my little pretty princess


I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

Little one: Do I look pretty in my new sparkly dress daddy?
Daddy: Yes you do pumpkin you are my pretty little princess.
Little one: No daddy I am not wittle I am a big girl in a big girl dress!!!!
Daddy: O really if my little princess is so big then show daddy what my big girl is wearing under her dress?
Little one: *blushes hard* no daddy!
Daddy: *turns little one around and lifts up her dress* hmmm what is that I don’t think those are big girl panties are they princess?
Little one: no dada *blushes harder*
Daddy: No then what is it that you are wearing underneath your dress pumpkin?
Little one: Its uhh umm uhhh a diapy daddy.
Daddy: A diapy! And why are you wearing a diapy pumpkin?
Little one: Cuz I have accidents.
Daddy: That’s right my love *turns little one around and kisses her on the forehead* your my little princess and don’t you ever forget it baby. Daddy loves you!💜❤️ Now come one little one lets get those shoes on so daddy can take you shopping for more toys! @violettefemme

strange magic sentence starters 

– “ So that’s how you react to a near death experience? “
– “ Well, so much for being king. ” 
– “ You’re saying I need a love potion? ”
– “ I wish there was some way to make her love me again! ”
– “  He loves the crown. And his hair. And not in that order. ”
– “  You’ll be a stronger ruler with a king at your side. ”
– “  I promise, if I meet a guy out there who takes my hand, and looks me in the eyes, and I don’t wanna hit him, I’ll consider it.” 
– “  I’m not in a “ha-ha” frame of mind. I’m in an “ah!” frame of mind. ”
– “ If you don’t keep your mouth shut, I’m gonna rip your wings off, my pretty little fairy princess.”
– “  Oh, no. What did she fall in love with? ”
– “  Oh, no! Not another princess! Well, at least you don’t sing… ”
– “  I wanted a wedding. Now I’m getting’ a funeral! ”
– “  Sugar pie, honey bunch! You know that I love you… ”
– “ You’re going like that? Good luck being asked to dance. ”
– “  I think I love you. “
– “  My middle name is misery. ”
– “ My hair is doing that thing we both love. “
– ”  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ”

COMPANY || two.

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 3.0k

◦ a/n: I’m an utter askhole when I asked which Hyungsik smut I should post first but honestly I got stuck on the other one so here’s ROUND TWO of Company ;)

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m a s t e r l i s t

2am. I had been sitting here in this godforsaken spinny chair, far more ladylike than could be comfortable for anyone at this hour, completing paperwork for the recent partnership we just entered. My calf had started to go numb sitting cross-legged like this. Since I started this job, I had been slaving away until dawn, constantly preparing every tiny detail Hyungsik would need to run his company smoothly. I rarely had the time to call home as often as before.

Hyungsik sat to my right with a laptop, on a white leather couch that faced the skyline. He groaned and placed the laptop on the glass coffee table in front of him and leaned back on the couch, slouching down to sit on it comfortably. His eyes slipped shut as he pressed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. Having inherited the company, Hyungsik had been working this entire past year to bring about important changes, but he had yet to gain the complete trust of the board members. Half of them supported Hyungsik blindly, believing he would naturally follow the footsteps of his father. The other half wanted someone more qualified. He was young, still a child in their eyes.

Still, Hyungsik rarely seemed concerned. He had lived his whole life in completely financial security; he never once had to worry about what came next, and running a company was no different for him. In the end, he’d have his father’s old colleagues and friends pulling strings to bail him out of whatever mess he got himself into, if it came to that.

Hyungsik spread his legs slightly as he eased into a more relaxed manner, and I could tell it was time for a break. I needed one too. For the third time in the past hour, he raked both hands through his hair and threw his head back against the couch in frustration.

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So thank you, for bringing me back to…  m e .