my little sausages


And what a team it is.

night time deceiver (707 x mc/reader)

prompt: fingernail (wtf kinda prompt is this?)

rating: 13+ (mildly sexual situations and 707 name and slight route spoilers)

notes: ack. this took longer for me to finish than originally intended. sobs. i hope i can get back on track tomorrow. OTL anyway. uh. yeah, as i mentioned, weird prompt is weird. and so this is the result of that. ahahaha. hope you guys like it! 

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TWC, a brief history

I created the TWC (along with my collaborator, Al Gore) back in 2013. Back then we called it the Tumblr Writing Clique. A very elitist and pretentious clique that consisted of just me and Al Gore. We used this blog to satirize poetry that we felt was dumbing down literature and giving poetry a bad name.

But then I met a man named Wolfie. He told me, “Hey, jerk face! You should stop being a jerk or else…”

“Or else what, asshat?” I replied.

“Or else I will beat you over the head with my sausage, punk!”

Little did he know that I, having been lost as a child in a delicatessen, had developed a phobia towards deli meats, cheeses, and a variety of salads… but mainly deli meats. I think the scientific name is delicatessephobia.

So I replied, “Ok.”

A friendship was forged and we used our powers to eventually bring down the evil tumblr editor empire. We kicked out Al Gore and recruited a unicorn from a local gentlemen’s poetry club to assist us in our mission.

Little did we know that a different TWC had already existed called the Tumblr Writing Community. It exists in a quantum state where it is simultaneously illusion and reality.

You see, all you need is a tumblr and just one fellow writer and you have your very own TWC. Your TWC is not my TWC. In fact no TWC is exactly the same. They’re like snowflakes, easily melted by the smallest source of heat.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are blogs like twcpoetry and poetryriot that people follow in common. They are like the major nodes in a network that connect all the tiny TWCs together to create the broader, all encompassing, Tumblr Writing Community.


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