you!” 

Tadashi’s heart clenches, and he coos at his baby sister. He looks down at the paper in his hand and sees a child’s drawing of whom he assumes is himself on his skates, smiling, and the words “my brather Tadashi is a ice skater i look up to him becase he works hard” in Hotarou’s handwriting under it. Immediately he wants to take his sister into his arms and squeeze her tight. 

He looks over to see Kei tearing up, holding his picture in a tight grip. Kei’s paper is similar to Tadashi’s; Kei on his skates, smiling. His glasses are just two squares barely on his eyes. Under the picture, Hotarou wrote: “my brathers coash Kei-sensei is nice to my brather and so i look up to him to becase a lot of boys are mean to him” and when Tadashi reads it tears well up in his own eyes. 

Kei speaks first. “Tha- Thank you, so much, Hotarou-chan.” 

“Yeah. Thank you so much Tarou-chan. You’re so sweet my little lightning bug.” 

Hotarou beams at them, and grabs their free hands, tugging. 

“I’m glad you like them! Now let’s go! I want to eat my chicken nuggets!” 

Tadashi and Kei follow along, crying, and Hotarou continues her chicken nugget song. They share a look, and the message is clear: 

You’re winning this competition. For Hotarou.

  • nosebloodline: I honestly made a new blog just to RP with piri and it was the best decision I've made in years
  • Crane's little half-sister
  • deuscxmachina: piri is my fucking Internet Life Partner
  • i would Kill For Her
  • and shit bruh link me!!
  • nosebloodline:
  • Who wouldn't kill for piri tho??
  • deuscxmachina: i mean,,,, she should be crowned Miss Tumblr
  • tbh
  • ive never met someone who Doesnt Love Piri
  • nosebloodline: I heard piri's smile was insured for $10,000
  • deuscxmachina: thats why her blog is so big
  • its full of positivity

Could you please make a reaction where you are jungkooks little sister and they saw your Snapchat story and you were at a party with revealing clothes and drinking alcohol with your friends (both girl and boy)? I love your blog! Your edits are life tbh! And sorry i my english is bad!

req by: anonymous


Another Tbh..

I swear I have the best freaking babysitter ever.

So my mum and dad go out for liek a party or something, so we are getting a babysitter to watch me, my little sister, and my baby sister. We all sit there for 5 minutes bored as frick, so I decide to turn on Panic! She looks at me and gasps. We all get and start doing the basic emo kick & flip dancing to I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Literally for the whole night we listen to Panic!, and Twenty One Pilots. 

anonymous asked:

Thank you for putting into words Steve and T*nys so called "friendship". It always bothers me when people say they're friends or god forbid when they say they're best friends. Because I'm always like when??? Steve and Sam are BEST friends, Nat is like family to him and then depending on how someone interprets stucky they're best friends/brothers/ or totally in love. Steve and t*ny always butt heads and never get along. If anything rhodey is t*nys bestfriend not Steve

ashsgajns the back of the civil war dvd calls them best friends and im like ???? bitch WHERE for real!!!! Rhodey is absolutely Tony’s best friend, and Pepper is his person, his other half, Bruce was the person on the team closest to Tony, but Steve was a work colleague, they didn’t do enough to set it up as anything more than that. Steve’s squad is Bucky, Sam and Nat, of Sam or Nat had heard Steve say “He’s my friend” and had responded with “So was I”, it would have been like,,,,fuck, that’s powerful. Bc they actually are friends. Sam is his best friend, his closest friend in this new time. Nat is basically his little sister at this point. And Bucky is his soulmate #confirmed by the writers. Tbh even if Wanda had said the so was i line, i think i would have been more affected by it than Tony saying it to Steve bc Wanda and Steve seem to have a closer dynamic than Tony and Steve, and this was only Wanda’s second film.

shikamarude  asked:

do the sand sibs for the character thing!!!

i already did gaara here so ill do the other two!


First impression: i never paid much attention to him cuz i was too busy nutting over gaara
Impression now: i love kankuro…i love him so much he is good
Idea for a story: kankuro and gaara doing Bro Things
Unpopular opinion: Hes Gay Shanon
Favorite relationship: i like kankuro/kiba a little bit. hmm.
Favorite headcanon: he also black and gay. rasa didnt have any straight kids.


