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Level 1: AMVs

Level 2: Homestuck AMVs

Level 3: Homestuck AMVs set to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan-songs

Level 4: Homestuck AMVs set to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan-songs, with pony trollsonas

Level 5: Homestuck AMVs set to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan-songs, with pony trollsonas, and also for some reason Bill Cipher is there

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i miss when i could say i love undertale without feeling obligatory amounts of stigma and shame. i really wish it didn't become another "fandom" thing, just a game that stands on its own merits similar to OFF

ahahaha oh man you have no idea, do you? off also had its own big obnoxious fandom on tumblr back in like, 2012. it was HUGE on this site for a few months. it shared a lot of similarities with the undertale fandom, in fact, just on a smaller scale

listen. fandoms are bad. all of them. there is no such thing as a large fandom that doesn’t have a ton of obnoxious, overzealous fans. but feeling shame because a game you like has some annoying fans or some dumb matpat videos or whatever? that’s all on you buddy. this is coming from someone who still loves my little pony: friendship is magic in a world where the brony fandom is a thing

also, shit like this really grinds me gears because it’s fucking KILLER for indie creators like toby fox. undertale hardly has any sort of marketing budget and only became popular thanks to word of mouth (and the fact that toby already had a decent following online from his homestuck music). games like undertale live and die by the fans. turning on a piece of media and disavowing it just because it has “cringey” fans that the creator has no control over? that has a real impact on indie creators

knock that shit off. don’t be embarrassed to love the stuff you love. you should be happy to see such a great game by an independent creator find an audience. you should be happy that it’s done well for toby. don’t wish for the artists you love to languish in obscurity just so you can keep feeling cool for knowing about them

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I read an ask wondering what some of the fandoms the mods were into, and it got me curious as to what fandoms the Inquisition companions and advisors would be into ... if that hasn't already been answered. :3

Oh YES, perfect prompt for starting my attempts to pull myself out of my slump, thanks.

Cassandra: She’s a giant closet weeb. She will adamantly deny being a weeaboo as she hides her manga under her bed. She’s a closet fan of Inuyasha in particular. She also likes shows like Castle and Grey’s Anatomy.

Blackwall: He’s not picky about what he watches, but he does like Game of Thrones. He’s also partial to Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, which he picked up from Cole. Also The Walking Dead.

Iron Bull: Is a weeb that doesn’t hide that he’s a weeb. Iron Bull doesn’t give a fuck, he enjoys what he wants. He likes Attack on Titan in particular, and likes playing Fallout and Overwatch. Resident Evil is also another favorite of his, as is Dark Souls.

Sera: She’s into cartoons; she remains a fan of Invader Zim and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy to this day. She’s also partial to Teen Titans. Outside of cartoons, she likes Pokemon, Splatoon, and Overwatch. 

Cole: He likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for its lighthearted, colorful content. He has mixed feelings about the fandom, though. He also likes Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, but most of all, Animal Crossing. “I’m helping!” he says as he helps yet another villager with a task.

Varric: He fucking LOVES Ace Attorney, so much. He also likes CSI and sometimes watches Castle just to tease Cassandra. He also sort of likes Twin Peaks, especially when watching with Cole, who makes cryptic comments throughout it. He’s also partial to Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

Solas: He claims to not be interested in any such things, but Cole almost once claims that he weeps over The Wolf Children and Miyazaki films. Solas coughs, loudly, and gets him to stop, barely. EDIT: And also The Last Airbender.

Vivienne: She doesn’t indulge much in what would be typically considered fandom, but she does have a taste for Desperate Housewives. Sera’s caught her playing Civilization a few times, too, and rather aggressively.

Dorian: Watches True Blood, but denies it vehemently if anyone asks. He’s also a Harry Potter fan. Likes Persona and The Elder Scrolls series, and makes a ridiculous amount of characters for every questline and play style. TES lore buff.

Josephine: She loves Miyazaki films, and openly cries when watching them. She also loves Disney animated films, and sports an impressive collection of merchandise. Still cries when she watches The Lion King, and is addicted to Downton Abbey.

Leliana: Final Fantasy nerd. She also likes Legend of Zelda games, Baccano!, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some of the Assassin’s Creed games. Tomb Raider games are also big favorites of hers.

