my little pony friendship is magic


from S02E14 ‘the last roundup’ 


Oh, poor anon… they didn’t ask for this.

(Annnd we’re back! Amber and Dance are open for questions. Go for it, friends, knock yourselves out. I’ll even take magic anons tbh but they will be answered in less detailed doodles.)

Please reblog if possible, and share the news that Amber is back again! Woo!

There’s nothing better for Pan to show off her skills by making some pancakes! Those who have tried her pancakes have said that they could not find any other place as good as hers! Look to see Pan integrate pancakes for the National Equestrian Baking Competition if she gets the chance!

Day 19: Draw a pony showing off their special talent / Draw a pony doing something you wish you could do someday.

Wish I could do more with this prompt but the flu has gotten to me hard. I feel sluggish and I don’t want to do anything.  But I gotta keep going!


Let’s Draw: Manly Big Mac