First impression: I LOVED TEMARI!!! she reminded me so much of my older sister who got me into naruto
Impression now: she still reminds me of my sister tbh and i still adore her
Idea for a story: temari and shikamaru get divorced and marry other ppl. they only got married for tax benefits
Unpopular opinion: what the fuck kishimoto.
Favorite relationship: with anyone that isnt shikamaru LOL
Favorite headcanon: yet another niggie. shes also bi. rasa aint have no straight kids :////////////

Meg’s 300 followers celebration!!! :D

Hi lovelies. Thank you all for 300 followers! i never expected to get this many. thank you so much!
This though is more a personal celebration for those peeps who have helped me the most. they are my family.
(gif is not by me btw,the user is deleted sadly) /:

‘’This might look like a follow forever/fewer/whatevs,but i did it in my style, sue my ass’’.

(My family,some people who means the world too me)(people i would take a bullet for,maybe that’s just me and my ‘’hero syndrom’’ but you get it)

@herolincolln: Moose,Moose is this funny amazing person. who i just instantly clicked with. She’s a sister too me. I love her with all my heart. She’s kind,inspiring,awesome,unique. She makes me giggle on a daily basis.
She’s beautiful in every way. You’re amazing babe. ily <3 also why are you so damn beautiful?

@dropshipbellarke : Liz is my child,she’s an angel send from heaven to earth.
she’s a cutie,she’s is beautiful,awesome and just all around amazing. Though sometimes i feel like i’m more attached to her then she is too me but whatevs.
she’s a precious being. with a big heart. Ily <3 

@glowingbellarke: Abby my other child. Abby is the cutest. she’s adorable,awesome,lovely. she has this amazing personality. also her saltyness slays. she’s just too pure for this world. protect her will all cost. ily <3

@clxrkblake: Meg is my other Sister,she’s sassy,salty,sarcastic little turtle. who i adore. She’s the best. she is precious,cute. SHE’S IS LITTERALLY A GODDESS OMG. a sinnamon roll.  She is unique too.

@raphaelsanteago: Arooj is more salty then anybody in the world. jesus christ.
don’t fight her. she will litterally kill you. saltier then chips. oh my gosh i love this girl so much. she’s the girl i rant ALOT too. or talk about how awesome kol mikaelson is. she’s sweet and just down to earth. and deserves the world tbh.

@shelbywyatt: Fay is a cinnamon roll,she’s cuter then kittens. legit she is.
she’s always so nice. and down to earth. and just the cutest thing on earth.
I love her. she has always made me feel welcome in this huge community.
litteraly a angel

@bravenry: Ciri is my mom. she really cares about her friends and family.
she’s awesome. amazing. and beautiful inside and out. A big heart. whenever you feel like you want to talk,ciara is here. she listens,and understands.
she’s just wow. ily<3

@argentiebae: My European sis, a cutie. she’s adorable. and just overall amazing. i love her so much. she’s also an angel. she’s helps me get in a better mood,when i’m down. precious cinnamon roll who deserves everything in the world. ily <3

@goldenlydia: Litteraly sunshine,precious being. she’s amazing. and HAS THE MOST AMAZING COLORINGS OMG. i think she’s one of first mutual i really like begin talking too. an angel. just overall too awesome for me.

@aleclightbitch: Rhia is a savage, i love her though. jesus this girl has more sass,and saltyness then myself. like wow. sometimes i’m like:  wow! throw the salt over to me please. she’s sweet and awesome. and just incredible.

@sterolinees: Savage Queen, salty and sassy with some sarcasm. and i love her. she’s sweet and kind. and whenever i’m sad/mad about TVD/TO. i rant to this girl. like she gets me. she’s an angel. and just precious. 

@itwontsurvivemee: Cutie patootie Anya, a queen.  I love this girl so much.
she noticed i was feeling a bit down lately. and she just decided to listen to me,ask me how i’m feeling etc.  legit she’s a kind badasss girl(aka like anya from the 100) ^^

@bitchcankeepasecret: Jeny is an angel. she asks me if i’m okay,if i ever need anybody i can always go talk to her. also yeah i rant to her alot. because she understands. and we can then talk about our rage about something. but i adore her. she is awesome.  beautiful

@yoncebanshee: Goals af. this queen,is beautiful. overall. like wow. also sassmaster. sassy,awesome. and down to earth. precious angel. just goals.
kind,lovely. yeah just everything.

