my little quendi

My Little Quendi has returned for a new season, taking advantage of the show-runner’s side project involving sigils for some improved cutie marks. By popular demand, the bonus feature on one of the DVDs includes the short animated segment of the Philosophical Discussion of Friendly Goldenwise and Patience Wisdom. This is a kid’s show (supposedly), so of course good will defeat evil. And the subtitle of this show is ‘Friendship is Magic’, so yes, we will remain friends even unto the end of the universe. Wait for us.

“Husband, why are you running?”

“Morning Star! Get off that sheep!”

Life for the First King of the Starwards Island, Land of the Gift, during the dawn of the Second Age, is relatively peaceful, as it should be. However he is raising four foals as well as a brand-new kingdom, and sometimes has his hooves full. Letters to his twin brother back in Middle-earth are full of his children’s exploits, with postscripts from his wife addressed to Lord Shipwright wishing to know if her husband ever gave him or Lady Star-spray half as much trouble.

The last episode of My Little Quendi: Friendship is Magic had a epilogue with a ’where are they now’ focusing on several characters including the sons of Blessed Mariner - this was the best screenshot I could pull. I’ll try to hunt down more stills ;)