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kisumati  asked:

Where did you come up with the concept of Tammy? The color scheme? The personality? The name?

i had been into mlp for awhile and i had been wanting to change to a legitimate fursona instead of continuing to use my old ponysona

meanwhile, i went to a few conventions and got myself a cat ear headband to match my Hatsune Miku wig !

so i got attached to the headband enough that i decided to model my fursona after them! taking design and color inspiration from Hatsune Miku, My Little Pony (largely Rarity), the Lego Movie (Princess Unikitty) and Neopets, i drafted up the very first drawing of tammy!

and the rest is history! many adjustments were made to her over time, especially her hairstyle!

the name “tammy” is just the one i picked for myself, too, and i don’t really have a reason for the name other than that i like it and it feels good!

Need more blogs to follow

So I had realized that i’m not following a crap load of people and I don’t have a crap load of followers

To make things short and simple i’m just going to ask for folks who post about:

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