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“Good morning, Beautiful~”

I couldn’t get over the fact that in the My Little Pony micro series comic was shown that Rarity has a photo of Applejack doing bedroom eyes next to her bed. XD

Rarity and Applejack (My Little Pony) © Hasbro

Okay, I would like to talk about something in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics.

This guy.

This character has appeared in most, if not every single Katie Cook and Andy Price issue of the My Little Pony comics since issue one of the main series (Micro Series, Friends Forever and the Sunset Shimmer story featured in the 2013 Annual included).

No matter what the scene he’s there.

Watching from afar and in the shadows.

And sometimes in plan sight.

No one knows why he’s there or what he’s even doing. All he does is just stand there looking at what’s going on. Heck, to my knowledge the guy doesn’t even have a name.

As of August 2015 he has only spoken once, in the first page of issue 18 of the main series (scene featured below).

Somehow I always get the feeling that he’s planning something, that all of his appearances are leading up to something big. Like he’s been gathering up information all this time for some reason. Is he a hero? Is he a villain? Nobody knows. Now I know I might be reading too much into this and it could be just a little running gag Katie Cook and Andy Price decided to put into the comics for laughs, but I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s something more to this mysterious background pony.

Who are you Watcher Pony? And why are you here?

A rant about the Twilight Sparkle Micro Comic

(Special thanks to Kyleboy21 for coloring the pages)

Now I’m usually not one to toot my horn and I’m definitely the first to say I’m no Andy Price, but I can tell that I put a lot more effort and attention into my drawings than Thomas Zahler did (luckily it doesn’t look like he’ll be working on any pony comics any time soon).

Click the read more button for me pointing out the problems with each panel in detail and how I fixed them.

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