@belamygrifin : My first mutual i begin talking too. she’s sweet and kind,and amazing.makes awesome fics! like wow. really down to earth. makes you feel welcome. she’s just super nice. i love her. Goals.

@aerishere: This girl is a sweetheart. Honestly she’s the cutest. makes FANTASTIC videos. like jesus i’m jealous.  girl is awesome. and creative.
just fantastic. LOVELY

@captainsaracold: Lilly is honestly my sis, she’s awesome,amazing,cute,adorable all around just a fantastic person. makes me smile when i’m down just wow.  A CUTIEPIE

@hookischarmed: Emma my twin, Emma is an angel. she’s awesome,amazing,cool, she’s the type of person i wish i had all my life.
She’s great. i love her. she makes my day. ALSO BEAUTIFUL TRASH

@sweetmechanicsmile: Maria, also named my sinfull sister. (cause we sin alot together) she’s my trash sister. cause everytime i’m going deeper in the trashcan,Maria follows with me. she’s precious,amazing and awesome.
i’m really glad to have this girl in my life. i love her. SHE IS GORG.

@bellefrench: Ali is my precious sis. she has helped through alot with how tumblr works,how photoshop works,what i should dowload etc. a treasure to humans. like really she is. and she is so sweet. and just i love her. also my glass sister. cause we’re both girls who need glasses to see.

@idontgiveaneffie: Angel is queen,no sometimes i’m scared of how salty she can get. where i’m like ‘’you okay?’’ no but honestly. she’s a badass. she could kill you with just a look. she’s cute though. i love her. she’s amazing

@allgrownpup: Paige is an angel send from heaven,honestly she’s INCREDIBLE AMAZING,AWESOME, she’s the sweetest thing on earth. i love her so much
also she’s a model goddess.

(For the peeps who i love,but have just gotten to meet recently)

@elizaslane: well this girl is more trash then myself,love her though.
she’s a sweetheart,just lovely. she’s amazing. <3

@folieadunit: She’s so cute. she’s just amazing, and really down to earth. just lovely. + she’s beautiful.

@helpbellamyblake: salt squad ofc, a lovely and salty type. i love it.
she’s a cutie.

@hedakhaleesi: sometimes i think we’re twin,cause we have so much in common. Love her. all around amazing and cute.

@ravenous-octavia: more trash, but i love her. a cutie. she’s awesome and cool. and just sweet.


(My trash mutuals,who i also love)

@bellamyslady: Avery is just precious. i will protect her will all cost.

@yourmarvelhighness: Ruby is a badass. and is just the queen of marvel.

@killianjonez: Dana is trash. (jk)as much as we argue about ships. i adore and love her.

@hugsbellarke: Lau is a treasure,she’s adorable and cute. and just incredible.

@griifinclarke: Amazing, and made me get all these wonderful peeps as friends.

@rashaka: Lovely rash, she is awesome. just all over adorable. and has amazing sass.

@bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16: April is amazing. lovely. and just wow.

@singinglikeapenguin: One thing: better then your fave. awesome.

@alec–magnus: other amazing babe who deserves everything

@kira-ning: Beautiful princess who i love.

@roanofazgeda: Rach is goals. i love her. she’s amazing. just wow. get her a damn trophy.


for other peeps who i also still love, and adore the hell out. but wanna get to know better:

@thelovelylights @blakessibling @clarkeswalkabout @clarkesfreckledking @damnbamon @barryallensbutt @queenclarkegriffine @uselessbisexualcylon @rebellamyking @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @spiderdoctor67 @lydiahstilnski @rayven-rayes @slayyourdemons-101 @wandamaxmioofs @big-phonies @simplyslc @asweetdeception @bellohmyblake @bellsqueen @bellslarkes @stylesblake @dropshipp @pandafreak32 @vigilantewives @holladnroden @hollanddylanstydia @scottymccall @bellamysprincessa @royalblakes @borisblakes @queenclarkegriffine @kindclaws @bellarnyblakc @clarkebellamy 
@raivensreyes @bravnlarke @issomethingsupposedtohappen @bisexualbellamyblake @oftheskyepeople @prosciuttoe @ofhobbitsandwomen @raincityruckus @freckledrebelking @lydiasfears @lydiamcrtinski @blakemedown @uhstydias @dire-consequence @bisexualgriffin @drop-shipped @darkk-light @bellarke-please @platoniceyefucking @farklematthews @lyydiamarttin @ohwheresmylove @reytrashqueen @runninginmoonlight @scottsmcclls @stilinskilis @trashstydia @ravenreyed @cuteclarke @alec–magnus @bellsgriffinss @holycavill @ohennig @jazziisms @effingtallgirl detectivloki @lindzey-morgan @bellvenlarke @queendanvrs

