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Cancer II (josh dun)

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Part two of cancer

part I | II | III

words : 1208

warning; fluff

It’s been a week since we’ve gotten back from tour, i haven’t yet made it back to the doctors to meet up with the treatment team and the nutrition team, to help me get through this illness. Josh and I have gotten closer, going on a couple dates here and there, I trudge yourself out of bed, not eating much because just knowing I’m sick is enough to make me lose my appetite, it starts taking a toll on my body. I spent the night with josh last night, so I make my way downstairs

“Josh?” I ask, “where are you?”

“Kitchen doll” he shouts, i slowly go into the kitchen “do you wanna eat?” I shake my head and lean against the counter, watching him make breakfast he looks at me and sighs, worrying about me, has become a big deal for him since I told him I was sick

“You haven’t eaten y/n…” he says

“I know. I’m not hungry josh, maybe I’ll eat later..” I sigh “I’m gonna shower and get ready, you coming with me today?”

“Yeah I’m going.” Is all he says, I go back upstairs and into his bathroom and start the shower

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Opposites Attract for @ana-approves

You get out of your jeep, walking towards the clubhouse, you were picking up Abel and going to the park today. Gemma had hired you as his nanny, last month, you filled in on the days when she was needed at TM.

She had told you, he’d be in the clubhouse, with one of the club members. You’d come over straight after class, your hair was still in a pony tail, you had a pair of worn and faded jeans on, and your sorority t-shirt on.

You saw Abel sitting at the bar, with a heavily tattooed, bald headed man. “Hey Abel, my love you ready to go?” The little boy’s face lit up, when he saw you.

“(Y/N)!” As you walked towards him, Mr. Tattoos turns to stare at you, he looked unpleasant, and wondered how he got the job babysitting Abel. You smile at tall, dark, a positively grumpy.

“Hi, I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), Abel’s nanny.” You hold out your hand, to shake tattoo’s.

“I’m Happy Lowman.” He shook your hand, looking you up and down. You felt like you should cover yourself, like he could somehow see you naked.

“You ready to go Abel? I thought we’d go on a picnic to the park!”

“Yes! I was hoping we’d do that!” He wrapped his little arms around your neck, you grabbed his bag, walking out. “Can Uncle Happy go too?”

“”I’m sure he has other things to do…”

“Uncle Happy you want to go with us?” The little boy looked hopeful at the man.

“Sure little man.” You start to carry Abel out to your car, feeling a little nervous. “I’ll follow you to the park.”

“Okay.” You drive to Abel’s favorite park, getting him and the basket out of your car, you find a spot under a tree. You packed plenty to eat, you could see how much the biker cared for the little boy.

After the picnic, you told Happy good bye, fully expecting not to see him again. Until a week later, when your best friend Marci, dragged you to a Friday night party.

That started a secret relationship between the two of you, he said it was for your own protection. You really didn’t understand his reasoning, considering you were Abel’s nanny, and in directly involved in the club.

You’d finally had enough of him, being embarrassed of you and broke it off after six months. You had decided that was the real reason after six months of being together he wouldn’t introduce you as his girl. You decided it was for the best, considering you were polar opposites anyway, it probably never would have worked out.

Three days after you ended it, you and Abel were in the play yard, a truck, came flying into the lot. Gunshots rang out, you pushed Abel to the ground, covering his body with yours.

You heard people yelling, and screaming, you were pulled off of Abel. Gemma picked him up from the ground. You were scooped up, in familiar strong arms.

“(Y/N)? Are you all right?” Happy was looking down at you, his eyes full of concern.

“I’m fine.” You try to push away and get up, but he wouldn’t let go of you.

“I love you!” His lips capture yours. “I’m sorry….”

“Happy, I love you too!”

@ana-approves I hope you liked it!

Hot n Sweaty - Ashton Irwin daddy kink blurb.

It’s almost 3AM… What am I even doing with my life right now? Btw I’m not good at blurbs so here goes nothing.

Requested by Hannah ( smuttyscribbles )

Contains sexual content. Readers discretion is advised.

After the first gig in Wembly Arena, Ashton and his band mates came off the stage soaked in sweat. I was waiting backstage for Ashton’s return as I munched on a bag of crisps. Once he saw me, he greeted me with a short hug and a brief kiss, his clammy skin sticking onto mine.

“You did good out there babe,” I grinned. He smiled and thanked me. He grabbed my hand, forcing me to let go of the bag and follow him back to his dressing room. I heard Calum shout to use protection as if he already figured out what we were going to be doing in the privacy of the dressing room. “Ash, we have dinner with the tour crew in a half hour. You need to shower and we need to get ready,” I told him.

