my little pony firefly

Three words that every fandom implicitly understands:

“Oh. That episode.”

@whencandyattacks asked me for my fave ponies that I own so here they are together!

Top left to right : Sweet Lily, Raincurl, Ringlet, Locket
Bottom left to right : Streaky, Night Glider, Baby Rainribbon, movie version Firefly, Stripes

They are all g1s because it’s my fave generation! ;u; I hope it’s not too many!! It’s really hard to pick favorites when they’re all so beautiful!! 

You know what’s a good idea? To start drawing a picture the minute after you’ve taken you’re sleeping aids. This is a GOOD idea. *dies*

Anyway, I love Prince Firefly’s colour scheme a lot! It’s actually very similar to Princess Crystal’s who I also really really like. Maybe they’re siblings?

I’m going to bed.