I’m so sorry if you’re not tagged. i might have missed you. but if did i’m sorry. it’s not because you mean nothing too me i promise!!
I love all of you guys.


- Megara

also this took forever.
so i know it’s not in alphabetic order but like come on.

legit sue me if you will.

Alright, alright. It’s time for me to give love to a lot of you lovely human beings out there tbh. Yes, yes… it’s about to get mushy as fuck. But you know what? That’s alright! We need a little more love in this community. Even after everything that has happened within the past months, or weeks. But let us remind each other that we are a GREAT fucking community and that we are still family. I mean somewhat family? We should still try to look out for one another. I mean that’s always important. I’ve been in a few fandoms before from WWE, DC, TEEN WOLF & now GOT. And man, I’ve met amazing people in some of those fandoms, and some not so great? I mean happens to all of us right? Some people aren’t meant to RP I guess. *shrug* but that’s not the point. The point is, I have so much love for this fandom and have met, many ( MANY ) people who are such role models on this fandom. You’re all amazing at what you do, perfection on your muses. Each and every one of you should ALWAYS be proud of the way you portray your muse. Okay so let me go on and thank you peeps !


                                      ▌☠ ▌Flayer, players & slayers. lovely baes  ▌☠ ▌

@agirlingrey .  @akingslayerx .  @applesrose@arcanemistrust  . @arthurxdayne . @born-to-be-admired . @bowtiedmadman . @bubblegumxmallets . @bullhecd . @cerseilionesslannister   . @claimantking . @coldhonovr . @davosshorthand . @dcthraki . @distrcss . @dreadfortsgirl . @fadetogrey . @fcllenangels . @fidcns . @firstxfhernxme . @forresterborn . @frozenconsort . @fuckthekiing . @gcntleking . @greyenvy . @halfahorseherself . @heartfound . @herunfailingkindness . @honourofwesterling . @jinglenee . @kennelmastersdaughter . @klllerwithin . @ladycrcw . @liiberum . @longmayshereign-cersei . @lordnegan . @lordofthewatch . @lordxfcoin . @louvereine . @luctatio . @machinaticns . @motherofasgard  . @malleableking . @meraxesrider . @mindfulqueen .  @nattienativity .  @neitherknightnorlady . @ofarrowsandfire . @ofbrokenmen . @ofpalletown@ofgcldenroses . @ofwolvesandroses . @onceporcelain . @pearlofruins . @pertenebras . @portectorisms . @predative . @quietbxy . @ravcnkiing . @rollinsstolechristmas . @roosebxltxn . @renuntiatum  @rosethornknight  . @royalsadist . @samoansanta . @secxndstark . @sleighbvlla . @songoffireandrevenge . @suvicn . @theblackcraven  . @thedragoninthesnow  . @thetimeladyandthetardis  .  @the-tenth-will-see-you-now .  @timelordcurse . @thelostwildwolf  . @unbxrnt . @watchdeserter . @winterskraken . @withthedog . @withwildfire . @wolf-queen-named-stark .  @wolvensteel . @worshipsonlydeath . @wxngedshadow . @yngwolfrobb .  @ycngrose .  @zaldrizotala . @zaldrizotresy  @undauntedlioness .