Cullen: He rarely indulges in fandom, but he does like Brooklyn 99. He sort of likes Animal Crossing, but is mildly embarrassed to like it as much as he does. Leliana loves this, however.

“Spice and Everything” by Carnival Charm/Twist

Definitely the best pictures of Fluttershy I’ve done. If you’d like own a sticker or case of this image check out my Redbubble

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Old, mostly-female fandom, as with every generation of MLP, welcomes new fans. Instead, new, mostly male fans do everything they can to distance themselves and the series from the already-existing fandom and older cartoons, denying the feminine aspects and intent of the show, rejecting that anything good could have come from the old cartoons. Invent their own masculine-sounding fandom name, claim they made the series/fandom great, belittle the older fandom and even attempts to market retro products.

Mad Max: Fury Road. New fans, more of them female, get interested in the old movies, make connections to the themes and storytelling of the new one. Old, mostly male fans, try to distance themselves and the older movies from the new female fans and feminist themes of the new movie, claiming it is not consistent with the old movies and thus inferior.

Ghostbusters. New fans, more of them female, enjoy the all-female cast. Old male fans claim this is some kind of blasphemy and thus inferior to the original, try to distance it and themselves from the new fans.

I think I see a pattern.

Some brony channels that don’t bash Starlight Glimmer

Starlight Glimmer haters have basically become the new anticorns and a lot of people are getting sick of them, so here are some brony channels that don’t constantly bash her and are actually funny or at least give fair reviews that don’t instantly fail an episode because Starlight breathes in them.


DWK is perfect for anyone that is getting sick of Lily Peet’s videos and how they’ve devolved into nothing but complaining. His “totally legit recaps” are 100x better than her current “in a minute” videos. While the humor can be kind of crass, they stay pretty damn funny and DWK does show more understanding in things like mental illness with Starlight while still being funny. Since Lily has shown that there is absolutely no way she’ll ever like Starlight or stop complaining about her, these videos will be great to get away from that.

Silver Quill

Silver Quill is the kindest and most level headed of the brony analysis community. While he does mostly Character analysis videos now, they are still very funny and I hear that he has some reviews scheduled for later.


Another fair and funny brony reviewer that uploads regularly. She does have an obsession with Discord but it’s better to listen to someone talk about something they love a lot than something they hate constantly.


He mostly does parodies of “cinemare sins” but when he does do analysis videos, they are very insightful and well thought out. I highly recommend his video “What about Trixie, Starlight’s village and the entire reformation?”.

Feel free to reblog and add more channels on here that don’t hate on Starlight if you know them. ^^



Doctor Who (Classic and New)

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Disney (Especially Zootopia. My Zootopia Blog is @zootopiahustle)

Nintendo (Mainly Mario, Pokemon, EarthBound, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and Super Smash Bros.) (My Pokemon Blog is @wondrous-world-of-pokemon)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Over the Garden Wall

Star Wars

Jurassic Park

Ghostbusters (Old and New)

Steven Universe

DC (Especially Batman)


Star VS the Forces of Evil

The LEGO Movie

Gravity Falls

Wander Over Yonder

Avatar: The Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra

Stranger Things

Game of Thrones

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Adventure Time


Game Grumps


Elder Scrolls


Five Nights at Freddy’s/Sister Location



Drawn to Life

A Series of Unfortunate Events

We Bare Bears

Mad Max


The Spiderwick Chronicles

James Bond

Back to the Future


Team Fortress 2


Rick and Morty

The Nancy Drew Games by Her Interactive (My Nancy Drew Blog is @nancydrew-cluecrew)

Les Miserbles

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One-Punch Man

American Horror Story

Bob’s Burgers

Normal Boots

Hidden Block

The Wolf Among Us



Left 4 Dead, Star Trek

American McGee’s Alice


Mystery Skulls Animated





Ava’s Demon

The Amazing World of Gumball

Neko Atsume

Monster Factory

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Milo Murphy’s Law

Cucumber Quest



Mission Impossible

Yuri!!! On Ice

Camp Weedonwantcha

The Walking Dead

The Kane Chronicles

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus

Cute Animals



Fandom Aesthetics based on any of the ones I’m in

Or if you’re a Roleplay Blog. My roleplay blogs are @zootopiahustle and @wondrous-world-of-pokemon

Y'know I never realized until now, well, until people started pointing it out, until I started to get into fandoms, such as overwatch, Voltron, and the last season of Samurai Jack, about how some are so hellbent on having all the characters be “ family” , meaning someone has to be the dad or the mom to the group, and everyone’s siblings, not biologically speaking, even canonically they don’t treat each in a that sort of sense. 