“I only need 15,” he winked. I took my bottom lip between my teeth and raised my eyebrows suggestively. We reached the room and he shoved me inside, slamming the door behind him before going to tear off my clothes. “What has gotten into you? Not that I’m complaining but I’m curious,” I managed to say between gasps when he was ripping off my clothes.

“I saw your dirty dancing, Hannah. Do you know how fucking hard it is to bang the drums when all I’m thinking about is how I can bang you?”

“As hard as your cock?” I asked him as innocent as possible. He growled and tore off my bra. He removed his leather vest and grey tank top, leaving him in his tight black skinny jeans. After he removed his shoes and pants, he slid my panties down and lifted me up to sit me on the arm rest of the couch. My already wet pussy caused me to slide on the cold leather.

“You could say that. Holy fuck you look so hot with your legs spread like that,” he hissed through clenched teeth. I spread my legs open wider to give him a better view and it was his turn to bite his lip.

“I want your cock in me daddy,” I said seductively. I knew he loved to be called daddy during times like this so I took advantage. He smirked and pulled down his boxers, letting his cock spring free. The tip was glistening with his precum and he spit in his hand to lubricate it even more.

“You’re still on the pill right?” He asked quickly as he inched closer to me. I nodded and looked up at him with innocent eyes. “Good. Now are you going to be a good little kitten for daddy? Hm?” He asked. He was now teasing the entrance of my cunt with the head of his cock, making me roll my head back with my eyes clenched shut.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Yes what?” He pulled away, making me whine in the loss if contact.

“Yes daddy,” I corrected myself. After that, he slammed into me without warning, causing me to cry out in pleasure. “Oh daddy fuck my tight little pussy,” I moaned. He thrusted into me faster, his breaths hitching in his throat. I grabbed onto his still slightly sweaty body as he slammed into me.

“Fuck you feel so good,” he moaned. He licked his fingers before pressing them onto my clit, rubbing in circular motions. I cried out as he did this, suddenly overwhelmed by the double stimulation.

“Oh daddy, yes daddy harder,” i whimpered. He stopped to pick me up and bend me over the armrest. My frontside hit the warm leather and I hissed at the sudden friction between my body and the couch when he slammed back into me, “Ohhhh fuck!” I screamed. I could feel him deeper now, causing my senses to go into overdrive. His balls slapped my clit and I lifted myself off the armrest. His arm snaked around to my chest and he pressed me against his naked body as he continued to fuck me senseless. Pathetic whimpers were escaping my mouth as he pinched my left nipple. My head rolled back and rested into the crook of his neck.

“Is my baby girl gonna come all over daddy’s cock? Hm?” He grunted.

“Yes daddy,” I moaned. I clenched around him, gaining a long moan from him.

“Fuck you know daddy likes it when you do that, it brings him closer to coming,” he hissed. I clenched again and this time he thrusted deeper, hitting my gspot.

“Please make me come. I’m almost there,” I panted. He used one of his legs to spread mine. I lifted one foot to rest on the couch cushion and he used his free hand to rub his long fingers on my clit. That was enough to send me over the edge. “Oh yes daddy! I’m coming,” I moaned in ecstasy, causing me to clench around him multiple times. He jerked his body upward as he grunted. I was shaking in his grasp as he continued to help me ride out my orgasm. My whimpers got louder and eventually turned into loud moans that I’m pretty sure the others could hear if they were outside the door, which I’m sure they were those dirty bastards.

“ daddy’s gonna cum on that pretty little face of yours. Is that okay?” He asked me as he pulled out. I turned around and got on my knees, immediately taking him in my mouth with no response. He grabbed my hair into a makeshift pony tail as I bobbed my head up and down his length. His head kept stabbing the back of my throat causing me to gag occasionally. He stopped my movements and pulled out, jacking off his member. I opened my mouth and he eventually came into my face, some of the sticky liquid making it into my mouth and some onto my cheeks and in my hair. his moans were louder than I ever heard them and I grinned up at him, swallowing what I had left in my mouth. “Up.” I obeyed and looked up at him. He grinned down at me, kissing me passionately before saying “she’s a good girl, she’s daddy’s favorite,” with a smirk.

“You’re so fucking cheesy,” I giggled. He shrugged, swiping his thumb over my soiled cheeks.

“You love it,” he winked.

“That I do… Daddy,” I said pecking him on his lips. After that, we both went to freshen up for dinner.

The end.

I haven’t written smut in a while so I’m a bit rusty. I forgot how much fun it was. Anyways Hannah. I hope you enjoyed this. I know enjoyed writing it. It is now 3:30 AM in Cali and I feel so exhilarated. Let me know if you liked it. Love you babe. xx