: Seriously I hope I didn’t miss any of you >_> I know some of y’all got yourself like 100 blogs. So I tried y’know. But anyaaaays.  You’re all amazing and have made the dash amazing. Everything you do for this community is something i will always remember tbh. You all bring something beautiful and different. You’re all creative at what you. Writing. Edits. All of the above. I honestly wish I can tell you how much I appreciate you all, without repeating the same things over and over.  I may not Roleplay with all of you, or talk to some of you ooc, but i do want you to know that even though we haven’t done anything or did ( but not anymore ) I still adore you all so much. Your muse ( canon or oc ) are lovely. I thank you for putting SO much work on your muses, & I thank you for gracing the dash with your beauty.  ❤️

Okay—- so, i do want to give a few shoutouts to people i talk with ooc, a lot. and i mean almost every day. and such ( people who have seen full satan side tbh )  ( ALSO WARNING AUTO PLAY OKAY )

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together they are tol and he’s smol.

Guys, today is vreinart‘s birthday! Go and give her best wishes, because she’s amazing! <3 

I had this idea, some kind of gayperion au where Vaughn have little sister, and tbh Vrein match to be her so much! She help Rhys and Vaughn to be more steady and brave about their feelings to each other.

Also I made bonus:

One Direction With Kids. Alternately titled STOP GIVING THEM FUCKING CHILDREN. 

This is going to be rather extensive so probs a lot more picture then comments. I might die from my heart exploding before this post is even made so we’ll see what happens. 

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taylorswift I am so so so SO lucky to have already gone to a 1989 tour show (Ottawa) with my mom. We cried and laughed and danced and sang our hearts out and it was amazing. 2 weeks before that day, you followed me here on Tumblr. Before the show, I got a picture with Vance Joy bc of my mom and tbh it’s pretty iconic. LOOK AT HIM. Anyway, then when I got home from the concert, and Tree liked my post (about us waving to each other!!!!). I got to meet some people from Tumblr, was on the news, AND I MET KEVIN AND GAVE HIM A LETTER that I wrote to you. Honestly, the best day of my life.

I’m even more fortunate now, because I’ll be seeing you again in Toronto, night 2 in October (IN THE BSTAGE PIT!!!). I get to go with 2 of my best friends, and my best friends little sister. I’ve been having a rough past couple of years, but since the release of Shake it Off, I’ve slowly been coming back out of the dark. And it makes me so happy that I can tell you today that I am completely happy, and looking forward to living the rest of my life to the fullest.

I’ll see you again on October 3rd Tay, and if I don’t get to say thank you in person, I hope my letter was enough to thank you for the past 8 years.

Love love love,

Ok, Look...

Alright, I’ve been holding this in for the longest time now. But from this recent ep I gotta say something. I understand Shun can be hard headed and cold and all that stuff, but he’s like that for a reason. From this ep (75) Shun’s rage broke, yes, he almost beat up Dennis while unconscious, yes. But, Dennis basically CAUSED the destruction of Shun’s home AND got his sister kidnapped! Which is more messed up? Genocide or punching? And then while Shun was dueling (you can find ep translations here) he said “This is the hatred of my one and only best friend, Yuto, whose road was blocked off before he could achieve his dream!” Idk about anyone else, but I was so touched at that moment because it made me realize how brotherly they are to one another. And when Shun was yelling at Yuya, Yuto’s soul reacted and told him it’s ok. Yuto has only been coming out when he’s been angry or to support Shun. Like back in the ep Shun was dueling Masumi, Hokoto, and Yaiba, yuto was talking to Yuzu and he explained why they were there, looking for Ruri. “We are looking for my best friend’s little sister.” I love Yuto’s and Shun’s friendship, it reminds me of Yugi and Joey tbh. (Yu-Jyo)

And back when he dueled Sora, Shun would only think about the people he cared about when he dueled. Now, I’m not saying Shun was right to try to beat up Dennis after. I’m saying he has every right to be mad. Like Yugi or the Pharaoh when their friends were in danger they risked anything and everything to save them, and Jaden, and Yusei, even Yuma. To me, Shun is the most unappreciated character. He’s such a great character with background and everything he does has a motive, a reason behind it. For his little sister, for his friend’s for his home, for his stolen future. Shun was gonna go pro! And I fell Yuto was gonna be an entertainer like Yuya because they really have the same mentality, the only difference is of what Yuto has been exposed to and I fell this is how Yuya is supposed to change in the show. Learning that not every duel can make people Egao. In the end Yuto had already told Yuya to make people smile, even with all the hate and anger Yuto had, he was still able to smile and tell Yuya to finish this war by making everyone smile. Anyways, this is my Shun appreciation post, don’t gotta like. This is just how I feel.