 It’s gotten to point where it’s just sort of creepy how people are so obsessed with this keeping safe and wholesome for the children thing, for instance, when Jashi was starting become a thing, mind you some, started loosing their minds, because they kept insistent that Jack was Ashi’s father despite not having any proof that was the case, or they acted like Jack and Ashi had  this deep paternal relationship despite Jack not seeing her, nor treating her in that sense, in end looking back on it now, it was obvious from the small hints, that their relationship was going to be romantic, but it don’t stop there, because it just its creepier  when they kept trying infantize Ashi, and making her out to be “ wee, little helpless baby” Despite being a trained assassin that annihilated an entire army with her own bare fists. 

And that leads to Overwatch with the constant, Germlin children, infantizing characters or someone’s the dad, mom thing. 

 Dva is grown, adult woman.Sombra is not an innocent , helpless baby, she’s 30 year old woman in league with a freaking ,terrorist organization, and Jesse is grown freaking man who dresses like a cowboy. 

Speaking of which, Shiro is not team voltron’s dad, Allura is not anyone’s space mom or whatever. They all time with a common goal in mind but I digress. 

In short, not everything is fiction has to be My little pony: Friendship is magic, if you want everything to be good wholesome content, where nothing bad happens, then watch the toddler channel on your local cable network .

My fandoms right now:
  • Invader Zim: SAVEDIB2k15
  • Steven Universe: holy shit guys feels ahead
  • My Little Pony: *sits back and watches chaos ensue*
  • Breadwinners: *is literally dead but nobody notices the corpse*
I am so pissed


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Another waifu chart. Luna! Whos next?? Not sure.

If you hadn’t been caught up to speed, I came late into the fandom (around the beginning of season 5) I felt like giving them a shot.

Here’s the list so far:

Rainbow Dash:



More coming…

yall need to leave yourselves alone honestly. sophmore year of highschool i had just gotten out of an incredibly abusive relationship with a dude that policed everything i did on a daily basis and constantly made me feel like garbage for everything i liked. He wasnt the first, every boyfriend I had up to that point had treated me the same way, and I was constantly looking for approval from everyone pretty much 24/7.

Then that stupid fucking pony show came out and it was lame and dumb and i remembered that me and my sister watched it once on summer vacation and had a blast making fun of how stupid it was the whole time. so i watched it and it was horrible and dumb and i was so embarrassed but i thought: You know what? Fuck it. Ima keep watching. so i did. then my friends also started watching. yeah we were the ironic hipster bronies that bought all the merch and drew fanart insisting that we only liked it because it was stupid, but none of that matters. nothing about the show actually mattered. that experience taught me to give new things a chance despite being made fun of. it taught me to enjoy something even if its unpopular and people look down on me for it. every time i see something cringy or shitty i just think to myself “maybe this’ll be like my little pony, maybe theres something in this that will improve my life” and i always give it a shot.

if not for the pony show i would have never stuck with Steven Universe through the slower first episodes where the art was kinda lackluster and steven was an utter annoyance (you can pretend your son is pure and perfect all you want but pearl herself admits that steven was obnoxious before he started to mature) if not for the pony show i probably wouldnt even wanna be an animator, because while i always loved cartoons i was too ashamed to admit it to friends or family and would always have nightmares of them finding out and making fun of me

everyone has a piece of media that influenced them in this way. for some people its anime, for some people its superwholock, for some people its tumblr itself. and all of you look back at your first fandom you joined on your own and think how cringy it was and feel shame but im here to tell you dont. 

maybe supernatural isnt the cinimatic masterpiece you thought it was, and maybe there isnt anything really that artistic or insightful about the pee scenes in elfen lied. but you liked it, and through liking it you were able to give other more deserving pieces of media a chance. and for that you should offer yourself a little more respect, and give the new generation of people learning to be themselves through media a little more respect. thanks and goodnight