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If you haven’t already, you gotta go see the new Power Rangers movie. You must. Don’t let anyone be like “that’s for kids” because it’s so dope for all ages. Power Rangers has: a diverse cast of layered characters, correct LGBT representation, correct autism representation (which is as rare as a good Shondaland plot twist) good humor, a good soundtrack, action scenes that will make you be like: OH, SHIT but in the good way, and every member of the squad is loveable in their own ways, even the straight white boy lead. Go and see it. Take your friends and family. Go. Seriously, go!

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So, I found out my little sister is gay

because I found a note about her crush ripped up in the trash.. She said that she was confused, but she’s pretty sure it’s love lol. She’s so cute and I completely support her. I can’t believe I live in a place that’s homophobic and now she feels ashamed about it even when I tried to talk to her about it. She doesn’t believe me when I say that there are a lot of people out there that are accepting and supportive. She thinks that if she tells anyone they will bully her. I usually don’t ask for this, but could some of you please like or reblog so I can show her that there are *a lot* of people on Tumblr that support gay rights? I just want her to know that she’s perfect and people will still love her. Thanks xx

I regret showing my six year old sister the third season of voltron. She loves the show, Pidge is her favorite Paladin.

Now she won’t stop asking me why red is black and blue is red and why is pink a sad color and what’s wrong with “shiro” and why is my favorite so sad (she’s talking about Lance) and why is the purple princess so angry at Zarkon?

(she’s talking about Lotor. I fucking bent double laughing bc I don’t think she realized he was a guy. Our cousins back in Texas have deep voices, I think that’s why she was confused)

Her favorite question is, of course, “when will the rest of the episodes come out?” Even when I answer her “in October” she keeps asking for the exact date and time which I don’t have ;w;

When my sister and I watched this episode of South Park, it reminded us so much of my sister’s ex and how horrible the break up went, but i’m happy to say she is in a better place now, a lot more happier now and i’ll always be with her, because i love her! X3

South park: Season 21, episode 1. If you have time please check out the episode.


So this is my little sister, she’s 10 years old. She was born a he but ever since she could talk has said that she wants to be a girl and today my best friend and I bought her her first actual outfit as a girl with my dad’s permission and we surprised her with her outfit and recorded her reaction. It was super cute. @mornings-of-gold