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little red riding hood (1/2)

little red riding hood (½)
dom!hoseok x reader // M (smut) // 3233
You better not be wearing anything under that coat when you get here. Or you’re not coming tonight.

warnings: orgasm denial, mild dom and exhibitionist themes, name calling, dirty talk? i’m not sure what to warn about, oh! flashing too.

a/n: hello, this is my first ever smut piece and it’s written for my baby sister @kpopscenariostho​, who has turned me into hoseok trash in the span of four months. this is torn in two~ this is just part one so may the good lord hold you as you swim through this trashy thing. it’s also supposed to be a friends with benefits!au but now im not so sure if it is anymore?! BUT YES, i hope you enjoy and please be gentle with me, it’s my first time uwu

i would like to thank @beansuga, @justanemptydream, @mint-tape, and @apandasmind for listening to me screech about this over and over again. and @minyoongittaemune for going through the first actual draft and giving me notes. :* love y’all. you’re the best i can’t believe you deal with my weird ass all the time~

PS I wrote this to BTS’s Danger so may it also ruin your soul. Have a Danger Era Hoseok too.

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Once Upon A Time

Dear Maya
My French class has been writing fairy tales. They are making sure they include all of the elements of a fairy tale which usually involve: once upon a time, groups of three (objects, people or events) good characters, royalty, magic, a bad or evil character, teach a lesson via a problem, get rid of the problem and have a happily ever after after the problem is resolved.
Interesting to me they have all commented those are elements that can be found in real life as well. Smart children.

K: hey Red Riding Hood. Without the beard I can’t call you the big bad wolf. So yesterday you’re wearing camouflage to hide in the woods and today you’re being the bulls eye? Kinda hard to miss that red.

R: hi love. I’m most certainly the target these days. The arrows are aimed at me

K: You need the throw the arrows back dude. You can’t just let them pelt you! LOL. You wearing a shield under your little red hood?

R: Fuck yeah I have on my coat of armour. They try but they can’t hurt me. I’m beyond all of the bullshit being thrown. “Arrows” as you say!!

K: awww you’ve always been my knight in shining armour!

R: well that’s fitting because you’ve always been my princess. How are my mini princesses? I loved the photo you just sent. Was she playing hide and seek?

K: she thinks I can’t see her. So fucking cute

R: is she still awake? Can I call and tell her a story? I love making up bedtime stories for her

K: sorry dude. She was wiped out. They’re both asleep. They went to the park again today. Text me the story and I’ll read it to her tomorrow. How about Red Riding Hood? Think the big bad wolf is too scary? :)

R: I want to make up my own fairy tale. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Mama.

K: HAHAH seriously? What princess is named Mama?

R: this is my story! I get to decide the name of the princess. Do I have to start over? Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Mama. She was good and kind and everyone adored her. Mama was a very busy princess. She loved stories so she was always helping people share their stories by acting them out for others. It made her kingdom very happy.

K: awww Ok this is a sweet story

R: just wait I’m not finished. One day Princess Mama met someone named Daddy.

K: handsome. She meant someone HANDSOME named Daddy

R: Whatever you say. You’re the princess. Alright one day she met someone HANDSOME named Daddy. Daddy and Princess Mama had many adventures. They had 3 puppy dogs and they traveled to far off places. Sometimes they went to far away places as if by magic because no one saw them come and go and they were able to do as they pleased. Soon they had 2 little princesses who were their greatest joys and they had a wonderful life together.

K: then they lived happily ever after I presume?

R: honey please. Don’t interrupt. It’s not over. If this is a true fairy tale it must have a villain. There is always both goodness and evil

K: ha ha can’t wait to hear this part. What’s the name of the “villain”?

R: oh the villain shall remain nameless because the villain ends up being of no importance to anyone but this nameless creature caused many problems for Daddy. (ok HANDSOME Daddy) and beautiful princess Mama even though they tried to do nice things to help the evil creature.

K: OK my turn dude. So HANDSOME Daddy did all that he could to protect Princess Mama from the evil creature even though the evil creature tried very hard to destroy HANDSOME Daddy’s reputation

K: how’s that?

R: that’s expressed much nicer than the evil creature was an incredible pain in the ass and made life miserable for Daddy (HANDSOME Daddy) and beautiful Princess Mama. Let me go on. So people in kingdoms far and wide made up ridiculous stories but HANDSOME Daddy and Princess Mama loved each other very much and nothing could destroy what they had.

K: this is so fucking adorable

R: I’m not finished. One day HANDSOME Daddy (really do I have to say that?) told the evil creature that he had had quite enough and he never wanted to see or hear from the evil creature ever again

K: so basically HANDSOME (yes you have to say that) Daddy told the creature to fuck off? Guess we can’t use that exact phrase. LMAO

R: No honey. I’m not going to tell her a story with the words “fuck off” even though that’s exactly what HANDSOME Daddy wanted to say.

K: and? Is that the end?

R: Not quite. Princess Mama and (oh for God’s sake) HANDSOME Daddy knew that no matter what people said about them that they knew the truth and the truth was all that mattered. The lesson they wanted the kingdom to know was that goodness prevails over evil and true love always wins. The End

K: wait so what happened to “happily ever after”

R: of course they lived happily ever after. That’s a given. It doesn’t need to be said does it? Not when you already know it. And by the way - this is a REAL fairy tale.

K: haha oh really? Way better than having little red riding hood eaten by the big bad wolf.

R: maybe HANDSOME Daddy would like to play big bad wolf and eat Princess Mama

K: OMG SHUT UP! Only you could turn a children’s fairy tale into something rated X!

R: Children’s story time is over. I want to have grown up story time & act out a story

K: oh what do you have in mind? I can only imagine

R: I like to make it up as I go along. Be adventurous you know

K: that’s cool. I like adventure. But only with HANDSOME Daddy. I love you.

R: I love you more my princess. Happily ever after

So sweet Maya
I must go to sleep now. Tomorrow my kids wil present their stories to the class. They are so excited! One asked me if I thought fairy tales could ever come true and I said “absolutely. You simply have to trust and believe”. She said “Madame you always have the best answers”. Isn’t that dear? What a lovely thing to tell me. It made my heart smile.
It’s going to be OK

First 2 Minutes of 6x10 (Review & Theories)

I couldn`t help myself. I watched the first two minutes of the mid-season finale. Not once. Not twice, But six times. I mean, how else are you supposed to examine every inch of Charles` body in the hopes of figuring out who he is before next Tuesday. Spoiler alert - I didn`t, but here are a a few thoughts I had and theories I came up with watching the “Game Over, Charles” preview.

***This post contains spoilers such as 6x10 screenshots. Don`t continue on if you haven`t watched the 6x10 preview and you don`t want to be spoiled. 

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