my little shinning star

since I got so many notes on this… :)

•eddie is a small ballerina that does not take any shit from anyone + can totally kick your ass with his god damn feet pointed and not a strand of hair out of place

•he is the best dancer in his class and knows it

•he makes richie massage his feet every night when richie sneaks in through his bedroom window (bc richie’s a lil punk rebel)

•bc his feet hurt after hours + hours of rehearsal + can you imagine richie being so soft w/his bf??? cUTE

•eddie sometimes wears richie’s leather jacket to rehearsal and it completely devours him, the sleeves are way too long and it looks more like a dress on him, yet he wears it all the time anyway bc it reminds him of his lil punk bf

•he flips off anyone who looks @ him weird bc of it

•eddie used to think richie was just a wannabe punk loser bc his friends from ballet would say “you’re too good for him, do you sEE the way he dresses? what a freak” (sk8ter boi vibes lol) then one day richie got punched in the face standing up to bullies who were teasing eddie + eddie was like “wtf I had this under control until you messed everything up dumbass” as he’s cleaning up richie with the supplies from his dance bag & richies looking at him with total heart eyes <3

•richie leaves little notes for eddie in his locker that fall into his dance bag + cheer him up after a long grueling day of practice

•richie goes to every performance eddie is in and cheers obnoxiously loud whenever eddie is on stage no matter what the scene actually entails

•"you do realize I was supposed to be dying in that scene, right?“ “I’m sorry all I saw was my cute little eds shinning like a star” “don’t call me that.”

•richie drives eddie to rehearsal on his motorcycle some days if eddie is running late (he bought eddie a pale pink helmet & has a black one for himself)

•eddie listens to richie’s band & carries around a drumstick richie gave me that has a tiny E+R on it (richie is a drummer in this and has a matching drumstick to the one he gave eddie)

this was really long & probably awful but whatever :)

ask-blue  asked:

+star your angry face is adorable+ niall had a kind happy smile +don't worry im not stealing the guys but i am stealing you my little shinning star~🌟+