my little pony: friendship is magic

So… I took all the tips I’ve been getting over on other draws I’ve been submitting. And I think I’ve improved. I made my own art style sort of :p
I looked up different pony drawing tutorials and mixed and mashed the styles to my liking. (Any tips and criticism will be much appreciated) this is my second OC “Ivory Tone.”
Any idea who I should try to draw next? Let me know! ;)
Also I’ve been “exploring” Tumblr and I’m finding tons of artist who are amazing at drawing pones. I tried not to copy anyone but I’m sure I copied someone’s style in some way. So if this drawing looks similar to anyone else’s art style, or OC, let me know please. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m stealing anyone’s style and not giving any credit.



Slowly but surely huddling next to Ben and Buttercup in a bed of leaves you finally drift off to sleep. Sometime after that you and Buttercup are flying around the treetops picking more apples. Well she could fly, without wings you had to sort of swim though the air. And no matter how many apples you picked you couldn’t fill your bucket helmet with them.

Eventually you picked one that looked funny, and on closer examination turned out not to be an apple at all but a shoe. On top of that it wasn’t even a horseshoe, it was some kind of dress shoe? How was a pony supposed to wear something like this?

That was your first clue that you might be dreaming. When everything around you disappeared and a thick fog rolled in surrounding you. Your second clue came from the noodle monster floating before you.

“Welcome my little Chimera!” Discord greets you as he appears.

“Didn’t, didn’t we do this already?” A strong feeling of déjà vu washing over you.

“Why this is the new Chaos Capital of The World.” He made a motion toward something past the fog bank.

“I’m dreaming again, aren’t I?” The reality of your situation finally dawning on you.

Discord smiled and exploded in a gentle puff of fog before dissipating entirely.

You sat there a moment unsure what to do next. Technically since this was a dream, you could do just about anything. Your train of thought however was broken by the sound of Discord’s voice off in the distance.

You couldn’t make out what he was saying but you did hear Ben cry out. “No s stop, I don’t want to!”

You rush through the fog towards Ben’s voice, only to trip over something and land in front of him. A familiar scene playing out before you, only this time Discord was trying to draft Ben into his chaos army instead of you.

Ben was cowering on the ground with his eyes closed, forcing you to get in his face. “Ben, Ben its okay. This is just a dream.”

“What, T t Tom? A dream?” When he looked up the Discord poofed out of existence like the one before it. When he got up, the fog around the two of you began to dissolve away. Revealing the forest near Ben’s campsite. “Wh what are you doing in my dr dream?”

You had to just shrug at that. “I’m pretty sure this was my dream.” Then you brightened up. “But if this was your dream you could do just about anything huh? So what do you want to do?”

Ben wouldn’t say, and before you could get it out of him something bright forced your eyes closed. When you opened them again you were laying next to Ben and Buttercup in a bed of leaves, the ephemeral dream feeling gone. And before you the first dawn rays of a rising sun casting bright colors across the sky.

Both your friends where slowly stirring too, the light shown brightly in all your faces.

And sitting next to the orb was a dress shoe.

What should you do next?

(Big thanks to Dan and HerosMuse for this week)