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If you haven’t already, you gotta go see the new Power Rangers movie. You must. Don’t let anyone be like “that’s for kids” because it’s so dope for all ages. Power Rangers has: a diverse cast of layered characters, correct LGBT representation, correct autism representation (which is as rare as a good Shondaland plot twist) good humor, a good soundtrack, action scenes that will make you be like: OH, SHIT but in the good way, and every member of the squad is loveable in their own ways, even the straight white boy lead. Go and see it. Take your friends and family. Go. Seriously, go!

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So, I found out my little sister is gay

because I found a note about her crush ripped up in the trash.. She said that she was confused, but she’s pretty sure it’s love lol. She’s so cute and I completely support her. I can’t believe I live in a place that’s homophobic and now she feels ashamed about it even when I tried to talk to her about it. She doesn’t believe me when I say that there are a lot of people out there that are accepting and supportive. She thinks that if she tells anyone they will bully her. I usually don’t ask for this, but could some of you please like or reblog so I can show her that there are *a lot* of people on Tumblr that support gay rights? I just want her to know that she’s perfect and people will still love her. Thanks xx

Happy Birthday Aimee!

(it’s already Thursday here :D)

@villains-happy-ending , my dear Friend - my life would be empty without you - i’m so happy that we met here and can’t wait to hug you again (soon)! 

You are wonderful person, and friend i never imagine i’ll have - we like the same stuff, we say and think the same sometimes (remember this times when we wrote to each other exactly the same at the same time? You are always there for me - i know i can tell you everything.

So today i wish you all days full of laughter and friends, and to get a job you would love, and anything your heart desire!

i love you 

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what's the coolest place you've been? do you like rollercoasters? do your socks usually match? do you keep photos or delete them a lot? do you own a lot fo books? what color is your bedspread? do you prefer bowls or plates? do you prefer coffee mugs or glasses?

i haven’t been to too many places but i did go to lurray caverns in virginia and that was pretty sweet. i got to see some crazy rock formations and stalagmites. my socks never match unless they’re “fuzzy socks” because when my feet are cold, i need them to be equally warmed. i keep most of my photos. i have thousands to go through on my old computer and i’ll need a whole day to do that project, haha. my sheets and pillow cases are red (i’m not really a fan of red but, hey.) we have a big fluffy white comforter on the bed, as well as a blanket with the solar system on it. i’m a bowl person :) i’d eat everything in a bowl if i could lol. it really depends on my mood, but i think i enjoy coffee mugs more. i like feeling warmth in my hands when i’m drinking hot tea or something. sometimes i’ll drink cold water in mugs just because i feel like it.

thank you for sending these, i love you a whole lot and i hope your day is going gud. 


So this is my little sister, she’s 10 years old. She was born a he but ever since she could talk has said that she wants to be a girl and today my best friend and I bought her her first actual outfit as a girl with my dad’s permission and we surprised her with her outfit and recorded her reaction. It was super cute. @mornings-of-gold

Happy Birthday Aimee!

@villains-happy-ending this is little Colin spam for you :*

I hope your burthday will be as perfect as this human being below is :D

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Ayyeee school is out for you! :D At long last, ammi right? I followed your sister's ask blog, and I can't wait to see what kind of amazingness you (and her) unwrap throughout the (scorching hot) summer! :D Also, best of wishes to you on the bun-buns~

ikr? about time summer got here XD

Thank you so much! She’ll be so excited to know she gained a follower! And maybe if you could send an ask or two, that’d be so great! but of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to ^-^;;

If you do send an ask tho don’t tell her I told you to, she likes to think she’s doing all this on her own which she mostly is I’m just trying to nudge people in her general direction XD

Sitting on the bathroom floor, wrapped in towels, smelling like Lush, my hair still dripping wet, my mind feels foggy, and I am too tired to move, I feel so exhausted

Leaning my head against the tiny cabinet, eyes closed, I hear my dad singing along to Nancy Mulligan in the living room

And I’m reminded that even though I feel so drained, that I am now in a home that is healthy, and good, and supportive, and I’m thankful for all the other people that support me, and have my back