my little pony gijinka


Wow ok I’ve been really inactiv the last month on tumblr so here are some fotos. The shooting is almost 6 month ago so yeah….I should really be more activ on Tumblr!

This cosplay was one of my most hardest cosplays ever. The wig, the dress nearly every think was hard to sew! And now I am not even sarcified about this cos Dx….

The fotos are sadly without my lovely Flutter shy because her dress is not finish yet. But when she finally finished it we will shoot together and get new pictures. Together <3

For the photos a big thank you to @milukyo , she shooted me only 2 days before I had to presend my cosplay so she was something like my Hero in the last minute ~

Also a big thank you to @eziayaoiffantasy for coming at 10 AM and play our assistent <3